Epic no. 2 –

Journey to Aranathra

By DamiJon

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Genre: Fantasy, Sword in his human form, his tongue is much smaller, meaning that he has to put more effort in his control of him. “Here it comes!” He grips tightly, thumbs rubbing Tomas”s nipples and firmly holding him into position as he fucks him wildly, the slapping of his balls against the anthros ass just as loud as their collective moans. Finally, he climaxes inside of him, exploding seven thick globs of his cum into him. “Ff…Fff…. You”re perfect in every way.”

Gasping as the King fills him with the royal seed, Tomas clutches the King”s shoulders, moaning and whimpering as his own dick unloads. Small for his age, his cock still manages to pump out a few streams of jizz, some landing on his stomach, some on the King, soaring to land near their respective necks. With both of them having cum, the cub takes advantage of his long tongue, licking his seed from his partner”s chest where he can. He melts in the King”s arms, luxuriating in his attentions and strength. Though he”s fought in battles large and small, sharing climax with his King reminds him of being a pup. He cuddles against the older man, who lays them both on the bed, catching his own breath.

The King nuzzles up close to one of his favorite anthro-warriors, rubbing his arms and massaging his back. “I”m sorry that I”m not as good as I used to be… It”s my body. Not the same as it used to be.”

“Hush, Gerallt. You always make me feel like a pup during his first time. I . . .fear the day where I”m too old be interesting to you anymore. He softly strokes the King”s cheek with the back of paw.”

“Never, don”t speak like that.” He shuts his eyes for a moment. “You”ll always be mine. I promise.” They lay together for another few minutes and then the King sits up, placing his shirt and jewelry back on. “How do you feel about the mission? Asher knows about it, but he doesn”t know about the other boy and his master that will come with or the other two from Cantos that will join.”

With a deep breath, Tomas returns to his human form. This transformation is less difficult or painful. “I think the plan is sound and the composition of our party gives us the best chance for success. The Prince can fight well, and the others add magickal skills and power or supplement our martial prowess. Not so large a group as to be noticed by spies.” His shifting complete, he dresses quickly. He pours a goblet of wine, taking it to the King, while he drinks water.

Gerallt takes the glass with a sly smile, sipping lightly from it. “It won”t be safe. In fact, this mission will be complicated and deadly, but I”ve chosen this out for the six of you not only as a test or to make sure my son and the other boy survive, but to turn you all into strong warriors that I believe will become the strongest in all of Aigua. Despite your age, I think you might be one of our strongest already, at least in the top fifty…”

He takes a larger sip, letting it sit in his mouth for a while before he swallows. Memories of the last rebellion immediately attack him, on how one of his highest and strongest lieutenants went mad, created his own religious cult with members from the army, and had his wife assassinated in the battle. The lieutenant failed in taking over Aigua as planned but still terrorizes the forests with the last forty of his men that exist, committing acts of terror on other small neighboring villages and desecrating shrines and temples that belong to anthros.

“Crayus and his men will be out there. You”ll be going to the temple you went to, The Shrine of Aranathra. It”s far away, but it”s the least likely one that he would go after since it”s hidden in a deep underground pit.”

Tomas nods. He kneels down next to the King”s leg, resting his head on the King”s thigh. “I remember. You”re right that it”s probably safe from Crayus, but we will plan and act as if he were waiting there for us.” He looks up at the King, sighing. “When would you like us to begin, Sire?”

He places his glass down. “I told you tomorrow, did I not?” Sits up, playing with Tomas”s short blonde hair. “You”ll have me see my son in the morning before we leave, but I want you to get to know Ythl and the sick boy before you leave. If you get lost trying to find him, just ask around for him and someone will guide you.”

“Yes, Sire.” Tomas stands, running his hand down the King”s arm. “I should fetch the Prince, then, and begin our preparations. If there”s nothing else, Your Majesty?”

Gerallt squeezes Tomas”s hand, bringing up to his face and kissing it. “Bring my son home safe. Become what you”re destined to be. Now go on…”

Tomas bows deeply, smiling warmly at the King as he rises. “Have no fear, Sire. If I live, Prince Asher will be returned safely.” He withdraws quietly, respectfully out of the chamber.


Once in the hallway, he makes his way towards the Prince”s rooms. Trying not to dwell on how the King has aged, he considers all that must be done before their departure. At least Asher is his friend, and he knows that the young Prince will be happy to help with the task of organizing their expedition. Reaching the Prince”s chambers, he passes by the sniggering guard. Checking through the outer rooms, he finds no sign of the Prince. Kitchen, library, exercise chamber, bathing chamber; all are empty, their lamps dark, and the silence noticeable.

Shaking his head, with a grin, he heads for the Prince”s bedroom. A good fighter he may be, but he”s still a little lazy sometimes.

The Prince”s bedroom is enormous, although the walls are only six and a half feet high. There”s no window, just a long balcony with furniture facing a large waterfall. It”s easily the most beautiful view from the castle. Candles are spread out on the cold tile floors, revealing the young Prince in his large rounded bed, large enough to fit him and the eight others sleeping inside of it. Asher, Prince of Aigua, eleven years old and four foot nine, athletic and in training with Tomas to become a better swordsman, yet clumsy and lazy when he”s not exercising like a maniac. Despite the rich artifacts, clothing, and jewelry that”s prominent in his bedroom, he”s much more empathetic than most people would rather believe.

Prince Asher rolls to the side in his bed, hugging onto someone else”s arm. His shiny long brown hair hangs down to his shoulders in the back and mid-length to his eyes, sometimes getting in the way when he”s training with others. He sleeps calmly with the others, who are younger than him, from seven to ten years of age.

Tomas ventures around the bedroom, kicking at clothes torn apart and spread around.

He tries to count the number of boys by counting their discarded clothing. At least Asher has ambition and stamina. Gently he shakes, Asher”s shoulder, trying to rouse his sleeping prince.

“Prince Asher? Highness? Time to wakey, wakey. Hands off Jakey.” He prods Prince Asher again.

Asher”s lips smack as he slowly drifts out his dreaming. He sits up, rubbing the crust out of his eyes and facing the waterfall with a dazed smile. “Ahh.. Tomas? I told the guards to not let anyone in until I”m awake.” He looks around, pulling the bedsheet up higher to hide his morning wood. “What can I say? It was a party last night.” He tries to speak quietly, seeing that he already awakens a few of the others who are talking to each other. Asher waves and smiles as they begin to get dressed. Eventually, only two others are still asleep.

“My apologies, my Prince, but you should remember that I have special privileges. No guard would dare tell me that I couldn”t enter your Highnesses rooms.” He watches the boys dress and leave. He smirks at one boy, a dark-haired boy who always seems severe and sullen. “Hope you had some fun, Jakey.”

He eyed the remaining two boys. “Do we wake them or discuss elsewhere?”

“Ah, they”ll awake in a few minutes anyway, I”m sure. You can sit down if you”d like.” He pats an open spot. There”s twenty pillows and fifteen blankets spread out on the bed. One would feel entirely alone sleeping on a mattress this size. “Do I need to get dressed for training?”

Tomas sits, bouncing one or twice on the luxurious mattress. “No training today, Prince. We have orders and a mission.” He smiles as Asher reacts to the news.

“Oh? For the shrine?” He smiles to one of the other boys that is awakening from his slumber. “Do we leave today?”

Tomas nods. “We leave in the morning, actually. But there”s plenty to be done before then. You”re developing quite a taste for the younger sons about the castle, eh?” He eyes the two boys, cute little ones, maybe 8 years old.

“Like father, like son.” He blushes. “What do we need to do? Packing lightly, I”m sure. Is it just the two of us?”

“No, not packing lightly. Pack for an extended trip. And no, it won”t be just the two of us. But little dicks sometimes have big mouths.” He jerks a thumb at the two boys, the second one waking as he speaks.

“Ah hah… Who is coming with us?” Asher notices the way that Tomas”s sits and composes himself and smiles, knowing that his father must have just had him.

“I shall be happy to give you all the details, my prince, once we are alone.” He pointedly looks at the boys who are yawning and stretching, pointing their tiny cocks, barely the size of Tomas” pinky finger, at the warrior and Prince.

“Oh, alright. Well, give me some time to get dressed and wake up first.” Asher stretches out his back and stands up in bed, showing off his erect three inches, hairless and circumcised. “Do you mind?”

Tomas looks at Asher”s dick, licking his lips slowly. “Mind? That depends on what you talking about.”

“I mean…” He gawks at the others. “Some privacy for a little bit. You can have me later. Dad says we need to be closer anyway, doing it every day now instead of every other.”

“Does he?” Tomas stands. “If you can handle them on your own, I shall attend to the kitchen and get some food started. You”re going to be hungry after them, I”ll wager.” He crosses to the door, pausing before closing it. “If you need anything, just call for me.” With that he closes the bedroom door, giving Asher and the two young boys their privacy.

One of the boys, dark-haired and dark-skinned, pulls the other boy close, a chubby redhead with a freckled face, and kisses him wetly.

Asher crawls on his knees over to them and jumps into the sheets between them. “Have any good dreams?” He kisses each of them on the forehead.

The redhead boy grins. “What should we do, Prince Asher?”

The dark-haired boy nods. “Malcolm”s right. What do you want us to do?” They both wait eagerly for Asher”s instructions.

“Oh, it doesn”t matter what I want. What would YOU like to do?” He leans his arm around each.

Malcolm looks down between Asher”s legs. “I wanna make you cum! Right, Theiry?” He asks the darker boy, hoping the two of them can persuade the Prince.

Thiery nods. “Yeah, blowjobs on the prince!”

Both boys lean their heads against Asher”s stomach, running the hands over his hips and thighs as they stare at his dick.

