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Subject: Kid Finds His Home Chapter 7 Kid Finds His Home Chapter 7 Terry was a very unhappy camper for the first few days at the Safe House. His Stepfather had rammed a very large butt plug into the boy’s butt. That was why he had walked almost bowlegged when he was at school. He also had to wear adult diapers for a few days after the Doctors had repaired the damage done inside his butt. I hadn’t read the police report only to know there was a Canada wide warrant out for his stepdad. He was almost in tears most of the first few days worrying that his Dad would come after him. He stayed pretty close to me all the time. Tyler walked into my office. Terry was sitting by the fire. “What do you think Dad? Does it look okay?” Tyler had fitted a cock and ball harness on. “Did you do that yourself Son?” “Well Danny helped me.” “AS long as it’s not causing you any pain son it’s okay.” “How come his dick sticks out like that?” Terry asked. “Well he has a harness on that pushes his balls forward so his cock looks bigger than it really is.” “Oh.” “Can I have a harness like he has?” I thought about it. He was standing in front of me. The look on his face was one of total trust. Why I’m not sure, but he was more like my other boys every day. “Tyler, go up and get a pair of your boxer briefs.” “K Dad.” “Come over here Terry.” I slid off the boxers he had on and then the diaper. “Don’t think you need those anymore.” That got a big smile and he looked even cuter. I picked up a set of cock and ball harness from my desk and fitted it on him.” “Oh wow Sir. They make me look lots bigger.” Tyler came back and gave him the pair of boxer briefs. “Wow Terry. You look bigger than me.” Terry just smiled. Tyler took off. I suspected he still had chores to do. “Can I ask you something Sir?” “Terry, you can call me Dad if you want.” “Well I’m worried my stepdad will be back.” “That’s something you never need worry about. The Police have country wide warrant for him. They’ll catch him.” “Did they look at his cabin on Mercy Lake. He took me there sometimes on weekends so him and his friends could use me.” I picked up my phone and called ICE. I told them what Terry told me. “Now what was your question Terry?” “How come I can’t suck you off. The other boys think it is okay. When I asked them to fuck me, they said they couldn’t coz you might want to make love to me. Will you make love to me Sir?” Now what do I say. I’d very much like to fuck Terry, but I also didn’t want him to go off the deep end if I did. The doctor’s said physically he was okay, but mentally after what he had been through could be a different story. “Come up here Son.” I pulled him onto my lap. “Terry, I love you like I love my other stepsons. However, I can’t make love to you yet. Your old stepdad did a lot of damage when he forced things up inside you. WE have to make sure you are completely healed.” “Once we know everything is okay, we’ll see then.” “Are you going to be my new Stepdad?” “I hope so Son.” “Me too. I love you sir.” “Now Son, do you think you could help out with the chores. Tyler and Tran have them all to do themselves.” “Okay Sir.” I took Terry down to Tran and told Tran to put him to work. The two hit it off right away. I went back to my office. I wondered when Terry had managed to suck off all four boys and Andy and Tran. He did sleep in one of the bedrooms with bunk beds. So, he had either gone to them or they had gone to his room. I wondered about Tyler. He slept with me every night so did he leave me in the night to do him? I’d ask Tyler tonight. Went back to my work. Terry started to fit in at the Safe house. The longer he was separated from his old stepdad the happier he became. Terry had been sleeping with Tyler and myself for a few days. After a very hard day working on my new contract, I had gone to bed early. About halfway through the night I woke up from a very erotic dream. It wasn’t a dream. When I became fully awake, I saw that Terry was sucking my cock. I let him finish me off, not saying anything as he cuddled up when he was done. “Thanks’ Dad.” He whispered. The next day in the shower I noticed Terry never had morning wood. Some of the other boys had mentioned it too. “Terry, I never see you with an erection. Do you have a problem son?” “My other Dad did something to me about a year ago. I never got hard after that.” “Well, I am taking you to the Doctors today and I’ll have him check you out. Got to remove that harness too. Don’t want the good Doctor asking questions.” “Okay Dad.” After a very good inspection of all the things his other stepdad had done, the Doctor gave Terry a clean bill of health. He was happy about that. Then I told the Doctor that Terry couldn’t get an erection. Something his old stepdad had done. After checking things out, he slipped a probe into a slit he had cut under his soft cock. Terry cried out as the doctor pushed the probe hard into the vein in the base of his cock. I watched as