Jake Part 1


Jake Part 1Quite often, work has me out of town for an overnight or two. July had me going away for an overnight every week on Wednesdays. I can’t keep up with the yard work as it is, so I hired an 18 year, old recent high school graduate, to help with some of the lawn chores. I found him on a neighborhood social media site. He was scheduled to show up the day before my first night away.July 7, 2020The young man (Jake) arrived at the house. He was a tall skinny (pale) redhead k**, clean cut and very polite. We talked for about twenty minutes before I showed him my property and what I was hoping to accomplish. He just graduated high school and was doing odd jobs to help make money before college. He will be going to Penn State (main campus), where my wife went.Gracie was not home at the time, but I knew this was going to be trouble and I laughed. Some way, some how, I knew my wife was going to have this young man in between her thighs in a matter of no time at all. He was just so innocent looking.I showed Jake the property and we agreed on a price. I would expect him every Wednesday, at least through the end of July.Jake left and I began to pack. A short while later, Gracie came home from shopping and I told her about the arrangements I made. I also informed her that Jake was a skinny young redhead. I could see the fire in her eyes as she smirked. “Young and Red”, Gracie said.“Yes, Dear…you can play”, I responded, giving her permission to have some fun.July 8, kaçak iddaa 2020I kissed my wife and left the house around 6:30 a.m., headed for work.About 9:00 a.m., I received a text from my wife…OMG…He is adorable. I am going to have fun for sure. Thanks Babe!We have security camera’s all around the property and inside our house. The kitchen, living room, and two in our bedroom. I started monitoring the security cameras inside and out. I saw my wife lurking around Jake for hours on and off. She was wearing her on piece blue (shoulder-less) swimsuit with lime green shorts. (I love this outfit…it always get me horny) She would take him ice water and talk with him while she was working. I watched her go in the house, so I called her.“What is going on”?, I asked.Gracie told me, “I told him that you work out of town alot and that I was lonely. He also think I am 42 years old (she said laughing). I asked him if I could make him supper tonight”.“What did he say”?, I asked.“He said that it would be nice, but asked about you. I told him that it would be our secret and that you would never know, so he agreed”, Gracie said.“Slut”, I said.“Thank you Honey”, said Gracie as she hung up. I could tell she was in a hurry and completely focused on getting some young new cock.I got involved in my work and had several meetings. I totally forgot about my wife’s rendezvous until I saw it was 6:40 p.m.. On my way back to the hotel room, I pulled out my phone and checked out the security kaçak bahis camera’s ay my house.I look at the bedroom camera first….nothing. Feeling a little disappointed, I started checking out the other camera’s. Bingo!….the kitchen camera. (I was hoping it would not be this camera as the sound does not work)Jake was sitting in my chair at the kitchen table. He had on a polo shirt and khaki shorts. Gracie was wearing the same outfit from earlier. They must have finished supper because my wife was cleaning off the table. After about 15 minutes of cleaning up, my wife went over and stood in front of Jake and pulled her swimsuit top down, revealing her c-cup tits. She shoved her chest into his face and began kissing the top of his head. Meanwhile, the young redhead focused on my wife’s breasts. He was fondling them, followed by gentle kisses. Gracie shoved a tit into his mouth and he instinctively started sucking on her nipple. The right nipple, then the left, each one got several minutes.Gracie grabbed his hands and had him stand up. She undid his shorts and dropped them to the kitchen floor along with his underwear. His boner stood out in front of him. Gracie ran her hand along the shaft of his cock while she gave him a deep passionate kiss.She guided Jake to sit back in the chair. My wife got down on her knees and kissed his thighs while looking up at his face. She then went in for the kill.Watching on my phone, I got a complete zoomed in profile view of illegal bahis my wife shoving his skinny white cock into her mouth. I was guessing he was about 6“ hard, as she went balls deep into her mouth. Jake placed his hands on my wife’s head and it bobbed up and down on his crotch. She would lift up every once in a while and look him in the face as she took long slow licks of his entire cock shaft. He clearly liked that because he would get a big smile on his face when she would do it.I was wondering what was going through “his” mind right now. As I was stroking my own cock to the show, this has to be an awesome thing for him. Having a woman 3 1/2 times his age sucking his cock. He is so young….I hope he doesn’t fall in love….My wife is a great cocksucker as so many have said.Gracie was really working his cock good. She grabbed his cock and lifted it as she began licking his balls. She spent about thirty seconds on his nuts when she shoved his cock back in her mouth.Her head was moving very aggressively now and with each downward motion, she would pause when his cock was balls deep in her throat. Jakes head whipped back and his mouth opened. Gracie had his cock head in front of her mouth and she stroked him. It was blurry, but I could see a few streams of nut syrup flying out of the tip of his cock and into her awaiting mouth. She kept stroking his cock as his body jerked.His body settled and she stood up. She went behind him and rubbed his shoulders while she looked directly into the camera. I was zoomed in and could (albeit a little blurry) see her open her mouth showing me she had cum in there. She then smiled and swallowed it down.I can’t wait for next week.

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