Asher grabs each of their asses, massaging the cheeks as he speaks. “Think you”ll get me to shoot for the first time?” He rubs his head against the others, messing with their hair and laughing.

The dark-skinned boy, Theirry, smiles sweetly. “I hope so, prince!” He bobs his head down, taking Asher”s left nipple into his mouth. He sucks it roughly, using his tongue and teeth with great abundance.

“If we do, will you make us knights?” Malcolm watches Asher”s face, his eyes wide and hopeful. “Sir Malcolm!” He grins, his freckled nose wrinkling. Without further word, he dives down and begins sucking Asher”s right nipple. Like Thierry, he”s rough, making up for poor technique with desire.

The two boys lick and suck Asher”s nipples for a couple of minutes. When his cock is harder, the pause long enough to kiss each other, letting a rope of spit connect them after their kiss.

“Knights at your age? Nonsense!” He kisses each of them, Theirry and then Malcom, rubbing up and down their backside as they please him. His hands eventually reach for their dicks, stroking both of them in unison.

Malcom takes the initiative, his freckled face hovering over Asher”s erection for barely a moment before taking the head into his mouth. His tongue swirls around the crown of the head, and over the pee slit. He moans loudly, as he sucks.

Thierry moves more slowly. He turns his head to the side, underneath Asher”s cock. Looking past Malcolm, Asher and Thierry lock eyes. Thierry smiles as his tongue slinks out of his mouth, licking Asher”s balls. Hairless and tight, he”s able to suck them into his mouth, teasing each nut with his tongue. He moans, but less loudly than Malcolm.

“Ahhh, so good. When I was your age, I used be in the same position as you two with my cousins.” He laughs, bucking his hips as his toes curl up. Asher leans up, pinching his nipples as the two go down on him.

Malcolm lifts his head, asking Asher a question, his face curious. “Your cousins? Did you ever play with the King?” His eyes are wide with awe.

Sensing his moment, Thierry quickly moves from Asher”s balls to his dick, taking the whole two and a half inches into his mouth. He grins as he sucks, his face pressed against his Prince”s pubis. Malcolm frowns when he looks down and sees that he”s lost out on Asher”s meat.

“Here, Malcom.” He motions for him to come close. As he crawls, he answers the question. “Not until my tenth birthday were I allowed to give myself to our King. For now, it”s something we only do once a year on my birthday. He”s very large, you should know.” Asher pushes him up, taking his pecker and balls into his mouth and sucking attentively with his eyes shut.

Malcolm”s eyes flutter and he struggles to keep from collapsing over Asher. His dick, not even two inches long, is hard and straight, his head a little button. He tastes and smells young and clean, like the lotion used on his skin.

Thierry watches Asher sucking the younger boy for a minute. Closing his eyes, he concentrates on Asher”s dick. He”s careful with his teeth, relying on his tongue and powerful suction. He”s practiced for weeks, ordering his family”s male servants to let him suck and practice. Their cocks were larger, but the practice served its purpose. He knows what Asher is likely to enjoy and he knows how to give it him. Slowly, he massages his Prince”s balls as he gives him long, wet head.

Asher moans with the dick in his mouth, feeling at Malcom”s hole as he sucks him off. Eventually, he cannot take anymore and begins to thrust his hips, fucking Thierry”s mouth rabidly. He takes Malcom out of his mouth, kissing his belly button, and then gasps. “Th-Thierry! I”m gonna �” And finally, he releases his clear small dribbles of cum into his mouth. The taste is watery with just a hint of fruity sweetness. “Ahhh….” He falls back into his bed, urging for them to lay beside him.

Theirry hops on his knees up to Asher”s chest. He holds his tongue out, a few drops of clear cum on the tip. He points excitedly at them, bouncing on the bed. Malcolm lays down next to Asher, resting his face on the Prince”s armpit. He throws a meaty leg over Asher and wraps his arms around him for good measure.

Once Asher acknowledges the cum, Thierry swallows it, rubbing his tummy with one hand, closing his eyes, and swaying left and right as he swallows. Opening his eyes, he falls next to Asher, cuddling close to him. “I made you cum! Did it feel good?”

“It felt, great, Thierry.” He smiles playfully, kissing him on the lips before he snuggles them both into his arms. “Relaxing, isn”t it? The waterfall… It”s been a few days since it has rained, hasn”t it? You two will have to tell the others that I”ll be gone for a week or two. I have to go on a mission of some sort.”

Both boys cry out simultaneously. “No! Can I come?”

“It”s too dangerous.” He kisses them both on the forehead again. “You”ll have to help keep the castle safe. You know, by messing around in it.” The three of them giggle and press up closer to each other. “Don”t worry. When I get back, we”ll have the greatest orgy in my bed that Aigua has ever seen!”

“Yay!” The boys cuddle with Asher, quickly beginning to drift off again.

Asher can hear noises from the kitchen. He smiles to himself. Tomas is deliberately loud. It”s his way to remind the Prince that duty waits. And it”s getting impatient.

“Time for me to get ready.” He unwraps the arms and legs around him carefully, then does a front flip high off of the bed and runs to his closet, looking for the right pair of clothes to wear. He wears a silk tunic, white and trimmed with blue and silver, and light blue cotton trousers, but it”s his boots that are the most remarkable with their rich feathers and strings hanging from them. His clothes appear simple, but are finely crafted as befits a young prince. After saying his goodbyes to Malcom and Thierry, he runs off into the kitchen. “Sorry to keep you waiting.”

Asher moves a red pillow out from underneath a low wooden table and sits on top of it with his legs under his butt. He immediately drinks from his herbal tea, lemon and ginger flavor. “What”s for breakfast, Tomas?”

“Something hearty and fortifying, my prince. Since we have much to do.” He hands Asher a plate of food. Fried egg on toast with mashed avocado. Sausages, gravy, apricots, apple slices, oatmeal. Coffee and juice to drink. Tomas sets down and second plate and moves to sit beside Asher. “Is there anything you require, my prince?”

“No, your perfect.” He moves the large cup of tea to the center of the table. They”ve made it a habit to share their herbal drinks every day as a small token of respect towards each other. The dark-haired Prince eats quickly and heavily, devouring most of his plate, then stops to relax his stomach and make talk with his master. “So what are we doing again today? I could only take in so much of you said earlier… Too many things on my mind and in my face, if you know what I mean. Giggles.”

Tomas sighs and shakes his head, trying to hide the smile on his face. “They were an exciting looking group. Your father wishes us to journey to the Holy Shrine of Aranathra, where you will be blessed and thus able to manage your Changing. We”re to visit the wizard Ythl who shall accompany us with his apprentice. We should stay with them tonight, then journey to Cantos for the rest of our companions, and archer and warrior whose presence will be invaluable on such a dangerous quest.” He sips from the tea. “All the sweeter for having touched your lips, my prince.”

Asher returns to his food. His face is bright and excited, despite the danger and horrid circumstances as to why they”re traveling. “Man, I know I shouldn”t be so gay and lively, but I can”t help but to feel a wave of relief knowing that I”ll finally be able to shapeshift.” He pauses shortly. “Wait. Ythl? His uncle is heir to the King. I think I”ve seen him before… But I”ve seen a lot of faces. Do you think we”ll have a room just for the two of us tonight?”

“Tomas shrugs as he eats. I”m sure he”ll have a room for us. I know Ythl, at least a little bit. We fought together in the last war, at the end. We were. . .close for a while.” He grins as he remembers. “But his studies demanded his time. Once we”re finished eating, you”ll need to pack.” He points a fork with a bite of sausage, dripping with gravy, at Asher. “Mind, you, pack light. We”re not taking servants and will only have one or two pack animals. Two changes of clothes. Something warm and waterproof. One or two books, no more than that.” He pops the sausage into his mouth. “Don”t forget your medicines and tea, either.”

“Yeah, I know, I know…” He tries to think of what he will bring and can fit in a small bag and then his mind wanders off. “You think… He will be out there? Since his main objective is to destroy our shrines?”

“I doubt it. Aranathra is one of the more hidden shrines, difficult to get to. So far he”s been targeting more prominent shrines. But, we should plan as if he”ll be waiting for us.” He pauses, thinking for a moment.” If he is there, your priority is to survive. Understand? It doesn”t matter what happens to the rest of us, you have to survive, Asher.”

“He killed my mother.” He slaps the table, frustration noticeable in his face. “If I see him, I”m not running away. You weren”t there to see her like that…”

“No, I wasn”t.” Tomas fixes his gaze on Asher. “But you”re the Prince of the Realm. You have to survive. Your father. . . isn”t getting better. Losing you would kill him and throw the kingdom into chaos. Tensions with Cruiberg are already high.” He places a hand on Asher”s arm. “I know it will be hard, for many reasons. But you have to do as I say in this, Ash. You have a duty to the people.”

“Fuck duty… If I run away, what does that say about the Prince or the kingdom? If I die, at least I did something… My father is stronger than you think. Any other man would have fallen apart by now or gone mad for blood.” He finishes his plate, then finishes the tea.

“You”re the Prince. You can”t just fuck duty and you know it.” He looks down at his plate, pushing the remnants of breakfast around with his fork. “Your father isn”t as strong as you think. I was just with him. He”s still powerful, but losing you would harm him much more than you imagine. Trust me.”

He doesn”t respond. Instead, he walks out from the kitchen etiler escort and avoids the subject, running off back into his bedroom to gather clothes for the trip. Before he leaves, he straps on a sword to the side of his belt, walks back towards the kitchen, and stands in the doorway, messing with his hair. “When do we leave?”

