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No implication that these places are accepting of homosexuality is implied. Should you visit any of them, please maintain normal caution and do not assume you will be accepted. This story is set in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, before the AIDS crisis began. Therefore, it is strictly condom-free. However, please note that neither the author nor fty is encouraging men of the 21st century to ignore the consequences of unprotected sex. Please love yourself and your future partners enough to be careful! Thanks to those who have taken the time to send me feedback about the story. I’ve never received “fan mail” before, so this is very exciting! Just so you know, this story has 16 chapters, so please keep reading and feel free to send me your feedback or comments. This story is the backstory of a character who will be included in a book to be published in the Fall, 2018, titled The Deputy Boys Book 1: Gary’s Senior Year. Jody’s story is entirely separate from this book, although he is a character in that book. Without further ado, enjoy Jody, the Team, and the Navy! Kenneth Kirk Jody, the Team, and the Navy Chapter 10 The next morning, we all slept late, finally awakened at 10:15 by the housekeeper’s keys rapping on our door. Somebody from the other bed yelled out, “Please come back later!” For a few minutes everyone lay still, trying to salvage the bliss of sleeping in, but finally Scott bounded into the bathroom, where sounds of a long-overdue piss lasted for a while before he returned to bed. Next up was Brandon, who more-or-less replayed Scott’s pee sounds, but, rather than returning to bed, he turned on the shower. Moments later, I donated a bladderful to the toilet bowl. When he heard the splash, Brandon peered around through the shower door and said, “Jody, is that you?” “Uh-huh.” “Come here,” he said. I stepped to the door, which opened. “Get in,” he ordered. With the door shut behind me, he took me in his arms and kissed me warmly. “Wash my back,” he said before releasing me. Turning toward the wall, he handed me the soap. For a few minutes we washed each other’s bodies, which was a lovely reminder of my days at UNC. By the time we were done, we were erect and dripping both water and pre-cum. Turning me to the wall, he dropped down and began to lick my hole, preparing me for another rear assault, I surmised. In due time my quiet moans from his wonderful rim job were replaced by louder groans and moans from the penetration of my sphincter with his big, hard cock. As he fucked me, I heard the sounds of piss in the toilet again, presumably from Blade this time, but I couldn’t have cared less who it was. Brandon’s orgasm came rather quickly and was punctuated by loud yelps that hurt my ears as they reverberated through the shower and the whole room. When we went back into the bedroom, Scott grinned and said, “Obviously, we have some things to talk about, but some of us need showers first.” Brushing past us, he climbed in and turned on the water. Half an hour later, we were seated in the window of a trendy caf� with a sort of organic/hippie vibe. No problem; they served great hot coffee and their eggs, sausage, and pancakes were excellent. After we’d placed our orders and had our second cups of coffee in front of us, Blade turned to me and said, “So, I’m guessing last night wasn’t your first time.” At this point I felt I didn’t exactly know what these guys’ stories were, but I no longer felt threatened by my “secret.” So, I grinned to Blade. “No,” I said matter-of-factly. Brandon put a hand on my forearm. “Before we start giving you the third degree, I think it would be appropriate for us to share first. Agreed, guys?” He looked at Scott and Blade. “Good idea,” Scott nodded. “You first.” “Fair enough,” Brandon smiled. “Just like most other guys in the Navy, we like sex � a lot!” We all smirked. “In fact, we like it so much that our girlfriends never seem to be able to really meet our needs. And, sometimes we don’t have girlfriends. Anyhow, we have each come to appreciate the value of good friends who are willing to help us take care of those extra needs.” So far, based on last night in the hotel room, none of this was news. He looked at me as if to see if I understood. I nodded. “In fact, we spend a lot of time together and with a few other guys, taking care of everyone’s needs. Like last night.” “That sounds, uh, quite nice,” I said, hoping