Just Ask -Part 3


(Shawn’s Story – The Now)Sitting on the bed with my cock balls deep in Robin and her ankles on my shoulders, I glanced out the sliding bedroom door. We had been having sex for well over an hour now, and it was getting dark outside.Robin leaned in and gave me a kiss. Her hands were around the back of my neck. They were interlaced, and she was leaning back as I slowly fucked her. Our position, with her on my lap, was getting tiring. I thought about turning Robin around on the bed and fucking her doggie style. It was one of my favorites. I love the sight and feel of a woman’s back in general. Especially when she was on her hands and knees before me getting fucked. I was enjoying the look on Robin’s face every time I shoved my cock into her hard more. And I was enjoying the sensations her tight, little pussy caused each time it slid down my cock even more.Picking Robin up again, I turned us towards the bed. I laid her down on her back. My legs were dangling off the bed then, in a very uncomfortable way, so I pushed myself forward. Robin had her hands around my neck. Her ankles were on my shoulders, and I still had my cock buried to the root in her. I ended up pushing Robin forward when I moved as well. I reached out to the head of the bed and pulled one of the pillows over. I slid the pillow under her butt. It took a little effort because I had to sit up and lift Robin with the other hand behind her back. At the same time, I had to keep my cock in her. All that work had the effect of pushing her hips up, but it gave me a much better angle to fuck her.”Comfy?” I asked.”Well, I could use another…” Robin started to reply.I slammed my cock into her hard.”Oh fuck!” she exclaimed.”Comfy?” I asked again.I pulled my cock out of her and slammed it back in.”Oh, you bastard,” she hissed.Once more, this time ending balls. I kept my cock in without pulling back.”Language, young lady,” I said, chuckling.Robin shook her head at me like she wanted to swear, but stayed silent.The truth was I wanted to fuck her hard for a bit. I had been careful with my treatment and mindful of how she was handling this, but Robin clearly was a very sexual person. I could see that now. She just seemed to like to fuck, and I was happy to give her the opportunity.Robin had been mad when she walked in on me. That had scared me. I had not thought through the implications when I had started spying on her. She had been just a beautiful young woman in my backyard, and I was horny. That she was my niece and what that meant was obvious to me now. What I had done would cause a problem if she was really upset. If she made an issue of my actions, it would ruin everything with my brother and our entire family.It relieved me tremendously that she seems to have made a one-eighty and was now enthusiastically joining in this forbidden act. Still, she could change her mind. We would have to have a serious discussion soon, once we were done having sex. For now, I intended to make a memory I would cherish for the rest of my life.At the same time, fucking Robin so well she never wanted to think to tell anyone.I kept my inward strokes hard but took my time sliding out. I knew from experience this can be frustrating to a woman. They never want to wait for something they desire. I was also feeling a little dominant and bossy. I was not used to someone holding something over me like Robin was.And too, it was not every day I had a willing sexy teenager in my bed.Each time I buried my cock into her, she let out a little moan. Her hands came off my neck and reached behind her head to grab the sheets.”Fuck me, Uncle Shawn,” she said. “Fuck me hard.”I let my stokes pick up speed.”Fuck me,” she closed her eyes and whispered again, “fuck me.”***(Robin’s Story – The Start of the Now.)The steak dinner had been a disaster!Maybe not a disaster güvenilir bahis but very awkward and frustrating in the extreme. I had put on my sexiest blouse. I had even unbuttoned two of the buttons further than I would have ever dared before. I left off my bra as well. I paired it up with some tight jeans that showed off my butt. I was thinking of heels but decided they were a bit too dressy for what was supposed to be a dinner with Shawn to celebrate my negative Covid test.It started well enough. Shawn gave me a big hug, a compliment on my appearance, then handed me some wine. We chatted as he cooked. I got in some flirting with my comments too. As the night wore on, a chill crept into the conversation. I tried to flirt, but Uncle Shawn would not flirt back. He was nice to me, but there was not the heat I had hoped would be there after my sexy display that afternoon. I could not figure out what was wrong. The evening ended early with him saying he had to get to bed.He was gone to work when I woke up.Sitting outside by the pool having my first cup of coffee, I tried to figure out what was going on. Shawn was clearly interested. I had watched him masturbate while he watched me.I wondered, was it because I was his niece?Step niece, we were not blood-related. Still, the family thing would mean we would have to be very careful and discreet. I