Tomas stands. “As soon as we do the dishes. Gosh, Asher, you”re so messy sometimes…” He carries his plate to the sink and begins cleaning. “I bet you”ll have me to wash your dinkie on this trip, too.” He giggles. “Well, let”s at least leave a little less of a mess for the servants.”

Asher and Tomas gather their dirty dishes into the sink, putting away any food that”s left over. Between the two of them, it takes only few minutes. Minutes that they spend joking together and in good natured teasing.

After they finish cleaning, Asher tends to the table and places some loose leaf tea bags into his backpack. “Won”t we need to stop by your room before we go?”

“For a moment or two, aye.” He looks at Asher. A smile slowly creeps over his face. “Do you remember the last time you visited my rooms?”

“How could I not?” He rolls his eyes, licking his lips.

Tomas chuckles. “I”m glad. Good memories, I hope.” He leads Asher through the hallways, past bowing servants to his personal chambers. His rooms are furnished comfortably, but simply. There are books filling several bookshelves and well-made wooden tables and chairs.

“I won”t be a moment. Make yourself at home.” He heads for his bedroom. Packing clothes, a pair of books, his kit for cleaning his armor and weapons. In less than five minutes he returns. “All packed.”

Before they leave, Asher randomly decides to pluck his cheek with a kiss. He takes his hand as they walk down the hallway, then down the stairs of the castle. Once to the first floor they part holding hands. A little less than a hundred people crowd up the bottom part of the castle, men and women of all kinds and ranks. Mornings and afternoons in the castle are mostly chaotic with lieutenants and commanders going back and forth. The two of them exit the castle and out into the forested capital of the kingdom. There”s no pathway, just thick and wet grass, shrouded by tall ancient trees that have lived for tens of thousands of years.

The pair wander through the forest, past fallen trees grown green with mosses and ferns, past hillocks wild with colorful flowers. They spy more than one large buck as they walk and numerous other animals, rabbits, raccoons, foxes as well as dozens of different bird species. They know their way through this part of the woods. In no danger of becoming lost they talk together. About boys they fancy, about their roles in the kingdom, about their hopes and fears. A natural comfort sits between them and here, in the forest alone, they are not Prince and Master of Arms. They”re just Asher and Tomas.

“I”ve missed time like this with you, Ash. You know that, right?” Tomas says at one point as they dance across a clear stream via a narrow-fallen log.

“Yeah… Why don”t we camp out more often?” He sighs, pointing one finger up as he tip-toes on the log to the other side. “Oh, that”s right. I”m having to organize rescue missions for villages under attack by Cruiberg”s while making sure Crayus and his cult also don”t attack any more of our people outside of the walls.” They walk deeper into the forest, which darkens and comes to life, despite it being noon. Asher holds out his hand, stopping Tomas for a moment, and the two of them watch as a humungous green lizard passes them by. It”s twenty feet tall with a wide smile under its twenty eyes. The Belthezur notices them and sprints off. “Wonder what he was doing out here.”

Tomas shivers. “All those eyes. Always makes me nervous. I hope seeing him isn”t an ill omen for us.” They begin to walk again. The smells of smoke is faint on the wind. They”re getting close to their destination. “Our duties keep us both busy. Your father says that the more power a king has, the less time he has. I guess that”s true for his servants, too.” He smile at Asher, nudging his friend with an elbow. “This trip could be a chance for us to have fun, relax, and get to know each other again.”

“You think? I”d really like that.” Asher jumps down and walks over to a small pond with murky green water. He kicks at the moss and pulls out his dick. “Sorry, gotta pee.” He shakes his pecker with two fingers, aiming it at the water.

Tomas tries to be discreet, he can”t help trying to see Asher”s pecker. “I think that”s probably why your father sent us on this mission now. “For you, of course, but for us to be young one more time before our responsibilities make us old.” He sidles up beside Asher, pulling out his own dick and peeing. “One last time before I start looking for a wife.”

He bumps his side to the right, hitting Tomas to tease him. After they finish peeing, Asher pulls his trousers back up. “You have any in mind? Is she a human, anthro, maybe an elf? No, wait! She”s a dwarf!”

“Haha!” Tomas laughs as he finishes, tucking his dick away. “No, not for my part. My father has some possibilities in mind, I”m sure. I wouldn”t mind any of those, except a dwarf.” They resume walking, talking as they go. “Someone kind who would make a good mother. Maybe someone easy to love. I”m not keen on women, but I have to father children. To keep my family name alive and to serve the King, which will be you.” He smiles at Asher. “But not a dwarf.”

“Yeah… About that.” He looks down as he walks, a depressed look on his face. They begin to walk through a smaller town on the flatlands of the forest. Small homes and restaurants.

Tomas frowns. He takes Asher”s hand in his own. “What”s wrong, Ash?” He stops, turning Asher so that they face each other. His brow knits together in concern and worry.

Asher speaks worriedly and shy. “Well, I”m pretty sure I”m gay… And I know I”m supposed to marry and have children when I”m King and all, but I don”t think I can, Tomas.” He squeezes his masters hands.

“I like boys, too, Asher. I”d rather be with you forever. But we have our duty. We have to marry and have children.” He shrugs and moves closer to Asher, until they”re bodies almost touch. “Our wives will understand. We can love them and be good husbands and fathers and still, you know, be with other boys and men. Look at your father and the kings of the past. All the stories about them mention a special boy, or a special friend. Your father loved your mother dearly. But he still . . .” Tomas stumbles in his thoughts. “Well, he never stopped liking boys like me.”

“But he”s always liked women as well.” Asher looks away, relaxing his mind before he continues on. “I just don”t think I could do it with a woman, you know? Or be attracted to one either. It seems wrong to me. I know it”s duty and tradition and whatnot, but what if I really can”t do it?”

“Well, I”m sure Ythl or another wizard can give you a potion or concoction to help you . . .uh, perform? When the time is right. Trust me, by history books, you wouldn”t be the only King or Prince that has had this happened to them before.” He brushes his hand lightly against Asher”s cheek. “I”m sure you have at least one friend who knows how to keep you hard who would be willing to help.” His eyes brighten. “Hey, what about if you were both in form? Once we”ve visited the Shrine and you gain control of your change, maybe that would help?”

“I don”t know. Maybe…” He shakes his head, knowing that it wouldn”t matter. It annoys him to no end, knowing that there are things he has to do for the entire kingdom that goes against what he knows he really is. “We”re almost there. Do you know where he lives?”

“I think so.” Tomas nods, leading Asher to a large house on the edge of the village. “Ash, when the time comes, you”ll be fine. You”re the Prince. You were born for this. It”s who you are. I already have ideas on how to help.” He reaches down and adjusts himself, exaggerating his movements. His tongue pokes out of his mouth as he smiles.

The home is large, two stories with a small tower on one corner. It”s set back from the trail, surrounded by a lone stone wall. The home itself is wattle and daub with dark wood framing. Flower boxes rest below each of the first floor windows, brimming over with colourful blossoms. A small herb garden sit neatly to one side of the house, a young boy busily carrying a bushel basket of weeds away to a compost pile near an apple tree in the corner of the yard. The boys sees Asher and Tomas, calling out.

“Master Ythl! Visitors come.” The boy grins and runs back to the garden with the empty basket over his head, like a large, woven helmet. A lone figure stands from where it was working in the garden, his pants stained with soil at the knees.

Asher licks his hand, pushing his hair out of his eyes and standing straight and tall as he can as they make their way closer to the house. In the distance, there are other homes, oddly contorted and leaning in the way that their built. There”s miniature houses up in the trees where dwarves live. Mushrooms twice as tall as the homes stand tall, gleaming with their kaleidoscopic and psychedelic colors. Other plants glow with bioluminescence. “Beautiful, isn”t it? I”ve been here a few times, but never at night. Can you even imagine?”

“Maybe we can take a walk after dinner.” Tomas whispers to Ash as the figure pulls of gloves and moves closer. He”s younger than Tomas, but older than Asher, with a thin, slight build. His brown hair is worn long and loose, a cloth bandana tied around his forehead to keep hair and sweat from his eyes. And what eyes! Golden eyes with large dark irises, the eyes seem to search within the visitors, seeing beyond normal sight.

“I am Ythl, adept and student of the wizardly arts.” He bows and peers intently at Tomas. “Tommy?”

Tomas groans. “No one calls me Tommy anymore, Ythl.”

The gardener moves close, grasping Tomas” hand and shaking it warmly. He looks to want to hug Tomas, but hesitates. “It”s been four years since I”ve seen you, Tommy…I mean, Tomas.” He smiles, genuinely happy. “What brings you and your friend? Will you stay for supper?” He turns to the younger boy, who hides behind a tree at the edge of the herb garden. Ythl calls to him. “Liam! Come, come. Don”t be rude. Come meet my dear friend Tomas and my new friend.”

Liam runs out from the tree and stands beside his master, Ythl. The full anthro, a golden lynx pup with mid-length brown hair at the top of his head, stands at around four foot tall. He”s dressed in brown shorts and a muddy white tunic cut at the sleeves. His furry body is so soft and elegant that the others can”t help but to admire it. “Your highness! He bows immediately once he notices the Prince. I”m Liam Keshet. Ythl trains me in studies of magic and wizardly.”

Asher nods and smiles, shacking his hand. “Keshet, huh? I think I saw your father earlier this morning for just a short second in the castle. Your family are philosophers and writers!” He speaks louder, enthralled. “Oh my! Good for you! I”m sure you”ll end up writing twice as many books as your parents have. How old are you, Liam?”

Liam sticks out six fingers.

“Ah, I thought so.” Asher looks at Tomas, trying as best as he can not to stare at the wizard”s fascinating eyes. “Tomas is training me to be a better fighter.”

