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I watch you occasionally when we are sitting on the deck, and you daydream like you are longing for something.” “Jaiden, I do daydream quite often, but it is not for a reason you question. I wonder if we will get to do our residencies together; if we will both be with our children; if we will choose the same field of medicine to practice, even if we will share an office. I wonder where you will be the happiest; if you want to be in Abingdon, or would you like to stay in Erie? I have a lot of questions about our future.” “Peyton, I am thrilled here in Erie, and I would like to do our internships and residencies and come back here to open our practices; however, if you want to go to Alabama and be near your parents, I have no problem with that, as long as you will be happy.” “Jaiden, what about going back to Abington and practicing with your mother? The building is more than big enough to accommodate three practices. Would you be happier doing that?” “Mom is a taskmaster, Peyton, and I think she could get bossy if we are there. I love it here in Erie more than any place I have ever lived. The weather is cooler the entire year than anywhere I have been, and I love the snow. I love our synagogue and the members who have graciously accepted us and made us a part of their lives.” “And you have to admit we have the best neighbors and friends we have ever had outside of Dale and Charley. The schools are good, and we have the best people in the world to help raise our children, and we might not be so blessed elsewhere. Our home is debt-free, and the only debt we would have at most is setting up our practices unless we join a group practice here.” “Jaiden, I was hoping you would say you wanted to stay in Erie, but I was and still am open to going wherever you want to live and open a practice.” “I want to build a world-class pediatric surgery practice to help children with cancer and recruit the best pediatric oncologists we can find. I want children in the northeast to have a place to go for treatment and remain close to home. We are central to no less than six states and the children would be closer to home than if they had to travel to Tennessee.” “Peyton, that fits with what I want to do in pediatrics and pediatric surgery. I would like to work on a Masters in Environmental Engineering as Mom did, and what you said you want to do mirrors what my Dad did.” “St. Jude offered us residency programs at St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital and Harvard University Medical Center did the same, but, I want to take advantage of the St. Jude offer because I think they are the premier health center for pediatrics.” “Hi, Mom, Peyton and I discussed our options for internships and residencies, and the toss-up is the distance from Erie to Memphis versus Cambridge. Harvard is prestigious for a resume, but our interest is in pediatrics, general and surgical. The drive from Abington would be 8 hours, the same as the trip from Erie to Cambridge.” “The draw to Memphis is that they will house us and the children and Ginny, Granny, and their husbands. If we came to your house, you could spend a week or so with the children until we had to take off for Memphis, which I think is our best alternative given the perks.” “The other caveat is that Memphis is a 7-hour drive and would make it possible for Peyton’s parents to visit and see them. Peyton and I wanted your take on what you think would be best for us career-wise.” “Jaiden, St. Jude’s has a particular spot in my heart because your Dad loved it so much and was truly happy there. The learning potential in pediatrics, pediatric surgery, and pediatric oncology is second to none.” “Harvard is an excellent university with a well-known medical program, but I don’t know that it would be better than St. Jude’s, where pediatrics is concerned. And Harvard has not offered you the residency perks St. Jude’s will provide to you, Peyton, the children, and the ladies and their husbands to help with the children.” “Honestly, I think St. Jude’s would be better for what you want to specialize in doing. You would be center to Abington and Orange Beach, so you could conceivably vacation in either city. Jim, Phyllis, and I would equally spoil those babies, and you know that.” “Weatherwise, you would still get snow, but the weather would not be as cold in Memphis as it would be in Cambridge. The only advantage I see Cambridge taking over Memphis is a tornado season with a propensity to worsen in Memphis. If the weather starts getting bad, Ginny and Granny could always get the children to St. Jude’s and shelter them in the hospital’s basement.” “That’s true, Mom, and I honestly prefer to intern at St. Jude’s. I will talk to Peyton about what you said, and we’ll go from there. I’ll call you next week and let you know what we decide, but I think you already know the decision. Peyton said he would go wherever I wanted to go and be happy with me at either medical center.” “OK, Jaiden, let me know what you two decide. We can then talk about the preparation you are going to need to make in advance. I will, Mom, thanks. I love you! Love you too, Son.” “Jaiden, did you talk with your Mom about Memphis versus Cambridge?” “Yes, Peyton, I did, and Mom said she thought St. Jude’s would be better than Harvard since we both are interested in pediatrics, pediatric surgery, and pediatric oncology. She also said the housing perks they will furnish for us, and the children and Ginny, Granny, mezitli escort and their husbands were perks not offered by Harvard.” “I would genuinely like to do our residency at St. Jude’s because of how much it meant to Dad and Mom when they were there. She also said it is central to Orange Beach and Abington, with the same travel times between both. The downside: she said it was close enough for your parents and her to visit and spoil the children rotten.” “Jaiden, the children are going to be spoiled by them regardless of where we live. As for the children, Ginny and Granny will keep them well-grounded with our support. I think St. Jude’s is the best choice for both of us, career-wise, weather-wise, and expense-wise.” “Babe, do you want to settle on Memphis and St. Jude’s and start prepping for the time we will need to spend there.” “Yes, Sweetheart, I do.” “OK, I’ll let Mom know. She can help us do what we need to get there, do what we have to do, and then get back to Erie to build the world-class children’s clinic and hospital program in Erie that you want to establish.” “Thanks, Babe. I think our time there will be much more