Just What I Needed

Ai Uehara

Just What I NeededIt’s been a while since I’ve written, but the mood struck as I sit on the back deck on a beautiful, but hot Father’s Day morning. It’s a wonderful day as I sit here in my T-shirt and panties, my gorgeous teen yo daughter sunbathing topless with almost thong bottoms (yes, our backyard is 100% private. No one can see us), awaiting the arrival of my 24 & 28 year old daughters. Very rarely do I get to see them all on the same day. My girlfriend is cooking in a semi-sheer gown, nude underneath. I’ve never allowed nudity to be a bad or shameful thing in my household, just as my parents didn’t when Brittany and I were growing up. My 28 year old and her hubby are full-on nudists. They are members of a nudist club in Florida. I think my 16 year old is slowly becoming one, as she hates clothes, mostly wearing only cropped t’s and panties around the house. The 24 year old is a little more on the shy side when not at home with family. She’s exploring and still trying to find herself sexually, much like her mother and I were just after we married at that age. Actually, she’s currently having an affair with her female roommate, and they have my blessing for as long as it lasts. I had a wonderful affair with a male roomie in my mid 30’s, just after I divorced. He was recently divorced as well, and I was basically his “girlfriend” for about 18 months. All 3 of my girls know all about it. That’s actually a story coming later……Now, back to “Just what I needed.”— In the heart of my puberty years, in 8th grade, my mother moved north to Atlanta because there was far more opportunity there to make much more money as a stripper. Brittany moved with her, and began her own stripping career, moving to Miami soon after that. I went to live with my grandmother in a small town. I missed Brittany and my mom terribly, and as a result became completely obsessed with women’s clothes. Not only were they much more comfy than gawdy boy’s crap, but I guess I could actually remind myself of Brittany and mom. I grew my hair as long as school rules would allow, which wasn’t very long, and tried to look just like my sister. I tried to hide my feminine interests from my grandmother, but to no avail. She quickly figured me out. The more my leg hair and underarm hair grew, the more I shaved them. Late at night I would lock my bedroom door, use a curling iron to make my straight hair wavy, and sometimes put on base make kaçak iddaa up. Then I would masterbate, wearing nothing but panties & bra that Brittany had given me. Occasionally, I would forget to lock the door and grandma came in and caught me a couple of times. She simply just retreated quickly and closed the door behind her. Sometimes I would forget and leave my panties on the bathroom floor in the mornings. Grandma would find them, wash them with the rest of my laundry, place them in my undies drawer, and never mention a word about them. She found my bras, but never said a word. She respected my privacy, respected my unmentionables as unmentionable, and let me be me. I never asked anyone, but I kind of suspect my mother, being fully aware of my femme interests, gave her a heads-up and asked her not to interfere. My mother was a firm believer in allowing Brittany and I to explore, find, and BE ourselves as we matured. She didn’t believe in dictating, or micro-parenting.In the fall of my freshman year, I had a fun and flattering experience that boosted my confidence and became a turning point in my sexual exploration. Everyday when I got home from school, I would change into Daisy Duke cutoff shorts (panties underneath of course), and a cropped t-shirt. As some of us can remember, that was actually stylish for teen boys in the mid 80s. Sometimes, my cousin and I would go over to the neighbor’s house. My cousin was a couple of years younger than me, and just as horny as me, but not into cross dressing at all. He kinda knew about me, but it had remained unmentionable up to this point, and I never let him see me without clothes. Our neighbor was a very dirty perv in his mid 40s I guess. He was a dark completed man with a beard, extremely hairy chest, and rarely wore more than shorts & sandals. He had lots of Penthouse and Hustler magazines, as well as several porn videos he would let us watch. What I didn’t realize was that he had become very attracted to me. He noticed my girly look, and could tell I was wearing panties. He later told me he could easily see the lines under my shorts. One day I went over to his house by myself, which I had actually done previously, but this time was different. He offered to give me a couple of magazines to take home and hide. This was a thrilling offer I couldn’t refuse. But I was so skimpily dressed, I couldn’t hide them anywhere. He said “Come here and I’ll show you kaçak bahis a little trick,” as he walked down the hall toward his bedroom, carrying the