“And then what?” Ythl says flatly. He waits a moment, then grins. He bows. “Your pardon, Highness.” He turns to Liam. “Liam is my student and resident attractor of mud, dirt, dust, dead leaves, and mysterious goo.” He wraps an arm around Liam”s shoulders and the younger boy leans into him, wrapping his own arm around Ythl”s leg. “Pray tell, what brings you out here, Highness?”

“Orders of the King.” He answers politely. “My father has assembled a party to go to the shrine of Aranathra so that one of your students and I can unleash our abilities to shapeshift. We”re supposed to meet up with two others in a village called Cantos outside of the kingdom. If I remember correctly, it”s about seventy-miles away. He pauses, rubbing his chin to remember. The other two will help us, since there”s a possibility of this trip being dangerous, especially with the fact that Crayus and his cult of men could be out there, Cruiberg as well. That”s not to mention all of the other stuff along the way we might run into. Your student… Where is he? What”s his name?”

Ythl nods as the Prince explains. “Ah, River. He”s with the physiker, receiving treatment. If you would like to see him there, give me a moment to change. Otherwise he should return by nightfall.” He folds his arms in front of himself, tapping one finger against his chin. “The Shrine of Aranathra. I see. River”s aunt tends that shrine if I”m not mistaken.”

“She does? Lives there and everything?” Asher looks to Tomas. “Didn”t you go there at some point? What about you, Ythl? Or are you not a shapeshifter?”

Ythl smiles, gesturing for Asher and Tomas to follow him. He leads them along the path to the front door. “I am, Highness. I do shift. It”s been many years since I visited Aranathra. I did visit the previous guardian, oh, when I was 7? Just a bit older than Liam, as a matter of fact.”

Tomas nods. “I was the same age when my father took me there. Doubtless, the King knew this and that”s part of why he chose us to accompany you, my Prince.”

Liam bounces excitedly. “Does that mean I can come?”

“Sorry, young one, but this is for professionals only. My father and your parents would chew me out if I took you along.” As they enter the house, Asher continues on with his questions. “You said that River is with a physiker. He must be pretty sick then… Shapeshifters can get sick and die at a pretty young age if they”re unable to awaken their abilities. He must be thirteen if he”s already that bad, right?”

Ythl clears a stack of books from a comfortable, padded chair, offering it to Asher. He moves around the main room, moving piles of papers, books, and strange bowls and beakers out of the way. “Ah, no, Highness. He”s only 10. For some reason, the sickness has come to him early. We have no idea why. It certainly hasn”t harmed his abilities as a student.” Ythl bites at his lower lip. “I”m glad that he”ll be accompanying us. Hopefully, the healing powers of the shrine will help him. Otherwise. . .” He turns his attention to Liam. “Liam, you know what to do with your dirty clothes. Get cleaned up. Would you care for water or wine, Highness? Tomas?” His eyes linger on Tomas for a beat.

“Erm.” Tomas cocks his head to one side for a moment. “We don”t want to be a bother.”

Ythl raises his hands. “It is no bother.” Tomas asks for wine, and Ythl moves to the kitchen, fetching their drinks.

Liam marches to the base of the stairs and peels off his shirt, adding it to a small pile next to the staircase. Without pausing, he pulls down his pants, adding them to the pile. “He looks over to Ythl. Undies, too?”

Ythl calls back. “If you can smell them, change them too, you dirty little ragamuffin!”

Liam sighs, bending forward trying to smell himself. He looks at Asher, his eyes lighting up. Running over to the Prince, he folds his hands together behind his back and bows. He leans on one foot, then the other as he speaks. “Can you smell me, Prince Asher?”

Of course, Asher cannot smell anything at all, but he squeezes his nose anyway. “Eck! Liam! Take those off already and clean off!”

Liam”s mouth opens as he blushes. “He takes off his undies, revealing his furry pecker and marble-sized nuts, which are golden with fuzz like the rest of him.” Asher pushes down his growing erection, looking away and staring off at the cabinets and shelves full of glass jars with different herbs and materials inside of them. When Ythl grabs for two glasses, Asher speaks up and stops him. “Just one is fine. We will share.” He sits up closer, side by side to Tomas, then lays out his hand on the table, which his teacher takes.

Liam stamps his foot, heading for the large fireplace along one wall. Carefully, he takes the lid from an iron pot, steam escaping in a billowing cloud. He takes a ladle and draws some of the steaming liquid, carefully dunking a cloth into the ladle. He sets the ladle down and begins washing himself right there by the fireplace.

Tomas squeezes Asher”s hand as the can”t help but watch the cub clean under his arms. The little lynx sniffs at the cloth after each body area, wrinkling his nose each time. Ythl bring a pot of hot water, with a large cup. A small plate holds different cookies, chesses, crackers and cut fruit. Several different packets of tea rest along one side. “Some snacks in case you”re hungry from the road. Chamomile. mint, black, green herbal, rose hips.” He points at a different sachet with each name. He smiles, and glances over at Liam. “Oh, he”s such a showman. Loves to be the center of attention.” Ythl smiles as he watches Liam. As if on cue, the boy turns to face the group, one hand exposing his penis from his sheath as he washes. He smiles when he sees the Prince, his master, and the warrior watching him.

Asher grabs two tea bags, placing them into a cup, and then he pours hot water into it. “You”re quite a lucky one…” Tomas elbows him in the side under the table. “I mean, to have such a smart student like him. His parents are genius poets and philosophers. I”m sure they”re quite proud of him as well.”

Once Liam is finished cleaning himself, he walks naked over to the Prince and raises a pit. “Is that any better?”

The Prince leans in closer to smell him, taking his time as he inhales his scent. “Perfect. Now get along and get dressed.” As much as he tries to be professional, Tomas knows otherwise what”s on his mind.

Ythl, Tomas begins, munching on a grape. “Is there a place for us to sleep? An inn or boarding house?”

“Tut, tut! I won”t hear of that.” Ythl shakes his head. “You can stay with me. I have the room to give you separate quarters or a room together, if that”s what you prefer.” He smiles, knowing River should be home before long. Liam sleeps at home most nights.

“We”ll have a room together.” Asher takes large gulps from his cup, playing footsie under the table with Tomas. After seeing Liam like that, all he can think about is him or getting fucked by Tomas.

After Liam has dressed, he sits on the other side of the table beside Ythl and rests his head on the side of it, tired from all of the gardening work.

Ythl sips his tea, gently running his free hand over Liam, petting him, scratching his back, behind his ears. Liam sighs happily, almost purring. “Very good, Highness. Now tell me more about our mission. What route? Pack animal or just what we can carry? When do we leave?” He”s about to ask more questions when he notices Tomas and Asher holding hands. The sides of his mouth curl up ever so slightly. “Ah, forgive me, Prince Asher. You must be tired. Would you like to freshen up in your room before we sup and discuss more weighty matters? I”m sure a hot bath would do wonders for your spirit?”

Ythl gently extricates himself from Liam, leaving the cub to curl up and nap as his master shows Asher and Tomas to the guest room. A large bed and armoire dominate the room. The walls are hung with pleasant paintings of foreign lands. Brackenford, the capital of Harath. The Cruiberg highlands. The dwarfen mountains of the far south. Ythl uses a quick incantation to light a fire, placing water there to warm. He offers clean towels and washcloths and excuses himself, leaving Tomas and Asher alone.

Tomas sits on the bed, pulling off his boots. “It will be a few minutes before the water is hot.”

“That”s fine.” Asher pulls off his boots while standing, then socks, his back against the wall as he thinks. “Ythl seems nice. He must be pretty powerful if my father chose him. Or did he simply choose him for the sake of this other boy, River? I”m curious to meet him and learn more.” He lifts off his shirt, setting it on a writing desk. “I think we should travel by foot to Cantos, then take a horse or two when we leave for the shrine. We don”t really need them, but River might if he”s too sick to travel hours on foot.”

Tomas stares at Asher for a moment. He coughs and looks down. “That”s probably wise, my Prince. Good thinking. Ythl was competent years ago. I”m sure he”s far more impressive now. He”s always been quiet about his own abilities. That”s why he”s a good teacher, I imagine.” He removes his shirt, avoiding looking directly at Asher.

Asher strips off the rest of his clothing and walks over to the side of the bed, finding a small bottle of lubricant under the nightstand. He tosses it to the center of the bed and laughs. “Do you think we”ll be needing this?”

Tomas blushes, standing and moving near the fire. “I . . .it”s not for me to say, Your Highness.”

Asher grabs one of the cloths, tossing it over his shoulder as he stands opposite of Tomas, waiting for the water to heat up.” Isn”t it your duty as my teacher and master in training to have at me whenever you please?”

Tomas gulps loudly. “In matters of arms, yes. But in other things, it”s not my place to have at you. It”s not like it was when we were younger. I can”t just have at the Prince.”

“No matter how much I may want to.”

He nods, then pulls on the steel rod holding the pot of water out of the fire and away from them. “Aren”t you going to strip, Tomas?” Asher wets his towel, beginning with his hair and face. “Do you think he”s waiting on us for anything?”

Tomas removes the rest of his clothing. He wets his cloth, stopping as he stares at Asher. Tomas” dick is hard, but only slightly etimesgut escort larger than it was a few years ago, when he and Asher would regularly have at each other. “You”ve aged well, Ash. You”re even more beautiful.”

“As to you as well, Tomas.” Asher dabs his cloth back into the water, washing under his armpits, then his chest and arms. He takes a few steps over to Tomas and turns around. “Do you want to get my back for me? I”ll do yours too, of course.”