Terry’s cock inflated very quickly. The Doctor removed the probe and used super glue to close the small incision. “You are good as new Terry. Any problems you have your Dad bring you in to see me.” “Thank you, Sir.” When we left the Doctor’s office I drove downtown. “Where are we going Dad?” “WE have to talk to a judge. So he can certify you are another of my stepsons.” He just smiled. It took quite a bit longer at the Court House than I had figured. The Prosecutor who was trying his old stepdad wanted an on-camera interview. That took almost 2 hours and I figured I would have to bring Terry back another day. That changed when we were led into the judge’s chambers. He signed off on Terry becoming my Stepson. “Terry, Brian is a real good Dad. You make sure you do everything he tells you. Good luck Son.” HE shook our hands and we left. Terry smiled all the way home. “Are you going to put the harness back on Dad?” “We will wait a day to give your cock time to heal.” “Okay Dad.” “You go change into boxer briefs and check to see what chores need to be done.” I went to my office and read the two files on the two boys that had been dropped off while I was away with Terry. They had told the welfare people thy had run away from home but wouldn’t konyaaltı üniversiteli escort tell them from where. I went up to talk to them. Tran had put the boys in one of the rooms with bunkbeds. As soon as I walked into the room, I knew the boys had lied to the welfare department. They had said they were 16, I placed them closer to 17. Both had on thread bare jeans and t-shirts. Their runners were worn out as well. They were also pretty ripe, like they hadn’t showered for a while. They had told the Welfare they had run away just a couple of days ago. I didn’t believe that either. “Okay. You two need to shower and change. You can wear those boxer briefs until we get your clothes washed. Use that bathroom next door.” They just looked at me. “Look boys. If you want to eat, you are going to have to shower. You smell like you been sleeping in the sewer. I don’t care what happened before you came here. All I care about is making sure you boys are safe and at least partly happy. I’m not going to send you away.” “Which one of you is Len and which one of you is Mark?” “I’m Mark Sir. That’s my friend Len.” “Okay.” I sat and watched as they undressed. Nudity obviously didn’t bother either. They stripped naked. Mark had about 5.5 inch cock with red/brown pubes matching his head. Nice balls hanging low. He was also cut, with a plum shaped head. He knew I was checking him out. Len also looked older than he said, with a five-inch uncut cock. His foreskin didn’t quite cover his cock head, which was pink. He too had a nice set of balls hanging low. Both boys had more hair than I liked, but that could be fixed. They spent almost half an hour in the shower. I updated their records with what I thought was the truth. I’m pretty sure they will come clean about themselves eventually. After putting on the boxer briefs, I took them down to my office. I got them both a coke and myself a beer. “Sit.” Then I told them I figured they were lying. I told them why and what I had figured out. Both were crying when I was done. “Look boys. I’m not going to send you away because you lied. I am going to punish you. I will tell you all the boys here are gay, including me. Are either of you boys virgins?” “No Sir.” Mark said. Are you both Gay?” “I am Sir. Don’t think Len’s made up his mind.” “Well Len?” “Well I only done stuff with Mark.” “Question is Len. Do you want to do more?” “I’m not sure Sir. Sir how are you going to punish us?” “Well if it had been one of my boys that had lied to me, he would have got 10 swats on his ass and ten more on his front. Because you two boys are new here, you’ll get 5 swats on your bottoms.” Well, well, well. Both boys were plumping up when I said that. “If you are going to let us stay sir, you can give any number of swats on my ass or front. I really like to get whipped.” Mark said. “How about you Len?” “Well I kind of like my balls and dick hurt Sir. You can whip me too.” Wow! What are the odds of that happening? Two pain loving boys falling into my lap without any threats. “Okay boys, I want you to go up and shave. You will find shaving gear in your bathroom. The only place I want to see hair on either of you is above your cock and on your head. After you are done come back, here.” “Yes Sir.” They both said and left. If they were willing and maybe not so willing, I was going to turn into real good pain pigs. The threat of ending up in JDC would keep them in line I was sure. The two boys came down about a half hour later. “Undress boys. Let’s have a look.” I checked both out and both looked good. “Good. Now come around here by my desk. Mark, put your feet on that line, then lean over and grab that bar.” After he did as I told him, I gave him five hard swats on his very white ass. He was bawling his head off when I was done. Then I did Len the same way. The