Subject: Jericho and the Studs: Chapter 01 READ THE FOLLOWING WARNING: ­čôî The following story contains explicit and graphical depictions of gay sex, verbal insults, incest, sexual harassment, and other explicit content that may be inappropriate and offensive to some older audiences. The book is intended strictly for mature readers only. Minors are prohibited. ­čôî If you’re not comfortable reading explicit gay stories, I’d advise you to leave for good and never come back. I do not encourage anyone who’s under the age of 18 to read and stay on my story. ­čôî I also do not encourage my audience to practice their lifestyle, romanticize, glorify or tolerate their actions, always practice safe sex with your partner with consent. ­čôî This story is a work of fiction. Unless otherwise indicated, all the names, characters, businesses, places, events, and incidents in this story are either the product of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. Enjoy reading, support the site. —– Jericho and the studs Chapter One: Where it all began Jericho wakes up early, it’s a fine day. The sun is gleaming through his window. He wakes up to the sound of his alarm. This is where it all began. Jericho is a small boy no doubt, 5’5 in height, and weighs 135 pounds. Neither muscular nor skinny, unlike his father, which is bulging with pure masculinity. He’s curved, no single muscle could be found in his figure. He was almost hairless, unlike other kids his age. At school, most boys were fit, some are athletic and some are muscular. They all took a workout at their school’s private gym every day. After all, it’s an all-boys school. He wasn’t a target of bullies, surprisingly everyone was nice to him, wasn’t a target of abuse either. Some of his classmates might find him annoying but overall, they seemed to see Jericho as a nice kid. And in some ways, his classmates find him adorable. On the other hand, Jericho’s dad is huge, Mr. Jacob. He’s 6’3 tall and a very muscular man. His dad is in his early 40s and still very attractive. A lot of his classmates told him how attractive his dad is. Of course, Jericho is flattered by it. Jericho has other siblings as well, Adam and Erica. His older sister already has a family meanwhile his other brother is a dropout from college, despite being 24, Adam is still living under his dad’s roof. My father was fine with that, he was willing to let my brother stay until he finds another stable job. But things started to fall on Jericho. His dad is unemployed, her older sister cannot sustain enough to their father’s bills because she already has her three kids to feed with. Her sister, left their home right after she got married. His older brother which is still living with his father technically does have a job but isn’t stable enough to sustain their expenses. His father Jacob is having a financial crisis. And his sister’s online business can’t keep up with their bills and her medication. “Son I think your old man needs to find a job, or else we could go broke.” His father joked. He was sitting on the couch watching tv with his morning coffee. He was only wearing white boxer shorts, revealing his huge muscular body. He was bulging all over. From biceps to his big muscular thighs. Suddenly, it made the little boy all flustered. Jericho shakes his head from his dad’s joke. “Morning dad.” He kisses Jericho on the cheek as a morning response. His dad has always been the affectionate man he truly is. Jacob has a soft spot for his little boy, he’s the reason why he keeps on working to sustain his son’s needs. Not that he doesn’t love his older son or his daughter but being the youngest sibling, Jacob loves to spoil and pamper his Jericho. Jericho casually sits on his daddy’s lap wrapping him by his dad’s huge beefy arms while they’re watching his son’s favorite morning cartoon. Jacob constantly gives his son some small kisses on his cheek, sometimes asking him how was his school, if he doing great at his subjects, and so on. It was nice and warm to sit on his daddy’s lap. “I hope you’re doing well at school, I just want the best for you, you know that already, right?” His dad said. “Yeah, I know dad. I’m studying very hard at my school. I’m not gonna waste my scholarship just like that.” Jericho assured. “That’s my boy right there.” Jacob praising him, Jericho smiled back in return. “Anyways, I was planning to take you and Adam to the beach.” “When? Are you serious dad?” Jericho turned around to face his dad, looking surprised. “Yes, I’m indeed serious. This weekend I think, we haven’t bonded together as a family for almost a year now. I would also invite your sister and her family… Just a simple family gathering, you know. I’m sure that you miss Erica’s special ceviche.” Jacob said. “Yeah, sure I’m down with that! That would be nice, I also haven’t seen Erica since last Christmas.” Jericho was happy about the news, J misses Erica so much. He can’t wait to see his big sister again. “I know, I miss my eldest daughter too…” Jacob spoked, rubbing his son’s right thigh mindlessly. They