Jan Part 2 continued.

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Jan Part 2 continued.Jan Part 2 continued.It had been a great afternoon. I had finally fucked Jan and discovered that deep down she was a slut.Her explanation of her feelings made sense and we talked again about how all her married life sex was more of a duty.She had enjoyed sex with her husband ,at times, but basically never felt fulfilled and up until a few weeks ago ,when taking the photos, had never considered or thought of herself as sexual, attractive or desirable, finding it surprising I referred to her boobs as great and lovely.I assured her in all honesty, she had a great body with lovely tits and great legs and as for sex, she felt sensational. She was tight, but moist and warm inside and I wasn’t surprised her ex husband and boyfriend only “lasted 2 minutes” as she explained.She had the pussy of a young woman even a teen.Sitting on the side of the bed, I asked if she was still willing to go ahead with what we had discussed and I would watch while men used her.A little hesitant , she asked what men, and were they my friends.I said it would be anyone I found and some may be strangers, some mates,I wasn’t sure, as this was new to me also, but that I would make sure they were OK and be there when she did it.I also reassured her if she did not like any man, she did not have to do anything and simply give me a nod or a head shake discreetly and I would handle it from there.“OK I will try but I cant promise I will go along with anything”.“Thats fine just let me know subtly when we are chatting with any guys ,and I promise I will skirt around the issue and you wont have to do anything.”It was late afternoon, I was satisfied and feeling mellow.Jan was going to the club to meet up with a few friends as they had a 50s rock and Roll dance on Saturday nights, and I was more that welcome to come along.I agreed but told her I didn’t dance and she surprised me saying that she had danced Rock and Roll for years.She went of and showered and came out dressed in high heels, black top and a glittery rock and roll skirt, looking quite good.The evening was enjoyable, Jan danced several times with different men and groups, and was quite a good dancer, whilst I sat chatting with her friends , all the time imagining , as I watched her dance, that I was going to lift that dress and fuck her later.I had a small twinge of regret that I didn’t tell her not to wear any panties under her dress although later when I told her, she laughed, saying it would have been shocking to everyone as when dancing it would have been obvious she swung and danced her dress would ride up and she would be displaying everything.We arrived home about 9 and checking my camera, realised I had only a small amount of memory on the SD card left after the photos taken.Remembering what the guy at the store had said about memory size and quality, so after fiddling with the menu I managed to change the settings to the lowest quality, but it gave me the chance to take perhaps a dozen more pictures before the card was full.It was easy this time with Jan , I told her I wanted more photos and had her pose in numerous positions with the dress up and then slowly strip to her underwear.After numerous shots of her weith dress lifted legs spread, sitting in her chair making a W with wide open legs, bent over chairs etc in the lounge and bedroom and shots taken reclining on the sofa.Checking the card I had 2 shots left .I had her do the final pose bent over a chair in high heels, panties, bra, and pantyhose.After the shot I told her to face me, spread her legs, and I slowly slid my hand inside her panties and hose I was stroking her pussy.I told her to take her bra of which she did, reaching behind and un clipping it letting her tits spill free, all the while I stroked her pussy .Removing my hand I sat on the chair I told her to strip totally.Kicking of her high heels she grasped each side of her panties and hose together and slid them down and kicked them of, leaving her totally naked before me.Sitting with her standing bahis siteleri in front of me with legs spread, I fingered her slowly for a few minutes, stood , turned her, saying to bend over and hold the top of the chair.When in position I moved in behind her, took my cock out, which was hard as a rock ,and slowly arranged her, feeling under for her pussy entrance and guided my cock in.Taking hold of her hips I instructed her to reach under and steady my cock and keep it in position while I pushed into her.She was moist, the taking of the photos had definitely turned her on.With Jan holding my shaft I slowly eased in, and once fully up, slowly started to slide in and out, all the time holding her hips.She was bent forward head hanging down and silent the whole time and after fucking for a few minutes I gave up trying to last longer and let loose into her for the second time that day.She moaned slightly when I came and I stood still while I let all my load empty inside her, slowly moving my hips in a circular motion which she matched.Finally I withdrew my cock and reaching under felt her pussy and my cum that was now making its way out down the inside of her legs.I told her to stand against the door and to hold both her pussy flaps open so I could take a photo of her with cum dripping out after she had been fucked.Without hesitation she straightened and stood, back to the door, and spread her lips, looking at the camera while I took the photo.