stood crying hold onto their now very red butts. I did notice both boys were pretty near erect. “Len, come closer.” He had said he liked his balls worked over. I reached between his legs, grabbed his ball sack and squeezed his balls. He got instantly hard. “Can you do it harder Sir?” AS I twisted and squeezed his balls in his sack, he moaned. As I pulled them down and gave them a hard twist, he yelled.” I let them go. “You like that Len?” “Yes Sir.” When I did the same to Mark he screamed as soon as I squeezed his balls. He obviously didn’t like his balls hurt. That was something I would need to work on. “Get dressed boys. We’ll talk about this again.” I took both out into the living room. The boys were back from school and were finishing up the chores. Kid was in the Kitchen getting dinner ready. I introduced Mark and Len. Told the boys they were both Welfare boys and that they would be here for an indefinite time. The boys knew without explanation that meant I could keep them for as long as I wanted. It also meant they could be used for anything the boys or I wanted. I left the two in the living room and checked the board. All but one Chore had been done. That was putting away the clean laundry. I never said anything. After dinner, that Mark and Len put down like they hadn’t eaten in days, the boys cleaned up. I walked by the board. Still one not checked off. So, I walked into my office and grabbed the belt. “Who was responsible to put away the laundry?” “Oh Shit. That was me Dad.” Tyler said. “I watched three boys walk by that board and not look at it once. Get your shorts off. All of you.” Tran and Andy were in the living room but neither moved. Only the boys got punished. Andy and Tran were employees. “Five each Tran.” Tran normally gave out punishment. Tran looked skinny, but I knew that young man was very strong. When he gave you strap you didn’t forget it. I left Tran to carry out my order and went and grabbed my rat tail whip. It was just a four foot long single strand whip with a very small knot in the end. I walked back into the living room. All the boys were either crying or sniffling. “I’ve also decided that the one who screws up will get one swat with my rat tail. Tyler come over here.” I showed Tyler the rat tail whip. “That doesn’t look like it will hurt much Dad.” “We’ll see. Bend over and grab kurtköy escort your ass cheeks and pull them apart.” His eyes got real big and he started to shake realizing the only place I could get him was up the crack of his ass. I swung the whip back and brought it forward, snapping it right on his boy hole. There was a brief silence, then Tyler screamed. It was a high-pitched scream and it reminded me I should be doing these punishment’s in the basement. Tyler was gently rubbing his hole with tears streaming down his face. “Well Tyler. Think it won’t hurt now?” “It hurts Dad, really hurts.” “Terry, see me in my office in a bit.” “Okay Sir.” “Davy, could you come with me Son?” “Sure Dad.” I took Davy up to my bedroom. He had a big smile on his face. “As much as I would love to screw your nice bottom Davy, I want you to do Terry.” He opened his mouth to say something. “Let me explain Davy. Terry’s other Dad treated him like a fuck, suck and pain pig. He didn’t care how much damage he did to Terry. The doctors have repaired all the damage he did, but also left Terry as almost a virgin again. He wants me to make love to him. Well at present I know how much that will hurt. So I want you first and then a few of the other boys to do him before I make love to him. Can you do that Davy?” “Okay Dad. Will you be here?” “Yes.” I’ll call you when I need you son.” I went back downstairs and took Terry into my office. I explained everything to him and why. He was shaking his head no long before I finished. “No way Dad. I want you first. It’s only fair. You are my new Dad, you get me first. My Brothers can do me after you do me. Even Tran and Andy and Mark and Len.” “Well not Mark and Len until I get their blood tests back.” “Okay, but you got to do me first.” “Very well Son. Go find Davy and have him help you get cleaned out real good.” “I’ll be up in a while.” I could do this in my room but thought better of it and sent Andy to take Terry down to the basement. The boys didn’t have school tomorrow, something about a reading day, so I could spend some time downstairs. Well when all the boys were downstairs, Terry walked up to me. “Dad, Davy told me how much it’s going to hurt. He also said you really didn’t want to cause me lots of pain. So, I guess my Brothers can do me first.” “Okay Son. Whatever you want.” Tyler had got on the ball crusher first thing. After taking just five balls he wanted off the machine. “That’s no-good Dad. You can’t hardly feel anything.” “Talk to me tomorrow Tyler.” Davy’s first try at fucking Terry didn’t work. All he managed to do is get Terry screaming. I handed him a 6-inch vibrating dildo. “Try that first Davy.” Well, the dildo went in easy even though Terry screamed