I could be included in future gatherings. “It is,” Scott said. “Yes, it is,” Blade added. “We aren’t a bunch of closeted gay guys,” Brandon explained. “We are mostly straight, maybe a little bit bi, but not exclusively gay.” I nodded. “Except for a couple of the guys,” Blade added. “We have weekend parties sometimes,” Scott said. “And go on private cruises a few times a year,” Brandon said. “Of course, it all revolves around taking care of needs,” Blade chuckled. “I understand,” I said with confidence. “So, how many guys are we talking about here?” “Um,” Brandon sighed. “It varies from event to event but ranges from about 6 or 7 up to maybe 17, 18. I’d guess we have about 20 in our circle if you count everyone. Guys?” “Yeah, that’s about right,” Scott said. “So,” Blade said as the waitress began placing our plates before us. “Do you think you’d like to join this illustrious group?” I waited until the waitress had left us. “Absolutely!” I said enthusiastically. “I’d love to be a part of such a group!” They all smiled and began to eat. “This sounds a bit like my baseball team in college,” I shared. “Your baseball team?” Scott asked, a hint of shock in his voice. “Yeah,” I said, “our coaches used sex as a motivating factor.” “They brought in whores?” asked Blade with a chuckle. I laughed. “Not exactly, just guys on scholarship.” “Oh?” Brandon said quietly. “Tell us more.” As we consumed our breakfasts, I shared the basics of our point system and that I was the primary server in the system. “Wait!” exclaimed Scott. “Are you saying you blew the entire baseball team after every game?” “Not quite,” I laughed as Blade and Brandon looked on in mild shock. “The players only got some action by paying for it. A BJ cost them a gold star and a fuck cost them 3 stars. So, I guess I was a whore who got paid in gold stars instead of greenbacks.” “Fuck!” Brandon said softly. “Damn right!” Scott said. “I wish my coaches had used that motivation plan!” “So,” Blade leaned into the table. “How much sex did you actually get?” “Of course, it varied, but I’d say I averaged about 5 BJ’s and 5 fucks after each game and we played 60 games per season.” “Holy fuck!” Scott whistled. “Wait. You bottomed 300 times each year?” Brandon said incredulously. “Oh,” I said, “a lot more than that. I also took care of my roommate Len at least twice a day and our suitemates Louis and Micky a couple of times a week. And Coach Jordan a couple of times a week. And a few others maybe once a week on average.” I was getting a little embarrassed at listing all my sexual activity like that, especially at the looks of disbelief on my companions’ faces. “Jeee-sus!” Blade breathed. “Are you shitting us?” Scott blurted out. “Why would I lie about being such a slut?” “Hey,” Brandon said sharply, “there is no judgment here. Most people would consider us all sluts.” He patted my arm. “We’re just a little surprised you’ve had such an impressive past.” “With so many guys!” Scott added. “For how long?” Blade asked. “All through my college years. Len seduced me right at the beginning and it just seemed to snowball from there.” “So,” Blade said, “you enjoy bottoming for a bunch of guys?” “Oh, yes,” I said enthusiastically. “I mean, there’s a limit, of course, but I’m usually good for a couple of hours at a time.” Blade’s eyes widened. “Wow! I think half an hour on bottom is a long time.” Brandon turned to face Scott and Blade. “I think Jody is imminently qualified to be part of the group, don’t you?” “Hell, yes!” Scott nodded. “He’s perfect.” “I agree,” Blade said. “Thanks,” I said with a smile. Brandon laughed. “We just need to take bursa escort you to one event and the guys will think you’re some kind of sex god.” “That sounds awesome,” I said. There was a moment of silence with everyone concentrating on finishing up his meal. Scott broke the silence. “Before we introduce Jody to the whole group, I would like a chance to introduce him to my hard cock.” We all laughed heartily. “Absolutely!” I said after I caught my breath. Then in a quiet voice I added, “My asshole is ready when you are!” They laughed so hard Blade spit coffee on his pancakes and Scott choked on a bite of food. “Holy shit, Jody!” Scott cried. “You’ve made me so hard it hurts!” “Okay, guys,” Brandon chided us, “don’t get yourselves too revved up. We have a lot of sightseeing to do before we get back to the room.” “The monuments must have restrooms,” Scott noted suggestively. Brandon chortled. “Just