talked about random things, school, his dad’s friends, even the news they’re watching at the moment. Then a few minutes later, his brother, Adam, came down the stairs. His brother is tall as well, almost the same height as our dad. He was built and well fit. During his college years, he played basketball and occasionally took to a gym. As a result, his physique is incredible, he looked like a god, and it pays off well. He wore a muscle-cut shirt paired with his tight gray shorts, as usual. His hair is messy and all over his face, covering his sharp nose, prominent eyelashes, and stunning green eyes. This was an everyday occurrence to Jericho, living with two studs in a house is like a dream come true. “Morning dad.” Adam greeted. He waved at dad. “Morning too son,” Dad replied. “So, what’s your plan for today? I thought you’re looking for another job?” Jacob asks. “Yeah dad, and I might need some help from my friend who works at the office, so I might be a little late.” He stated. Stretching his whole body, a happy trail was visible in front of him. His thoughts were tempting him to lick the shit out of his hair. In the middle of their conversation, Jericho stood up and goes to their kitchen to prepare their breakfast, Jericho cooked pancakes and bacon. He also toasted bread and microwaved leftover pizza on the fridge. His father, as usual, wants another coffee. Jericho was happy to oblige. “Hey there buddy.” Adam appeared, slapping his ass. His brother sometimes makes fun of him for having a tight round ass, he joked and teased about it a few times. At some point, Adam annoyed the hell out of him but he ain’t taking it seriously. “Adam what the hell man! You’re so annoying.” Jericho said, rolling his eyes in annoyance. “Sorry I just can’t help man, it’s so jiggly.” Adam teased. He messes his hair to annoy him, towering him from behind. Resting his head lazily on his brother’s head, watching Jericho cooking. “Adam! Stop pestering J!” His dad shouted. “What? I didn’t do anything?” Adam chuckled. “Both of you need to stop whatever ya’ll do, it’s fucking five in the morning!” Jason warned. Their father is always cranky in the morning, his older son always annoys him. Adam stopped bugging his brother. Instead, Adam spooned Jericho from behind, Jericho ignores him. “Mmm smells so good bro.” Adam moaned. Either from the smell of bacon sizzling from the frying pan or his hair. “What are you doing Adam, get off of me.” He pestered away his older brother. “Okay, then I’ll go!” Adam exclaimed, still chuckling. He rolled his eyes in annoyance. As he was cooking, Adam takes off his shirt, throws it in their living room, and comes back to the kitchen. Their father was in Adam’s room fixing his cabinet, leaving just the two of us in the kitchen. Adam was partially naked. The only thing that was covered was his privates. He couldn’t tell what his brother is up to or his motives. He turns around just to find his brother sitting on the table, supporting his weight from his both hands placing it on their table. “It’s early in the morning Adam, give me a break.” He warned. He feels like his brother is going to tease him again all day. “What I didn’t do anything yet?” Adam exclaimed. Goodness, he’s so immature in his early 20s, he thought. “Whatever, move or I’ll tell dad to come down here.” He threatened him. Adam mocked his actions. When he was about to scream, Adam quickly stands up, finally sitting down at the chair next to him. Jericho smirked. “What a baby,” Adam whispered. “What did you say?” He questions. “Nothing.” Adam fake smiles. He winked at him, Jericho didn’t respond to his foolishness and instead calls his father for breakfast. Not long enough, his dad comes down the stairs, seeing his son cooking breakfast for them. He kissed his son on the forehead. Earning Adam a light smack behind his neck too for teasing Jericho. “Ow.” Adam winced, touching the back of his head. Jericho let his tongue out on Adam, he knew dad favors him much than him. They eat their breakfast peacefully. After that, his dad we’re talking about football stuff and occasionally girls. Adam casually placed his arm around his brother’s shoulders. Adam takes glances occasionally at his younger brother. Sometimes a wink, a suggestive one. Asshole, he thought. When Jericho is around his family, he feels safe and secured. His brother might be crazy sometimes but no doubt he loves his older brother. After they’re done eating, Jericho puts all the dishes in the sink. Preparing himself to go to school. Still have some hour to do it. He had to wash the dishes as the two studs leave the place doing their usual routine. After he’s finally done, he decided to go upstairs and clean himself. As he goes to the bathroom, he immediately brushes his teeth. The showerhead is turned on, by that, it means Adam is taking a shower in his bathroom again. “Oh for fucks sake…” Jericho whispered to himself. “What are you doing here again?” Jericho asks while his mouth is full. istanbul travesti Honestly, despite today is too early, he’s already spent up