Kendra Enjoys Her Day Where My Focus Is to Please Her


It was an early Saturday morning, and I surprised Kendra by gently taking off her pajama bottoms while she was still asleep. I tried my best to not disturb her, but she looked down and asked, “What are you doing?” As I pulled the bottoms off, I came up and kissed her pussy gently through her panties and said, “Today is your day sweetie, I want to make it special and I’m gonna start the day off by worshipping your pussy.” I heard a little moan as I kissed her pussy through her panties. My mouth moved to the side, and I started to gently kiss the crease between her thigh and pussy. My mouth paid close attention as I licked her with long, slow strokes right where her skin met her panties. I noticed she spread her legs more as I did it on the left side. As I moved to the right side, I kissed her pussy through her panties again. And this time, I noticed the fabric was much wetter. I moved the right side and this time gently lifted the fabric of her panties and did the same slow, long licks on this side. However this time, my tongue was a little closer to her pussy. I spent a lot of time teasing her skin and the panties with my mouth. Then I moved up from between her legs and began to slowly kiss her passionately. My hands were on her face as the soft kisses intertwined our lips and tongues. I slid my boxers down and guided my hard cock to her pussy, but she was still wearing her panties. I used my weight and force to push my cock hard against her panties and while I wasn’t fucking her yet, I knew her pussy had the sensation of my throbbing head against the wet fabric of her panties. As my cock played with her pussy, the kisses became more intense as she felt me suck her tongue deep into my mouth and my lips sucked hard on hers. My cock and weight pushed hard against her pussy, but I leaned in and whispered, “I want to fuck you so bad, but I’ll save that for tonight. Your pussy needs some attention.” I moved to side of her and slowly started to play with her clit with my fingers, again, over her panties. I knew the sensation of the pressure on the panties was something new. I could tell she liked it as her breathing picked up pace and her legs spread wider for me. After a few minutes, I knew Kendra was on edge and would be mad if I kept teasing her. So I moved down between her legs and slowly slid her panties down and off. When I felt the wetness in the crotch, I let out a moan and I saw the sly smile Kendra tended to give when she knew she turned me on. I came back up between her thighs and put my arms under them and lifted her thighs high and apart. My mouth went to Kendra’s clit, and my tongue slowly flicked it as it got harder in my mouth. My tongue continued to tease her clit with flicks up and down and then right and left. When her clit expected the next flick, I caught her off guard by taking the little clit between my lips and started to suck on it gently at first. Then the suction picked up as I pulled it deeper into my mouth, and I used my tongue on the tip of it as my lips kept it in place. I felt Kendra’s hips lift up as I did it and knew this was something she enjoyed. Normally, when I go down on Kendra, I start slowly and build up. But I needed to have her and I shoved my tongue deep into her pussy and licked hard. I pushed up her thighs and said, “Lift up for me, I want to taste you as deep as I can.” As she lifted up, my hands went under her ass and I shoved almanbahis şikayet my tongue deep into her soaking wet pussy. My nose rubbed against her clit as I tongue fucked hey tight little hole.  I pulled back a second and looked up and said, “Kendra, I want you to watch me worship your pussy, enjoy watching how much I love this pussy,” and I went back down and licked harder and faster. When I looked up from her crotch, I saw her green eyes locked on me, and I let out a moan. Even though I thought it wasn’t possible, I was more turned on and licked deeper and harder. My mouth went to her clit to play for a while and then back to her pussy. She continued to watch me and heard the sounds from my mouth and her wet pussy. She got more excited and I saw her eyes light up more and a big smile cross her face. I took a break and said, “Is everything okay?” She smiled back and said, “It’s fantastic. It’s so hot watching you lick my pussy, and it’s even hotter watching you lie on your stomach and hump the bed as you do it. I guess you do like it.” I turned red as I realized that I humped the bed very hard, but didn’t know I did it as I licked her. After another minute, I felt her hands come to my head and her hips lift up. Normally, when she’s close, I move to her clit. But that time, I pushed her hips up a little higher and shoved my face deep and my tongue probed her in places it hasn’t felt before. I felt her legs move over my shoulders and then tighten as she climaxed so hard. My face was covered with her wetness as I spent a few more minutes on her wetness. I realized I humped the bed as I did it and even moaned loudly when I saw how huge the wet spot was on the sheets. When the sensation subsided, I got up and left the bedroom. After a few minutes, I came back with a tray for breakfast in bed. She could tell that I had most of it set up before hand so it was something I planned. I laid next to her as she enjoyed her breakfast and said, “I know we’re meeting Anna and Bob for a late lunch today, how bout we catch a movie before that? It’s your day, you pick.” Kendra smiled and said sure and finished her breakfast and got up and showered and dressed. We went to the mall and found the movie that Kendra wanted to see. We got some popcorn and drink and went to the theatre and settled in our seats. As the previews played, I reached over and unzipped her pants and started to try and slide my hand between her legs. She looked over at me and stopped me and whispered, “No, not now, I want to watch the movie.” About half way through, I felt her hand come over to my crotch and start to rub my cock through my pants. She caught me off guard at first and I was totally flaccid. But her hand and touch quickly turned me from soft to harder. Then she leaned in and said, “I love feeling your cock get hard.” I looked at her and leaned back and say, “Today is your day,” as my hand went back between her legs. She closed her legs tightly and could tell she didn’t want me to do anything, so I moved my hand back and rested on her thigh. But it didn’t stop her as her hand started massaging my cock through my pants. In a matter of minutes, it went from totally soft to fully erect and throbbing. Her fingers felt so good as she rubbed me, but then the pace started to pick up. In a matter of minutes, I could tell that she was jacking me off through my pants. I leaned in and whispered, “God almanbahis canlı casino Kendra, slow down, you’re gonna make me come here and in my pants.” I