Kayla Lets Loose


It had been a rough week for Kayla. She was working on a presentation for work that could make or break her trajectory in her company.  She kept hitting roadblocks trying to get everything to come together and she was tired and frustrated.  She had put in such long hours lately that she hadn’t seen much of Matt, her live-in boyfriend of two years.  She knew that they had struggled with their connection lately because of their lack of shared time. Kayla had left work early, in spite of her monster workload, hoping that they could take some time to reconnect and focus on only each other tonight. She checked the clock when she got home.  It was 5:30 which meant that Matt was probably finishing up at the gym and she would have about twenty minutes to prepare before he got home. She headed to her bedroom to change and touch up her makeup before Matt got home.She paused outside her bedroom and her stomach sank and her heart started racing.  She heard voices. Not just voices, but moaning and sighing voices and the unmistakable slap of flesh on flesh.  Kayla slowly reached her hand out and turned the knob, opening the door.Matt was on the bed, ass out and balls deep in a petite blonde that Kayla didn’t recognize.  He was slamming into her, grunting with each thrust.  She was looking at him, panting and moaning, her mouth open in a small “O”.  It was the girl who noticed Kayla first and her eyes went wide and her moans of pleasure turned into a shriek of surprise.”What the hell?” she squealed, pulling the sheet to try and cover her exposed breasts.Matt realized there was something wrong and Kayla watched as he froze.  He slowly turned his head and looked at Kayla with wide eyes.”Oh my God, Kayla!” he breathed.Kayla felt numb.  She was shocked.  She couldn’t think for a moment.  She just stared at the two of them frozen on the bed, still locked together.Kayla finally spoke, looking at the unknown blonde, “I’m Matt’s girlfriend, Kayla.  This is my apartment and that is my bed.” She turned her gaze on Matt, who flinched, “Please finish up here.  When you’re finished, I’d appreciate it if you could strip the bed.  Then you can pack a bag and leave your key on the counter on your way out.  I’ll text you tomorrow isvecbahis and set up a time for you to come get the rest of your stuff.”She turned and shut the door, hearing them frantically scramble around. The blonde was screaming at Matt.  Apparently he had not told her about Kayla.  Kayla sat at the dining table with a glass of wine.  A moment later, the blonde came out of the bedroom, rumpled and in a bit of a disarray, but clothed, with her shoes and purse in her hand.  She paused before she passed Kayla, her eyes on the floor.”I’m so sorry,” she said, “I didn’t know.” Kayla could see that she was embarrassed and angry.  The girl turned and left without another word. Matt tried to beg and plead with Kayla.  After a minute, she cut him off and let him know in no uncertain terms that it was well over between them.”I’m leaving for a bit,” she said. “Don’t be here when I get back.” With that, she grabbed her keys from the counter and drove to Bed, Bath and Beyond. She bought new sheets and pillows and a new comforter in colors and designs that she loved but that she knew Matt would hate.  When she got back home, Matt was gone and her bed was stripped as she had requested.  She grabbed a couple of garbage bags, stuffed the old bedding into them and took them to the dumpster.  She called her best friend, Tara, who came over and they talked and Tara held her when she finally broke down and cried.A couple of weeks later, Tara had finally convinced Kayla to go out with her.  Kayla needed to let loose and clear her mind.  They dressed up and went to a club downtown.  This wasn’t Kayla’s normal scene so she didn’t have anything to wear.  Tara lent her a sparkly silver dress that had a halter-style top that left her back completely bare.  The cowl neck in front scooped low and showed off the curve of her round breasts when she moved just right.  Tara was slightly shorter and more petite than Kayla, so the dress was tight around her ass and short enough on her thighs that she had to get out of the cab very carefully so as to not give the whole line outside the club a show.Tara sashayed up to the bouncer at the door and gave him a huge hug.  She whispered something in his ear and when he whispered back into isveçbahis giriş hers, she broke out in giggles.  