talking too much on Adam. “Hey J, did you hear what dad just said earlier? Dad said we need to conserve water, we’re on a tight budget, you know.” He stated in a duh expression. “And what about it?” He spoked after he spits his toothpaste from his mouth. Jericho stood there looking at himself in the mirror waiting for Adam to finish taking a shower. “So instead of waiting for me to finish, I have an idea.” “Usually Adam, if something comes out of your mouth, it’s a bad idea,” Jericho stated. “Don’t be an asshole, J. Dad is having some money problems. You ain’t paying no bills!” Adam said; washing his body. “I’m not catching up. What do you mean?” “Let’s take a shower together.” Adam proposed. Jericho just chuckled at his brother, he doesn’t know if he was being serious or not. “You’re funny.” Jericho laughed dryly. “Don’t laugh, seriously man!” He exclaimed. Opening the shower curtain. “Why the fuck would I take a shower with you, Adam?” Jericho groaned. Adam is getting on his nerves, wasting time in the shower for no damn reason. “Do you want to conserve water or you just want to make fun of my ass?” Jericho asked placing his both arm on his waist. “Me? No, never. Why would I do that? Besides did we used to shower together when we were kids?” “You’re not fooling anyone.” Jericho deadpanned. “J, I’m serious. Hop in!” Adam insisted. “C’mon man. Stop being such a wuss and I’ll wash your back!” Jericho rolled his eyes in irritation. Adam leaned his arm on the wall, resting it. He opened the shower curtain, exposing Adam’s naked body. Jericho stiffed at the mere sight. “What a fucking fag…” Adam murmured. “Anyways, we used to take a shower when we’re kids. What’s the difference now?” Adam questioned. The veiny cock, Adam’s pride. It so soft but Jericho could tell it’s big. His flaccid penis lengths in 5 inches long. Large yet it’s not even semi-hard. It hangs freely on his dick like a proud man he is. Adam noticed his brother is staring at the flaccid penis. He knew how to manipulate his younger bro, Adam knows what Jericho wants and it’s only one thing. Jericho’s mouth watered, he just exposed his Adonis god-like body right in front of him. The upper torso glistering from beads of droplets, traveling down to his chiseled abs, to his navel, and down to his hairy pubes. All these years, Adam knew Jericho finds him sexy and possibly might have a crush on him. He found out his younger brother is a queer when they were kids. Jericho used to look at his brother’s chest whenever he’s working out in his room, pretending to not notice spying on him lifting weights. Adam pretended he didn’t know and ignored it. Perhaps, it excites him to see his brother adoring his beautiful body. One time, when he was taking a shower in his brother’s room, Adam accidentally falls his towel on his waist. He was in Jericho’s room to unplug his phone that was charging in his room. Jericho stood frozen, his eyes we’re traveling back and forth down to his cock and up to this upper body. His big bro Adam just smiled at him. “You like what you see bro?” He suggested. Jericho blushed at the mere sight. “N-no, stupid.” Jericho stuttered, not looking directly at his face. That’s when he realized his brother is a faggot, a cocksucker, a warm mouth, and an ass could be beneficial. He saw Jericho’s small cock was tenting on his shorts. Ever since then, he didn’t stop teasing his younger brother all the time. Sometimes, he slaps his ass or squeezes it wherever Jericho is bending over at something. Jericho is a short boy, when he’s trying to reach something on the upper cabinet, Adam comes in to help him; intentionally brushing his crotch on his brother’s tight ass. Jericho knew his brother grinding his ass intentionally on him but he just shrugs it. He likes it, but he doesn’t want to tell him of that. The truth is, lust overshadowed their perverted minds. Then last month, he caught Jericho peeping through the door that was unlocked. He knew his brother was going to take a look at his room. Adam was tired and worn out from sex with his girlfriend. Their father was out from work and it was Saturday night, Mr. Jacob isn’t home until 10 pm so they had the freedom to do what they want. Thus letting his girlfriend in. The sex was great, Adam’s girlfriend, Micah, was stunningly hot, Micah is a college student and they’ve been dating together for years. You can tell their relationship is strong. Adam fucking her for about an hour or more non-stop. Her huge tits bouncing up and down riding Adam’s giant horse cock. Moans could be heard around their halls it was so loud that it disturbed Jericho from studying. Her pussy sliding in and out of his cock, smoothly. Precum mixed, moving his hips hitting her g-spot. “Fuck yea baby, fucking ride my cock.” Adam grunted as he squeezed her tits. A few minutes later, Micah was in charge and took control. Adam rests both arms behind his head and relaxes. The session lasted for a few minutes. His girlfriend was in heat, she removes her vagina from his cock and positioned her pussy right in front of his face