so you know. I don’t bail people out of jail.” We all laughed again as we tried to down our last bites of breakfast. We spent all afternoon walking around the Tidal Basin, exploring the Lincoln and Jefferson Memorials and seeing the amazing view from the Washington Monument. We managed to catch the last tour of the day at the U.S. Mint, where we all gawked at millions of dollars behind cases and we closed down the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum. Our Navy ID’s saved us admission fees and got us some special treatment at the museum and the monument. All in all, I had a wonderful time with these three new friends as we learned about our country and its history, along with some interesting science. I insisted on stopping at a Rexall Store we passed on our way back to the hotel. While the others waited outside, I purchased two Fleet enemas in anticipation of the evening’s activities. In the elevator back at the Courtyard, Scott pulled me close and whispered into my ear, “I can be hard in just a few seconds.” I giggled. “How about giving me time for a douche and a shower first?” He laughed. “Only if I can rim you afterwards.” “Like I’d ever turn down a rim job!” “Gentlemen!” Brandon said with fake sternness. We all laughed as the elevator doors opened at our floor. I was given the first slot in the bath while the others watched part of the Florida-Georgia Tech basketball game on TV. When I finished my shower, I was followed quickly by Scott. By the time Brandon was in the shower and Blade was back in the bedroom, Scott had me on my knees enjoying a very enthusiastic tonguing of my fresh, pink rosebud. Blade climbed into bed with us, sliding in front of me and presenting his six inches for my oral attention. Eagerly, I swallowed him down to the root, enjoying the act of blowing this more easily managed cock. It was a perfect mouthful in that it just reached the edge of my throat but didn’t cause any discomfort there. When Brandon came in a few minutes later, we presented quite an erotic sight to him, I suppose, for he just laughed and said, “Go right ahead, guys. Don’t wait for me.” None of us stopped moaning and groaning long enough to answer him, so Brandon wiggled under me where he could alternate between sucking my cock and Scott’s biggie. Scott was ready to go to the next level soon after Brandon began working on the black cock. Scott thanked Brandon and then pulled his dick out of Brandon’s mouth to apply a bit of lube. Then he moved forward until his glans met my anus for a preliminary kiss. The rounded cockhead sort of nuzzled into my ass and then started pressing forward with a strong push. For a moment, my body held its defenses, but then it yielded to the thick battering ram and the defenses fell quickly. As Scott’s rigid pole slid inch after inch deeper, I opened my mouth to suck air around Blade’s cock and to let out a very satisfied groan. Again, Brandon drew my dripping cock into his warm mouth and my groan went up in pitch and volume. I couldn’t imagine anything better than Scott’s cock in my asshole, Blade’s in my mouth, and mine in Brandon’s hot mouth. Wow! Soon Blade’s cock swelled in my mouth and hot wads of his cum gushed out, giving me a nice taste of his milky essence. The excitement of tasting his load while I was getting so deliciously plowed and sucked at the same time pulled me closer to climax, but I didn’t crest just yet. I felt a change in Brandon’s work as he stopped sucking and settled for gently circling my cock with his tongue. He was keeping me near the boil-over point but not finishing the job. Blade’s cries settled down as I held his cock in my warm mouth, sucking calmly. Scott pumped me faster and harder as his grunts became stronger and deeper in tone. When Scott shifted from groans to short bursts of “Oh!” Brandon started sucking me with more strength. Scott fucked me for all he was worth, cresting into his orgasm and pulling me with him. I only needed a few seconds for that to take me over the threshold into a gut-spilling, screaming orgasm that could probably be heard throughout the hotel. Brandon sucked my semen deep into his throat and held it while Scott pumped shot after shot of his juices into me. We clutched, twitched, and roared with the joy of ejaculation as we completed our amazing fuck. Brandon released my cock and slid off the side of the bed. “Out of my way, Scott!” he demanded. Instantly, Scott pulled his eight hot inches out to make room