“OK thats the last photo I can take”“Can I shower? And get dressed”? She asked.Go ahead I,ll join you.” and we showered together, a firstfor her.I stayed the night and we both slept soundly.Waking next morning, Jan was already up and fussing about, and I could hear voices from the kitchen.After a few minutes I heard someone leave and Jan came into the bedroom, dressed in dressing gown, smiling, saying “good morning”.I asked if everything was OK.She said it was all fine, she usually went to church as it was Sunday, and her friends had arrived to take her but she told them she wouldn’t be going but would be at the evening service.I had forgotten it was Sunday, as I had not expected to stay the night, thinking I would be taking the photos and heading home on the Saturday.She asked if I wanted breakfast , and I got up and pulled my jeans on and went and sat at the kitchen table.It was a beautiful morning, about 8.30, and the sun was streaming in thought the kitchen window. She asked if I wanted anything to eat but I said a cup of coffee would be fine .She fussed a few minutes poured the coffee, walked over andplaced it on the table.Turning to walk away, she said would cook me some eggs and bacon if I wanted, but I stopped her. She looked down at me quizzically.“Whats under the dressing gown” I asked.“my nightie”“show me”Undoing the cord she used both hands to open the gown wide, disp[laying an ankle length , white, light cotton nightie, covered in tiny bluebirds.Reaching up I gently felt her tits through the light material and confirmed she had no bra on.“Take the dressing gown of”She smirked, shucked it of, laying it over a kitchen chair .I slid my hand under the hem of her remaining nightie reaching slowly up the inside of her leg“Wait, I best lock the back door in case someone comes” she said.As she went to move I stopped her,“No, leave it unlocked, remember what we agreed to. Who cares if someone comes let them walk in on you being fingered”She blushed , looked unsure but said nothing, so I continued to slide my hand up her leg.Telling her to spread her legs further she had trouble balancing.I told her to place her hands on my shoulders to support herself, while I sat exploring under the nightie with one hand, the other hand feeling and caressing her braless tits.Sitting in the kitchen chair with this elderly woman spread legged in her nightie being felt up made me wonder how many old women did this in the mornings, even if my own gran had done it with pa, legs spread, being fingered while making breakfast.It was a a turn canlı bahis siteleri on thinking it.Slowly I reached between her legs and felt her pussy lips.“ You have no panties on” She laughed,“Nope don’t wear them to bed silly”.Feeling and stroking the outside of her pussy I felt it moisten and the lips part, so I slowly inserted a finger into her.She attempted to spread further as I pushed a second finger in making her lean onto my shoulder with her head and her cheek against mine.I started slowly fingering, hearing her breathing in my ear.“have you ever been frigged” I whispered. In a whisper she said“no whats that”“I,ll show you” I quickened my pace and slid faster and faster into her with both fingers.She started to moan and I quickened my pace until I was full speed frigging with 2 fingers as she bent further into my shoulder moaning.I felt her start to weaken and realised her knees were giving way which meant she was going to cum, so maintaining my speed, whispered“cum for me”She was in rhythm now rocking forward and back keeping pace with my fingering, and suddenly froze .I pushed both fingers as far up as I could and held them still while her body quivered from her orgasm her hips thrusting in short hard thrusts fucking my 2 fingers.Her juices were flowing onto my hand as she grunted and pushed and fucked my fingers until at last her knees could not support her any longer, and she slumped back onto a kitchen chair, legs spread wide, nightie up around her waist and my 2 fingers still fully inside her.She tilted her head back, eyes closed, as I slowly moved back and forward fingering gently, finally removing my them.She didn’t move after I took them out, remaining legs spread head back eyes closed and breathing heavily.I sat back, sipped my coffee and and took in the view .Slowly she opened her eyes, slid her nightie down and closed her legs and looked at me.“shit is that what its called”I laughed.“Yes thats called frigging, what do you think of it”“bloody hell” she said,“ I don’t think I will be able to walk again”“yes you will, stand up”She rose slowly holding the chair to steady herself and I couldn’t stop myself laughing.“its not funny” she laughed “I am wobbly”“well you came great so I’m not surprised”Jan then surprised the hell out of me.“I have never came like that in my life, ever”My cock hardened hearing it.I undid my jeans and slid them down as Jan watched.Smiling I looked at her.“get on your knees bitch”Her eyes met mine as I said “bitch” and they glazed a little. WOW I thought, I have found a few little things, one being she likes being called names.Jan dropped to her knees and without instruction reached and took my cock in her hand. She immediately bent and slid her lips over the head and began sucking my cock as I sat leaning back sipping my coffee staring down at the top of her head bobbing up and down as she silently sucked me of.2 or 3 minutes went by as she continued her task, and finally I stopped her.Taking hold of her shoulders had her stand up.