Julian’s Adventures


“I’m Dave,” the short, chubby blonde man said as he let me in his hotel room. “Hello Dave, I’m Julian–nice to meet you,” I said, with a nasty grin, as I shook his hand. We sat down on the bed. This was going to be a good time with a younger twenty-something cock. Younger cocks are nice, because they get so rock solid. My name is Julian, and I suck cock for fun. Cock sucking has become my favorite pastime. I started out curious, and from the first time my tongue tasted a cock slit, I have never looked back. This particular young gentleman found my ad and invited me to his hotel room. He remarked that my ad sounded too good to be true. I showed him just how right he was. It was an ideal situation for both parties–a WIN-WIN of epic proportions. What guy doesn’t want his cock sucked? Some guys are hesitant to have it done by a guy, but like I always say, I have had one for over thirty years–I know exactly how to orally treat isvecbahis a cock to a fantastic time. “Well, what do you have for me?” I said slowly as I reached for his goody. He stood up and took off his shorts to reveal a small cock, and some large balls, then lay back on the bed. “My balls are really big,” he said, a bit embarrassed. “No worries, I’ll do my best to empty them for you,” I said as I climbed between his legs and lowered my head. His balls were HUGE! Each one was the size of a lemon. I spread his legs a bit wider, and lowered my mouth to his sack. I slowly licked from the underside to the top. I heard him moan. My tongue was painting circles around his balls, and I liked to lick up and down on the sides of his balls, where is crotch-skin is. That has always elicited a moan/twitch combo, and this time was no exception. I then opened wide, and with some suction, got one of them into my mouth. I started gently squeezing isveçbahis giriş his little cock head while applying suction to his ball in my mouth, and applying a pressure-rub with my tongue. He tasted so sweet, so youthful, and so fresh. I continued the tongue bath on his sack, switching back and forth between his enormous balls, and occasionally licking just south of his sack, and licking the sides of his crotch. His little cock had become stiff, and it was so adorable. It couldn’t have been 4″ stiff, with the cute little head poking around as I jiggled his sack with my mouth. I removed his nut from my mouth, and raised up a bit. I pulled his sack down and the cute little cocky raised up. It was just kissable! I started licking the head, and swirling my tongue around his cute little helmet. He was starting to gyrate his hips a bit, and moan with pleasure. I started sucking on the head of his little cock, and even isveçbahis yeni giriş though it was small, it was as hard as a rock! Mmm, this was turning out to be FUN! I slowly raised up, and completely engulfed his cute cocky in my mouth, and sucked all the air out. It didn’t even hit the back of my mouth. As I started my head raising up/lowering onto his shaft, I started tickling his balls with my nails. I could tell he enjoyed this, because he was getting stiffer by the minute. I started to realize that he was on the verge, so soon. Too soon, in fact.(This is where I like to keep them for as long as possible.) I removed my mouth, and renewed my attack on his huge balls. I was determined. I opened wide, and pulled his sack down. I put my mouth over his sack, and with a lot of suction, I finally worked them both in my mouth. They felt so good. I was slowly squeezing his cock, and running my tongue all over his stretched out sack in my mouth. This was so awesome, watching his little dicky twitch, and feeling him gyrate his hips. I had never had balls this enormous in my mouth. They were so manly, yet the view of the little dicky was in such contrast.

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