for Brandon’s almost nine, which entered me after only a very short pause. Brandon pummeled me for a few minutes before flipping me onto my back to give me eight-to-ten more minutes of delicious fucking. After cumming in Brandon’s mouth, my dick had flagged a bit, but it came back as hard as ever thanks to the pounding of Brandon’s cock against my prostate. When Blade leaned in and sucked my cock into his warm and loving throat, he only had to work on it for less than two minutes before he got his reward of a mouthful of ensign cum. I yelped, I began shooting my load, my asshole clenched, Brandon cried out, “Fuck, yeah! Take it, Jody! Take my load in your hot ass!” And he gave me that load in nine full shots of prime Navy semen! The four of us lay in a tangled mass for a few minutes as we slowly recovered from our exertions. I got fucked one more time before dinner, taking Blade’s six in the shower as we cleaned up again. We had an elegant dinner at the Connecticut Steakhouse a few blocks away from the hotel. From the restaurant, we went back to the gay bar for a round of drinks before we all agreed we’d rather be in our room than in that bar. Twenty minutes later we were back in our room where four cocks were calling for attention, waving, twitching, and drooling in anticipation of more mind-blowing sex. First, we had an all-oral round in which I finally tasted Brandon’s spice while Scott drained me and Blade drained him. Completing a military-style daisy chain, Brandon sucked the nectar out of Blade’s stem. As we recuperated, I whispered to Scott that I would like a chance to taste his essence soon. With a big grin, he whispered back he was sure that could be arranged. After a round of beers and pee breaks, we launched into part two of our get-acquainted evening with my guys taking turns feasting on my hole while I took turns giving them some pleasant oral pleasure. To my delight, they all enjoyed kissing, licking, and tonguing my hole until I finally begged for more. A few minutes of greasy fingers feeling up my prostate had my cock oozing a continuous flow of pre-cum before Blade replaced all those fingers with his greased-up cock. After a few minutes, Blade withdrew and Scott entered me. I really liked the way Scott pounded me with his wonderful thick penis. After a few more minutes, he withdrew and Brandon pushed in his nine inches to stretch me out even more. Soon, my hole needed to adjust to the thinner dimensions of Blade’s dick as the rotation of an impromptu round robin was established. Initially I was on my knees in place for doggie-style penetrations. When Brandon entered me for the third round, I was right at the edge of orgasm so a couple of minutes of his prostate-crushing strokes took me the distance. I unloaded a half-gallon of jizz into the bedsheets while he kept plowing my clenching asshole. When he pulled out, the guys turned me onto my back and pulled me to the edge of the bed so they could fuck me while standing at the side of the bed. Two complete rounds in that position had everyone nearing their peak of arousal and the third round was their opportunity to finish their efforts. One by one, my lieutenants rammed their juicy dicks into my quivering rectum where they thrust until they could hold off a big orgasm no longer. When the last load was delivered by the handsome Lt. Krakowsky, we all coalesced into a mass of exhausted human flesh in one bed. “Guys,” I said, “it’s been a long time since I’ve been this happy.” “And well-fucked,” Scott joked. We started laughing. “And so full of semen,” Blade added. Our laughter increased. After the laughter died down to a few chuckles, Brandon sighed, “Life is good.” “Amen!” I said. “I love you guys. You’re as horny as a whole baseball team!” They laughed and patted my well-used rump. “Only you would know,” Scott observed. I awoke a couple of hours later with bursa escort bayan a sticky mess on the sheets under my ass, but secure with Scott holding me on one side and Brandon on the other. I smiled and dropped off to sleep some more. The next morning I got to taste Scott’s sperm, which was a bit stronger in flavor than either Brandon’s or Blade’s. I thought I could tell the difference well enough to distinguish one lieutenant’s cum from the other’s. How cool was that? While I was working to get my first taste of Scott’s uniqueness, I received another dose of Blade’s spunk administered doggie style in my butthole. Of course, the uber-top Brandon was