Kim , Kate Ch. 01

Big Tits

I love constructive criticism so if you have advice on how to make my writing better I would love to hear it. However, if you do not like the story’s I like because of the topic or if all you have to say is “that sucked” then please do not bother commenting.


I am a very lucky man. I have the privilege of being married to an extremely submissive and kinky wife. My wife enjoys being controlled, humiliated and cheated on. It is awesome. It hasn’t always been this way. Well, the cheating part anyways, she has always been submissive, both in and out of the sack. The cheating thing came later.

I started cheating on Kate before it was cool. We have been dating each other since our early twenties (I am 30 now and she is 28) and married for the last five years. I have cheated on her the entire time. I must have fucked a dozen or more girls before I got caught the first time. Kate was distraught after she walked in on me with her sister. I actually did feel bad about it. She cried all night. We talked and I told her about every girl I had been with. In the end she decided she wanted to stay together and work things out. I started cheating on her again pretty right away.

I went behind her back for about two years after that before my cheating was brought into light again. But this time it was different. Kate told me that she had been having fantasies about me fucking her sister. After a little digging I got her to admit that she had fantasies about me fucking nearly every girl she saw. And just like that my perfect life was born. I solidified our new lifestyle by fucking her best friend in my bed while Kate listened from the guest room.

From then on everything is history. I fucked any woman I wanted. Sometimes I had my wife watch. Other times I forbid her from watching. We also got into orgasm control and torture. I would pleasure her for hours and make her beg to cum, then I would leave her and go fuck someone else instead. Kate loved that. She loved listening to others orgasm while being denied one herself. She was my perfect little pet. I even got her a collar that said so, and with a matching leash. She waited on me and my lovers hand and foot. While Kate served us dinner or drinks or sat quietly on the floor, I encouraged the women to degrade her.

They would talk about how ugly she was, how fat she was, how much better they were than her. The women were right, of course. Kate is a beautiful woman but I always made it a point to choose women who were much sexier than she was. (Go big or go home right). While the women belittled Kate I would just sit and watch as Kate’s panties soaked through. Kate only wore underwear while inside our house. I felt like she would feel more vulnerable if she had less clothes on. I loved stripping her down in front of beautiful women and letting them point out her every flaw.

All of that though was nothing compared to what was coming. In the fall of 2012 I was blessed with the opportunity to degrade and humiliate my wife more severely than ever before.


My wife is a high school teacher and in 2012 she had just started at a new school. We had moved from a poor area into one of the richest in the state. It was a bit of a culture shock for Kate. She had been used to working with poorer kids and she actually enjoyed it. These kids came from the streets and didn’t expect anything from anybody. Many of them were just happy to get a meal once a day at lunch. Now things were different. She was surrounded by spoiled rich kids. They felt entitled. Of all the spoiled brats my wife had to deal with, one stood out. Kim.

Kim was a senior. She turned 18 that September and she was a spoiled little bitch. She had her daddy’s money and her mom thought she was an angel. Everyone loved her. She was perfect as far as almost anyone was concerned. Head cheerleader, varsity volleyball, honors student, She was everywhere. The only person who wasn’t impressed by her was Kate. Kate had made the mistake of asking Kim to turn in her homework. Apparently that was something that Kim just didn’t do. When my wife failed her for not doing her work Kim made it her mission to make Kate’s life hell. She came come in tears nearly every day lara kendi evi olan escort because of something Kim had said or done.

One time Kim knocked Kate’s drink over on her desk and ruined all her important documents. Kim had sworn that it was an accident but my wife was convinced otherwise. She also cussed Kate out in the middle of class and routinely left in the middle of lecture. What was worse was that Kate had no support at school. She sent Kim to the office a half dozen times but Kim never got into any trouble. All she had to do was bat her pretty blue eyes and flick her perfectly blond hair and all hearts around her melted. They sent her back to class with a note telling my wife that she needed to do a better job controlling her classroom. Kate told me once that if she ever saw Kim outside of the classroom she would punch her in the face. I had other ideas.

I met Kim for the first time at the end of November. We were at a football game. I was standing in line at the confession stand when I saw the cheerleaders headed my way. I knew right away which one was Kim. She was just a beautiful as everyone had said. It was easy to see how everyone loved her so much. (You don’t have to be nice when you were as pretty as Kim was) I watched eyes follow her. Everywhere she went people were drawn to her. She seemed to be the center of the world. I scribbled my phone number on a piece of paper and handed it to her.

“Text me.” I said simply, and then walked away.

It was a long shot but I thought I might as well give it a try. I was happy when I received a text from an unknown number within minutes of walking away.