and pussy juices were squirting all over Adam’s face. On the other side of the room, there is Jericho. Masturbating, hearing his brother moans and grunts made him horny as well, he couldn’t take it from jerking off his small pathetic cock. He wanted to cum bad, Jericho decided to leave his room and took a step closer to Adam’s door. It was risky, but none of it didn’t matter, Jericho wanted to bust a nut so bad. Luckily for him, Adam’s door is open. Little did he know that Adam noticed something was peeking at the door. Adam smirked at himself, he knew his younger brother couldn’t resist him. For his younger brother’s pleasure, Adam performed better, giving Jericho a good show without him looking his fag as he grunted, slamming his big cock on his bitch in bed. Jericho stroked faster, Adam slams his big cock faster and harder, like a wild beast. Adam drilled the wet pussy, bitch in bed. He moaned louder and move his hips, knowing someone is watching them from afar. Now it is Adam’s turn, the slapping and grunting keep on getting louder and louder, it also made Jericho cummed on his face eight times. Not long enough, Adam finally is closer to the edge their moans are getting louder. “Aww fuck baby I’m going to bust a nut, here goes my cum, ahh shit, oh fuck yeah.” Adam groaned. Adam stood up and finally cummed on her face, on his neck, and few spurts on the bedsheets, grunting and moaning so loud that their neighbors could hear it. Jericho cummed too. He wasn’t paying attention as he was too focused on jerking on his brother’s door. To prevent getting caught, he leaves his brother’s door and continues doing what he was supposed to do, studying. A few minutes later his girlfriend came out of his room and leave their home immediately. Adam was so worked up, testosterone was raging from the double workout. To his surprise, Adam found so fresh cum at his door. He shook his head and laughed. What a fucking faggot, he thought. “I’m going to find some ways to tap that tight ass of yours someday, fag.” Adam whispered to himself. At every opportunity comes, he’ll take it just to put his dick on his brother’s ass. Adam comes back to his senses and sees his fag brother having a boner problem, Adam grinned mischievously. “W-well, that’s because we were kids back then.” He explained, Adam could tell Jericho is having a hard time speaking for himself, he couldn’t look him in the eyes directly. “Why J, are you embarrassed by me now? C’mon bro…” Adam insisted but he also felt sad, or at least that’s what Jericho thought. It made him feel guilty. After a few second of silence, Jericho sighed in defeat, “Okay, fine…” suddenly Adam’s face lits up with a smile, then turned into a mischievous smirk. Jericho comes closer to him. His chest is beating, feeling so constricted on his steaming room. The stream was fogging throughout the small bathroom from his shower. Jericho finally joins in the shower. He was never hard and aroused like this before. “Yeah, that’s why I love my little bro so much.” Adam praised him. Messing up his hair. “Let’s get this over with, I don’t have time to fool around, I’m gonna be late for school,” Jericho said. Adam just smiled cockily. They didn’t waste any time, they took a shower together. Jericho being close to Adam is a decision he genuinely regretted. He cannot concentrate on what he’s doing. Jericho was towered by his tall brother, making him facing his delectable chest. His two pectorals had small hairs scattered all over down to Adam’s washboard abs. The water glisters Adam’s body giving more details to his muscles. Jericho tried to ignore the arousal building up, closing his eyes and washing his hair with shampoo. Adam’s soft cock often brushed on his thighs. Jericho felt it, He ignored it again. Jericho’s arousal was on its highest peak, leaking precum. Adam offered him to soap Jericho back, he didn’t stop Adam from doing it. He soaped Jericho’s back sensually. From his delicate small arms to his shoulder down to his lower back. Until he reached the part that he’s fantasizing about for years. His tight juicy ass. It was so big and round, like a woman figure, the ass is smooth and bouncy. Adam was turned on by the view, it made his dick twitch, brushing it from Jericho’s ass. It felt so good caressing it by his rough palms. “Do you like it, boy?” Adam asked. Jericho didn’t know how to respond, he’s rock hard like Adam as well. “Um yeah it feels great, your hand feels so delicate,” Jericho moaned, whither under his body closing his eyes and feeling Adam’s rough hands on his smooth, round ass. Adam slowly washed his ass, sensually, like kneading dough. Adam is so horny that his other hand placed it on his cock, stroking it slowly, now his dick is starting to wake up. Biting his lip, fighting the urge to bend Jericho over and eat his ass. “Damn…” He whispered to himself. He couldn’t contain himself from saying it. Meanwhile, Jericho is enjoying kad─▒k├Ây travesti the massage he’s receiving. Pushing out his luck, Adam brushed his finger into the ass crack. “Ahh…” It made the little