very happy with sloppy seconds and gave me yet another load for my efforts. We showered, dressed, and cleared out of the room, depositing our gear with the bellhop and checking out. Then we spent about 5 hours at the zoo, which was not half enough time to see it all, but it was enough time to have a lot of fun and enjoy a beautiful day together. We left the District about 1515 that afternoon, stopped somewhere on the way home for grease-burgers and fries, and arrived at the BOQ around 2030. Thankfully, none of my new fuck-buddies disturbed me that evening so I went to sleep early. It felt just a little bit strange to be alone, even for a few hours. I did get caught up on my sleep a bit before 0600, when I awakened to get ready to report for duty. We four drifted into the mess hall one by one but wound up sharing a table for a few minutes before we all had to head out for the day. At dinner Brandon invited me to his room at 2100 for a beer. At the appointed time, I knocked on his door, which he answered wearing only tighty-whities that displayed his big cock quite, quite well. After some very nice kissing and even better ass-tonguing, he greased my hole and his plunger and plunged right in, bringing simply fantastic sensations to my hole, pre-cum to my cockhead, and deep moans to my lips. Although he had fucked me several times over the weekend, this was our first private time together and it felt loving and special to me. Apparently, he felt something similar because after he’d filled my hole and I had covered my own chest, he looked deeply into my eyes with his intense brown ones. “Jody, babe, that was the most satisfying sex I have ever had! I hope to spend a lot of time topping you, you gorgeous, sexy creature.” “I’d love that!” He smiled, but soon the smile faded. “But,” he said in his stern voice, “I want to emphasize that I am not gay and never could be satisfied in a permanent relationship with a guy � even you.” “I know,” I said. I did understand that fact of life. “I feel some emotions for you and I think you might feel some, too.” I nodded, “I do.” “That’s okay, but just don’t ever start thinking maybe we’ll be a couple or something. Please! I don’t want you to get hurt by something so great.” “Thanks, Brandon. You’re one very sweet guy and I probably will fall in love with you. I fell in love with my roommate Len in college and also with my coach Stan. They were like you in this way. Len got married a few months back and I think Coach is dating a woman seriously. If I was able to deal with Len’s being mostly straight, I will be able to handle your sexuality, too.” “I’m glad to hear that,” he grinned, “because I’m ready for seconds.” I looked at his throbbing erection. “Damn! You are!” I surprised him a bit by rolling over and crawling onto his torso, spreading my legs, and sitting right down on his huge dong. I rode him hard for fifteen minutes until he pulled me off and tossed me face-down onto the mattress. For twenty more minutes he fucked me into his bed � I loved every pounding thrust! � before he blew another great load into me. We didn’t mention that he and Blade were soon moving to an apartment, but I assumed we’d figure out some way to continue our escapades. My three buddies seemed to coordinate their sex drives as I was invited to one room each evening, where the needs of my ass were met along with the needs of their cocks (and mine, too, actually). From side comments, I finally figured out that on the nights I was taking Scott, Blade was usually getting pounded by Brandon. More and more, I realized Brandon’s sexual prowess was very near to Len’s. The first time I saw Commander Vern Miller after our trip to DC, I noticed he had a sort of wicked-looking smile when he looked at me. I suspected Scott had informed him of my proclivities. He started patting my ass more and seemed to be around when I would shower at the gym. A couple of weeks after our big weekend in Washington, Brandon informed me that we were invited to dinner at some friends’ house on Saturday night. The party was to also include Scott and Vern. I smirked at Brandon when he told me about the invitation. “Am I to be dessert?” “What do you think?” he teased. “I should be so lucky.” He laughed. “Yes, ensign, you should be so lucky.” When Saturday rolled around, I did a very heavy workout with weights to puff up all my muscles. Back at my room, I made sure I took a very thorough douche and slept for over two hours in the afternoon. I