“Who the fuck are you?” she asked

“I’m Kate Johnson’s husband.”

“Well tell that bitch to fuck off and leave me alone,” Kim responded.

I replied back “tell her yourself in class.”

And that is how my relationship with Kim started. I text her a lot over the next few days. I really enjoyed talking to Kim. She was a blast. The only thing that was sexier than her body was her attitude. I was addicted to her bitchiness. Over the next few weeks Kim told me in detail all the things she was doing to my wife. My wife was right of course. All of the things that Kim had said were accidental, she had done on purpose. She had also spit in her coffee a few times. I made it a point to always text Kim while she was in Kate’s class. She would usually respond back telling me how big a bitch she was and giving me all the juicy details about the war they had going on. It was kind of funny hearing the same story over again when Kate came home from work at the end of the day.

One of my favorite things to do is have my wife suck me off while I text other women. So after Kate got home and settled and told me how horrible Kim was that day, I had her get on her knees and I text Kim. Kate knew I was texting other women but she had no idea who, or what was going to be happening soon.

“How’s your bitch wife doing?” Kim asked.

“Good,” I said. “She’s sucking my cock right now.”

“Send me a picture.” Kim said

I took a picture of Kate while she was balls deep on my cock. It was a terrible picture. Her makeup was smeared, hair was messed up, her tities were hanging out, she had drool all down her face and her eyes were red from crying earlier.

“What an ugly bitch,” Kim said. “How can you let her touch you. Look how saggy her tits are.”

“Well,” I responded, ‘They’re not as perky as some 18 year old’s I know that’s for sure.”

She responded with a picture of her bare breasts. They were perfect. I stared at the picture while my wife sucked me. I felt Kate’s tongue circle the head of my cock, then she bobbed down on it until my balls touched her chin. Kim sent a few more pictures after that. Each one more perfect and beautiful than the last. When I came in my wife’s mouth I was thinking about sinking my cock into Kim’s tight pussy. I told Kim that and she lolled me.

Once Kate had finished I sent her to the kitchen to make dinner while I talked to Kim. It was time to take this to the next level.


I arranged to meet Kim at a local restaurant. It was lara otele gelen escort easy to get away from Kate. She knew I was meeting some other woman. Before I left she told me that she hoped I brought home another woman soon.

“It’s been a very stressful semester,” she explained. “I could really use the release right now.”

If she only knew what I had in store for her.

When Kim came in I was literally stunned by her beauty. She moved with so much elegance and grace. It was unreal. Everything about her was perfect. I couldn’t help but notice how long her dress was, or rather, how short it was. No doubt she picked out one of her sexier outfits for my benefit. She seem pleased with the look on my face.

“Wow,” I said. “We should have done this sooner.”

Ill save you time by skipping all the small details of our conversation and just tell you this. There was a lot of sexual tension between us. We talked for a long time. And for the better half of an hour we didn’t mention Kate’s name once. I was happy to have her open up about other things. Her life, friends, boyfriends, parents. We were developing a real personal connection that existed outside of her hate for my wife. I was thrilled. That would make this so much better.

After dinner we go to the juicy stuff. I told her everything about my relationship with Kate. When I was finished Kim was shocked. I don’t know what she expected to hear but it certainly wasn’t that. But luckily she didn’t seem put off by it. I was afraid that once she heard all I had to say she would bolt for the door, but Kim amazed me again. I could have taken her home right then and fucked her in front of my wife, but no. This time was different. This time was better. I had much deeper plans than just fucking Kim.

The restaurant we were eating at was connected to a bar and dance club. Kim and I took our conversation to the dance floor. Kim led me out on to the floor. I loved how confident she was. It was refreshing to be with a woman who was independent, one who could take care of herself. I placed my hands around Kim’s waist and let her grind her hips against me. She was a great dancer, sexy and sensual. Her touch was light but fiery at the same time. It made me hungry for more and drove my lust to new depths. She laid her head back against my body and wrapped her hands around my neck. I moved my hands up and down her body trying to feel every inch of her. Her scent was intoxicating. It was easy to see how people had such a hard time telling her no.

I thought to myself, “If I’m not careful, this girl could own me.”

In between dances Kim asked more questions about mine and Kate’s unique relationship. She asked about things we had done, our dislikes and likes, how far we would want to go. Then she asked what I liked personally in a girl, what I like in bed, who I had been with, what I wanted to do with her. I asked her similar questions.

We danced several more songs before we headed out. We walked out to her car holding hands.

“I really enjoyed tonight,” I told her

“Me too,” she said.

“It was nice to get to know you better,” I said. “Outside of sexual stuff I mean.”