thought my request would slow her down and have her stop, but it only made her pick up the pace and pressure. Within seconds, I felt her totally into it and her focus was getting me to come. I tried my best to hold off and move away, but her hand was tight on my cock and after struggling for what seemed like 20 minutes, I shot my load into my boxers. I saw Kendra flash her wicked grin and she knew that’s something I don’t like. But then her hand stayed on my cock and continued to massage my cock to spread the come across my crotch. As the movie was ending, she took my hand and placed it between her thighs and her zipper was still down. She guided my hand inside her pants and whispered, “Feel how wet that got me.” And again, I moaned loudly as her panties were totally soaked. The matinee ended and I was glad to see the theatre was basically empty and as we left, Kendra grabbed my hand and pulled me into the family bathroom and locked the door. “We have a little while before lunch, if today is my day, fuck me right now,” she said. I’ve always enjoyed Kendra’s sexual nature, but this one caught me off guard as it was more public and more forward than normal. I was stood behind her and nibbled on the base of her neck and unbuttoned her pants and pushed them down to her knees. My hands went between her thighs and her panties were still soaked. I slid two fingers inside the side of her panties and started to finger fuck her. I undid my pants and pushed them down to my knees and positioned her against the sink. I bent her over and slid her panties to the side and I entered her from behind. Normally at home, there is foreplay to get to this point, but the past 30 minutes in the theater had both of us extremely turned on and her pussy wet and willing. I pushed her hard against the sink and fucked her from behind. My balls smacked against the fabric of her panties and her ass. My hands held her hips tight as I pounded hard and fast. As I was about to finish, I pulled hard on her hair and said, “Look at me in the mirror as I finish.” She looked up and when we made eye contact, I pushed hard and deep and came deep inside her pussy. I left my cock there for another minute, feeling the tightness and the throbbing from her pussy and then finally pulled out. I started to get dressed and she smiled and said “Wait a second, if today is my day, there is something I want.” I looked at her and was silent and she said, “Well, is it my day, do I get what I want?” I just nodded and said sure and the biggest grin came over her face. She told me to take my pants off and she did the same and then her panties. She looked at me and said, “Well, you always love getting my panties wet, I think it would be good for you to wear them to lunch with Anna and Bob. And they are soaked. A mixture from my come and yours,” as she handed them to me. I wanted to protest, but could tell by the look in her eye that wasn’t going to be an option. She smiled as she watched me pull them up and the face I made as I felt the cool wetness from her. She got dressed and we left the bathroom. In the car, as we drove to lunch, Kendra’s hand moved back to my cock and rubbed it, teased me, and asked how it felt to have on her wet panties. She giggled and said, almanbahis casino “I wonder if the wet spot will show through your pants” as she continued to rub and play with my cock. Even after the amazing time in the theatre and two orgasms, her touch got me hard again as we got to the restaurant. It was such a different sensation from the tightness of her panties compared to my boxers and erection pushing against the wet fabric. My mind was focused on that until out of the blue, I got a big hug and kiss on the cheek from Anna as they were waiting for us. My only thought was if she could tell I had the panties on or if the wet spot started to show. Throughout the lunch with Kendra, Anna and Bob, my mind wandered quite a bit about the morning, the movie and mostly, how I was sitting at lunch with Kendra’s panties, on, which were still soaked from a mixture of her wetness and my come. We had several drinks over the course of lunch and at one point, I had to go to the bathroom. I had to go to One of the stalls in the current situation. When I took down my panties, my crotch was a sticky mess. For some odd reason, I started to get hard thinking about the situation and I had to stay in the bathroom a little while longer while I tried to get the erection to go away. When I came back to the table, I saw Kendra and Anna both with broad smiles and my mind started racing. When I sat down, Kendra leaned in a whispered, “Maybe you should have worn darker slacks because light ones could show pantylines.” I had a horrified look on my face and she saved me when she added, “Don’t worry, I don’t think Anna noticed, but I did see a little wet spot on the front.” Then her hand went to my crotch, and I looked down and did see the spot she talked about. She kissed my cheek when she got up to go to the bathroom and added, “God, I’m so wet right now, I need to go wipe down.” The lunch continued and the martini’s flowed. As all of us were pretty drunk, Kendra asked what they were doing for the evening and invited them back to our place. Bob said they had to run by their brother’s place but could stop over after. We all made plans and on our way home, we stopped to pick up some more wine and liquor for the evening. When we got in the door, I quickly pinned Kendra against the wall and started to give her a massage on her shoulders and neck. As I did it, I said, “I can’t believe you wanted me in your panties the entire time. Please don’t say anything to them later, I’d be embarrassed.” Kendra moaned a little and said, “Well, I think it’s sexy that you did it for me and I couldn’t stop thinking about it all lunch, it was so hot.” I worked on the massage and took off her sweater and her pants and had her lay on the floor as I let my hands wander all over her body. I started at her neck and shoulders and worked my way down her back. Since she wasn’t wearing any panties, her ass was exposed, and I went down and slowly started to massage it.  In the past, I haven’t done that a lot, but today, my hands slowly caressed her cheeks and then I went down and started to softly kiss her cheeks. My lips went all over her ass as I continued to caress her body with hands. It was less a massage then caressing or worshipping.  As I finished there, I had her sit on the chair, and I knelt before her and started to massage her feet. I took her right leg and put it over the arm of the chair and started massaging the left foot. My eyes went from her foot, to her eyes to her wet pussy, over and over again. As I massaged the foot, I leaned down and kissed the tip of each toe gently, and then I went back to her big toe and slowly inserted it into my mouth and sucked on it.

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