dressed in my sexiest outfit � skin tight tan Levi’s to emphasize my firm bubble butt, an equally tight vee-necked sweater woven from a soft, thin golden-yellow yarn that hugged every crevice in my abdomen and made my perky nipples stand out and beg to be sucked, and brown penny-loafers without socks. Underneath I wore a canary yellow string bikini. Brandon also dressed in tight Levi’s, blue denim. His shirt was a simple light blue tee with a white ram’s head drawn on the front and University of Rhode Island in script on the back. He wore white sneakers and white socks. I didn’t yet know what he was wearing underneath. During the 20-minute drive to dinner, Brandon briefed me on our hosts: Alex and Darren. According to Brandon, Darren was a tall half-British, half-black guy who was quite handsome. CDR Darren Mitchell was a branch manager in Base Facilities and had a strong, muscular body. “You’ll like him. A lot.” “Why do you say that?” “He’s very masculine, along with being good-looking and very nice.” “Sounds good.” “And his cock is just a fraction of an inch shorter than mine.” “God, you know me too well!” I chuckled. `It’s okay for you to call me that in private,” he chuckled, “but please don’t call me `God’ in front of others.” While I laughed, he added, “It’s embarrassing!” “I guess that explains why I like getting on my knees in front of you.” He laughed again. “That reminds me. I’ve been meaning to explain that it’s customary that, when you’re on your knees to worship me, you face me.” For a moment I didn’t get the joke, but when it sunk in, I laughed deeply. When I found my breath, I asked, “But isn’t a sacrifice the highest form of worship?” “And you are sacrificing what exactly when you face away from me?” “My innocence?” Brandon laughed loudly. “You cannot sacrifice something you gave away years ago!” “Oh!” I cried in mock hurt. “So, tell me about Alex.” With a completely blas� face, he said, “Well, he sometimes faces me and sometimes he faces the other way, too.” I cracked up again. “Too much information!” “Nonsense. You’ll see it yourself tonight most likely.” Then he went on to describe Alex. He was CDR Bjorkland, who, as his name suggested, was part Swedish and part Norwegian with “beautiful blue eyes, perfect blond hair, and a smooth, well-defined, but not heavy, body,” according to Brandon. He also said Alex was very tall and was head of a branch of the Communications Department on base. He was about eight inches long and pretty thick and was comfortable bottoming as well as topping. That comment made me wonder how many of the guys in the group were tops and how many were bottoms. When I asked the question, Brandon thought for a minute before answering. “Um,” he held up his fingers and began counting. “Our exclusive tops are Vern, Kris, Alvin, Earl, Arnie, and me. I’ve only seen Darren bottom once, so he is essentially a full top. That’s seven tops. Some of the guys will bottom sometimes, but strongly prefer to top. That would be Miguel, Mike, Lawrence, Doug, and Scott.” “Scott bottoms?” I asked, surprised. “Uh-huh. He tops mostly, but he enjoys a hard dick in his ass sometimes, too.” “I can’t imagine that.” “I love to see him taking a pounding. It’s so unexpected that it’s incredibly hot.” “Um,” I tried to picture it, but failed. “I would bet.” Looking at his fingers, Brandon continued, “So, I guess that’s five who are mostly tops. A couple of guys seem to be about 50-50. Alex, Blade, and, um, I think that’s probably all. Two in that category. Then there are the ones who bottom more than they top. That would be, gee, just Ted. How many is that?” “Um, seven tops, five mostly tops, two equals, and one bottom. Fifteen?” “That’s about it. Every month or two someone transfers out so there is a constant change in the total. We are all watching for other guys who might fit in and we add them when we find them.” “Like me?” “Yep. I didn’t know you were going to work out until that first night in DC. And, escort bursa to be honest, tonight is sort of your official interview, I guess.” Just then he turned the car into the driveway of a long, rambly-looking ranch house in an above-average middleclass neighborhood. “Well,” I chuckled. “Thanks for the warning!” He grinned and patted my knee. “You don’t need it.” I was surprised when CDR Vern Miller answered the door. He was wearing Lee’s jeans that snuggly cupped his thighs, buttocks, and crotch topped by a yellow and green plaid dress with at least