Subject: Jake Busts His Nuts ( Jake Back For More) (part 3) This is a fictional story about a guy from an internet site I came across one day. He is hott and i want him. My story of course does not by any means reflect the sexual preference of this guy. But one can wish… XxxxxxxxXxxxxxxxXxxxxxxxXxxxxxxxXxxxxxxxXxxxxxxxXxxxxxxx I have decided to revisit this story as I had looked back at it and reread it. Then I looked him up online. His site seems to be gone now. But I remember it. And remember how hot he was. Enjoy… xxxxxxxXxxxxxxxXxxxxxxxXxxxxxxxXxxxxxxxXxxxxxxxXxxxxxxxXxxxxxxxXxxxxxxx Jake Busts His Nuts (Jake Back For More) (part 3) …. I had gone to the bathroom in the middle of the dinner i was having with the hot Jake from the closed down webpage I used to frequent. This hot guy that I was lucky enough to hook up with some years back. And now here we were again. In the same room, but only eating. Jake had contacted me and invited me out for drinks and food. And as we sat there chewing the shit about what he was doing now, he told me he wanted to fuck me again. My eyes lit up from his suggestion. Of course I would love to hook up again with this hot stud. And he sure was still a hot man. Looking even more hunky now as he was older tham before. His body fuller and his handsome goateed face rounder. The beefiness definitely suited him. “He wants to plow me again” I said to the image of myself in the mirror “Fuck yeah” I was ecstatic about the chance at some more fun with this hottest of online ankara escort bayan studs. And I sure as Hell was gonna take him up on his offer. I washed my hands and then went back to the table. Sat back down across from him. He looked at me and waited for what ever I was going to tell him. I looked at the handsome stud. His rounded face and beard. His hungry eyes gazed back at me. And I was not going to let thia stud down. He wanted my ass again and I was going to give it to him. “Why don’t we go back to my place” I then said “I really wpuld love a chance to have some more fun with you man” Then I kicked off my one shoe. I then reached across the small table to where he was. Finding the area between his legs and then pushing my foot into it. I quickly found my target and he yelped. Then my deshoed foot rubbed at his crotch. Feeling the covered dick that I knew he had. I smiled back at the stud as I held myself by the edge of the table. He licked at his lips as he felt my foot rub at his coveted dick. “We should get outta here Jake” I then said “I am feeling aome action at my feet” “Its nice and warm too” Jake raises his hand and called out for the check. And after a quick pay we were soon out of there. We got out to my car and he attacked me.pushing me to the car and laying down some make out on me. My hand reached bwtween us and found his now growing dick. It felt good to touch it again. Even if it was through His clothes. “You should follow me” I then said I pulled from him and gazed down at etimesgut escort his now tenting crotch. Yeah he was real horned up for it. He nodded and turned. I waited for him to move his car near mine before getting in and starting my car. But I went to his car window when he came up behind my car. I leaned down as he opened it. Then I looked at the hunk like hooker picking up a John. Licking at my lips as I gazed down to his crotch. Then I reached down and groped at it. “Can’t wait to have this again” I said Then I kissed him again. Then turned and headed to my car. “Follow me stud” I said “We’ll me at my place shortly” Then we left the parking lot and drove to my place. Jake staying behind me all the way. Making sure he did not lose me. And I drove at a decent pace. I didn’t want to lose the hunk either. I wanted to make sure he was behind me. As he should be in all things. “Gonna get slammed again” I sighed as I drove. And I could feel my ass twitching again. My need for Jake’s dick was all consuming. He was the sexiest man I had ever experienced. And the guy could really fuck. I lpoked back in the mirror to see him in his car back there. His face intense as he drove “Stay back there stud” I spoke to the mirror “Want that dick in me soon” “Wanna be bred my hamdsome stud” We turned off the main road and and heades into residential areas. Some a hand full of more streets. Left turn, left turn and right turn. And then we pulled up to my building. I hadn’t moved since I last kızılay escort was with this stud. And my apartment hadn’t changed much either. But I don’t think he was going to be looking at my decor. He was here for sex I parked in my spot and waited for him to park in a guest spot. Then I met him near the building entry. He smiled as he saw me. Then he wrapped his arms around my shoulder as I lead him up to my apartment. He kissed my cheek and then pulled his hand down to grab my butt. “Hmm. Love this butt” he stated “Gonna feel good to slam you again” And then as we stepped into my place he pulled me to him and he kissed me. It was a hot and sexy kiss too. Passion and just flowing between us. His hands grabbed at my back and ass. Squeezing at it. And of course I did the same. My desire for him in full bloom. I shut the door and then started to pull at him. I wanted to get Jake naked. And now “Take these off” i huffed as I pulled at his pants We were still making out as I was doing this. And Jake was trying to unfasten his pants as well. My hand groped at his crotch. Feeling the thing i wanted through the pants. “I want you naked Jake” I huffed again “See that sexy body again” “And that big dick” I squeezed at his cock again as he pulled at his zipper. Feeling him respond to my fingers. Then he yanked down his pants. Pulling them down his hot legs. Jake started to pull at my clothes as well. Needing me naked to get this sex started. “You too” he huffed And in a few moments we were both down to underwear. Atanding there like that. Jake kicking off his pants and pushing them aside. Then I grabbed his hand and lead him into my bedroom. Where the fun was to begin…. xxxxxxxXxxxxxxxXxxxxxxxXxxxxxxxXxxxxxxxXxxxxxxxXxxxxxxxXxxxxxxxXxxxxxxx To be continued

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