magazines with him. I reluctantly followed, curious as to what he was talking about. As I entered the room, he gently closed the door, and softly put his arms around me from behind. He still had the magazines in his hand, and appeared to be handing them to me. As I took them, he softly reached down and touched the front of my shorts. Chills filled my body from head to toe. A little startled for a few seconds, my first instinct was to push his hand away, but he resisted and I quickly realized I was getting hard very quickly. His hand felt really good as he began to explore me with it. As he reached for the button of my jean shorts, I “Pretended” to resist, placing my hand on top of his. I was nervous about letting him discover my panties, unaware that he already could tell I was wearing them. He assured me there was nothing to be embarrassed about as he unbuttoned my shorts and began to push them down. I was suddenly VERY turned on and throbbing hard. It was kind of relieving to be exposed some one, and extremely flattering that he wanted to see and touch me. My heart was racing with extreme excitement, and the front of my powder blue polyester bikini panties was soaked with slippery, lubricating pre-cum.My little shorts dropped to the floor as he kept telling me how pretty I was, and how good it felt to touch me. His hands felt so good all over me, one softly squeezing and exploring my butt, the other firmly exploring the slippery wet front of my panties, massaging my hard cock as it began to throb. I quickly felt like I was about to cum as he softly took my right hand and led it around to the front of his shorts. He was about half hard as I suddenly realized I was anxious to touch him. The only man I had ever seen at this point was my dad, but I was suddenly eager to see another. I was suddenly so turned on I could barely control it!As I tried to control myself, trying not to cum in my panties, we walked over to the bed where I sat down and he stood in front of me. He dropped his shorts to the floor and I gladly wrapped my hand around his semi-hard cock with the guidance of his hand. His dick wasn’t very big. It was dark brown, almost black, with a nice purple head and engulfed in a huge black bush of soft pubes. He placed his hand behind my head and illegal bahis softly pulled my mouth toward his cock as it slowly continued to harden. I didn’t hesitate to let him enter my mouth as it got close, and simultaneously completely lost a huge orgasm into my panties. It seemed to flow like water, through my panties, down my shaft, and puddling on the bed at my crotch. My cock throbbed almost violently as my heart continued to race with orgasmic excitement.His cock also began to throb a little as he went further into my mouth every few seconds. Now rock hard, he kept assuring me how good he felt, how good my mouth made him feel, and how pretty I was. Eventually he was pushing himself all the way into my mouth, his huge bush felt soft and cuddly as it seemed to cover almost my whole face, the head of his cock at my throat, I trembled like Brittany used to as an orgasmic rush swept through my body again!! He slowly continued to make love to my mouth, softly sliding his throbbing cock in and out, pressing my face into his soft bush. After only a few minutes he pulled out, tilted my head back, and began to stroke himself vigorously, saying; “Can I cum all over that pretty face? Oh yeah I wanna cum on those pretty cheeks and in that little mouth. Such a pretty little girl. Daddy’s gonna cum for you now!!” He looked up at up at the ceiling in pure extasy as he bagan to cum. The first squirt landed beside my nose, Then he looked down and started aiming it into my mouth, some missed, and by the time he was through it was both in, and all around my mouth. A few drops even landed on my shirt. Later that night, I made myself cum two more times as I kept replaying the afternoon in my mind, over and over. It’s all I could think about for days! The next morning, I wore panties to school for the first time, and never looked back. I knew if I ever got caught wearing them at school I’d be ridiculed and made fun of for the rest of high school. But that didn’t stop me from being myself. I was becoming secure in who I was. Such an an experience may not be for everyone, but for me personally it was just what I needed. I found it flattering, and downright exhilarating! It had been even more arousing than oral experiences with Brittany! The orgasmic extasy I felt when his cock slid into my mouth was far more intense, and felt better than anything I had ever felt before. All I could think about for days was doing it again, not only with him, but I now wanted my cousin’s cock!! But I was not becoming gay. The thought of pussy still aroused me. Even the thought of Brittany, when in certain moods, still tremendously aroused me.

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