as it went in. The tight rings that had been repaired didn’t like things going in. He screamed as Davy and then the other boys did him. Once a cock was in him, he only grunted as the boys fucked him. Terry might just be a top only. We would see after I did him later in my bedroom. I did notice Terry had no problem sucking all the boys even deep throating their cocks. He also swallowed their sperm. Neither Mark or Len could do Terry until I got the results from their blood tests in about a week. Len had been watching first Tyler, then Kid and Danny sit on the ball crusher. “Can I try that Sir?” “Sure Len. Take off your shorts.” I fitted him with a mesh parachute harness and had him sit in the chair. Kid strapped his legs in place as I put a 1-pound weight on the parachute harness. He yelped when I let it go. “Okay Len. This how it works. A one-pound ball will roll down the chute and smack you in the balls. A blindfold will prevent you from seeing when it will hit. After it hits, it drops onto a holder and goes back up. A ball will be released every 30 seconds.” The balls range in weight from 1-pound to 5-pounds.” “Okay Sir.” “If you need to puke, do it in the bucket.” After taking 8 hits to his balls he was still moaning each time a ball smashed into his ball sack. “Do you want a heavier ball Len?” “Okay Sir.” I knew now Len was like Tyler before he got his operation. The first 10-pound ball to hit his balls, caused him to scream and puke in the bucket. The second brought an even louder scream and I saw his sack starting to swell. The last ball caused him to pass out cold. Two of the boys helped him off the Crusher and into one of the cells. By the time they got him laid out in the cell his balls sack was the size of two large grapefruit. I had the boys strap him down and set up a tube to drain his sack. I left him and Mark in the cell overnight. “You might want to suck him off later Mark. That will reduce the pressure in his balls.” “okay Sir. Sir I never want to try that.” I asked for a volunteer to stay with Mark and Len. Tyler said he would. “No screwing Tyler.” “Okay Dad.” HE giggled. Terry cried all the way up to my bedroom. I set him down on the toilet to clean him out. He was shaking all over seeing my massive cock. “Terry, I think I’m going to let you make love to me.” “But Dad.” “Terry, I think you might be a top only. Either that or the doctors repairs are tighter than normal. Maybe later after you have had a few more cocks in your cute butt, you will be able to have me. I want you to make love to me.” Even though Terry had never fucked anyone before he sure knew the basics. After doing me spooned, he did me doggy style and then on my back. We finished with blowing each other. He cuddled up real close. “I sure love you more now Dad.” “I love you too baby.” Sleep was easy. It was actually hard to get out of bed in the morning. Danny came in and drained me. Terry was nowhere to be seen. “Where’s Terry?” “He’s helping Tran Dad.” “Dad, can you give me like two or three times with that rat tail?” “We’ll have to do it in the basement Son. I don’t think you will stand still long enough for me to do it more than once.” “Okay Dad.” I also knew that if Danny did it the other boys would want it too. I went down and grabbed a cup of coffee and headed for my office. I sat down and called my Doctor. After talking to him I called Tyler and asked him to come to my office. “Close the door ankara kurtuluş escort Son.” I said as he came in. Tyler closed the door and walked over to me. I pulled him onto my lap. I told him every thing I knew and what I had done. “Tyler the balls will be from an African American who is awaiting Execution in Arizona.” “I guess I’m going to be Black balled.” Then he giggled. “Yes.” Then laughed with him. “Tyler there is a down side to this. The balls may reject your body. If they have to be removed again you will have to back to artificial ones and never have a chance again to get real ones.” “Do we got to go to Arizona Dad?” “No. It will be done in a clinic here.” “Okay Dad. You can tell Dr. Graham I’ll do it.” Ten days later Tyler went into the clinic to receive his new balls. Tyler was not only getting the Negro balls, but the sack as well. The Testicles were almost as big as Tyler’s original balls. His sack had shrunk after getting rid of his infected ones. It was also easier for the doctors to reconnect all the plumbing. The problem after the operation was weather the balls would accept the new body they were attached to. The Anti-rejection drugs would help, but only time would tell now. Tyler was put to sleep for the ten-hour operation. They also kept him sedated for another 24 hours. They would know within that 24-hour period weather the body would accept the new balls. Ten days after entering the hospital he was allowed to go home with a lot of special instructions. NO running, no playing with them, keeping them clean and sleeping on his back for thirty days. I put Terry to work caring for Tyler. It