boy moan in pleasure. He arched his head behind his brother’s shoulder. He didn’t expect his brother to moan like that. It sounds like a bitch in heat, a submissive faggot whose ass needs a hard rod, Adam thought. “Fuck…” Adam groaned. After that they didn’t dare to speak a single word, it was their body that was doing the talk. And it has been like that for a few minutes until Jericho decided to finally confront Adam face to face. They stared at each other for a minute, looking at his big brother adam, he had the time to inspect every detail on his handsome face. He has a fair complexion, its curved eyebrows placed perfectly on his piercing green eyes, kissable lips, and sharp jawline. “Turn around J,” Adam said all of the sudden. There wasn’t any hint of emotions coming through his voice. Jericho is confused by his sudden request. “Why?” He questioned. Adam couldn’t take it anymore he squeezed both of Jericho’s ass, stabbing his thighs with his now hard cock. “Listen to me bro, I know your secret.” He leaned in placing his lips on his brother’s ear and whispered. Telling Jericho his dirty little secret. “W-what do you mean?” Jericho asked. Panicking that he’ll tell dad that his favorite son is a perv. Adam grinds his cock, stabbing his brother’s soft flat belly while clenching the back of his neck and his ass together. “I know you’re a fucking faggot. You’re a pervert who wants to suck your brother’s cock. I’ve been observing you for a year now, you’re getting more obvious than before.” Looking at him directly, confronting Jericho. “No, I’m n-not.” Jericho denied the accusations. “Yes, yes you are, you fucking liar! You know what I do to those liars?” He questioned. “I pound on them, do you understand that faggot?” He paused for a moment, then he had an idea. “Give me a reason why I shouldn’t snitch you on dad.” He questioned, Adam, threatening his younger brother, exposing his perverted son to their father. Jericho was shocked, widen his eyes in fear of telling their dad. “Please Adam, don’t tell dad about this, I promise I’ll do anything just don’t tell daddy. I’m sorry for all those years that I made you uncomfortable, I’m sorry!” Jericho pleaded, on the verge of crying in front of Adam. Being the asshole he truly is, his manipulative brother won’t stop threatening Jericho to snitch him up. “Not good enough, maybe I think I should tell dad that I caught your queer ass masturbating in my room with my dirty underwear on your fucking face, how’s that fag?” Jericho shakes his head. “Maybe I’ll tell dad you’re spitting jizz all over your bed when I was sleeping in your room back then. Or maybe…” Adam leaned more closer to Jericho’s ear. “I’ll tell dad you’ve been longing for my cock all this time, that lil’ J wanted a brother cock inside on his tight little boy pussy… No doubt dad will be fucking pissed off…” “You planned all of this don’t you?” Jericho glared at him. “So what, you know you wanted my cock anyways.” Adam retorted. Now grinding his hard cock roughly on Jericho’s abdomen. “I fucking hate you.” Jericho glared again. He couldn’t believe he was blackmailed by his brother in exchange for doing what Adam demanded, against his will. Soft lips pressed lightly on Jericho’s neck, sucking and licking it. Adam holds him tightly in his arms and lifts him. “Y-you better do this quickly…” He warned. Adam chuckled. His voice vibrating inside the tight and compact room. “As if you don’t want this,” Adam reasoned. “Okay, hold on tight J.” He demands. Jericho locks his legs around Adam’s built waist and put his both arm over his shoulders. His ass hitting Adam’s cock head Adam proceeds to violate Jericho’s neck. Grabbing J’s hair roughly that Adam can access his neck easily. The tickling sensation from his neck is euphoric. Brushing his lips to Jericho’s sensitive neck, tracing it back and forth, down to the collarbone. Moaning in pleasure, unconsciously biting his lips. Adam groans in response. “Damn, I could’ve tasted you, all these years that I missed. I like how you fucking smell so good, you moan like a bitch too, We can do this every day…” Tracing Adam’s lips, gently sucking his collarbone like fine china. So soft, so fragile, Adam thought. Jericho’s cock is now leaking precum, pressed tightly on Adam’s hard abs. The tip of his cock head, slicking with ooze, mixing with sweat and the pouring water. “Ahhh don’t stop Adam, oh fuck yes right there.” Jericho pleaded. “Yeah J, I won’t stop…” Adam licked his chin then sucked it hard. Adam is reeking of manly scent, which gives his little brother some additional arousal. Adam uses his other hand to turn off the shower, pushing his brother against the wall, ravishing his innocent neck with his soft lips. In that position, Adam’s big cock rubbing back and forth on Jericho’s tight little ass. “You feel that brother? Do you feel that warm cock on your ass? Before I take you to school, I’ll take your fucking ass. And I’m going to drill that tight little hole of yours then take away that cherry.” “Say it J, say how greatly you want my cock, say it how