four open buttons at the top so his chest rug could be seen. He smiled broadly and said, “Welcome, Jody.” “Commander,” I nodded. “Tonight, I’m Vern,” he corrected me with a wink. “Is that okay?” “Of course,” I nodded, “Vern.” As Brandon closed the door, Vern drew me in for a solid hug. “I’ve been looking forward to this,” he whispered as he rubbed my butt with one hand. “Me, too, stud,” I whispered back. He leaned back and wiggled his eyebrows, then released me. Scott stepped around Vern to scoop me into a deep hug. He kissed me (no tongue, for a change) and welcomed me. Behind Scott, a tall stud came into the foyer. He was a bit stocky with thick, heavy muscles that stretched his white muscle shirt almost to the breaking point. I couldn’t wait to get my mouth on those pecs! His face glowed with a healthy-looking chocolate mocha skin tone and large, white teeth showing through a warm smile. I knew three things instantly. One, I was going to like this man. Two, I would feel very protected and safe with him. Three, I was going to love submitting my asshole to him. When he turned to lead us into the house, I noticed that his khaki’s fit very snug around firm, meaty butt-cheeks that completed a very humpy package I was looking forward to unwrapping. We all trooped into the large kitchen where the very tall Scandinavian-looking Alex was busy making dinner. He stopped long enough to hug Brandon and shake hands with me, then pull me into a hug. Since he was at least six inches taller than me, my head nestled easily into the base of his neck, against his shoulder. I could feel a firm pectoral beneath my cheek. He was very white � perfectly blond hair, pale blue eyes, and skin that looked as if it had never met the sun. His face, like his body, was long and slender. I noticed his feet were large but narrow in his deck shoes and his fingers were long and bony. I wondered if his cock was like that, too. “Welcome to Norfolk and our home,” Alex said as he released me. “I look forward to getting to know you. Now, all of you, out of the kitchen, please!” Darren led us into the living room, where he made a pitcher of margaritas for us. When he’d poured a glass for each of us, he handed them to Scott, who delivered a glass to me and then Brandon. I sipped a very smooth, tart and tangy margarita. Scott returned to the bar and got glasses for Vern and himself. Brandon steered me to sit on the sofa while he took an armchair at the side. Vern sat to one end of the sofa and Scott took a chair facing us. When Darren joined us, he motioned for me to move into the center of the sofa and took the end where I had been. Darren placed a big, hairy hand on my thigh and smiled. “We’re all so hot for you, we want to be as close as possible.” I blushed at his directness while my heart raced at his sheer magnetic presence so close beside me. For a split second I was paralyzed with shyness. But then I realized Darren would be fucking my ass later this very evening, so being coy and shy seemed rather pointless and stupid. I grinned at him and stretched my arm toward him, placing my hand on his sexy jawline. Holding his head in place, I leaned up and slowly placed my lips against his bigger, thicker, and more muscular lips. When two sets of lips were firmly connected, I opened my mouth, effectively pulling his mouth open, too. Knowing that my role was to be the submissive to his dominant, I held my mouth open, waiting for his tongue to enter and possess me. I waited only a few milliseconds until he licked the surface of my lips and penetrated my body for the first time. His tongue entered slowly, deliberately, just the way I knew his cock would claim my asshole. His tongue, of course, was not rigid like his cock would be. It was, however, thick and meaty. It filled my waiting cavity with heat, dripping with his saliva and fueled by his need. His tongue kissed the tip of my tongue and lifted it, showing me immediately which of us was in control. I grew faint. His hand moved along my thigh to my hip, where it circled around my waist in syncopation with his tongue circling my tongue. I felt someone, Vern, take my drink. Darren, having set his drink on the end table at his side, leaned toward me, placed his other hand on my waist on the opposite side of my body, and tongue-fucked my mouth into submission. One arm behind my waist and one hand at my side, suddenly I felt his body stiffen, muscles in his arms contracting, even legs hardening. I was pulled