Chapter 3

Kody and I woke this morning at the same time, as we often do now, and kissed deeply for several minutes before even opening our eyes. Before too long though, we are once more sucking each others erections, after draining each others diapers of course, enjoying ourselves fully, and with our orgasms now out of the way, we are as full as we can be from each other.

We get each other changed, then dress each other, go and make, eat, and clean up from breakfast, and then head down to the shop to do some work.

As soon as we made it to the shop, Kody started up his equipment, and got to work. As did I. Just after what would be considered to be a respectable lunch time, in another time zone, Kody started shutting everything down, saying that he is done.

“May I see them please?”

“Certainly. They”re still cooling in the annealing oven though, so don”t open the door, the shock could break them, just turn on the lights.”

So, I did so.

“Wow, they”re stunning Baby, you outdid yourself.”

“Thanks. I just hope he likes them.”

“He”d be insane not to. How much longer do they need in there?”

“Couple hours at least would be best.”

“Okay, we can go shopping now, and call Lance when we get home.”

“Okay, sounds good to me. Actually, how will we get everything to my house?”

“Have it all delivered. We can bring the small things with us, but the rest will be faster, cheaper, and easier to just have it delivered.”

“Okay, so, soggy baby bum changes, lunch, and then shopping.”

“Okay.” I said brightly, I really could use a really good super soggy baby bum change, now that he mentions it.

We definitely should have had lunch first, because for some strange reason, our diaper change took just about an hour. I honestly cannot tell you why. The fact that we sucked each others diapers almost dry, then sucked each others testicles and bladders even more dry, cannot possibly be the reason. Nor that we kissed and cuddled for almost as long once we were finished. We did go and get lunch, finally, cleaned that up, and then headed out.

We headed to the gravel and dirt pit, where I get all my soil from first, and found that they are now doing what they call a gardeners soil mix, basically the high percentage compost mix I used to get, plus extra manure already mixed in. That makes our lives easier, so we order two truck loads to be delivered to Kody”s driveway when they have time, like I said, we do not need it now, and might not need it for at least three to four days yet. They will probably have it to us today. Kody happily paid for it all and we left.

We then headed to the lumber yard that carries the cedar I like, and they still have lots of what they call landscapers grade, so not perfect, but perfect for what we want and need. We hashed it out as to how much we would need, tallied it all up, and then headed inside to arrange that for delivery, hopefully today. We also grabbed all the nails that we will be needing, and an extra hammer for Kody, as well as almost every can of linseed oil that they had in stock, and of course he paid for it all. We took the oil, hammer, and nails, and they said they would have our stuff out to us this afternoon sometime, we are just having them stack it in the front yard somewhere, but not the driveway.

Our next stop is the store that carries all the supplies needed for all the watering needs, including the massive ten thousand litre rain barrel. This is definitely our most expensive stop so far, and has also taken longer, but we now have it set for delivery this afternoon as well, and this stuff is to be put in the back yard.

Finally we head to the garden store I like most of all, they have the best selection, and we peruse the entire place at least twice. We each have large carts, and we are filling them full. We are getting mostly seed packs, so that we do not have to pay someone else to start the plants for us, we can do that ourselves, but we do have several plants that are trickier to start by seed, and some that we simply cannot do. We have four of their large bags of micro clover seeds, that should do it. We also grabbed several bird, bat, and insect houses, bird baths, all sorts of feeders, and even several garden art type things, just because they look nice.

We managed to get everything stuffed into the car, it only just barely fit I must say, and then headed home. As we drove, Kody called Lance and told him his pieces are ready to go, whenever he is ready to pick them up. He asked if he could come now, and Kody happily said yes. We ended up pulling into Kody”s only seconds before Lance pulled into my place, so we walked over to meet him.

“They”re really done already?” He asked excitedly.

“Sure.” Kody said happily as I was entering the code to open up the one door.

As soon as we could, we entered into the shop, and Kody went to the oven, opened it up, and gingerly extracted first the ladybug, and handed it to Lance.

“Oh my, it”s exquisite.” He gasped.

“Thanks.” Kody blushed, but handed over his butterfly as well.

“And this one”s every bit as nice. You truly are amazing at what you do. I never would”ve guessed anyone could do something like this, let alone a boy that”s only a little older than my daughter.”

“Thanks, I”ve just been training for a long time already.”

