‘Hi, I’m here for the modeling job.’ She said.

The agent looked up. He saw an Asian girl. Pretty but very young.

‘Ok,’ he said, ‘I’m going to need some info. Sit down.’

Fill this out, he said as he handed her the form.

Name – Kiko

Height – 5’3”

Age – 18

‘You’re very pretty but I’m not sure what kind of jobs I can get for you.’

‘Please I’ll do anything.’ she said.

‘Ok, I’ll send you to a friend who’ll do some basic shots and try to help you figure out what you want. Then we’ll take it from there. If he’s got something he wants you to model, he’ll pay you a thousand bucks.’

‘Wow,’ she said. A thousand bucks would be cool.

Carlos opened the door to see a young girl standing there.

‘Hi, Sam sent me about the modeling job.’

‘Okay come in. There’s some clothes in the room there you can put that on while I set up the cams.’

Kiko went in to the room Sam had indicated. There was a pair of Lycra hot pants and a short Lycra top. She quickly stepped out of her jeans, T-shirt and underclothes and put on the clothes. She didn’t see any shoes, so she just walked out barefoot.

Sam had set up the camera and video camera in front of a white screen. Sam motioned for her to get in front. As she was going to get in front he noticed that she was barefoot.

‘That won’t do. There are some shoes in the cupboard there, just put one of the black ones on.’

Kiko went back to the room. Against the far wall was a cupboard. She opened it and gasped. There was all manner of leather and plastic sex toys sitting in the cupboard. There was stuff there that she had no idea what it was for. On the floor of the cupboard were three pairs of leather stilettos. She put on the black ones. The heels were at least six inches and she had a hard time walking.

‘Ok now get in front and pose.’ Said Carlos.

‘Hands wide apart. Hands behind your head. Stick your chest out. Hands on your thighs. Stick your ass out. Turn around. Hands on your ass. Bend down without bending your knees. Crouch on the floor. On all fours. Smile. Purr.’

The poses kept going on for some time. ‘Ok, now lets see you in the nude. Take off just your top.’

‘Uhh.. I’m not sure’ said Kiko.

‘I got to see you in the nude to see what you look like. Just sultanbeyli escort take it off. It’s not a big deal.’

‘Ok’ said Kiko and took off her top. She had pear sizes breasts with pink nipples.

‘Ok now cover your breasts. Hands over your head. Pinch the nipples to make them stand out.’

Kiko was starting to feel more comfortable. In fact she felt ok about Carlos looking at her with her top off. She thought maybe she even liked it.

‘Ok now take the bottom off. Not fully. Turn around. Bring it down to your knees. Now bend down and grab your ankles.’ Kiko was blushing red. She had a nice ass which was shown in all of its glory. Carlos could see her pussy and ass too.

‘Ok stand up. We need another prop. Let me go get it. You can pull your shorts up.’

Kiko watched as Carlos disappeared then reappeared with a big saddle on legs. The saddle was flat on top.

‘Ok climb on.’ Kiko put her feet in the stirrup and pulled herself on top.

‘Arch your back. bend down. Ass in the air. Ok pull your shorts down as much as possible.’

‘Your ass is too pale. I’d like you to reach back and hit each cheek just to make it a little red. Ok.’

‘Ok,’ said Kiko and reached back and patted each cheek.

‘Not enough’ said Carlos. Kiko kept increasing the pressure, still it started to pain her each time she hit her ass.

‘That’s better but still not enough. Here I’ll show you,’ said Carlos and stepped from behind the camera and came up behind her on the saddle.

The saddle was about three feet high. So Carlos put a hand on her lower back and gave her slap on the ass. ‘Ahh,’ she said, as it hurt her. But she was also afraid now that when Carlos had touched her and spanked she was starting to get excited and wet. Carlos slapped the other ass harder this time. He kept alternating till both cheeks were red. By this time Kiko was soaking wet. Drops of cunt juice were dripping onto the saddle.

‘I got to….’ said Kiko. But before she could finish Carlos said ‘don’t move, I’ll clean it up. It’s ok.’

Carlos brought out a wet cloth and wiped the saddle. Then to Kiko surprised he wiped her cunt. The cold feeling on her pussy was such a surprise she almost screamed but she just managed an ‘ahhh..’ Carlos kept wiping her cunt.