“straddle me” I said.She placed a leg either side as I sat in the chair cock fully erect pointing at the sky, she realised what I had in mind.Holding up her nightie with one hand she she sued her other hand to grasp my cock and slowly lowered herself guiding my cock with her hand.I felt the warmth of her pussy as the tip of my cock made contact and sheslowly lowered until I was quarter of the way in. Lifting slightly she lowered again as more of my cock entered her and removing her hand when it was firmly half way up.Rising again she sat fully, burying my shaft inside her.Placing both hands on my shoulders and leaning forward she wrappeded both arms around my neck burying her head against mine cheek to cheek. Her feet remained planted on the floor which gave her the leverage to raise up and down as she rode my cock.Reaching behind I felt both cheeks of her ass and grabbed both and lifted her slightly.“I’ve never done this position I dont know how,” she said in my ear.“its OK just lift canlı bahis as I raise you and lower” She lifted and I held her ass and she slowly got the rhythm and started sliding up and down on my cock, hugging me tighter with her arms as her speed increased.For the first time since I had fucked her I heard the sounds of sloppiness as she rode my cock, small sucking noises coming from the union of my cock and her pussy as she went up and down.At one stage she lifted to high and my cock flopped out and in an instant her hand darted down grabbing my cock and positioned it perfectly and slid back down in a split second.I could hear her breath getting quicker in my ear and asked if she was going to come again.“no I don’t think I can after before, but I want you to” she panted back.She continued her ride and started to swivel her hips as she went on the down stroke which was a great feeling.As she kept her pace up I glanced over her shoulder, and to my shock saw a guys face looking through the kitchen window.The window was about 5 feet away on the other side of the kitchen table and Jan’s back was towards it as she frantically fucked me, so was oblivios to him.I had no idea how long he had been watching or who he was, he just stood staring, just his head showing .I looked him in the eye as Jan rose up and down gave him a smile and a wink, but his face remained expressionless.An evil thought entered my head, and I stopped Jan and told her to lift of me.She lifted of, my cock leaving her pussy with a sucking sound and I stood, turning her around to face the table .I had the intention of Jan seeing the man watching and what her reaction would be and my hope was she would still carry on with him watching.As she turned , he disappeared from the window.I slowly pushed her forward and she realised what I was intending, bent and held the kitchen table with both hands.I lifted her nightie,felt between her legs and finding her pussy, slid my cock into her easily with one full stroke.She grunted as I buried to the hilt and holding her hips and I proceeded to fuck her.Withing a few minutes I felt my balls swell and with a hard push was balls deep, and shot my full morning load into her.I felt four hard spurts and stayed locked in her rocking my hips with hers slowly emptying every last drop inside her. Finished, I look down as I slowly eased my cock out and saw it was totally soaked with both her juice and my cum.Her nightie dropped ,and she straightened .“Well” she said putting her dressing gown back on, “that was sort of strange”.“Why” I asked?“Well I just have never done that or even thought of it.”I smiled and looked at her.You didn’t mind me calling you bitch”“no not at all”“Well from now on you will be doing this a lot as I think I might be sleeping over a lot more if this is breakfast at your place” She laughed “I will cook you something but I best go clean up , I,m pretty sloppy and gooey down there”With that she disapeared into the bathroom.I thought to stop her but my mind was elsewhere and who the guy had been and whether or not to mention it to Jan.I decided not to.I spent the rest of the day with her and before leaving in the after noon we fucked again on the bed, naked, missionary.After she showered and dressed I dropped her at church for the evening service and as she left the car she bent down saying.“your more than welcome to come for the service” and smirkedI laughed. “um no thanks unless you don’t mind me feeling you up during the sermon”“I dont think” she smiled.With that she closed the car door, walked over and started talking to a group of people. Sitting briefly I looked at her, thinking how under her plain dress and dowdy clothes and blouse, was a pussy that was full of cum and red from being fucked over 2 days, and a lovely set of tits hidden in a bra. If only those people talking to her knew she had just posed for dozens of photos stripped and naked, and had been fucked at the kitchen table only hours before.I smiled to myself just as Jan turned to look back from her conversation.I gave her a small wave she waved back and smiled.Her little smile made me think she was having the exact same thoughts as me about a hard cock and riding it at the kitchen table..I enjoyed my drive home.

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