“No, I doubt that people that”ve been training since long before you were born could do this, at least as well. Some say that there are those that are just meant to do certain things, I think this is what you”re meant to do.”

“Thanks. You”re right, nothing makes me feel as good as creating glass objects.” He smiled.

“I can tell.”

“Let me grab a couple boxes and packing materials so that we can pack these up.” Kody said, and then headed to where that stuff is stored.

“He really is amazing, isn”t he?” Lance said.

“Yeah, he is.”

“I couldn”t help but to notice that he”s diapered. I also think you are too. My daughter is as well, if I thought for a second that he was straight, I”d be trying to get the two of them together, but he”s not, is he?”

“No, he”s not, but nor is he gay. He and I are alike in that we”ve actually never even thought of that sorta thing before, and have zero interest in doing so either.”

“Mmmm, no, I”m bi, I had a man lover when I was Kody”s age, I think that you two are together far more than you”re really supposed to be, but I personally think that it”s beautiful. Don”t worry. I can tell you love each other a great deal.”

“Um, thanks. Why does your daughter wear diapers?”

“She says she can”t feel it, the doctor sees nothing that”d cause it, we just think she”s a full on diaper lover, and we”re okay with that. My wife and I, and a few of our friends have gotten into diaper play ourselves, it can be loadsa fun, if you catch my meaning. We”re both bi, and we like our parties, and we can be shockingly kinky, though I have a feeling that both you and Kody are more than a little kinky with each other as well.”

“Um, yeah, you could say that. Never even imagined doing some of the things we”ve done, woulda puked had you told me to do such a thing before.”

“Yeah. You”re both autistic, aren”t you?”

“Yeah, how”d you know.”

“My brother”s exactly like you, he”d almost be a prude if he understood what it meant, he doesn”t seem to comprehend emotions, or sarcasm, it feels like you didn”t used to, but are starting to.”

“Yeah, somehow Kody and I were drawn together, and we”ve both learned a lot together.”

“That”s excellent. Wish I could find my brother the person that does that for him. He”s only just eighteen, so there”s still time, but I know it”s gotta be hard on him, no one understands him.”

“It”s not hard, trust me. I never realized it until Kody and I başakşehir escort got together.”

“That”s good at least.”

“Is he diapered as well?”

“No. At least not any more. He was twelve, almost thirteen before he was actually potty trained, and he was fifteen when he stopped wetting the bed. It probably wouldn”t take any influence to get him into diapers though. I think he loved them as well, only my mom”s constant badgering of the poor boy finally got him outta diapers I”m certain. I hadta get right mad at her at times for the way she treated him. It was almost the best thing that happened to him that she died almost two years ago.”

“Who”s he live with then?”

“My dad”s still alive, and he”s really good with him, he and I are the only ones my brother will even allow to touch him for the most part.”

“Yeah, know what that”s like. Do you feel he”s gay as well?”

“It”s so hard with him, I think he”s like you say you were, he”s just never even thought of such a thing. I doubt he masturbates or anything. Not like me, I started when I was seven.”

“Then he just needs the right person to unlock him, whether male or female, he probably wouldn”t care. I still don”t see myself as being gay, and I don”t think Kody does either, we just love each other.”

“Yeah, and that”s all that matters.” Kody said from right beside me, I did not even know he was there.

“I think I might just haveta try searching for another autistic boy for my brother, preferably a diaper wearer, and try and get them together. Not certain he”s gay, but, I think it”d be safer for him, I don”t think that he could raise a child, at least right now he couldn”t, but who”s to say, right. Anyway, I really should head out, thanks so much Kody, you truly are an amazingly talented artist, and my wife and daughter are going to love these.”

“Thanks, I hope that they do.” Kody said, handing over the two large boxes, since both are so well packed, the boxes are every bit of four times larger than the pieces they are carrying.


Before too long, Lance was gone, and I told Kody everything that he would not have caught, as we walked back to his house. As soon as we made it, we got started on preparing what we could. We are in the back yard when we hear a truck pull in, so we headed up to see who it is first, and find that it is the water tank and everything from them, which might actually be for the best, since it will be easier. Within minutes they have everything unloaded, and then we helped to move the tank to its new home. Now we have to remake all the gutter downspouts to direct them to there, but that will be for another day, since we have no rain in the forecast for at least another week anyway.