much you want to get fucked by your big bro.” Adam teased. The sensual tease, his deep, erotic, and masculine voice, the dirty talk he received made him so horny that anytime soon, he might cum early. “C’mon bro don’t be shy.” Adam bit his ear, tempting him to say it. Despite getting a hard time speaking, all because of his extreme arousal, Jericho manages to answer him. “Yes bro I feel it, your warm precum slicking my hole.” He responded, resting his head on his brother’s shoulders. “I want you to destroy my hole bro, please fuck me… Please Adam fuck me… I wanna cum so bad. Ahhh…” Jericho mumbled. Grinding his cock on his brother’s hard abs, while the other hand exploring Adam’s beautiful chest, fiddling the hard nipples protruding in arousal. This is probably the best experience Jericho has ever felt in his whole life, one of the most memorable ones. The sex that he’ll never forget: the day he’s about to get fucked by his sexy brother. “Perfect, now we need to leave the bathroom, then let’s proceed this to your bed. We still have time before I drive you to school.” Adam said. “Be prepared,” Adam whispered. Adam lifted his younger brother with his strong arms, not letting him down to the floor. Pushing the bathroom door, not caring themselves if they’re naked. Adam walks through the door and locks it. Then proceeds to ravish his neck and shoulder. Putting temporary love bites on Jericho’s body. They have half an hour and 20 minutes to fool around before he takes his little brother to school. Adam gently lay his brother on the mattress, finally seeing his younger brother, little Jericho, being wet and messy, exposing his hole. Jericho didn’t need to be told, as he positioned himself as Adam desired: spreading his both legs exposing his red puffing hole, begging to be impaled by Adam’s leaking cock. “Not yet J, I need you to do something…” Adam looked at him like a hungry beast waiting to eat Jericho alive. For a few seconds, he didn’t waste any moment. He takes a mental picture of the beautiful stud of a brother. Adam’s body is perfect. It radiates so much masculinity. For such a young age at 24, Jericho never ceases to amaze him. He is covered in light patches of hair from his chest, down to his abdomen, and lastly down to his bush. His huge biceps are perfectly built, popping veins all over his wrist. The rays of the morning sun give more detail and volume to its already perfect slightly tanned skin. His two giant pecs are ready to be worshipped, his eight-pack abs are bulging, with a smudge of precum near his navel. Adam noticed little J is eye-fucking him. He decided to give him a little show. Flexing his both arms, showing off his hard muscles. Jericho unconsciously touches himself. Rubbing his dick off while his bro is doing something for him. “Wow, you are certainly a real faggot huh? Who would’ve thought of that? Seeing you jerking off your pathetic, little cock.” He said. “O-ok.” Jericho didn’t know how to respond to that, he’s too horny to think clearly. “Yeah, faggot.” He smirked. “Listen to me, I need you to do something, I need you to suck my cock… Spit on it, choke on it, worship it, anything just to make it easier to fuck your boy cunt later.” Adam teased. Swaying hips to move his cock left and right while both biceps are flexing, showing its hairy armpits. Adam moves closer where his big and veiny cock near his mouth. Jericho let out his tongue like a bitch who’s waiting for his master’s seed. “Suck it faggot.” Adam commanded. “Can I at least worship your body?” Jericho pleaded, wishing that Adam permit him to worship his god muscles. “Whatever it takes just so you can cum, so you can use it to loosen up your hole.” Adam gripped his wrist and placed it on his abdomen to feel him up with Jericho’s soft and delicate hands. “Thank you.” Jericho gazed at him lustfully. “Less talk, more sucking!” Adam grunted, slapping him with his hard dick. Adam pushed his cock closer to his mouth. Jericho opened his mouth wide enough. “Remember to breathe through your nose, I don’t want your teeth scrapping my cock or I’ll fucking break your nose. Are we clear faggot?” He asked. Droplets of water from Adam’s wet hair dripping down his face. “Yes Adam,” Jericho answered. Then, Adam proceeds to place his cock head on his tongue. Slowly enough, he pushed his cock down his hot throat. He moaned in lust. Adam gives him time to adjust himself before he started to fucked his mouth slowly. The queer’s hands were roaming the athletic, powerful body. He could feel the warm flesh, the heartbeat, the breathing, the abs occasionally flexing. He’s a damn lucky faggot, he thought. “Oh yeah, that’s it little bro Suck that fucking dick. Suck your big bro’s big dick. Ahh, shit your mouth is so warm and tight. Be careful with your fucking teeth asshole!” Adam moaned and warned. “Oh fuck bak─▒rk├Ây travesti yeah, your sucking is bad but we could train that mouth of yours. Mmm, that’s it faggot, nice and slow… Fuck yeah, fag…” Jericho sucked it like a lollipop. The slurping sound coming out of his mouth. Adam pushed