could be, and I bet he could too. I did not see the problem with this. Maybe being the guy and older, it was different. I thought I would give it another go today. I had all day to prepare.At the same time as yesterday, I let myself into the house. This time I wore my bathing suit and had my towel. I had a plausible reason to be there today. Shawn had asked me if I wanted to move up to the house and into one of the guest bedrooms. I had told him I would consider it last night. If he came home early, I could say I was just looking.Going into his bedroom, I unlocked the sliding door. I had not yesterday. Maybe that had been one reason Shawn had not come out. I doubted it. There had been something more at dinner than just a locked door. And by unlocking it, I could run out that way to my lounge chair when he showed up. It might take me too long to run through the kitchen.I went into the living room and sat at the front window. That way, I could watch for his car.Was it really because we were family? I wondered.My birth dad had died when I was very young. I barely remembered him. My mother and I had lived without someone for almost ten years before she met the man I now considered my Dad. I loved him, and he was great. He treated me like I was his.Would he ever think about having sex with me?I shook my head. As much as I tried to, I could not see that would ever happen. And I did not want my Dad in that way either. Not like I wanted Shawn.Was it that big of a reason for Uncle Shawn too? That I was his family, even if just by marriage?I was confused. I knew I wanted Shawn to fuck me, but would he? I would give it one more try and if that did not work out, then drop it. Something in me really did not like that idea. I felt my hand slowly make its way to my crotch. I pressed the bathing suit bottom against my yearning pussy.I wanted Uncle Shawn to fuck me so bad.Waiting was hard. I wanted to rub myself but tried not to. I knew if I let myself cum here, I could easily miss Shawn pulling in. That would be embarrassing for us both. At least he would have to make a decision right then, though. There is no ignoring a naked nineteen-year-old fingering herself to a body-shaking orgasm in your living room.I laughed nervously to myself.My nipples were stiff under the bathing suit top, so I said “to hell with it” and took it off. I touched them and rubbed them for a little relief. I was seriously considering not going through with it when I heard the güvenilir bahis siteleri sound of the garage door opening and saw his SUV coming down the street. I jumped up, hoping he had not noticed me through the window. It did not take me long to get outside and on the lounge chair. I had left it where I had moved it yesterday, in the view from Shawn’s bedroom door. I put my sunglasses on and leaned back, waiting to see if I could tell when he got there behind the curtain like before. This time the bedroom light did not come on, but I caught a little bit of movement of the curtain that told me he was there.I was already topless, and that must have been a surprise when he came to the window to peek. Reaching down, I picked up a bottle of hand lotion. I had used up all the suntan lotion yesterday with my teasing. The hand lotion bottle did not have much in it, so I just squirted a little on the tops of my naked breasts. I took my time rubbing it in. When I was done, they glistened in the afternoon sun.And my nipples were stiff, shiny points.Wanting to take today even further, I stood. All I was wearing was the bottoms of my swimsuit, and those were tiny. Turning my back to the bedroom, I put my hands on my hips. My fingers slipped under the elastic of the waistband. They were soaked through with my juices and clung to my pussy as I slowly lowered them. I bent at the waist. I knew that would give Shawn a clear view of my ass, and between my legs, my naked pussy. Once I got the suit to my knees, I let it slide by itself to my feet, then stepped out of it. I stood back up and turned towards his door. Now he could see every naked bit of me clearly.Like yesterday, he had now moved a little too far from behind the curtain. I could see his hand in his crotch. He had his cock out, and his pants were open. Sweat pants, it looked like. He must have changed out of his work clothes as soon as he got home, so he could watch me. I stood there posing for several minutes while he masturbated. Still, he did not come out to join me.What in the hell is it going to take? I thought.I do not know what possessed me, but I turned to the lounge chair. I picked up my towel and wrapped it around my naked body quickly. Then I walked right to his bedroom door and pulled it open.