Not even a minute after that driver left, two dump trucks pulled up, the first one backed in as far as he could, and dumped his load, and then as soon as he was out of the way, the second truck did the same.

“Wow, are we really gonna use all that?” Kody asked in shock.

“Yes, but only because we”ll over fill each box by at least five centimeters to allow it to pack down, and we are making fifty planters, and at roughly half a cubic meter in area for each one, we”ll use pretty near all of it, and what we don”t, will get spread around the yard anyway.”

“Okay, you”re the expert.”

“No, I”m no expert on this, yet, I”ve done massive amounts of research, but not an expert.”

“Way more so than me.”

“Fair enough.”

Only minutes later, the lumber yard came and dropped off everything as well, and now we are fully set. As soon as they were gone, we started offloading the car. The vast majority of this we put into the garage for now, to keep it safe and dry.

Over the course of the next almost three weeks, we worked pretty much every day in Kody”s yard, making it perfect, and much like mine. Shortly after getting the water systems all set up and operating, we received our first rain, and while it was not a lot, it was more than enough to at least start using rain water for the gardens. We have the water systems fully automated just like mine, if there is enough water in the tank, it pulls from that first, and then trickle waters everything early in the morning, assuming they need it. It now looks amazing, just like my place, and we now have far more fruits, vegetables, and flowers to enjoy.

Of course, not every day was all work, we did only about four to six hours each day, but some days were less, due to the amount of work we had to do, and how tiring it really was. Wheeling all that dirt to all the various planters was rather tiring. In the end, we ended up having to order another half truckload of the soil, for the planters, but had them bring an entire truckload, so that we could add more soil to the walk ways, which would be better for the clover to take root in. On our down time, and as we rested, we would just play games, and of course, the best part of every downtime we had was definitely our three times a day soggy baby bum changes. Most often we enjoy sucking each other, but we did start just using our hands occasionally as well, we find it to be a lot slower and far more tender and loving when we kiss and stroke each other at the same time. Often we make each other orgasm on the outsides of our diapers for our first, then go inside, collect each others output, share it in even more sexy kisses, and then stroke and pet each other for at least one, but usually two more orgasms, also sharing the wealth after every ejaculation.

“Well Baby, we”re all done your place now, I know for sure that I have work that I should be doing, and I am sure there are things that you want to be doing as well.” I said the morning after we finished, we had just finished our diaper change and breakfast, and are just dressing each other.

“For sure. What are you gonna work on?”

“Some ideas on waste to energy incinerators. They”re getting more common, and in a way, it”s a really good use of a bad thing, but, as always, I think that there”s room for improvement in how they operate, such as gas output, heat dissipation, and such. Granted, right now, I”m not entirely convinced it”s actually the wisest use of garbage, so, I”m researching it all, and seeing just how much merit there is, and then, if I find enough hard evidence to support their claims, then I”ll look into ways to make it far greener. Half the stuff they”re putting into the incinerators I”m certain doesn”t even help at all, and might even hinder things, so, I”ll look into that as well. This too might just be one of those pipe dreams that I chase for years and get nowhere, but, you never know, right.”

“Neat. I know they use one somewhere near here, I remember hearing a bunch of people complaining about it and all, but not really sure how it”s all supposed to work.”

“Yeah, well, those people who complain probably have no scientific basis to complain, they just hear from someone else how it”s bad, but they”ve never actually read a report on it in the least, and therefore know none of the facts. That”s why I want to run a bunch of experiments and read all the reports, so that I can base my own educated opinion on what it already is, and research ways to make them better if I can. I almost have no doubts whatsoever that however they are doing it is not the most efficient way to do it though. I could be wrong, I do not actually know, hence researching it.”

“I bet if anyone can make it work well, you can.”

“Thanks Baby, I appreciate that. So, what are you gonna work on?”

“I wanna make more bumblebees, they always sell well, same as the butterflies. Since I have way more space now, as well I have lots of glass, I”m going to try and make a dozen all at the same time. If that works, then I will make a dozen butterflies, and then maybe a dozen ladybugs. I also want to make more humming birds, robins, and other birds. That”s probably going to take me a few weeks to make them halkalı escort all though.”

“Sounds great Baby, have fun.”

“I plan to.” He smiled brightly, and went and started all his equipment up.