Tomas wets his cloth and begins at the back of Asher”s neck. He stands so close that Asher can feel his warmth radiating against him. Tomas” touch is gentle, almost reverential. Without warning, he blows lightly on the back of Asher”s neck, where it is still slightly damp. His free hand touches Asher”s side, flitting lightly down to rest on the Prince”s right hip. “I . . . Asher. . . Please.”

The gentle blow on his neck gives him shivers, which immediately force him into an erection. He strokes his cut three-inch pecker just for a moment, then takes one step back so that Tomas”s chest is pressed into his back. “It”s ok. You can touch me.” He grabs the towel from Tomas”s hand, setting it into the warm water and then guides him to his hard three inches.

Tomas wraps his arms around Asher, one hand on the Prince”s chest, the other holding his dick. He lowers his head, kissing Asher”s neck, his mouth open, his tongue tasting his skin. Tomas breathes huskily, like an animal. His cock, barely over four inches presses against Asher. “Your father had me this morning as my form. How do you want me, Ash?” He nibbles at Asher”s neck, his hands squeezing and rubbing Asher”s body and cock. “Tell me, my prince and it shall be done.”

“If it”s not too much work…” He grinds his ass against the head of Tomas”s erection. “I”d like to see you transform and take your knot.”

“My knot? Are you sure?” He spins Asher around until they are facing each other. He pulls both of their cock together, grabbing them with one hand, squeezing and stroking them against each other. His mouth finds Asher”s and his tongue dives into Asher”s, probing and seeking the walls of his mouth, the wetness of his tongue. “I”ve never stopped wanting you, Ash.”

As they kiss and their hands roam over each other, Ash feels Tomas beginning to change. Short, tough hair sprouts from his skin, lengthening and softening into the fur of a wolf. His tongue becomes longer, thicker, rougher, growing inside Asher”s mouth. At the same time, Tomas” mouth and nose merge and lengthen into a snout. A stub forms at the base of his spine, growing into a tail. His cock lengthens and thickens a tiny bit, his fur sheath growing to cover his cock, his knot growing in Asher”s hand. Tomas picks Asher up, maintaining their kiss. He carries his Prince to the bed, laying him on his back. “The lube…”

Asher grabs the jar, pulling off the top cap on it and carefully setting it down. He wets two fingers with it, rubbing his perfect starfish hole before he begins to finger himself. Once he”s gotten knuckle deep with both fingers, he pulls out and moves a pillow under his head.

Tomas adjusts Asher on the bed, climbing up to hover over the Prince. His cock is hard, the shaft and most of the head concealed by the new sheath, soft and furry as it holds the wolf-boy”s rod of steel. Tomas sniffs at Asher”s neck and pits, the thousands of nerve endings in his snout paint a picture with different scents. Sweat, mostly washed away. Tea. Asher”s natural odor. All of combining through Tomas” new sense of smell. He pulls Asher”s legs up, pinning the Prince”s knees to his own shoulders. A generous portion of lube and his cock rests at the starfish gateway. “You sure, Ash?” Tomas” voice is low and rough, his excitement and wolf-form changing his voice.

Asher nods. “I want you.” He wraps his arms around Tomas”s back, but not tightly. The wolf-cubs fur is magnificently graceful, even more so when he brushes his face to his masters shoulders. The Prince kisses Tomas, urging for more as he scratches his nails into Tomas”s back and continues to rustle his fur.

Tomas lowers himself onto Asher, letting his weight push his dick into his partner. It feels larger than four inches, and thicker than it looks…Tomas nuzzles against Asher”s neck, breathing in his scent, kissing him hotly. He half moans, half growls as his cock is buried in Asher”s hole. Tomas begins to pump his cock into his Prince, slowly at first, but soon speeding up, driving in to stop before his knot enters the boy. “You”re so tight, Ash. Almost perfect.”

Despite his sexual experiences, being with an anthro is always more intense than a human. Every thrust causes his to grip on tighter to Tomas”s back and shoulders, moaning into his chest as he does so. His own rock-hard dick twitches as he feels the thick red cock pressing against his prostate. “Fuck, Tomas. You”re gonna make me cum if you keep doing that.”

“Good. I”ll lick you clean, don”t worry. Ungh…My Prince!” Tomas pushes harder, faster becoming more primal with each passing minute. His tongue, long and purplish, hangs out of his mouth as he fucks Asher. He pulls it into his mouth kiss or licks Ash, but once he finishes, it lolls out again. Asher is so tight, so warm and welcoming, that Tomas finds himself approaching his orgasm much more quickly than he imagined he would. His lips, black now along the edges of his gums, curl into a smile. He drives his cock deep into Asher, relishing the princely cries of pleasure as his hole grips Tomas” member tightly. “Cumming soon, Ash…fuuuck!”

“Do it!” Asher smiles in glee as he see”s Tomas”s shiny sharp teeth and scintillating eyes gawking back at him. His face, once washed off, is now doused in sweat all over again and he feels just as dirty as he did before. To think of it, he realizes that his entire day has been full of nothing more than sex and walking. “Give it to me. I”m ready!” One of his hands reaches down to feel at his tail, pushing him and urging for him to give his all. He bites hard on his lip as he feels the knot pressing further into him, stretching his ass, the mix of pain and pleasure obvious on his face.

Tomas nods and grunts, unable to speak. He pushes his hips into Asher, feeling the boy”s rim resisting his knot. Slowly the resistance fades until, with Asher”s cry a mix of pain and delight, his knot slips past the rings of muscle, embedding itself inside Asher. Tomas is reduced to short strokes as Asher”s ass seems to hold and grip the wolf-boy”s knot. Fucking Asher furiously, his fast short strokes pounding Asher”s prostate with every thrust, Tomas throws his head back, screaming a moan mixed with Onea howl. He gives in to his animal nature, crying out with his howls, letting all the world know that he is the alpha and Asher is his. Jets of cum flood into the Prince, sending shivers all over him. His balls drained, Tomas falls on Ash, his knot holding his still hard cock deep inside the sweaty and exhausted boy. It will be minutes before he can withdraw…minutes he spends holding and being held by his beloved Prince.

Not too long after Tomas sprays his load into him, Asher cums as well, although his load is barely noticeable. He presses his chest as deep as he can against Tomas, holding him close and leaving kisses. With every breath and intricate movement, he can feel Tomas”s cock still deep inside of him. “Fuck. It still feels like you”re fucking me.” He chuckles, then kisses Tomas on the nose. He can”t tell if it were the knot or the howling that made him cum. “We”ll need to clean again after this, won”t we? But for now… I”ll be patient.” He knows that it not only hurts for the receiver, but the one giving as well to force the knot out and its best to wait for it to pull out more naturally.

As they lay with each other, catching their breath and exchanging kisses, they hear the front door to the house open and close. As they listen, they hear footsteps on the stairs moving past their room down the hallway. They can still hear pans and activity downstairs. River must be home… Tomas makes the obvious deduction. He closes his eyes as his knot shrinks, finally slipping out of Asher”s asshole. Tomas sits back on his haunches, looking carefully at Asher. “I don”t think I damaged you, but you Ash-hole is a little red. I”m sorry, I didn”t mean to be so rough.” Asher shakes him off. They both know he wanted it from Tomas. As they rise and wash again, they stand very close. Tomas” fur lessens and disappears, and the two boys rest their heads on each other”s shoulders as they wash. They kiss once more, then dress. Their smiles and shy looks say more than words ever could.

As the Prince and his teacher wash each-other off yet again, further commotion goes on outside of their room. A young wizard and student of Ythl makes his way into the house and sits down at the kitchen table, setting his staff against the wall. It”s just as tall as him and has a glass sphere attached to it. A visible and ethereal magic flows inside of it calmly. River, ten years old, last of his bloodline next to his aunt who lives far away, runs his fingers through his thick, light sky blue hair, which stops an inch below his shoulders in the back and half an inch below his eyebrows in the front. Not only does his beautiful hair mesmerize all that sees it, but his delicate azure eyes show the warmth of his compassionate, loving soul. Being the boy that he is, he”s only four foot seven, skinny and pale as well. His paleness isn”t due to being a recluse, but because of his sickness.

River watches as Liam awakens, smiling and edging a greeting to him. The young lynx-cub jumps in excitement. “You”re back! River! Feeling any better?”

“Good enough.” He shrugs, scratching at his side. The kimono he wears matches the color of his hair, shades of grayish white and baby blue. Unlike a demons kimono dress, half of the upper part of it is tucked into the waist belt, revealing half of his chest. It stops just below his kneecaps. “It should give me enough strength to feel like a normal person for at least a few days. Then I”ll probably start feeling all icky and fatigued again.”

Ythl sets a steaming pot of tea in front of River, pouring him a cup. He presses the back of his hand against River”s forehead. “Hmm. A little warm, but better than before. Dinner will be early tonight, but if you”re hungry, I”ve a couple of boiled eggs and biscuits set aside for you.” He smiles at River, running his hand through the blue hair. Leaning close he kisses River”s forehead. “We have guests tonight. Very special guests.”

“Guests?” River gives him a painful look. “What for?” He takes a large sip from his tea, thanking his teacher as well.

“I”ll let them explain. But I can tell you. . .” Ythl gathers ingredients and moves around the kitchen as he talks. He begins preparing dinner, tasking Liam with wiping the table and setting the dishes out. “How”s your appetite? Any craving for dinner? Our guests are Prince Asher, the King”s son, and his personal guard, Tomas. The same Tomas I”ve told you about before.” Ythl grins at River. “They”ve come partly to meet you.”

He jerks as he almost drops his teacup, jolting in shock. “The… The PRINCE? Prince Asher is in our home? Why would he want to see me?” River pauses, looking at Liam as he thinks back on what Ythl told him about Tomas. “You mean… Your LOVER is here? Huh?” He sticks his tongue out and laughs with the anthro lynx. “Must be pretty hard for you.”

