Julie’s Panties Ch. 14


Christmas had come and gone. On Christmas Eve, I had asked Julie to marry me. Julie had accepted and we set a date for 18 months in the future. This would allow Julie to complete her degree in May and then allow a year to plan the wedding. Soon we were busy expanding plans for our future together.

This was a huge step, and I as I often do, I asked myself how I had arrived at this point in my life. I wondered why Julie had overlooked my rougher edges, agreeing to spend the rest of her life with me. Sometimes, in my most private thoughts, I had also wondered why Julie was so tolerant and even encouraging of my panty fetish. Why would she sometimes dress me in panties for sex? Did it bother her when I wanted her to keep her lingerie on during sex? Why would she even appear to be turned on by it and accept the fact that it turned me on as well? In addition, I wondered about her relationship with Amy. They had attended an all-girl Private school nearly two hours away from home and roomed together. After high school they had remained close friends. When Julie and I began dating at 19, Amy had already had several boyfriends and, according to Julie, had lost her virginity on her 18th birthday. Although Amy’s fledgling career in marketing kept her in Boston, over two hours away, Julie and Amy had remained friends, several times even getting together for a “Girls Weekend”. This also included shopping for lingerie, so I encouraged these events, even giving Julie spending money. However, I sometimes wondered, or perhaps fantasized, about what they might be doing after the lights went out.

In addition to our “panty play,” sometimes Julie would become most aroused when my foreplay was ever so delicate, even feminine. Some of Julies most intense orgasms resulted from oral sex, and, quite frankly, I wondered if she and Amy had ever had sex together. This question, coupled with my experiences from watching porn with Julie led to more questions, why was she so turned on after girl-on-girl sex scenes? I knew that it turned me on, but Julie? These questions didn’t anger me or turn me off at all, But I felt that we still had a lot to learn about each other.

One night, we were reminiscing about the time nearly a year before when we had gone shopping for lingerie. I had admitted that fucking Julie in a big pile of panties had fulfilled one of my favorite sexual fantasies, and privately, had led to some intense masturbation sessions, with panties, of course.

The conversation drifted towards Amy and some of her more adventuresome sexual exploits. Amy had confided to Julie that she had had sex with more than one person at a time and Julie said that her partners weren’t always men.

“Holy shit,” I blurted out, “that’s hot!”

Julie took a long swig from her wine glass, her voice trembling as she replied, “One of them was me.”

For about, what seemed like forever, I was speechless, searching for a reply. My suspicions were correct, Julie had partaken in a lesbian encounter with her friend Amy!

“Well………, Julie asked, do you have a response? Are you mad? Talk to me.”

“What does this mean, I asked. Was this just an experimental dalliance, or does it mean more than that? Is this ongoing? Does it signal the end of us? Julie, you are the love of my life, it would wreck me if you left.”

“I’m not leaving you, silly, she reassured me. Its just that we are supposed to be getting married, and I want to get this off my chest. I want to know how you feel about it. I’ve seen how girl on girl porn turns you on.” You have your panty fetish; I have my inner desires as well.

The lines began connecting; Julie had a bi-sexual side and rather than anger me, it turned me on. I began to imagine watching Julie and Amy have sex, perhaps with me joining in. We refilled our wine glasses and I prepared for a long conversation that night.

“Julie began, “You must remember the times that Amy and I went shopping for the weekend. Well, the second time that I went up, we had a lot to drink, we began trying on our new lingerie. As we each modeled our new outfits, the sexual tension built until it became bahis siteleri unbearable and the next thing we knew, we were kissing. Because I had never been with another girl, my only point of reference was the movies that you and I had seen. Amy, on the other hand, had been with several women and led the way for me. Kissing led to touching each other’s breasts, then to fingering each other through our panties, then oral sex. When I came, I thought that my head would explode. We fell asleep in each other’s arms and when I woke up to the realization that I had just had sex with Amy, I didn’t know what to think. Amy reassured me that there was nothing wrong with sexual experimentation and as time went on, I felt less guilt and came to the realization that I loved you and this wouldn’t come between us.”

I knocked back more wine and asked Julie if there was more.

“Yes,” she confessed,” we did it two more times and the truth is that I liked it each time. Its not much different than when you are wearing panties and coming in my underwear. It is a form of sexual release and I accept that, and I’m asking you to accept that I have slept with a woman.”

I replied in all honesty, “I accept this Julie and I’m honored that you can be honest with me. Let me be honest with you, I have fantasized about girl on girl myself, and have wondered what it would be like to watch in person, or even join in.”

Julie was quiet for a moment, drank more wine and asked, “Would you like to watch me, and Amy, have sex? I could do that and I’m sure that Amy would like too as well. Maybe you could participate, naturally, to indulge your panty fetish, we would include scads of silky lingerie.”