For the rest of the day, we worked in near silence, both of us making noise in what we are doing, but neither of us spoke at all. As is fairly common for the both of us, we skipped lunch, and it was only the insistent prodding of my stomach that finally warned me that it is already just past dinner time. I safely got Kody”s attention when I could, told him that I am going to go start making dinner, and to come in as soon as he is able to and join me. It was probably for the best that we had actually decided to quadruple diaper each other this morning, because with as wet as I am, I would have leaked for certain had we not, not that either of us really mind, but we love our mega thick diapers so much that we would really rather just wet them fully, and boy am I full now.

Kody entered the kitchen without his shirt once again after washing up, the band of his diapers is sticking up lots today, and it is just so sexy, I cannot help myself from groaning deeply from seeing it.

Kody grins to me, I think he knows exactly what he is doing, good.

He joins me in making our dinner, then we sit down and eat. After cleaning up, we decide we are getting seriously close to leaking now, so, we go and drain each other, and each others diapers, then triple diaper each other this time, since that will be all that we need to last now until tomorrow morning. After eating and cleaning up, we had another nice relaxing evening, then went to bed, kissing and cuddling like we always do.

Another couple weeks goes by before we really even know it, we are in a nice rhythm, and I must say, life sure is amazing now. I never realized I was missing something, until it fell in my lap, now there is simply no way that I could be away from Kody. His bright smile every time I walk in the room, the way he looks at me when he does not realize that I can see him, the way he holds me, kisses me, caresses me, all that and so much more is what now drives me.

The funny thing is, we have still not made love to each other, even though we truly do make love at least twice a day, we both know the mechanics of it, yet, neither of us is in any sort of rush. I know that one day, Kody and I will eventually have anal sex together, but not yet.

This morning, shortly after Kody and I started working in our shop, I received a call from Lance, our gas fitter, and was asked if he could bring his brother by to meet us, I said sure. Half an hour later they were here.

“Hi guys, good to see you again. May I see what you”re working on at the moment Kody?” Lance asked happily when he entered the shop, since we have the doors all open.

“Hi Lance.” We both said. “Sure.” Kody added, and then showed Lance what he is working on.

As he did so, I caught Lance”s brothers eyes, and whispered hello to him, he shyly said hello back to me. I introduced myself.

“I”m Jakson.” He whispered back even lower.

Wow, was I really that bad before. I know I was getting better with that even before Kody came along, but now I am not like that at all.

“My god Kody, you truly are amazing. I wanna buy this bumblebee off you, if I could please.”

“Thanks.” He said.

They went over the pricing for a moment, and he agreed instantly, and wrote a cheque for it.

“So, anyway, Trey and Kody, this is my little brother, Jakson, he”s just about to finish school to be an agricultural scientist, he”s bloody brilliant about everything plant related. I told him about you guys, your amazing gardens, what you both do, and he agreed to come and meet you, because you”re all so much alike.”

“That”s great Jakson, you could answer so many questions for me then.”

“Um, maybe.”

“As you can clearly hear. He needs lots more work in talking to others, which was one reason I wanted him to meet you guys. I did find a young man who”s very much like him, and they”ve really hit it off, and yes, as we spoke of before, it took absolutely no convincing to get Jakson back into diapers, because so is his friend.”

“That”s great Jakson. I bet you look even better in nothing but your soggy baby diapers.” Kody said happily.

“Lance said you”re both the same as me, even in that. My mom was so mean to me about that, I finally just gave them up to shut her up.” He said, with probably the most emotion he has ever actually used.

“I sure wouldn”t have, if I were you. I would”ve looked right at her and peed my pants every time she made me take off my diapers.” Lance said.

“But, you said you”re not a diaper lover.” Jakson said.

“I”m not, I said if I were you. You didn”t see it, but I did, I knew you were a full on diaper lover. It was the only thing that you truly liked, other than working out in the gardens. I don”t know if mom ever truly saw it, but dad did. I tried to make her stop, but of course, you were only ten when I got married and moved out at twenty, so I wasn”t always around to protect you from her. Dad wasn”t strong enough to protect you, not from her, but he loves you so much, that he did what he could.”

“Oh. He hated her, didn”t he?”

“I wondered if you understood that, you just don”t seem to understand emotions very well.”

“I understand them just fine, I just don”t really feel them, but I always saw how he looked at her when her back was turned.”