Liam scowls. He looks at his master. “You still love me, right? You”re not going to forget me because of Captain Tomas?”

Ythl sighs, shooting a quick glare at River. “Don”t be mean to Liam.” He kneels down, pulling Liam into a hug. “I won”t forget you, Liam. Never, ever. You”re still my number one boy! Remember, I love all of my students.” He smirks at River and goes back to cooking. “Tomas and I were lovers a long time ago. Who can say what will happen? But we”re ex-lovers at this moment. He may take a fancy to you, River. As for why they”re here? I”ll leave that to them. They”re bathing in one of the rooms upstairs.”

Upstairs, in their room, Tomas adjusts his soft, leather tunic, brushing his hair back away from his face. He straps his sword to his side. It”s habit and is the symbol of his position and duty to the Crown. Smiling at Asher, he seems much more relaxed than he was earlier. “We should get downstairs, if you”re ready, Ash.”

“Of course! I”m excited to meet this student of Ythl”s. River, huh? Such a strange name.” Already dressed and ready to go, he leads the way downstairs, stopping at the bottom of the steps the second that he sees the blue-haired wizard boy. “Wah…. He”s marvelous.” Tomas pinches his shoulder. “Oh, did I say that out loud?”

The two of them march into the kitchen. River steps from the table and bows, then rises and returns to his seat. “Prince Asher! What a privilege to have you among us!”

“Privilege?” He laughs. “I make no hierarchy over who I see. All Aiguan”s are friends of mine.” Asher walks over to him, sitting on the opposite side and next to Liam, then lends out his hand. They shake, his grip firmer than River”s. “You must be wondering we”re here, am I right?” River nods, drinking from his teacup. “Well… My father has assembled a team to travel to the shrine where your aunt lives. You and I haven”t been able to transform yet, so that”s the reason we”re going there. Understand?”

River nods, but then comments. “But… I can”t travel that far. I”m not strong enough. You see, I might look healthy right now, but I”m quite sick.”

“So I”ve been told.” Asher can”t help but to stare at the smoothness of his chest, the radiant spark in his eyes, how it would feel to touch his hair. He coughs, pushing down his erection. “Uhm, my teacher Tomas, and Ythl will accompany us. We”ll stop by a village called Cantos, where two other young and talented shapeshifting anthros will accompany us. Of course, we can get a horse for you, so you don”t have to walk the entire way like us.”

Tomas nods. “We hope that the protector of the Shrine of Aranathra will be able to assist in the ritual that should allow you and Prince Asher to complete your change and master your shifts. We”ll bring what medicines for you that we can, and as the Prince suggests, a horse for you. We also don”t have to set a torrid pace. We can travel slowly, to ease the strain on you.”

Ythl closes the oven door and joins the others at the table. He sits, pulling out a long, thin pipe. He packs it with sweet smelling tobacco and lights it, the flame reflected in his somber eyes. “This may be our only chance to get you fully well, River. It would be to arduous a journey for just you and I to even attempt. But with the Prince and the others, I feel it is opportunity we must seize.” He smiles as he brushes a stray hair from River”s face. “You”re not getting better. We both know that your treatments are effective for a shorter period than last month. You are getting worse.”

Rivers eyes shift, looking at everyone with pain as anxiety creeps on him. “Well, I guess it makes sense that the King would do this for me after my parents gave their life for him in the uprising.” He shrugs, knowing that his first living memories were of the terror of that day. Asher gives him an empathetic gaze, taking his hand and rubbing it gently. “Apparently, that”s the last treatment they can give me. I have just a month left to live unless I can reach a shrine in time.”

“We”ll make it there. I promise.” Asher squeezes his hand. “Do you know what kind of anthro you”ll likely be?”

River nods back up at him. “Most likely a lynx like Liam here, but it”s hard to tell. A large amount of the males in my bloodline have gotten the sickness at a younger age, resulting in their deaths. My mom was a lynx, but my father never revealed or shapeshifted. Apparently, he believed it was too dangerous, whatever that means. Nobody knows much about his past before he moved to Aigua and met my mom. Hard to ask too since both of my parents are dead…”

“A month?” Tomas whispers. His face grows dark and his brow knits together. He taps his fingers on the tablecloth, calculating something. “A month should be far more time than we need, but still. I didn”t realize you were so ill, River.” He looks at the young wizard. “So young, so beautiful, so ill.” He feels a pang as he notices how Asher looks at the young boy. “We”ll get you there, River. With the grace of the gods, you”ll be made well and whole again.”

Ythl nods in agreement. “It will be hard for you, but you are stronger than you give yourself credit, River. We leave tomorrow for Cantos. I would respectfully suggest, Highness, that we overnight in Cantos. Take advantage of warm beds and hearth fires so that River has one more good rest before the trail.”

“Of course.” Asher nods, looking to the kitchen as he rubs his stomach in hunger. “I”d like a night to get to know more about the two that are accompanying us. What were their names again, Tomas?”

“Toby and Hunter.” Tomas raises his eyes to the ceiling as he recalls what he knows of the pair. “An expert archer and formidable warrior. Closer to my age than yours, my Prince. They”ve both served and have some experience against raiders from Cruiberg and the rebels. I”ve met them, last year, when Dark Circade raided. They were part of the band with me that tracked and captured their leader.”

Ythl notices the Prince rubbing his tummy. He taps Liam”s shoulder and the pair of them gather bowls in the kitchens. Liam brings the bowls and spoons to the table as Ythl carries a large tureen, shaped vaguely as a swan”s body with the neck and head as pour spout. Liam takes a seat between Ythl and Tomas as the wizard ladles mushroom soup into each bowl. “Mushroom soup with bread to start, Your Highness.” Bowls are filled and passed to all of those at the table. Ythl sits next to River, with Liam on his other side. Prince Asher ends up with River to his right and Tomas to his left.

“I”m sorry for being so eager, but it smelled so delicious and I couldn”t help but pout for it!” Asher digs into his bowl, eating like the slob that he is.

River takes small chunks of his bread to chew on, taking his time on the soup. The gathered group eat quietly, relaxing and getting to know each other with small talk here and there. Once River finishes his food, he cleans his bowl at the sink and returns for his staff. “I”m sorry, but I think I should get some rest before tomorrow. Your highness…” River bows, then walks over to Ythl and kisses his hand before he leaves to his room.

Ythl watches River leave and go upstairs. He shakes his head when they hear the bedroom door open, then close. “The treatments make him feel better, but sometimes they take as much out of him as the sickness itself.” lines of worry appear at the edges of his mouth. “It”s good that we”re moving tomorrow on this.”

The group finishes their soup, Tomas helping clear the bowls. The main course is lake fish with crispy skin and mashed root vegetables, served with fresh bread and very tasty sauce. The group eats well, Ythl is a very good cook. By the end of the meal, Liam is leaning against Tomas” arm, his eyes heavy and nearly closed. He jerks and starts, opening his eyes, every few minutes before beginning to doze again.

Ythl grins at his youngest pupil. “He does that after dinner every night. He”ll wake for dessert, have no fear.”

Asher laughs. “Looks familiar…” As usual, Tomas elbows him, knowing what he”s thinking about once again. Uhm, one of the reasons we”re going to Cantos is because of the possibility of this trip being much more dangerous than it already is. We might run into Crayus and his men.

Liam buzzes his head up, looking around. “Did someone say dessert?”

The others laugh, causing Liam to blush and fluster. “What? What??”

“Yes, dessert.” Ythl stands, patting his belly. “Not bad, if I do say so myself. I hope you both enjoyed it.”

Liam yawns and stretches, starting to stand, but sitting and yawning again. Tomas pats the boy”s head. “I”ll help Ythl, you relax. You”ve been a busy little bee since we got here.” Liam smiles and scoots closer to Asher as Tomas helps Ythl clear the table. As they clear and clean, and prepare dessert, Liam stares at Asher with moonsized eyes.

Asher whispers, eyeing the other two. “So, does your teacher… Fancy you at all?”

“Fancy?” He gives him a strange look. “What do you mean? Like, does he fuck me?”

Asher”s head almost explodes at the remark, surprised by his explicit vocabulary. “Uhm, something like that…”

“No, he doesn”t do me down there. Says I”m not ready yet. But we do other stuff.” Liam winks, sticking out his tongue at Asher and pats his paws as he see”s desert coming to the table.

“You”re in luck!” Ythl beams with pride. He places a large bowl in front of Asher and a smaller bowl in front of Liam. The fruit and crust steam delightfully, smelling of apples, cranberries, blackberries, brown sugar, and nuts. He and Tomas sit with their own bowls. Tomas pours a small amount of cream over his, offering the pitcher to Asher.

Liam claps excitedly. “My favorite!”

Asher takes a nice chunk of his fruity pie into his mouth, making sensual moans and sounds as he looks at Tomas. “So Ythl, you”re quite the wiz, right? Fought with Tomas and all?”

Ythl stops cold. HIs spoon halfway up to his mouth. “My Prince, I am a wizard.” He says the word slowly and carefully. “I study ancient lore, memorizing and exploring techniques to summon and control the forces of magick and aether that rest within all things.” He takes his bite, arching and eyebrow. “A whiz is what you do after too much beer. And, yes, I did fight with Tomas. By his side and more.” He grins at Tomas.

Tomas holds a cloth napkin over his mouth as he half laughs, half chokes. After a long drink etlik escort of wine, he shakes his head. “We did fight a lot, didn”t we? And not always against the Cruiberg or the rebels.”

“Uhm…” Liam raises his brow at Ythl, urging him to not go too far and start a fight with his ex.