This was heavy shit, I felt like a kid in a candy store, Amy is as beautiful as Julie but with dirty blonde hair. I had often wondered what she looked like in her underwear, and I had occasionally gotten a glimpse of her silky panties when she wore short skirts. Sometimes it felt like these flashes were deliberate, Amy was more overtly sexy than Julie.

Suddenly the conversation had gone from tense and nervous to an incredibly sexy planning session. We opened another bottle of wine.

Julie began laying out ground rules. “Number one, she began, this will be a one-time thing. Number two, you cannot fuck her pussy. I have never had intercourse with another man, and I believe that you have never had intercourse with another woman. Oral sex is the limit, do we agree?” I nodded earnestly.

I began talking as well,” That is cool, this may sound selfish, but I have absolutely no interest in having another man there with us.”

“That’s all right, Julie continued, just so you know, I may go crazy on her pussy and I’m sure that she will do the same to me. I’m hoping that you just watch for a while as we get each other off, then you can join in.

I asked Julie” Are you sure that this is a good idea? We could be opening up Pandoras Box here. If something goes wrong, this could destroy us. I love you with all of my heart Julie, I want to marry you.”

Julie thought for a moment, then answered, “I want to do this, I don’t want you to marry me and wonder what another woman tastes like, I don’t want you to regret not having had a frivolous fling. This will also be a way for me to close the door with Amy.

Talk about splitting hairs, Julie had just admitted to a lesbian sexual affair. Not only that, by suggesting that I join her in a menage a’ trois with Amy, she was admitting that it wasn’t over. Part of me felt like she was using me to enable her own desire for one last encounter with Amy. She was trying to justify her affair by pointing out and including my panty fetish in this tryst. Then she went on to say that she could do what she wanted to with Amy, but that I had limits. I was going to agree to those limits because, truth told, the whole thing excited me. Splitting hairs? Maybe fucked up was a better name for it. Deep inside, I felt that perhaps this was a bad idea. I wondered if, in the heat of the moment, I could refrain from intercourse with Amy.

All of this had gotten me horny as hell, and I ended canlı bahis siteleri the conversation by leaning over and kissing Julie. She responded immediately and we were locked in a passionate embrace, jeans and shirts flying. Julie was dressed in a deep maroon bra and panty set. The bra looked like Vanity Fair Lace Piquant, and the panties were pure polyester satin, string bikinis. As I kneaded the soft flesh of her breast through her bra, Julie reached down into my shorts and fished out my cock, gently stroking it to full hardness. She broke our kiss, slid down my body and inhaled my cock, me groping her breasts as she sucked away, taking more and more till she had about 4 inches down her throat. Holy fuck was she giving me a treat. I reached down and slid my finger onto the silky crotch of her panties, rubbing her pussy through the satin. As usual, I felt her juices begin to soak her panties. I squished them into her pussy lips and then brushed against her clitoris. Julies blow jobs had always been incredible and tonight was even better than ever. She alternated between sucking on the head and then plunging down, taking as much as she could possibly fit into her mouth. Suck, suck, suck, in and out, in and out till she needed to breath.

I just had to taste her juicy pussy, so I spun around and dove between her thighs, Inhaling the musky odor of her crotch and then licking her panties for all that I was worth. I rolled over onto my back and Julie squatted over my face then began humping me, grinding her soaked satin panties into my mouth as I sucked up her juices. I looked up, past the silky front panel of her panties, past the puckered waistband, past her flat tummy and then reached for her gorgeous breasts, kneading the soft, yet firm, globes through her silky, maroon colored bra. God, her tits were nice, I felt her nipples poking through the silky fabric, gently rolling them between my fingers. Julies eyes were closed, she was focusing on her impending orgasm.

She kept rocking her hips, pulled her panty crotch aside and ground her enflamed clitoris into my mouth. I gently sucked, trying to keep a rhythm with her uncontrolled movement. Suddenly, she spun around into a 69, ground her sopping crotch back down onto my face and once again inhaled my cock, sucking for all that she was worth, her pussy gushing as she came. This was as much as I could handle, I began thrusting into her mouth, trying to come down her throat. This was too much for Julie, and she grabbed my cock, slid it between her bra covered breasts, fucking me with her tits. I came all over them, soaking her chest and new bra with semen.

We were a mess, my face and Julie’s panties were slick with saliva and pussy juice, Julie had come on her chin and all over her bra covered tits. We lay there, buzzing from the endorphins that our orgasms had released, catching our breath, for the moment, unable to speak.

I broke the silence, “Wow Julie, where did that come from? Did talking about sex with Amy turn you on? It sure did for me.”

“I guess so, she confessed, so is it a deal, with the conditions?”