“Yeah, he wasn”t happy, and I”m honestly shocked he didn”t kill her years ago.”

“He didn”t kill her, did he?” Jakson asked in what sounded like shock.

“If he could”ve caused it, and not be caught, I”m sure he would”ve, but no, she killed herself. I”m sure that he never tried to dissuade her from drinking like a fish, knowing that eventually she”d drink herself to death. Hell, if I were him, I would”ve went and bought the bloody stuff for her, made sure she always had lots, even offer to pour her another tall one. No, he didn”t do it, but he should”ve.”

“Oh. You hated her too, didn”t you?”

“Yeah. You were the only reason I stayed as long as I did, and it was only because I got married that I did move out. I would”ve taken you with me, but that would”ve been hard on a new marriage, and well, we liked to party, lots. She never shoulda had kids, of all people, but, oh well, what”s done is done.”

“Oh. Okay.”

“So, like I said, I wanted to bring Jakson here today to meet you guys, to introduce him to others who are the same as he is, in so many ways. I”m also wondering if you know of any houses in the area available for rent. I think that it”s getting close to time for Jakson to move out on his own, and many of the places around here have pretty decent sized yards. He also wants his friend to move in with him, and my dad wants to downsize and get an apartment, since he”s getting pretty old. Jakson always takes care of the yard, has since he was six actually, but the house really is so very large, and he can”t keep up to it any more. I don”t have time to help him with that, and Jakson does what he can, but he”s getting busier as well with his experiments and work that he”s doing.”

“As a matter of fact, there is a house in the area that”s available.” Kody said, and then told them of his place, and how perfect it will be, since it is already well setup, including all furniture and everything.

“Wow, really, how much would you want for rent?” Lance asked.

“Not really sure. How much can you afford right now Jakson?” He asked.

“I have lots of money, when our mom died, we both got quite a bit. I”ve already started making money from some of the work I”ve been doing as well.” He said softly.

“Our dad”s amazing with money, and when our mom died, all her life insurance, and savings, that he”d şirinevler escort had under her name, but didn”t know about, he gave to us, since he has even more than that.” Lance added.

“Oh, that”s good. A house in this area, with as big a yard as it has, would probably rent for three thousand a month, but, if you can promise to maintain it properly, and always keep my gardens amazing, then I think you can pay me a thousand a month.”

“Hell, for that price, I”ll take it instead.” Lance said, jokingly pushing his brother aside.

“No no, that deal is for Jakson only, you would have to pay five thousand.” Kody grinned brightly, teasing him.

“Fair enough, and probably rightfully so.” He laughed.

“I would really like to, but, well, I feel anxious.”

“I know how you feel.” Both Kody and I said at the same time.

“It”ll be really good for you buddy, you”re getting old enough that you don”t needta live with Daddy any more, and honestly, I think he needs to start his own life too, he”s never had that chance. I wanna find him a boy or girlfriend, whichever he prefers, and teach him that he has a say in things. He”s still so weak from what Mom did to him.”

“Oh. You think he might be gay?”

“To tell you the truth, I think he is. He”s never said, I didn”t have the courage to ask, but, I don”t think he was with mom willingly, and I don”t think he”s actually straight. No, like you, I think that he needsta find himself a boyfriend, fuck and get fucked wildly, and I think both of you”ll be cured.”

“You think I am?” Jakson gasped.

“No, honestly, I think at this moment you”re asexual, but you just need to find the person who melds with your mind, and I think Luke”s starting to fit that bill nicely. I see how you two interact with each other, you”re both so much more calm when you”re together. You haven”t even changed each others diapers yet, have you?”


“You should.” I said, “And yes, I know how you feel about this, you think it”s gross, disgusting, vile, disturbed, and so many other things, but trust me, where your erection will lead you once you finally allow yourself to get hard, it will be wonderful. Kody and I never fathomed for a second in our lives before we really met, that we”d do anything of the sort with anyone, the mere mention of what we now share would have made us both puke our guts out. It will be beautiful, and you”ll finally know peace, contentment, even love, you”ll understand happiness, and even everything else. Just, do it without thinking, let your body take you where your mind can”t go, trust me, we did, and we finally feel.”


“Yes. So, your friend, Luke, how old is he?”

“Sixteen, we”re in university together, he”s in a few of my classes. When Lance found that out, and met him, he made us get together.”

“Excellent.” I said.