off the sofa, flipped around in mid-air and brought safely and gently to a landing in Darren’s lap, my knees naturally falling to the sides of his thighs and finding stability on the sofa cushion. As my weight settled onto him, my balls were pushed into my body by a large throbbing mound beneath me. Darren’s hands moved toward the center of my back and he pulled me into his massive chest. Somewhere in the room I heard someone say, “Fuck!” and be answered by someone else saying, “They didn’t waste any time.” My heart beat against his pec and his beat against mine. His tongue explored my mouth like Magellan circumnavigating the globe, laying claim to my mouth and everything attached to it, especially my asshole. His hands slipped down my spine to cup my buns, squeezing slightly to establish dominance there, too. My lungs began to cry out for a deep breath to replenish my oxygen-deprived body. I knew I had to break this kiss in order to save myself for one thing � to serve my new master. Finally, my self-preservation instinct pulled me back from Darren, his tongue dropping out of me as I backed away. Our eyes locked in perhaps the hottest gaze I had ever experienced. I gasped for air as our saliva dripped from my lips. A moment passed and then he spoke in a deep, full-throated voice I could feel throughout my body from small tremors transferred through his arms and hands, thighs, and even his glorious cock into my body through my back, my hands, my thighs, my butt, and my balls. “ce to meet you, baby,” he said as his lips drew back into a wet smile. Speaking with total honesty, I responded, “I am thoroughly addicted.” He chuckled, as did some of the other guys. “Actually, you’ll be thoroughly dicked after dinner.” “Do we have to wait?” I asked eagerly. “Yep,” he nodded. “Alex would kill me if I ruined his dinner. But I do aim to possess your sweet ass tonight.” “Please,” I nodded. “Now, why don’t you say hello to Vern in a nice, friendly way?” I smiled at Darren. I turned my head and looked at Vern. He was a hot man, too. I was going to have to share myself with everyone rather than concentrate on any one of them. Although I knew I could be happy with just Darren tonight, I also knew that I could enjoy all these men. I smiled at Vern, my new coach, whose cock would soon occupy the same place my old coach’s cock used to love so much. I leaned in and gave Darren’s luscious lips a good-bye peck, then slid off his lap onto my feet. “Ouch,” I said and reached down to adjust my cock in my tight jeans. Everyone laughed as I moved the few feet to Vern, who looked up at me eagerly. I straddled the stockier man, sitting on his thighs in a copy of my seat on Darren. Putting my hands on his cheeks, fingers behind his head, I leaned down until my lips connected with his. Again, I opened my mouth and received his tongue, which soon established its dominance over me. This was a hot welcoming kiss, too. It was a bit different since I had been seeing Vern several times a week at baseball practices and games. We weren’t exactly friends, but we’d both felt an attraction each time we were together and now we were in a situation where that attraction could be consummated. After a few seconds, our kiss was interrupted by Alex, calling out from the dining room, “You guys need to cool your jets! We’ll be eating in just a few minutes, and I mean chicken not dicks and asses!” Vern and I parted quickly so we could both laugh at Alex’s joke. “Aye, aye, Commander!” Vern said. “Jody,” Alex said, “please help me get the table ready.” “Yes, sir!” I said as my hand moved toward my forehead to salute. I stopped it before it got too high. I pecked Vern and stood up, following Alex’s long legs and tight buns into the kitchen. As we passed through the dining room, Alex chuckled and said, “Good to see you getting acquainted so quickly.” I giggled. “You guys are quite the horny group, aren’t you?” “Yes, I’d say we are. Sex is the key reason we hang out together, but we have actually become good friends, too.” He handed me a glass pitcher of water and a bucket of ice. “If you would, fill the glasses on the table, please.” As I went back into the dining room, Scott passed by headed into the kitchen. He grabbed my ass and kissed me quickly. “Just to remind you that I am still your top man!” I laughed. “I seem to be overrun with top men tonight.” He laughed, too. “That may literally be true later.”

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