“Sorry, I didn”t mean to offend.” Asher gazes over at Tomas, moving his bowl away from him. “So if we ran into Crayus and his men, you would no doubt be able to handle them with the rest of us?” He stops his master from speaking. “Because if we do run into them, they will need to be eliminated. Not for the sake of just River and I or his aunt who lives at the shrine, but for all of the other anthro”s that use these shrines and healing baths. He”s a threat to the very existence of all anthro”s on this planet, much more than Cruiberg. It”s a miracle that him and his cult haven”t joined with the Cruiberg forces. If that were to happen, we could kiss our race goodbye.”

Ythl bows his head to the prince. “Apologies, Prince Asher. But, with Crayus it would depend on what force he had with him. I think we could overcome him unless we were outnumbered tremendously. Surely, though, our priority is keeping you safe. If we run into Crayus, your safety is paramount.” He looks to Tomas for confirmation.

Tomas nods. “Yes. As always, the prince”s safety takes precedence, whether the prince likes it or not. Tomorrow evening, we can discuss our tactics should we encounter his forces.” He looks at Asher.

Asher folds his arms. “Psshh. What are you going to do? Hold me down from killing him and his men?”

“I”ll simply knock you out and Ythl will teleport you back here or to the castle.” He takes another bite of his dessert.

Liam scoots closer to Asher, leaning against him. “You can”t knock out the prince. It”s not allowed.”

“Yeah! If you knock me out, I”ll have all your limbs cut off and fed to that… That giant creature we saw earlier!” Asher tries to form a serious face, but busts out in laughter, showing his bluff. “More than likely, I”d kick you as hard as I can in the balls. Trust me, my kick isn”t something you want to mess with.”

“Nor are my balls, my prince.” Tomas maintains a straight face as Ythl and Liam both erupt into gales of laughter.

Liam wraps his arms around Asher, sliding one under the prince”s shirt. “You”re warm and you smell nice.”

“Am I?” He looks at Ythl, not knowing what to do. “Well… Thank you, Liam. You smell quite exquisite as well. Uhm… I think Tomas and I ought to get some rest before we begin our travels tomorrow. Right, Tomas?”

“We should, but I want to help Ythl clean this mess up.” He looks at Liam, then at the wizard master. “Does he sleep here?”

As they carry dishes away, Ythl answers. “Some nights, he does. We keep each other company. Most nights he sleeps at home with his family.”

Liam rests his head against Asher”s chest, looking up at him with impossibly large eyes and a sweet half-smile. “Can I keep you company tonight? Please?”

As soon as Asher rests on him, he feels his erection harden to its full length, which causes him heavy anxiety as he tries to think of how to get out of the situation at hand. Even though he would want more than anything to have a night of fun with him, he doesn”t want to do anything that would ruin his new friendship with Ythl. “Uhm, not tonight, Liam. Tomas and I have a lot to discuss. You”ll just have to keep your teacher company instead.”

Liam stretches out on the wide seat, rubbing Asher”s leg and noticing his erection. “Are you sure?”

Tomas grins at Asher as he dries dishes. “Yes, my prince, are you sure?”

Ythl leans away from the sink, suds covering his hands. “Liam, don”t be a bother, now. Why don”t you run up to our room and get the fire going. After tonight, you”ll have to stay home with your mother and father.”

Tomas nods in agreement. “We”ll be gone at least two weeks, Liam.”

“Awww…” Liam pouts. He gives a quick kiss on the princes cheek before he runs off to his room. “Goodnight!”

Once he”s gone, the prince sighs in relief. “That student of yours… Nevermind!”

Ythl nods. “He has a thirst for more than knowledge, that one.”

The dishes are finished in short order and the three sit at the table, smoking their pipes and relaxing. They go over the plan for the next day and Tomas and Ythl reminisce on past battles against the Cruiberg and Crayus” rebels. They soon begin to yawn.

Asher stretches out, nodding back and forth as he grows more tired. “You ready for bed, Tomas?”

“I am.” He stands and stretches, grunting as he yawns. “Shall I carry you?”

Ythl grins. “Your Highness, Tomas. Sleep well. Oh, be warned, I will have an enchantment on the doors to the outside. Don”t open them until morning. Until then, I bid you both goodnight.” A growing erection pokes through his robes as he heads upstairs. As a bedroom door opens, Liam”s shout of happiness is audible throughout the house. “Yippee!”

Liam jumps out of the bedsheets, showing off his naked body. The fire is going just as he was asked to do. “Are we going to have fun before you leave?”

Ythl stands beside the bed. He sighs as he takes in Liam”s body. Smiling, he fumbles at his robe, pretending to grow frustrated. “I want to, Liam, but I can”t get me robe off!”

“Here. Let me help.” Liam stands up, closes his eyes, and uses a wind spell to strip Ythl nude. Once he opens his eyes, he jumps up and down. “I did it! See? I”m a master at that one.”

“Well, you should be. We practice it enough.” Ythl hugs Liam, kissing him. Then he reclines on the bed, pillow propping up his head and shoulders. Folding his hands together behind his head, he teases Liam. “Well, what should we do?” He flexes his penis, bouncing the hard organ three times. His small frame makes his cut six inches look even more impressive as the hard cock strains and seems to reach for Liam. His balls, large as well, are already tightening, a testimony to his excitement.

“Well, we could do something new for once.” He sticks out his tongue and teases. Ythl”s cock fits in both of his hands as he strokes him, careful with his claws. Liam moves up closer, pressing his fuzzy furry small body next to his teachers, his lynx ears tingling with excitement. Slowly, his small dick pops right out of his sheath, revealing his hard and red two inches.

Ythl opens his mouth, sticking his tongue out and wiggling it at Liam. He pulls it back into his mouth. “Something new? Like what, you little minx.” He pulls Liam close, letting the youngling”s fur rub against his skin. The softness has always amazed Ythl.

“Like having you fuck me…” He wiggles his butt back and forth, then reaches back to lift his short tail. When he sees Ythl laugh, he reaches in and kisses him. Despite his anthro body, his tongue is about the same size as his master. They kiss for a moment while Liam strokes him firmly. The grip of his paws is unlike anything a human could possibly do. “Are you going to change tonight? You don”t have to. I like when you put your human cock next to my anthro dinkie.” Liam giggles. “It”s cool when yours is red like mine when you change, though. Easier to kiss, too.” They trade tongue even more, the younger one less patient and wilder as his tongue wildly twirls in Ythl”s mouth.

Ythl embraces Liam, his hands roaming over the furry little body. He scratches his ears, scratches the base of his tail, all the little spots that he”s learned excite Liam even more and more. They kiss long and deep before breaking. Look. He glances down, moving Liam by his hips so that their cocks are touching. His human cock, six inches, seems huge next to Liam”s anthro sheathed two inches. He rubs his cock against Liam”s, both of them moaning.

“Ahhh. Ythl…” He groans loudly as they frot, the young lynx-cub humping him with a strong and eager pace. “You think I”ll ever get that big?”

“Aghhh…” He tickles Liam”s ribs. When Liam looks at him, Ythl smiles, beginning his change. As he shifts, fine red fur sprouts from his skin, his jaw and snout lengthen and narrow. He shifts quickly, having mastered the talent long ago with his own master in similar situations. His reddish-brown fur is broken up by a white, rough diamond patch of fur over his neck and chest. His ear are also reddish brown with white tufts. They both look down, the lynx sheath and the fox sheath next to each other, their size difference reduced although Ythl is still much larger. “I want to kiss yours, Liam.”

He chuckles and smiles, moving up further in the bed so that his small pecker is in front of Ythl”s mouth. “You”re doing me first? That”s a new one!” He sits up, leaning back on his hands and moving his legs out of the way for him. “You”re my favorite fox of all.”

He licks at the red tip of Liam”s dick, sucking it for a moment before answering. “You are my favorite lynx.” He eases the sheath back carefully, letting his lips follow as it retreats. Once he has the entire two inches in his mouth, his lips touching the lynx”s tiny knob, he sucks hard, tickling the tip with his tongue. His hands stroke the soft fur inside Liam”s thighs, occasionally drifting to caress his balls in their tight little pocket. Through it all, he moans softly.

“Ohhh…” Liam reaches over to pet Ythl”s large, bushy foxtail, cleaning the end of it with his tongue and sometimes biting playfully on it when his entire body shivers. As gross as it is, he has a habit for cleaning Ythl”s tail, always starting from the white ring at the tip of it, then the rest of its glorious vermillion red.

Ythl settles down for what he knows will be a long, delightful process. Liam can take hours to reach his orgasm if he has his way. He lets the kitten hump his mouth for a while, enjoying the way he focuses on Ythl”s tail. After a few minutes, he scratches the base of Liam”s tail, letting his thumb massage Liam”s hole. He knows it excited the boy. They don”t have hours tonight, not with the mission that lies before him. Ythl begins using his tongue more, doing the licking and twirling that his student enjoys so well. That and his thumb should bring the boy to climax soon.

“Oh, put it in will you?” Liam purrs loudly, which can be felt along his entire body. His small barbed member twitches in excitement as he feels his teacher rub his thumb along his hole. He lets go of the tail, letting it sway back and forth, and focuses on rubbing his ears instead. “You”re going faster than usual.”

“I have to leave early tomorrow. You know I don”t want to hurt you by putting it in.”

“Oh, alright.” He shuts his eyes for a moment, panting and purring simultaneously. Suddenly, he cries out for what seems like an entire minute, his legs shaking and jolting before he loses all of his energy, falling back in bed. After his dry orgasm is over, he reaches over, stroking the anthro fox”s cock gently. “That was amazing… Two weeks without your training and without our fun. Sure is going to be boring.”