“So, when would you like to move in?” Kody asked.

“Is tomorrow too soon?” Lance asked.


“I”m not sure I wanna move, what about Daddy?”

“He”ll be fine on his own, he”s a big boy, and, like I said, I think he needs it.”

“Can I think about it?”

“Of course.” Both Kody and Lance said at the same time. Then Lance added, “We”ll also talk it over with Dad, he might even be a bit sad at first, but, I think it”ll be good for him, and for you too. I don”t live far from here, and if Dad gets one of those new condos that”s going up just down the road, then he”d be right between us, so we”ll all be a lot closer.”

“Oh, okay.”

We all talked for a while longer, but, before too long, both were gone. Four days later, Jakson and his newly minted boyfriend moved into Kody”s house. Jakson had heeded my advice, and changed Luke”s diaper for him that very afternoon, and when he admitted to us that he had done the most insanely perverted thing that he had ever thought of, and sucked Luke fully, including urine and ejaculate, he felt peace and contentment, and now, they both seem so much happier. Every couple nights, one couple would go to the others house for the evening, and we had dinner and talked, it is quite nice, because both are incredibly smart about plants and whatnot, so I am learning massive amounts from the both of them. They also enjoy learning from both Kody and I.

Lance had told us that while their dad was saddened to lose Jakson, that he too understood that it is time for Jakson to leave the nest, and did admit that it will be nice. Lance had also finally asked the question that he was pretty sure he knew the answer to all along, and his dad confirmed it, he was not a willing partner, and that while he had always considered himself bisexual, that now there is zero chance of him ever being with a female ever again, so, Lance arranged for his dad to meet one of his gay friends, one of the few that is an actual diaper lover as well, thinking that his dad might enjoy the kinkier side, and so, it seems, he most certainly did.

Almost a month after Jakson moved out, their dad moved into the brand new condo down the road, it had just finished, and he got one of only a couple left, but the largest and most expensive one on the top floor, sold the house that he had hated for more years than he cared to admit, and now, he too is incredibly happy. We all get together at least once a week, and he seems really nice, and so is his boyfriend, and though they are both diapered all the time, we have never seen them like that, at least yet. Jakson and Luke do strip down to just their diapers when they are at our house, and likewise for us at theirs, and yes, they too look utterly delicious like that, I mean amazing.

It is funny, I went for more than thirty years without having so much as one friend, now I have an amazing boyfriend, then friends in Jakson, Luke, their dad and his boyfriend, Lance, and his wife and daughter, who recently came out as a full on gay baby girl diaper lover, and even has herself a cute little same age ten year old baby girlfriend, who we now also call a friend. It really is amazing, and we are all getting far better because of it, we all know true happiness now, and that is amazing.

It actually took Kody and I three years before we actually made anal love to each other, we were just always so content to suck and stroke, that we just never did it, but, once we finally experienced it, and all the wonders of it, we started sharing that a little more often, but still, only about once per month after that.

I keep on inventing and redesigning, Kody keeps on creating, Jakson and Luke keep on growing and learning, and teaching us as well, and we are all doing so amazingly good it cannot even be measured.

I love, I care, and, most importantly, I need others in my life now, most especially my most amazing baby boyfriend.

And we all live happily ever after.

****Well, another one bites the dust. A shorter one, yes, but is actually almost twice as long as it was supposed to be, I just kept adding details. As is many times the case, this story was inspired by a real boy that I met, and then this was the fantasy that popped up in my head as I lay awake that night. I have scarcely had time to write lately, so, unfortunately this took a lot longer to write than I had anticipated, and two other stories that I am also working on got pushed to the back while this one poured out of me. As is also sometimes the case, I have written some stuff which I know little about, some, yes, but not a lot. I researched what I could, so that I at least understood some, but I make no promises that everything is accurate and or perfect, but it is after all a story. Yes, sometimes I do feel as if I am autistic, I certainly have some of those idiosyncrasies, yet, I am not. I actually based some of Trey on the character Sheldon from Big Bang Theory, as well as some of the autistic kids that I worked with in the past, just so you know. Anyway, as always, should you care to do so, please feel free to contact me at erich5748 ail, I always love hearing my readers comments, though I do not require them to continue writing, I do this as therapy for myself, and just share with others who may enjoy this sort of story. Thanks for reading, have a good soggy baby diapered day.”

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