Jayne’s Introduction to Anal


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It had been a hot day and the promise in the air was for a warm evening. I had just flown in and taken a suite at a good hotel. Took a long hot shower then a cool one and wondered what I was going to do with my time. The clock told me it was close to three in the afternoon. Hmmm Why not call her. Maybe we can have a drink. Don’t really want to get a into the Florida type clothing, but what the hell. I really liked this woman and did want to see her.

I called and after telling her that I was in town and leaving tomorrow I thought perhaps she would meet me for a drink.

“Sounds like fun,” she responded. “How about some dinner with that?”

“Now that really is a nice idea!” My comment brought a chuckle from her and a comment that ‘No, this wasn’t the time I was to become her BFB!’

We had been kidding around on the net after she read a story of mine that included anal sex. She had made mention that the story had made her think about the possibility in her life. She had once or twice kidded me about being her Butt Fuck Buddy.

I laughed dutifully and informed her that it hadn’t even entered my mind. She knew I was kidding her, but that was fine.

She arrived a little more than an hour later so I asked her to come up to the suite as I had ordered a dinner to be served there if she didn’t mind.

“Will you behave,” she inquired?

“Until you ask me not to,” was the quick rejoinder.

She arrived in her work clothes and as I met her she gave me a quick kiss.

“Oh come now, you can do better than that!” It came out of me almost as a plea.

She did.

As we sat on the room’s small couch or over sized love seat, I held her hand. We talked and bantered back and forth for a minute when she asked about that drink I had offered her.

“Wine or Scotch? I have some White Zin?”

I poured the White Zin as requested, returned to the couch and gathered her in my arms for another kiss. “Wow,” I said as we drew our lips apart but kept the body contact. “Those could become addicting!”

It got a chuckle out of her and the half almanbahis şikayet question. “You did promise to behave.”

I chuckled, “I promise to be good.”

“I’m not sure that is the same thing,” was her somewhat thoughtful reply. But, she did have a smile as she said it. We started necking and drinking wine on that sad excuse for a couch till she gently pushed me back. She had a mischievous twinkle. “I have been in these clothes all day and need a shower if you are going to hold me like that and do hold me like that! May I take a shower, Kind Sir?”

I showed her where the shower was, too small for two people unfortunately. After letting her know that she could use the shampoo, free tooth brush and paste and anything else she wanted I was ushered out the door while she got ready for and took her shower. I thoughtfully sent her clothes down to be cleaned with instructions to have them backing an hour. Yep, I did it with a lecherous grin on my face.

“OK. Where are my clothes, you dirty old man?” Her face was sticking through a crack in the door.

“You really don’t need any with that body,” I politely informed her. “But, if you insist you may either wear the hotel robe or one of my dress shirts. I sent those clothes down to be cleaned because you had complained of being in them all day.”

“You have a dirty mind, Sir.”

“Nope. Just trying to be a gentleman, ‘Mam.”

That got another chuckle out of her and she came into the room wearing the hotel robe and joined me back on the couch. We went back into a clutch and resumed making out.

“Pretty Lady, you are really tense. Would you like me to back off and go sit in the chair?”

She chuckled and said. “No, I am enjoying acting like a teenager again. I have just had a rough week at work and the tension is pretty high there as in other places.” She refused to look at me, but she knew that I knew what she meant. She had some personal problems adding to her stress. I had told her that she could talk to me about them, but that I wouldn’t ask any questions.

“What you need is one of my patented massages. No argument, now. I will get you a pair of my shorts and a towel to hide those terrific tits of yours. I will not peek.” I was up and headed into the bedroom of my almanbahis canlı casino suite before she could object. I returned with a pair of my cutoffs and a towel for her to lie on while I gave her a massage. She uttered a few pro forma objections while I poured her some more Zin. You put these on while I get the lotion and some hot towels.

When I returned she was face down on the floor (she couldn’t stretch out on that love seat contraption). I was going to suggest that she lay on my bed but was afraid that might suggest to her things that might make her change her mind about the massage after all. Her back was exposed to me down to the cutoffs and then her shapely legs.

I put the hot towels on her back and pressed the steam into her body with a doubled blanket. After about 3 minutes I repeated the whole thing and did so four times total. Then I began the massage. I did as complete a job as I could within the restraints of my “behave” promise. Sure wanted to do more. As I was finishing up and thought that she was ready for a rest, I was between her legs reaching up her back to add the finishing touches, going higher with each stroke. When I was reaching to about mid back, I felt the bulge in my shorts just brush her cute ass. ‘Hmmm, this might get interesting yet!’ The next stroke was higher still and my “bulge” was a little more firm in its contact. Each stroke up her back I made sure that my now raging hard on pressed deeper into the crease in her ass. This was strictly to do a thorough job on her massage, you understand.

Then I felt a little wiggle from her butt. I reached up to do her shoulders, which naturally took a while and my cock was forced to move up and down her ass crack. Each move brought more movement from her until I distinctly felt her raise her ass to meet my thrust. I immediately stopped rubbing her shoulders and began to concentrate on those lovely ass cheeks. My hands went to the belt line of her shorts and my fingers went under to the upper part of her cheeks. My fingers found their way into that luscious crack as I worked outwards to the sides. I needed more access!

Since they were my shorts and fitted very loosely I began to ease them down. My fingers found the valley all the way to the folds of her pussy. I almanbahis casino decided not to go there without permission. I was “behaving”. Yeah, sure.

I rubbed her cheeks and kept going back to the valley and I would add just a little more pressure to her anal rosebud each time. Now she was rising up and moaning on each touch on her pink pucker. I kept one hand busy on her ass and the other sought to get to those nipples. She gave me access and was moaning louder so I decided that my “behavior” was good! I pulled her shorts off as well as my own. I was as hard as I had ever been. I made sure she felt that as I sought out her pussy lips with my hand and kissed her butt.

“Just do it, Damn it! Make me your BFB,” she groaned as she went to elbows and knees.

I reached for the KY and put a generous dab on her rosebud then inserted a finger in slowly and took as much of it in her as I could. .I lathered my rigid cock with it and put the head at her entrance. She was pushing back against me insistently, but I was going to take this slow. It was her first time and I really wanted her to enjoy the hell out of it. I pushed in about half an inch and back out at the same amount increasing the depth until I felt the head pass her sphincter. When I heard her groan with pleasure I knew this was going to be good. I began to push deeper. She was starting to go wild. I pushed into the hilt and let her get accustomed to me. Then she began to move by herself. Slowly at first then I heard: “Fuck me! I want to cum!”

I came out to the end of my cock with just the head inside and slammed it home five or six times then began to concentrate on getting her the best orgasm I could manage. Shifting position so I was hitting the back side of her “G” spot with about every third thrust and then in as deep as I could go. She hit her peak and tightened around my cock so tight I thought she was going to pinch it in two. She must have spasmed for at least two minutes with out let up. Then she just went limp. I think she passed out for a short time. I started to pull out, but she said, “NO! I want to feel you cum in me. Keep going, Cum in me. Cum in me please!”

I was happy to oblige.

My orgasm was intense! I just sort of collapsed on her, but managed to roll to one side and ended up beside her holding her tight.

Oh My Gawd! That was Intense! I have never felt anything like that in my life! You are definitely my BFB from now on!

I went to clean up and brought back a damp towel to clean her and we fell asleep in each others arms.

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