wasn’t until later I found out Terry was sucking off Tyler almost from day one. Terry had just finished cleaning my office. He was rolling up the cord of the vacuum cleaner. “Terry, how does Tyler taste?” His eyes got as big as saucers and his face turned beet red. I laughed. “Come over here Son.” He walked over with is head down. “Terry, you didn’t do anything wrong.” “How, how did you know Dad?” I pointed out the ball camera above his head and told him they were in every room. They were part of my Security System. “So how does he taste?” “Good Dad, but he sure got a big load. I thought I would drown the first time I did him.” “How many times have you done him?” “Whenever he got horny and wanted me too. He did me too Dad.” “Okay Son. I was just wondering. You can finish your chores. Tyler will probably need you soon.” “Yup.” he giggled Over the period that Tyler had been laid up, Mark and Len had changed completely. Mark still hated his balls being worked on but gladly came back for more almost every day. Len would do almost anything I asked or forced him to do. He had tortured Mark for three hours one day. I thought Mark would hate Len, but instead just asked him to do it again. I was pondering what I was going to do with the two boys. I had finally got their real ages and knew both would turn 18 in a month. At 18, I had no reason to hold them, but was worried about letting them go. Just one word from them could undo everything. I called an old friend who now owned an exclusive club in Bangkok. It specialized in torturing boys for the amusement of his customers. The boys made cash for do whatever Jake wanted. I explained my dilemma and he agreed to come over and look. Then I talked to Len and Mark. Both listened as I explained my problem. Then I told them people would pay to watch them abusing each other. Their eyes got big when I said that. “You mean we could make money?” “Yes, and real good money to boot. I have a friend with a private club in Thailand. He’s coming over to talk to you. Would you two like to talk to him?” “For sure Sir.” Less than a month later Mark and Len left on holiday’s for Thailand. We gave them a going away party and I gave each 500 dollars. They knew the Holiday was a front to get them into Thailand, but both being 18, Jake my friend said there would be no problems. Except for a few run a way I didn’t have any more boys sent from welfare. Tyler was itching to try the ball crusher. He had tried other things, but really wanted to get on my crusher. Tyler’s balls really looked out of place on his small frame. At just 5 foot 3 inches and 110 lbs., he wasn’t very big. His cock had grown to what I figured was maximum at 6 and a half inches. I couldn’t put a cock and ball harness on him primarily because I wouldn’t get it off later. So, I used just a snap on leather strap. It held his balls forward but could be taken off while he was in remedial classes with Terry. Christmas was coming and I informed Welfare that I would be away for 2 weeks at Christmas. “They were okay with it and could handle any boys until after January 1. I already had the boy’s passports. I had ordered them when I got passports for Mark and Len. I hadn’t told them why. Nor had I said anything when I took them for vaccinations for Southeast Asia. I had booked a trip to Bora Bora for 10 days. They all had cargo shorts so wouldn’t need to take them shopping. I was also taking Tran. Andy was going home to California to be with his Mom for Christmas. The boys knew something was up but didn’t know what. They got even more curious as Christmas approached. When I told them to pack just underwear and t-shirts, and cargo shorts they really got curious. I ignored their questions with a “wait and see” answer. “None of these boys had ever had a real Christmas. I was going to change that. I went out and got a huge Christmas tree for inside along with lots of decorations. I had the boys decorate the tree. With less work to do on the new office tower, I decided to take two of the boys to bed once or twice a week. I had to keep track of what the boys wanted. Kid was versatile but preferred to top. Davy was a total bottom. Danny and Tyler like to get the strap on their bottoms before I fucked them. Terry went both ways too. Andy would bottom for me although he preferred to top. Tran was versatile. I still hadn’t made love to Terry and he was getting frustrated that I wouldn’t do him. He had been perfect in school and at home, so the only time he got strapped was when one of the other boys fucked up. The boys were getting undressed to do the outside walks. “You guys all had Dad, but me. So, I’m not going out to shovel snow.” That was an act of defiance I couldn’t let go. “TERRY, MY OFFICE.” He then realized what he had said, and it was too late to retract it. He looked very scared as he walked to my office. I followed him into my office and closed the door. “Undress Terry, everything.” “I’m sorry Dad.”

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