Juicy Luy


Juicy LuyThis goes back to the summer of 2006, Lucy was the mother of a friend of my eldest daughter and I’d spoken on a few occasions. One afternoon my daughter was round at Lucy’s playing with her so on the trampoline with Lucy sat in the garden watching, as soon as I entered the garden to pick my daughter up I did a double take as before me Lucy was reclining on a sun lounger sporting a very brief bikini which left nothing to the imagination. I walked over to her to make idle chat whilst the k**s finished having fun. After a few minutes of looking down on her sexy body not taking much notice of what she was saying my cock was showing signs of life in my shorts, I tried discreetly to hide the bulge but she spotted it and just stared not saying a word. bahis siteleri After a few minutes she announced she was going inside to make a cold drink and offered me one which I accepted, I followed her into her kitchen and sat at the breakfast bar whilst she made a drink she sat opposite me and we resumed chatting.Whilst talking my eyes were taking in the sight before me, due to the cooler temp in the kitchen her nipples were erect and showing through her bikini top my gaze wandered down over her mid-drift and lovely smooth belly to her bikini bottoms that were pulled tight into her pussy showing a nice prominent camel toe, that was enough for my cock to rapidly grow in my shorts which wasn’t lost on Lucy who extended her leg up onto my seat and canlı bahis siteleri rested her foot on my bulge and gave it a lovely rub. I could feel pre cum soaking the front of my shorts and knew I would soon loose my load if I didn’t stop her. I stood up and moved towards her, her eyes fixed on my bulge all the way until i was next to her where with her still sitting she pulled my cock from the confines of my shorts and slowly gave my a lovely tug whilst looking up at me with a lovely fuck me look on her face, that was too much for me and I cum all over her hand and arm with some landing on her upper body and a few dollops landing on her lovely flat belly, she let out a sigh and was just about to take my cock into her mouth when a shout from canlı bahis out in the garden (we had forgotten the k**s playing outside) brought us back into the now and we tided ourselves up and hurried outside.The k**s were still bouncing on the trampoline, Lucy decided it looked fun so said it was her turn, so up she got and started bouncing my eyes were transfixed on her tits as they jiggled about and somehow failed to fall from there confines, again my cock started to grow and I had to cover up to keep the k**s from seeing Lucy could see my discomfort so started doing star jumps which made her camel toe more prominent I could also see a few wispy dark hairs protruding from the side of her bikini and a small stain appearing in the front. Just then one of the k**s announced it was hungry and wanted tea, so the fun was over.That was all that happened that afternoon, but as her husband was away on business she invited my round later that evening to finish what we started. Part 2 to follow

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