She waved Kayla over to them and grabbed her hand to lead her into the club with a quick, parting peck on the cheek of the bouncer.Inside, the music was loud and thumping, the bass like a second heartbeat in Kayla’s chest.  She looked out over the sea of dancing bodies on the dance floor as they moved and pulsed with the beat.  She was getting a little excited as the atmosphere began sinking into her.  She was being pulled along by Tara, but she felt herself beginning to step and bob with the music as she watched.Tara found them a tall table near the railing that ran around the perimeter separating the seating areas from the sunken dance floor.  Kayla sat down and Tara sat across from her.”This place is great!” Kayla told her, raising her voice to be heard over the music.”Isn’t it? There’s always a great crowd here,” Tara said. “And always hot guys.”  She smiled at her mischievously.Kayla laughed, “Let’s just start with dancing.”They worked their way onto the dance floor and Kayla began to move to the music.  She let loose and swayed her hips and drew in the primal energy around her.  She found her stress melting away as she lost herself to the beat.  She turned on the floor and found herself in front of a guy.  They smiled at each other and began to match each other’s rhythm.  They moved a little closer and danced together for a minute until another woman, who he seemed to recognize, tapped him on the shoulder and he smiled at Kayla in appreciation and turned to his friend.Kayla turned again and made her way back to the table.  Tara had already returned and had ordered them some shots.  Kayla threw one back immediately, the liquid sliding down her throat and warming her chest.  Tara leaned in and spoke close to her ear, “There is a phenomenally hot guy checking you out over by the bar.”Kayla turned toward the bar to see for herself and, sure enough, there was a guy staring at her.  Kayla jumped a little.  She knew that guy! “Devon?” she mouthed, and the guy must have seen because a smile spread across his lips.  He made moves like he was going to come over and Kayla turned back to isveçbahis yeni giriş Tara. “Oh, God.  It’s Devon!” she hissed at her.”Wait, Devon?” she asked.  “You mean the super cute, super flirty architect whose firm is on the floor below yours and who you keep turning down every time he asks you out because you were with Matt? THAT Devon?””Yes!” Kayla squeaked.”Oh my God! He’s freaking gorgeous!” Tara exclaimed. “How did you turn him down?”Kayla shrugged, “I was with Matt.”Just then, Devon arrived at their table, all smiles for Kayla.”Hey, Kayla,” he said, his voice was deep and butter smooth. “I’m surprised to see you here.”She shivered slightly; his voice always got to her. “Hey, Devon.  I didn’t think I’d see anyone from work here.  How are you?””I’m very well now,” he smiled at her and looked her over from head to toe. His gaze was almost a physical touch down her body and she shivered again. “You look fantastic!””Thank you,” she said, blushing prettily. “I’m sorry, this is my best friend, Tara.”Tara shook his hand. “So you’re Devon.  I’ve heard a lot about you.  You work under Kayla, right?””I work on the floor below hers,” he smiled devilishly. “I’ve been dying to work under Kayla for a long time.” His statement was thick with innuendo.Tara laughed. “You know she broke up with her boyfriend?  You play your cards right and you may just get your wish!””Tara!” Kayla squeaked, blushing furiously.”Really?” Devon said, his voice deepening and his gaze going molten.  “Did you really break up with him?” he asked.”Yes,” she responded a bit shyly.”Excellent.”He took her hand and helped her down from her seat, pulling her with him to the dance floor.  She followed without thinking and soon he had pulled her in close against him, swaying his hips and bringing her body with his.  He was several inches taller than she was and she looked up at him as they moved together.  He smiled at her and rolled his body against her.  She realized then that she didn’t have to stop this or say no.  She was free and she could do what she wanted with this amazingly sexy man.She slid her hands up his arms, feeling the defined muscle underneath.  She smoothed her hands over his shoulders and locked her fingers behind his neck, moving her body closer and grinding her hips into him.  His hands moved over her bare back and pulled her in so there was no space left between them.  They matched each other’s movements and writhed together to the music.

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