***(Shawn’s Story – The Now)”Fuck me, Uncle Shawn,” she said. “Fuck me hard.”Robin’s legs on my shoulders helped support me, so I was able to slide the left hand, which I had lifted her with up, to her breasts. With the right hand, I held one of the feet on my shoulder. Both of my arms were outside of her legs and that helped to keep them on my shoulders while I fucked her. I kept giving her hard strokes for several minutes. Setting a good solid rhythm that kept me excited and hard, yet did not tire me too much.I could not say the same for Robin. The way her legs were pinned and lifted had to be uncomfortable now that they had been in that position for a while. It also put pressure on her shoulders. Occasionally, she squirmed a bit under me and tried to move, but I would not let her. Not yet. I wanted to get a few good orgasms out of her again before I came inside of her. I could feel them developing in her. From time to time, her pussy squeezed me. Those got more often as I kept fucking her.I let the hand on her legs join the one playing with her breast. My thumb and one finger each clasped a nipple. I pressed down on her chest with the palms of my hand, pinning her to the bed. Those squeezes got a little longer and a little quicker, the more I fucked her. Quickly they got to the point I figured she would cum soon. I did something naughty then, I stopped my thrusts with my cock buried deep in her.Robin gave a growl of frustration, and I grinned.I knew from experience that the constricted way I had her body held, heightened iddaa siteleri the excitement. As if I had tied her up. Something that I might have to if we had sex again. I did think Robin had a submissive side, and exploring it would be fun for us both. I doubt any of her teen-aged boyfriends had tried bondage with her. I also knew that stopping as I did would deny her that extra excitement she got from the unusual way we were fucking.Nothing frustrates a woman more than to be denied.I wanted another big orgasm out of her before I came myself, but I wanted to make her work for it. I did not let her wait long until I started my strokes into her again. It took a bit of time before her pussy gave me more squeezes, but they came back harder and took less time to get closer now. When again I felt like she was close, I stopped.This earned me a nasty look from Robin. I pretended I did not see it, though.I lifted my hands from her breast and took her ankles in my fingers. I leaned back, lifted her leg from my shoulders, and held them spread. I started fucking her again, but this time I took it slow. Slow in, slow out. I did not even look at her. I just stared at the wall behind her as I fucked her. Again it took some time before her excitement had its effect and her pussy started squeezing. I let them get longer and tighter before I stopped again, this time with just the tip inside of her.”Fuck!” Robin exclaimed.She shuddered but did not cum.I gave her a hard pound, then slid out to the tip.”Fuck!” she exclaimed again.I gave her a second hard pound with my stiff cock, then slid back to the tip again.”Motherfucker!” she nearly shouted. “Stop that!”I smiled and did it a third time.Robin screamed, and her body arched off the bed. She managed to lift my heavier body too. Her head snapped back, and her eyes rolled up in her head. Her body started to shake. Her arms went spread to either side, and her hands clenched the sheets hard. It was a good thing I just had the tip in her because I had let her go too long. When she came, it was the hardest one I had gotten from her so far. Even with just the tip in her, it felt great. Almost too great, but I managed not to join her in another orgasm.I waited until this one was almost over, and she was starting to relax. Then I slammed my cock in her hard again to the balls. Her squeezing pussy almost did not let me in. I had the leverage, though. And she was soaking wet. I gave her a bunch of hard strokes, opening her up, and she came again.Robin tried to say something to me in the middle of her orgasm. Only mumbles came out. I grinned at how she seemed to have no control over her body at that moment.I am such an evil shit sometimes, I thought to myself.This time her orgasm lasted longer. She shook, but also her whole body clenched. I felt her legs press back at me like she was trying to get away from me. I used that to lift her a little and pulled the pillow out from under her butt. I toss it to the head of the bed. Without the pillow, the angle of my cock driving into her changed. It was more vertical. I also scooted up a little, which helped aim me straight down.Robin’s hands, which had been clenching the sheets, came up to grab my arms. Then they got to my shoulders and then behind my neck. She had calmed down enough to be now looking at me. That or she had reached the plateau of raw lust that sometimes happens when you were overloaded with pleasure. Out of your body.”Come here,” she whispered, staring into my eyes.She pulled me down so we could kiss. I felt her cum a third time as her lips met mine. It was my turn to moan. She kissed me with an almost savage need. This was where I had wanted her when I first laid her down on the bed. Some women can reach a state of continuous orgasms if you fuck them correctly.Was Robin one of those? I wondered.When I was done with Robin, I wanted her limp and passed out. Lying in a wet puddle of our shared juices.***(Robin’s Story – The Start of the Now.)Shawn disappeared from view behind the curtain as I slid the door open, and stepped…

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