“It is, I replied, as long as this is something that you want, its something that I want.”

Julie stirred, heading for the bathroom, she paused at the dresser that was filled with our private lingerie collection. She opened one of the middle drawers, reached in and removed a satin teddy the same color as her now completely soiled underwear. Typical of Julie, I soon heard the shower running as she washed my come from her tits and her own secretions from her pussy. As she showered, I lay there pondering this evening’s events. Still not completely sure about this, I rehashed the whole thing.

Julie had just confessed to lesbian sex with her oldest friend Amy, not just once, but three times. In an effort to “cleanse her past” before our upcoming wedding, she had suggested a Menage a’ trois with Amy. Not only that, but she had also asked me to agree to several conditions, most importantly that I could not have vaginal intercourse with Amy, that was a line. Oral sex was allowed and expected. That permission also canlı bahis allowed me to come in Amy’s pretty mouth, but only after Julie had done so. In fact, I was to watch until Julie signaled for me to join them. Finally, this was to be a one-time event, marriage meant total fidelity. I had agreed but added one condition, there would never be another man involved in this event. That was where I drew the line.

From a different perspective, I felt like this was Julie allowing me to pay her back for her dalliance, it would put us on equal footing. I thought that this was fair and the more that I thought about it, the more excited I got. I felt my cock returning for more action as Julie entered the bedroom, now wearing her deep maroon Barbizon Teddy. Damn, she looked hot as she sat down in the side chair.

“Were you thinking about what I am thinking about?” She asked.

“Yes, I replied, why are you having second thoughts?”

“No, I really want us to experience this together, I’ve had this on my mind ever since you invited me to live with you, and now with our wedding coming up, I need to get it out of my system. Are you still in?”

“Yes, I am, I said, I must confess that I’ve had a sexual attraction to Amy for years and have fantasized about her panties as well. In my fantasy, you were there too, the three of us together, having sex.”

“I’ll call Amy tomorrow”, Julie offered. I’ll lay the whole thing out along with the conditions. I’m sure that she will agree, she can be such a slut!”

I took Julie’s hand, she rose, and I led her to the bed, not yet finished with her body for the night. All this talk about Amy and the sight of Julie, now dressed in a satin teddy had re-revved my motor. Julie’s response to my touch told me that she was ready for more. We collapsed into bed, again all over each other, our passion revived by the break. I cupped one of Julies breasts, with the other hand, I pushed the satin crotch of her teddy aside and plunged my finger into her slippery snatch. Julie began humping my finger, so I added a second one and gently thumbed her clit through the satin of her teddy. Just as they had earlier, Julie’s nipples were poking out from her puffy areolas, and I leaned down and kissed first one then the other. I began sucking them through the satin fabric as Julie thrust her breast into my mouth, pulling me to her heaving chest.

We were on fire and Julie took my hard cock into her hand, stroking my erection and rubbing her thumb into the gooey lube that had begun to leak out from the tip. “Fuck me,” she sighed. That was all that I needed, I rolled on top of her as she moved her teddy aside and guided my erection into her sopping pussy. She was so wet that I was balls deep in three strokes, Julie not needing any preparation. I was leaning on both of my outstretched arms as I pumped away at Julies pussy. I had an incredible view of her sexy torso and chest, her firm breasts filling out the top of her teddy, nipples boldly saying hello! Suddenly Julie started in with her filthy “fuck talk”

“Come on, she pleaded, fuck me, fuck me good, make me come, fuck me!” Then, for my benefit, she turned up the heat, “Oh honey, do you want to fuck my pussy? Do you like my teddy? Do you want to fuck my teddy?”

It just got better, inspired by the notion of our upcoming tryst, “Do you want to see Amy’s panties? Do you want to see Amy in her bra? Do you want to see Amy eat my pussy? Do you want to see me eat Amy’s pussy? How about Amy’s mouth? Do you want to fuck Amy’s pretty mouth? Do you want to come in Amy’s mouth? How about her panties, would you like to come in Amy’s silky panties?

Julie was writhing in ecstasy, her eyes closed as she came, her wet pussy clamping down on my cock.

I started my own dirty talk. “Oh Julie, do you want to watch me eat Amy’s cunt? Can I fuck her panties? Can I come on her tits? Can I come in her pretty Mouth?” I began to lose it, “Oh Julie, can I come in your tight pussy? Can I come all over your new satin teddy? Fuck me Julie, I’m coming! Fuck me Julie, oh fuck, Oh Amy, I’m coming in your pretty mouth oh, oh, oh fuck, here it is Amy, swallow it, swallow Amy!”

And with that I pumped my load into Julie, our fluids mingling as I slowly came back down to earth.

We drifted off to sleep, I had a dream about Julie, she was wearing a pair of Amy’s panties.

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