him more, choking him. Jericho almost suffocated but he managed to breathe through his nose. “Fucking hell man, your mouth feels so good. Don’t stop.” He moaned in pleasure. Now Jericho confidently sucked his cock without Adam pushing him to do it. He spits on the red bulging head, dripping off lots of slick precum, oozing from the tip. Jericho catches it using his talented tongue, soon enough, Jericho is going to master the art of cocksucking. “That’s it faggot, suck my dick. Yeah, you love that huh, I bet you would also suck my friend’s cock… This is awesome J. Ahhh, I would use your mouth from now on. Fuck yeah…” Adam moaned. Hand roaming all over his body. From his strong biceps to his big pectoral muscles. Adam posed his physique like a model for his sissy little bro. Jericho couldn’t take the pleasure anymore. Clouded with pure lust, with his mouth stuffed with cock, his nose hitting the bush, inhaling every musk. He stroked faster and faster, his other hand squeezing his muscular pec, pinching Adam’s nipple. Jericho removes his cock from his mouth, breathing faster, looking intensely at the muscular stud. “Oh fuck Adam. I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna fucking cum, oh shit. Ahhh ahhh ahhh fuck, you’re so fucking hot, bro…” Adam winked at Jericho, giving him the approval. Adam moaned in ecstasy. He spurts his cum spilling all over his hands and abdomen. Jericho spewed a lot of jizz, he never experienced this amount of orgasm like this before. His breathing is irregular, his chest is rising, regaining strength on what is left. “Are you okay bro?” Adam asked. “Y-yeah… You’re the fucking best Adam.” Jericho said overwhelmingly. “I told you you’re a faggot,” Adam smirked. “Anything for my little bro. Now that we have a special kind of brotherly relationship, I need you to sustain my sexual needs whenever my girlfriend is out of town, are we clear faggot?” Adam smeared his oozing precum all over his little brother’s face. Jericho nodded. “Good, now wipe all of your cum, smear it on your anus and start fingering your ass, start with one finger…” Adam move away from the queer’s face and positioned his face near his brother’s hole. Adam thank himself for cleaning Jericho’s hole earlier when they were taking a shower. Jericho wiped all of his cum and smeared it on his quivering hole and starts to finger it. It wasn’t his first time, but he still felt anxious from fucking himself. Adam finds his prostate, he started to feel aroused again. He moaned lustfully for his brother. Adam didn’t waste any moment, rimming his puckered hole. Adam enjoyed every second of it. The boy pussy he’s been dreaming for. The pussy that’s on Adam’s head whenever he jerks off his cock every night alone. Jericho’s beautiful, smooth, and round boy cunt. Adam’s cock is leaking, seeping a huge amount of pre-cum oozing on every moan. Jericho couldn’t believe his brother, his very own blood, his secret crush, eating his ass, rimming like a hungry beast. So overwhelming, he thought. “Oh my god bro, fuck me with your tongue.” Jericho moaned. Adam uses his gifted tongue, exploring the rosebuds around his flustered pink hole. Every time Adam’s tongue in contact with his hole, he clenches it in response. Mixed with fresh cum and saliva. After a few minutes, Adam stood up and finally positioned his hard, 8’5 inches cock dripping against his hole. Adam’s chest is heaving, dripping sweat and water. Jericho is very nervous seeing his brother filled with lust for his ass. “Get ready J, we don’t have much time. I’m going to fuck your brains out.” Adam bites his lower lip, staring at him lustfully. He positioned his cock at his hole. Slowly pushing his head onto his puckered hole. Jericho felt extreme discomfort, closing his eyes. As much as he wants to ravish Jericho’s hole, Adam didn’t want his first time to be painful and pleasurable. Maybe he could fuck Jericho like he wanted next time, no doubt there will be next time. “Fucking take me slow Adam, it hurts like shit.” Jericho groaned in pain. “Shut the fuck up J, I’m making this easy for you.” Didn’t want to cum yet, but his ass clenching his cock head, almost made Adam lose his sense. “Open it up for me,” Adam demanded. He let Adam’s cock gradually inside until he fully takes it all in, pressing Adam’s pubes on his ass cheeks. It stays like that for a minute, stretching his ass. “Fuck yeah. You’re so tight…” Adam looked him in the eyes. “So, how is it feel that you finally feel my cock queer boy?” Adam questioned. “It feels so good Adam, your cock feels so big inside of me. I could feel it throbbing, pulsating in my hole. Bro…” “Yes…” Adam put his both hands on the mattress, supporting his weight. Jericho’s leg is placed on both shoulders. “This won’t be the last time right?” He asked. Looking at the green eyes that Jericho is familiar with. Adam didn’t answer. Instead, Adam moves his hips slowly, then pulling cock out, then pushing cock back in. The slow movement, building up the pleasure in him again. Adam looked him in the eyes. Their faces are closer to