‘You tuzla escort know I might have just the job for you.’ He said. ‘It has to do with some toys a company is marketing. It pays two thousand dollars. Would you be interested Kiko.’

‘Yes’ she said. She was nearly about to cum as Carlos finished wiping her.

Kiko was still lying flat on her stomach on the saddle when Carlos returned with a six inch plastic dildo that was blue in color. ‘Just hold this’ he said. Then he went back behind the camera.

‘Now hold it to your breast. Caress the nipples with it. Kiss it. Open your mouth. Wet it with your mouth. Take it in as deep as you can. Deeper.’

Kiko was nearly choking by now. ‘Keep pushing it in and out of your mouth. Make it really wet. I want to see saliva drip off it. That’s the way.’

‘Ok. Now put it on your ass. Hold it to your pussy. Caress your pussy with it.’ Kiko was now so hot that she couldn’t contain herself. She kept caressing her pussy. Then she slid it in. ‘Very good’ said Carlos.

That was all the encouragement she needed little by little she started driving the dildo into her pussy. She closed her eyes as all kinds of emotions hit her. She just kept pumping the dildo in and out of her pussy.

When she opened her eyes Carlos was standing next to her. ‘Here let me help you’ he said taking her hand off the dildo. He took the dildo in his hands and started pumping it in and out. Kiko started to caress her nipples with the left hand. She could see a bulge in Carlos’s pants as he stood next to her.

‘That’s a good girl. Now take out my dick and lick it.’

Kiko had never seen a dick before and she wasn’t sure what to do.

‘Do it now,’ said Carols, so she reached out with her right hand and started massaging it through his pant.

‘Take it out and massage it.’ So Kiko unzipped his pants and pulled out his giant penis. It must have been nine inches long. She rubbed it up and down till the precum gathered at the tip.

‘It’s leaking’ she said.

‘Lick it off.’ As she opened her mouth extended her tongue and licked off the precum she found she liked the taste of it.

The dildo in her pussy kept pounding in and out. Now Carlos had one hand massaging her ass and anus. He slowly eased a finger into ümraniye escort her ass.

She was going to cum she was so close. Then Carlos stopped.

‘No please,’ she said, ‘don’t stop.’

‘Ok then keep licking my cock. Take it into your mouth like you did the dildo, all the way in. Let it hit the back of the throat. Atta girl.’

Kiko reached back with her right hand and started pumping the dildo in and out of her own pussy as Carlos started spanking her ass.

After the third spank she was ready to cum again. In and out she pumped until she started to cum again and again. Carlos drove the finger in her ass deep as she moaned over the dick in her mouth.

Carlos started to cum too. He spurted into her mouth. She started to draw back, but he said, ‘Swallow it, it’s ok.’ So she kept her head on his spurting dick and swallowed all the cum that he spewed.

‘Tomorrow I’ll have another job for you.’

Next day Kiko knocked at Carlos’s door. He showed her to the room where she had changed the day before. Lying on the bed was a school uniform. ‘Wear this and those sneakers and come out.’

‘Ok,’ said Kiko.

She wore the white blouse, scanty white thong bikinis and a plaid skirt. Then she went out into the drawing room. There was a black man and a woman.

‘Kiko this is Joe. He’s going to be your teacher and I’m going to be your principal. Just read the script that Lara there shows you and you’ll be fine.’

Kiko was thrilled. She was going to be in the movies. ‘Ok,’ she said.

The room was set up like a teacher’s office room with a big desk on one end. ‘Now go outside knock and come in.’

Kiko went outside knocked and came in.

‘Yes, professor, you wanted to see me.’ She read.

‘Yes, come in. Kiko, your grades are not what they should be, you’re going to fail this year.’

‘Please sir, I’ll do anything. I just can’t concentrate on my studies.’

‘Okay Kiko, if you’re willing to do anything, I can let you go.’

‘Yes sir, I’ll do anything.’

‘Then come here.’

As she got close Joe touched his hands to her face and kissed her on the mouth. She wasn’t sure what to do so she just kissed him back. Then she felt his hands on her ass, massaging them through the skirt.

She looked to Lara for direction. She said, ‘Massage his cock.’ So she put her hands on his cock and started to massage.

‘Take it out and kiss it.’ Joe said. She opened his zip and knelt on the floor. Then she pulled out his cock and started to suck on it, like she had done to Carlos the previous day.

…to be continued

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