We reached her car and she turned to me to. We looked at each other for a second. It seemed to me like now was a good a time as any to make a move on her. I bent down and touched my lips to hers. She welcomed my embrace immediately. She wrapped her arms around my neck and I cupped her ass and pulled her tightly to me. My skin was on fire. The kiss was more passionate and more lust filled than anything I had ever experienced. She seemed to agree.

After we broke off the kiss Kim asked “So when do you want to start that other thing.” She had a devilish look on her face.

“We can start right now if you want,” I told her.

She nodded and jumped in her car. We headed back to my house. I text Kate ahead of time and told her to go into the guest room and don’t come out. I told Kim not to talk too much once we were inside. I wasn’t ready for my wife to know who I was fucking just yet. I wanted to fuck Kim behind her back for a while first. I thought that would make it even better lara rus escort later. And plus there were still a few other things that needed to be done before Kate could find out.

When Kate and I reached my house we headed straight to the bedroom. I don’t exactly remember where our cloths went. I just knew that in record time Kim’s naked body was pressed against mine and we were kissing again. I cupped her ass again and pulled her in tight. I could feel her pussy against my cock. She was ready to go. The heat radiating from her pussy was enough to make me shiver and I could feel her juices dripping onto me. I pushed her onto the bed and crawled between her legs. I needed to taste her.

Her pussy was just as perfect as every other part of her. I rubbed my face against her smooth freshly shaven skin. Kim’s body shook as I opened her lips and found her clit with my tongue. I swirled my tongue around, slowly at first but picking up speed as I went. I watched her face. I loved to watch women’s faces when they came. As I licked her chest began to rise and fall more quickly. She started to moan softly and her legs started to clench down on my face. I inserted one finger inside of her and found her g-spot. Within seconds after that, Kim was cuming on my face. I watched her as she orgasmed, taking in the beauty. She let out a heavy moan and shook violently as the waves took her body. She clenched the sheets for dear life. I pulled my finger out of her and slowly massaged her body as she came down. Then I positioned her on all fours and prepared to mount her.

Kim presented her pussy to me. I again, couldn’t help but marvel at her beauty. Her head was low to the mattress. Her ass was up in the air ready for the taking. It was perfectly round and tight. I traced my finger down her spine and watched her shiver at my touch. Then I rubbed my cock against the outside of her pussy.

Kim let out a gasp as I pushed the head of my cock slowly into her. Once I hit the bottom I slowly pulled back out. I fucked her in this way for several minutes until she had become accustomed to my size , then I began to pick up the pace. Kim’s breath quickened again as my thrusts grew harder and faster. I felt her muscles contracting and knew she was mounting another orgasm. She moaned loudly again as she came and I could feel her pussy gripping my cock.

I have always loved the sounds of sex. The room was filled with moaning. Kim was getting louder and louder as I fucked her. There was also the wet sloppy sound of my cock moving in and out of her and the slapping of my balls against her pussy. I grabbed Kim’s hair roughly and pulled her back to me. I touched my lips to hers as I slammed my cock into her over and over again. The headboard of the bad was slamming into the wall loudly. (Years ago I had moved the bed up against the wall that connected to the guest room for Kate’s benefit. The wall behind the bed was marked deeply by years of love making.)

Every thrust was harder and deeper than the last. I could feel that I was about to cum. I buried my cock inside of Kim as far as I could and pushed all my weight against her as I unloaded inside her pussy.

I was light headed after it was over. The room was spinning. I rolled off of Kim and laid next to her. Kim rested her head against my chest and threw her arm across my body. We stared at the ceiling.

“Wow.” as all I could say.

“Wow.” Kim echoed.

We laid together for a while, recovering. Then Kim headed back to her house. I asked her if her parents would miss her but she assured me they wouldn’t.

“They pretty much let me come and go as I please,” she told me. “Especially since I turned 18′.

I walked her to the door and kissed her good night. Before she left I told her not to say anything to Kate about this. I wanted it to be secret for a while.

Once I closed the door behind her, I went to the guest room where Kate was. Kate was on her knees in the middle of the floor. I could see that her panties were soaked through. She was wearing nothing but her panties a bra and her hot pink studded collar.

“Was she good?” she asked me.

“She was the best,” told her.

I crossed the room and pulled my dick out. It was still stick from Kim’s pussy. I pushed it into Kate’s mouth and she devoured it hungrily. I took a picture and sent it to Kim.

She responded “Wow. What a stupid bitch.”

I blew my second load into Kate’s mouth. Then I told her that she could sleep in the guest room tonight. I wanted the bed to myself. I fell asleep in bliss.

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