Kate’s Heavenly Hell Ch. 05


Finally Thursday came. Kate would soon be home with the key! Thank God! I don’t know how much more I could take without going crazy! When Kate came in the door, she was wearing the key around her neck on a gold chain.

As I started stripping my clothes off for my long awaited relies Kate whispered “I asked Alexa to come over tomorrow.”

“What? What are you saying?”

“Please! If you will agree to wait just till Saturday, we can have one more night of unbelievable sex with Alexa first. I promise, I will let you out on Saturday, no more delays. We will have sex all day. You can do anything you like to me, just please! You waited this long, can’t you wait just two more days?”

I never could say no to Kate. I guess that is why I was in this situation to start with. That night, Kate a several more orgasms. Friday, her and Alexa had several more. I was still locked, still desperate, still horny, and still without any relies for the past five weeks.

Finally, Saturday morning arrived. When I woke up, Alexa was still in our bed. I was a little worried, knowing that Kate wouldn’t feel comfortable unlocking me with Alexa there. As I started making all three of us breakfast, I silently hoped that Alexa would get on her way so my long awaited day of sex could start. Just as I was finishing up preparing breakfast, the two of them came wandering into the kitchen, naked, holding hands. From the hardness of their nipples, I thought that they had been making out a bit before appearing downstairs.

As we ate, Kate started “Alexa and I were talking before we came down. I’m going to let her stay for the big day. The catch is that you can’t put your cock into her, you know, pussy. Only cumming with me, got it?”

“Oh my God, seriously?” I blurted out. “Your sure about this? Agreed! No fucking her pussy, no cumming in or on her. Got it!”

“Um, I’m right here” Alexa didn’t seem to be enjoying being referred to in the third person. “Remember Kate, we agreed. I still get to play with his hard cock!”

As we kütahya escort finished eating Kate set out a few ground rules. Then Alexa suprised us by putting a blue pill on the table. “It’s a Viagra pill. It will help you fuck us all day. Otherwise, the fun will end in an hour or so.” After agreeing to her logic, I took the pill.

When we were done, I herded them up to our bedroom. It seemed I was a lot more eager to get started than they were.

The girls were already naked. They made a big deal about getting my cloths off (I had put some cloths on when I woke up…you know, never fry bacon naked). Then they started making a big to-do about the unlocking, like it was some ribbon cutting ceremony. They sat me on the edge of the bed, Alexa got behind me and started rubbing my nipples. Kate got down on her knees betweek my legs and started running her finders up my legs then gently massaged my balls.

The Viagra was already doing its job. My cock was working so hard to get free, it felt like it was going to burst. Finally Kate grabbed the key from between her brests, and brought it to the lock of my cock cage. She inserted it, and after a dramatic delay…

It wouldn’t turn. “Uhh, that’s a joke right?” I croaked.

“The wrong key?… THE WRONG KEY!” Kate was bewildered, confused, and getting angry. “Alexa, What The FUCK? How is this the wrong key?”

“Oh Shit!” Alexa started to work out what must have happened. “Right after that weekend at the hotel. You know when Jen and I bought your new high security metal cage. Well right after that weekend, Jen said she wanted a locked boy of her own. She went back to the same store, and bought a second cage. When she sent you the key by courier, she must have sent the key to the second cage.

“This chastity fetish has made her so horny, she probably did it on purpose.”

Kate got very serious. “Alexa, you go see Jen right now. Get the correct key. He has waited long enough. And you made him take that pill!”

“That’s going to be tough. lara escort The last time I saw Jen on Wednesday, we had a fight. I think we broke up. In fact, she has some new guy locked in that second cage now. That is what the fight was about. She seemed more interested in him than me, her girlfriend.”

“I don’t care if you are broken up” Kate started. “Get to her house, make up, take her flowers whatever it takes. Just bring that key back.”

“Kate, you got me so worked up earlier, and this chastity issue… I’m so horny. You can’t send me away like this.” Her hands that had moved off of my chest a minute ago were back, and one was sliding toward my desperate, locked cock.

“Fine, as long as you lick my pussy!” Kate turned around, and I grabbed her beautiful ass. She sat down on my lap, reaching between our legs to continue her massage of my balls. Alexa figured out what Kate wanted, and moved around to kneel in front of us. Alexa started passionately sucking Kates pussy lips as I grabbed her breast with one hand, and moved my other down to her clit.

Kates hands moved to Alexa’s hair, encouraging Alexa’s oral efforts. Alexa, while fighting me to excite Kate’s clit, took over the massage of my balls. She took my caged cock and gently rubbed it up and down Kate’s pussy. My cock was aching, trying to burst free. I needed to cum so bad. 5 weeks of frustration and constant sexual stimulation was almost too much.

With just a little more attention from Alexa’s mouth, Kate came with a loud moan.

Alexa wanted her turn, but Kate told her to save her energy for Jen. Full of sexual frustration, Alexa got her things together and left. I didn’t know if Alexa would actually drive all the way back to Virginia to Jen’s place, or just get her spare key from her own house. I really didn’t have much time to think about that. As soon as the door closed, Kate pulled me over to the couch.

“I enjoy this chastity game, but when even I can’t help you, when I have no access to the key to your cage, lara eve gelen escort somehow it drives me wild. I need you again!” As Kate lie back on the couch, she guided my mouth down to her pussy. I eagerly ate her up. Starting by licking her pussy lips, then sucking on them while occasionally darting my tongue across her clit. Kate moaned and grabbed my hair. I took that a s que, and started to devour her. I sucked and kissed her clit, then put my tongue to work. KAte almost hyperventilated as she came for a second time that morning.

After that, we shared a shower. I was still very aroused, but Kate was, for the time being, satisfied. She enjoyed the titty wash I gave her, and that was all it took to get her back in the mode. I got on my knees, and kissed her pussy. After yet another loud orgasm for Kate, we finished up and got out.

The day went buy very slowly for me. I was so worked up I couldn’t think straight. Somehow that evening Kate convinced me it would be a good idea to watch an adult content drama/thriller. During each of the several sex scenes, Kate played with my caged cock and gently squeezed my balls. By the end of the movie, my cock was dripping with precum while I was fingering Kate to a huge orgasm.

I don’t think I slept at all that night. Kate slept like a baby. The next morning, I saw a txt from Alexa on Kate’s phone. “Got it!” Along with a picture of Alexa holding the key between her naked breasts. These two didn’t know how to make it easy on me. Alexa txted again after she managed to get on the road. She would get back to our place at about 5:00. Exactly 5 weeks since Kate had locked the cage on my cock.

“Alexa and I talked on the phone while she was on her way” Kate started to explain. “Alexa begged me, telling me how bad she needed your cock. I’m going to let you cum with her later, after I have had my turn, but there will be a catch. After, you are going to need to wear the chastity cage all the time. It will only come off when I need your cock for sex.”

My hormones had full control of my mind. I couldn’t pass up this opportunity, even tough I should have known better. “OK, anything you want!”.

Alexa produced another Viagra pill. I told her I would take it once the cage was off. Kate took the key from Alexa’s purse and unlocked the cage.

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