Jealous Bottoms


“Tell your other bottom bitches, to know their place,” said Eric, in his southern drawl.

I was in the shower when Eric went through my phone. I was slightly irritated, because Eric had a thing where at times it felt like he thought he was my father. He was barking at me beside the shower curtain, that burly, 55-year-old ginger dad bod silhouette showing as I looked through the plastic.

“Tell Jason, or whatever his name is, to stop calling you or we’re through,” he added.

He always had ultimatums. Eric expressed many times before that in a ‘perfect world,’ we’d be in a relationship. He was married to Carrie for 10 years, they had three small children together, and since I took his cherry five years prior, he constantly mentioned that he and I were “monogamous,” but also reiterated that he loved his family, and would never relinquish the life he had for some cock. I also reminded him, regularly, that my life wouldn’t be on hold for anyone, for I was a successful over the road trucker with a big, black dick, and would give it to whomever I chose.

“What if this Jason has something? How do I explain it to the wife,” he asked.

I laughed, for that wasn’t my concern. Same time, I was careful who I chose to play with, as was Jason. I now was turning off the water then pulling back the curtain to dry off, ignoring Eric’s unnecessary drama.

“Rod, I mean it. You can’t be shaking that dick around all over the place. You tell Jason to leave you alone, this instant,” he added.

I dried off and got dressed, then commenced to interrogating Eric.

“Why are you so hung up on Jason? Did you talk to him on the phone? Why are we going through this, instead of you on your knees sucking this cock,” I asked. “As a matter of fact, where is my phone?”

Eric, with tears in his eyes, handed me my phone, as a video of me and Jason getting it on was playing. Jason was similar to Eric in body features, bahis şirketleri for he, too, was a ginger bear, and a father of one son. The video we made months prior showed Jason on his back, with legs pushed back to his ears by me, while I plowed that fat boy hole. The media was captured by a mutual friend of Jason and I, as he agreed to tape us in exchange for Jason sucking him off afterwards. I couldn’t contain myself, as Eric truly was bothered by a guy who was another friend with benefit.

“Should I call him, and tell him I’m cutting it off,” I asked Eric.

Eric gave me a look as if he said ‘yes,’ so I commenced to dialing as now Eric and I were sitting at the edge of the bed. Jason picked up.

“Hey sexy, how goes it,” he said.

I explained what was happening then Jason snickered.

“Is this the guy that sent me over one hundred messages, stating he didn’t want me playing with you anymore,” he asked.

“Yes, and as far as I’m concerned, you are done with him,” said Eric.

Jason and I both started laughing.

“Yo Rod, I’ll be over there in 30 minutes to suck that cock. Tell your bitch to get lost before I get there, I don’t want any interruptions while I’m swallowing that nut,” Jason said.

This was becoming a bit much, and I’d ask Eric to leave as I was preparing to call the police.

“Why should I leave? I’m the one who’s trying to keep things contained between us,” he said.

I let Eric argue, my finger on my phone itching to press the number nine, then one and one, but after 10 minutes, he finally decided he’d get dressed and depart before Jason came.

“We’re done. I can’t do this, for I can’t afford to play with fire. You can have him, and vice versa,” he said.

He’d gotten dressed and I tried to get a kiss from him, but he avoided me and headed for the front door. I then heard my doorbell go off, and the front door open, but it wasn’t Eric, for he just bahis firmaları left from the bedroom.

“Oh, so you’re still here,” asked Jason, as he entered my home.

They had a small exchange of unpleasant words, but then odd silence, then something else that took me for a loop: I heard smooching. I jumped out of bed, and would head into the living room to notice the front door wide open, and the two of them going at it, Jason with his hands all in Eric’s shirt, and Eric grabbing at Jason’s cock while their tongues wrestled. I stood there in shock, my cock at full erection as this was a fantasy come true.

“I fucking want you. Don’t you dare leave,” Jason told Eric.

“I want you, too,” Eric responded.

I went to close the front door, and got closer to them to see them all over each other. I joined in on the kissing, letting my tongue wrestle both of theirs simultaneously, then taking them back to the bedroom.

“Come out those clothes,” I told the both of them.

Jason climbed into bed first after he became naked, laying on his back and spreading his legs in order for Eric to suck his fat, eight inch prick. Eric went from being angry, to being hungry, and horny, within a time of maybe 30 minutes. The way he gobbled at that cock, I was jealous, for he would usually give me the same treatment. Jason meanwhile had his hands at the back of Eric’s head, guiding him as Eric went up and down. I had to join the fun, as I got behind Eric’s plump ass and spread his cheeks, to let my tongue ravage his still-swollen hole.

“Fuck yeah,” Jason blurted.

Eric started moaning, for one of his weaknesses was always me rimming that ass, especially after he’d been pounded prior. Eric’s gaping hole tasted sweet, and I loved the feeling of running my tongue across his “ass lips.” The more I teased at them, the more Eric wiggled his ass.

“Rod, I think he needs to get fucked again,” Jason said.

I kaçak bahis siteleri re-lubed that hole, re-lubed my cock, and slid all nine inches of me into Eric, while he sucked, slurped and moaned at his new playmate.

“Fuck man, suck those balls,” Jason yelled.

Eric would, as I pounded him from behind. You could hear our two bodies clashing, as that was me drilling Eric as he moaned loudly, even with a mouthful. Jason was moaning himself, rubbing his nipples as I could see the precum just leaking from his cock. Eric was a Grammy award winner when it came to giving head, as Jason would experience.

“Plow that ass, Rod. He’s sucking me good, plow him harder,” said Jason.

I would, as now Eric’s hole became wet, due to the orgasms provided by me hitting his spots. That hungry hole of his would pull me inside, allowing me to go deep, then I’d pull out, and the juices flowed.

“Oh fuck, suck that dick, I think I’m ready to cum,” said Jason.

Eric sped up the slurping, losing control of himself as would I, for the combination of the sight of these two, along with me plowing that fat ass, had me ready to cum.

“If you cum, then I’m cumming, too,” I said to Jason.

We were about to breed and seed Eric, who just a couple hours ago, gave me all the smoke behind just another fuck buddy. Eric started throwing that ass back, and I looked at Jason as his face wrinkled up and he began to breathe heavy. I couldn’t hold back anymore.

“Fuck, here it comes,” I said.

“Fuck yea, me, too,” said Jason.

We both simultaneously emptied our nuts into Eric, as Eric wailed with my dick deep in his canal, and Jason’s down his throat. I pulled my cock out two minutes later, and Eric didn’t release one drop, as he absorbed what I call, “a pearl,” cum shining in his swollen hole. He stopped sucking Jason, as he himself needed to catch his breath.

“Geez boys, you wore me out,” Eric said.

“You still want him to leave,” I asked, jokingly.

All three of us laughed, then laid beside each other with me in the middle, cuddling, and talking.

Two jealous bottoms, ended up becoming good friends, and tri-regulars.

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