Jaq enquires about watersports


We had been talking to Joe for several months via an internet platform. Joe was a similar age to ourselves, around the sixty bracket. Jaq realised that Joe often referred to watersports and wanted to know a little more, I did my best to explain what it entailed. Jaq at first dismissed the idea, over time she became more inquisitive.Joe lived around an hour away by car from where we live, not so far that we could not invite him over for the evening. After a few more chats over the coming weeks we arranged for Joe to visit. Saturday could not come soon enough for Jaq, she was really interested in giving this new fetish a try.Saturday arrived eventually, a really warm summers day. We live in South London in a nice house with a secluded garden, bahis şirketleri we had decided that a barbeque and an evening outside would be a nice option. Joe arrived a little earlier than we expected, after finding a place to park in the crowded London streets he knocked on the door.We knew that Joe liked to crossdress, we could not believe our eyes when he stood on our door step. Joe looked amazing, dressed very sexily and easily passable as a women. Jaq and myself were over the moon to welcome Joe into our home, we quickly showed him into the garden. The heels he was wearing were very high and with the stockings made him look so sexy, Jaq gave me a knowing wink, we knew we were going to have a great evening.We sat in the garden with bahis firmaları a cool drink chatting like old friends, I cooked for the three of us. After we had finished eating I asked Joe about his liking for watersports. Joe informed me that he had enjoyed several sessions over the years, he said that after meeting Jaq and myself he had never experienced it with such a sexy couple. Drinks were flowing and talk becoming more raunchy by the minute. Jaq was dressed in her usual type of outfit, short skirt, revealing top, high heels and black lace panties. Jaq was sitting opposite the two of us, giving us a nice glimpse of her panty covered pussy.Jaq eventually came and sat between Joe and myself, stroking my bulge through my jeans. Joe kaçak bahis siteleri looked a little left out, reaching under his little dress Jaq stroked his cock through his panties. Things were now about to warm up.We have a couple of plastic sun loungers with cushions, Jaq removed the cushion from one of them. Joe was invited to lie down, an offer he was keen to accept. I was amazed at what happened next, Jaq lifted her skirt and sat astride his face. Joe had his dress pulled up and his cock was poking from the top of his panties, Jaq still with her panties on began to pee. Soaking her panties the torrent even took Joe by surprise. Joe was wanking furiously as Jaq let her pee flow, the warm pee splashing over his face and into his willing mouth. I took the opportunity to kneel next to Joe, sucking his swollen cock as he received his golden shower. It was not long before I received a lovely warm load, greedily swallowing before tucking his cock back into his panties.

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