“It”s not going to take me long once you start sucking. I”m going to miss you, too. Mmmmm.” Ythl arches his back. “That feels so good. If you keep your studies up, when I get back, we”ll see about putting me in you.” He reaches down, stroking the lynx fur as his little tongue begins to work its magic. “Ungh….not long at all…”

Liam begins with long licks and wet strokes, sometimes squeezing his knot to tense him up. His hands feel further up, squeezing and petting his fur before he finally takes his master into his mouth. He”s already a master at giving head, making sure that he doesn”t harm his sensitive cock at all with his sharp feline teeth. After a few minutes of sucking him off like that, he carefully takes more of him down, stopping just at the knot. He can only blow his thick cock for so long before his mouth begins to ache. Once it does, he goes back to kissing the red-hot fox cock, rubbing his thighs as his tongue leaks spit all over it. “Getting close?” He licks back up to the tip, then takes three inches of it into his mouth again.

“Aaghh…Yes…” Ythl grunts. He yips in time with Liam”s ministrations on his dick, almost purring. “Yes… Very close, my baby.” His claws dig into the sheets. They both ignore the sound of the cotton cloth ripping. Liam continues to suck and Ythl”s moans grow louder. He rocks his hips into Liam”s mouth, the jet of cum pooling for a moment at his tip before launching into the boy”s mouth.

At the first taste of cum, Liam goes down as much as he can, using his tongue to lick up any cum before it can leak out of his mouth. His purring is louder as he moans in joy for the sweet taste of his teachers cum.

Ythl moans, almost screaming in pleasure as he unloads four large, powerful strands of cum into Liam”s eager mouth. With the last spray, Ythl collapses back onto his pillows, He strokes Liam”s shoulders and cheeks as he catches his breath. Then pulls Liam up and kisses him. Holding him close, cuddling and caressing his fur.

They cuddle, clean each other, and lie in each-others sweat for a while, embracing what little time they have left before Ythl must leave for the long two weeks that Liam feels like will take forever to pass. Eventually, the young lynx speaks. “Promise you”ll be safe, right? And River will be alright when he comes back?”

Ythl kisses the top of Liam”s head. “I will do my best to stay safe and bring River back, healed and safe, too. And Tomas and Prince Asher.” He gently tugs one of Liam”s ears. “You like Prince Asher, don”t you?”

“Who doesn”t?” He pulls up the sheets half-way, one of his fingers running back and forth on Ythl”s arm. “Despite his beauty, he”s a gentle prince! We”re such a fortunate Kingdom to have him and his father. My Dad… He goes to Harath a few months every year and says the people and culture there is so much different. They have many criminals and druggies than us. Plus… They”re not connected to nature like we are.”

“That”s all true.” Ythl smiles. “You know what I mean. You wanted to be with him tonight, didn”t you? You can tell me, I won”t be mad.”

“Of course… But he has Tomas. And that”s fine.” Liam rubs his forehead into him, then stretches out in a yawn. “I better get some rest. You should check on River before bed.” Another yawn. “I”ll pray to Artur that he gets to the shrine. I know he will.”

Ythl begrudgingly exits his bed. He pulls the covers up, tucking his boy in and making sure he”s warm. He kisses his cheek. Puling on his robe, he exits the room, Liam already breathing deep and regular. He pads quietly down the hall, knocking softly on River”s door before entering.

After a moment of silence, he can hear coughing. “Come in.” River lies in bed, squeezing onto his pillow as he shivers, his eyes red from crying earlier on.

Ythl”s smile vanishes as he sits down next to River, wrapping an arm protectively around his shoulders. “What”s wrong, River?”

He looks down, loosening his grip on the pillow. “I was able to sleep, but then the pain came back again. That piercing feeling in my bones… It feels like there”s some beast living inside of me, begging to rip out of my flesh. I don”t think I”ll be able to sleep. And I”m freezing, even though the fire is going.”

Ythl feels River”s forehead. “I can make you some tea. Would that help?” He quickly goes to the fireplace, adding more wood and stoking the fire higher. He returns to River, sitting with him and holding him. “Once we get you to the shrine, we should be able to help you. Rid you of this ailment once and for all.”

River nods. “Tea would be nice. Something to help me fall asleep again.” River looks over to his staff, a sad look drawn on his face. He looks back to the anthro fox. “If Crayus is out there… What if he gets to the shrine before us? And my aunt?”

“Shhhh. Hush with that sort of talk. We”re going to Aranathra because it”s unlikely he”ll think of attacking there.” He stands and moves quietly to the door. “Do you still have the necklace your aunt gave you when you came to study with me? Fetch it if you have. I”ll be back with tea.”

Once he leaves, he levitates the staff from across the room and into the palm of his left hand, using it to hold himself up as he walks over to his dresser. He”s dressed in a fundoshi with a front cloth that hangs four inches down. The necklace is hidden among a collection of flower petals and herbs. As he takes out the necklace, he grabs an incense stick and uses an enchantment to light the tip of it. The incense smells of a rainstorm. He walks back over to the bed, leaving his staff against the wall and in hands reach. The necklace his aunt gives him has a large pearl hanging from the brown wool. It”s the color of his eyes, only more luminous.

Ythl returns with a pot of tea and two cups. He also carries his staff. He pours a cup for River, holding it and helping him drink. When he”s about half-way through, Ythl pours himself a cup, adding a small envelope of yellowish powder. “Have you the necklace?” He takes the necklace and sits on the floor, holding the necklace and staff. He drains the tea and begins breathing deeply. “Watch carefully, but don”t interfere.”

River lies on his stomach, keeping his pillow under his chest as he watches. He finishes his tea, already feeling the effects, and focuses on moving it on the dresser. “Ok. I”m watching.” Despite the pain he”s in, he forms a smile.

Ythl begins whispering, his words barely even a whisper. After a moment, the necklace begins to glow. For a moment, it is encased in a faint purple glow. Ythl lowers it over his head. The glow fades from the necklace, entering his skin. HIs eyes close. He stops speaking and is still for a moment. River watches attentively, making out half of the words he says, but doesn”t interfere or comment.

After a few moments, Ythl begins to shake. The shaking worsen and he begins to dry heave. As River watches, Ythl begins to drool. The drool leaks from his mouth but does not drop. The strands from either side of his mouth merge and as he continues apparently to try to vomit. More drool and mucus flows, coalescing into a small bubble. The bubble grows and expands until it is a sphere nearly two feet in diameter. With a great cough, the sphere detaches, hovering just in front of Ythl”s face. A faint purple light seems to glow from within the great bubble of spit. The light brightens and forms an image.

The image starts small but expands to fill the sphere. It shows a cave. Rough, with reddish stone. Torches line the walls, which are roughly finished. The image shifts and turns left and right. The point of view travels down a semi-finished hallway to a large chamber. River recognizes it from the letters from his aunt – the chamber that houses the Shrine of Aranathra. Candles along the walls burn brightly. The point of view travels again, down a smaller, more hidden hallway. The hallway opens into a room. A kitchen and larder. At a small table a woman sits, sipping broth or soup from a bowl. Sitting across from her is small figure, a dryad. A forest spirit that can take many forms, but this one appears as tiny but fully proportional woman with the head of a doe, a female deer. Her eyes are very human. She picks at a loaf of bread, dipping bites in honey. She and River”s aunt speak calmly, casually. From the left of the view, a small creature flies into view. It resembles a miniature dragon. Landing on his aunts shoulder, it leans into her ear. She and the dryad look directly at River”s point of view, the dryad motioning with her hands. Their surprised but not alarmed or scared. For a moment, the three seem to converse. The tiny dragon, the size of a large housecat, flies from her should directly towards River. It snaps its jaws and the bubble pops.

Ythl groans and falls backward, his chest heaving as he gasps for breath.

“Aunt!” He holds out his hand even after the bubble as busted. River sits up, moving the pillow back into position. The tiredness made watching the magic even more dream-like. He hasn”t seen her since he was seven, when she left to live at the shrine. “At least she”s not as alone as I thought she would be. That was amazing, though. Disgusting, but beautiful… Thank you for doing that for me.”

Ythl lies on his back, still trying to catch his breath. Between gasps he tells River, “I”ll . . .be. . .fine. . .in a . . . moment. . .” His head falls back and he closes his eyes, clutching his staff tightly, his knuckles whitening around the ancient mahogany.

River jumps out of bed, fighting the pain in him, and helps him to a stand. He helps him sit down on the bed. “Don”t do that again. I don”t like seeing you like that.”

Nodding as he takes a sip of tea, Ythl smiles at River. He takes his hand and holds it tightly. “You”re a very sweet boy, River.”

As he returns his smile, his back gives out and he descends back into his bed, almost as if the tea has taken control and forced his body into his normal sleeping position. “I”m going to dream that we”re already there… Dream that everything is fine. One of his feet brushes at Ythl”s bushy tail. Do you think I”ll be a lynx like my mother? Or something else like my father was? I wish I had a chance to know them better…”

Ythl pulls himself next to River, embracing him with his arms as his tail brushes River”s leg. He holds him close, stroking his hair. “You sleep and dream, sweet River. Dream sweet dreams and leave the worry to me.” The two of them fall asleep like that, master holding his student, giving him what comfort he can.


Authors note: Long chapter, yes, but plenty of sex! Hope you enjoy. All emails and comments are appreciated. They keep me motivated to keep editing and posting the chapters, too. Reminder, this story, and a few others, are already done! I just need to edit them out of the roleplay format they were in. And as always, these stories are dedicated to my boyfriend that I wrote them with.

Rest in peace, babe. I hope I can finish putting all these stories out to share to the world at some point.

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