each other. Arms locked on Adam’s neck, pulling him closer. “Is that a yes bro?” He asked. “I’m going to use this hole for the rest of my life because this ass belongs to me, you can whore yourself out to all men but within this house, your mine… You like that idea faggot?” Adam building up his pace, faster and faster. The huge cock hitting his prostate, giving an enormous amount of euphoria circulating his system. “Yes bro, I will remember that. I’ll make you happy, you can take my ass anytime bro… Fuck…. Please faster ram my fucking hole!” Adam slammed him like a jackhammer. “Ahhh… Ahhh… Fuck me… Fuck me… Fuck me… Harder please.” Jericho has no worries if he screamed in pleasure as his room is sound-proof. Adam fucked him vigorously, ravishing the virgin ass. Adam is finally getting some ass after his years of lusting for his younger brother. Adam sucked his earlobe, spewing dirty words, how much Adam loves his tight little boy cunt. He’s big and strong arms lift him and made Jericho sits on his lap. Jericho rides his pole as Adam followed the rhythm. “Fuck bro milk my cock, I’m almost there. Ohh yeah that’s it, boy… Fucking hell… You have the best cunt I ever fucked. You’re tighter than a girl!” As Adam is close to cumming, he holds Jericho tight, biting ferociously on his bruised shoulder. “I’m going to cum…” Adam warned. “M-me too…” Feeling his prostate stimulated by his ferocious cock. “Here it comes bro… Fucking take it!” He released his hot seed on his ass, filling it with cum. Adam groaned like a beast, slamming him one more time. Jericho cummed twice on their chests, he moaned and screamed in pleasure. “You fucking taste so good. You like that J?” “Yes, bro that was insane… ” He panted in exhaustion. Both take their time to regain their strength. Their long and hard breaths, the sweaty bodies, and the sex that wafts around the room. Their relationship as a brother will never be the same again. “We need to get up, you’re gonna be late,” Adam spoke first. “Bro you recently just fucked me a few seconds ago. I can’t believe you tricked me just so you can tap my fucking ass…” He said while feeling very exhausted. Adam is too but they gotta go and leave. He needs to be early to go to his friend’s house. “Get your ass up faggot! I don’t have time for your BS. You’re going to be fucking late.” Adam grabbed his arm to lift him. “But how am I supposed to walk normally? You also give me fucking hickeys you asshole!” He glared. Adam chuckled at his brother’s rant. “That is not my fucking concern isn’t it?” He smacked his head. “Good Luck hiding that.” Adam winked, the asshole he truly is. “Fucking asshole…” Jericho mumbled. “Let’s go,” Adam said. They quickly dressed up and finished what they were supposed to do. Adam slapped his ass one last time and winked at him. “Thank you J, that was special. Also just to remind you that despite you being a queer cocksucker, your still my bro. I’ll wait in the car.” Adam leaned on his door; finally says it before leaving the room. Jericho is overwhelmed by a sudden burst of admiration towards Adam. He couldn’t believe that a time will come that his brother will fuck him like a man. A sudden text appeared on Jericho’s phone, it was Adam. It’s about time to leave. He walked downstairs, seeing his dad snoring loudly in the living room with AirPods on his both ears. That’s unusual, he thought. He locked the door and finally leave the house, seeing his hot and handsome brother waiting for him. “What took you so long? We’re you smelling my underwear again?” Adam teased. “Fuck off. Let’s go I’m going to be late!” He opened the door and took the front seat, placing his bag on the back. The ride was peaceful, not awkward or anything, but just a comfortable silence. Jericho moves his hands fiddling on his brother’s bulge. Adam lifted his eyebrows in wonder. “What the hell are you doing J, I’m driving.” He said pushing away his arm. “Can I suck your cock right now before I go?” “You really can’t get enough of my dick, huh, god I still can’t believe my brother is a cocksucker…” Adam let him do this business on him. He pulled down his pants and let out his fly. Sucking while driving is difficult for the poor guy, keeping his mind on track is not easy. Not long enough he cummed on Jericho’s mouth. After he’s done, Jericho finally reached the school and opened the other door to grab his bag. But before he closes it his brother reminded him. “Remember J, every whole weekend and every night…” Adam reminds him. Jericho smiled. “Okay, I need to go now bye…” Jericho closes the door and watches his brother drives away from him. There would always be next time, he thought. For now, what he needs to worry, is how to walk straight and to explain why he needs to wear a scarf all day. He wonders where would his whole faggotness leads him. ——– End of part 01 Your feedback is welcomed ,don’t be afraid to email me, give me any suggestions. I already published other chapters on wattpad just in case, you can add me as britishcigar.

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