enjoyable than Cambridge at Harvard.” “Agreed, Love.” “Jaiden and Peyton decided to talk with Ginny about their decision after they get home from school on Monday. She previously said that Memphis and the housing allotment would be OK for her and Gampy, but there is the need to get Granny and the Reverends opinion on the idea.” “Jaiden called his Mom and told her he and Peyton had decided on St. Jude’s for their residency and residency programs. It fits their interests. They like the mean time between each of their parents. They will be in a mountainous area full of rich history they can explore during whatever off-time they may have.” “Orange Beach Veterinary Clinic.” “Hi, Mom, this is your progeny in Pennsylvania.” “Son, what’s up?” “Mom, I want to let you know that Jaiden and I have decided to accept St. Jude’s offer on our internship and residency programs. We both want to go into pediatrics and pediatric surgery with a specialization in pediatric oncology surgery. I am going to work on a Masters in Engineering so I can design metal prosthetics to help children walk and use their arms after surgery. Its the same specialty Jaiden’s Dad practiced. Jaiden will get his masters in Environmental Engineering and follow in his mother’s footsteps.” “We intend to return home to Erie and open a specialty clinic that will serve the north-central and north-eastern quadrant of the country so our patients can be closer to home than they would be if they traveled to Memphis. The surgical aspect will hopefully be at the Erie Medical Center.” “Peyton, I think that is a good plan. Everybody loves the Erie area, including your Dad. He wants to eventually sell the practice, sell the farm and move to Erie. He fell in love with Erie during the few times we have been up there. I asked him what he would do when the snow started falling. He said that when you have a place in the country, you don’t have to shovel snow. He was serious about the move when the time comes.” “Jenny and Rob said they loved your temple and Erie and that he would like to be a Rabbi there someday. Jenny would love nothing more than for her children to know and have a relationship with your and Peyton’s children. She completely loves you and Jaiden, and I had no idea how much until recently. When I talk to her on the phone, all she wants to talk about is you and Jaiden.” “Mom, since Jaiden and I married, Jenny and I have gotten closer than ever. It has been incredible.” “Jaiden talks about how families will disown their gay children and how privileged he feels to be accepted by and being a part of our family.” “Jaiden’s told me more than once that when he became a part of our family, he got the Dad he has wanted since his Dad died. When he talks about that, it takes everything I have inside of me to hold it together. He is such a loving, sensitive person, and he loves you, Dad, and Jenny, more than I think you will ever know.” “We know that, Peyton, and every time your Dad thinks about it, the tough old coot tears up. I hope you realized how blessed you are to have him as your Dad. I do, Mom, I truly do. When I see how other families treat their gay children, I know how blessed I am.” “Your Dad is in surgery. As soon as he finishes, I will tell him about your and Jaiden’s decision. He is going to be extremely happy to hear about it. He has thought all along that it was the right fit for you two. He likes the fact that Memphis is not too close and not too far from Orange Beach.” “Everything sounds good to me, Peyton. I’ll get your Dad to call you tonight. The last thing Peyton’s Mom said as she was laughing was, Kiss Jaiden for me! Then Peyton heard the proverbial click followed by a dial tone.” “Jaiden, I talked with Mom. She said the plan sounded good to her and that she would get Dad to call me tonight. Then she told me to kiss you for her.” “Hmm, I think I would like you to kiss me in the bedroom.” “My thoughts, too, Jaiden.” The couple headed for their bedroom. They put the DND sign on the doorknob and locked the door. Then they undressed each other slowly and sensually. As Peyton pulled Jaiden’s pants to the floor, he went down with them. All eight inches of Jaiden was standing at full mast. Peyton took it all in and began to bob up and down. He kept up a steady pace until Jaiden’s legs got so weak, he had trouble standing. That’s when the dam on White River opened, and the White’s waters flowed freely into the Riley Reservoir.” Peyton stood and kissed Jaiden slowly and long until Jaiden got started removing his pants and going down with them as Peyton had done with his. Peyton was not small by any means at seven inches, and Jaiden had no problem taking it all in. He slowly edged Peyton over and over until Peyton was begging for a release. He had gotten so sensitive that he was having a hard time standing and breathing as Jaiden pleasured him. After about forty minutes, Jaiden finally let Peyton open the dam on the creek and let the white waters rush through. Peyton was so out of breath from the teasing that he had to lie on his back until he caught his breath. As Peyton was catching his breath, Jaiden went into the bathroom, got the enema bulb, and filled it with warm water. He went back to the bed and had Peyton turn over onto his stomach. When Peyton turned over, Jaiden inserted the bulbs tube into Peyton and slowly filled him with the warm water. When he had done that, he went back to the bathroom, cleaned the bulb, and filled it with warm water, which he injected into his body. He laid on his stomach on the bed for fifteen minutes letting the water do its thing. Peyton, meanwhile, went to the bathroom and voided himself. He then cleaned the bulb and filled it with warm water, and injected it into himself as he laid on the bed. A few minutes later, Jaiden went to the bathroom and repeated the process for himself. When he and Peyton ran clear, Jaiden laid Peyton on his back, lubed himself, and entered Peyton very slowly. He still has the incident in the back of his mind and was still terrified he would pozcu escort hurt the love of his life; however, it didn’t stop him from making love to Peyton as it had done in the past. Jaiden made love to Peyton for the better part of an hour before allowing himself the release that caused him to be extremely relaxed and sleepy. He couldn’t go to sleep, though, because it was Peyton’s time to return the favor. Peyton lubed himself, crawled atop Jaiden, and entered Jaiden as slowly as Jaiden had entered him. He had a special way of making love to Jaiden that allowed him to massage Jaiden’s prostate. That drives Jaiden wild, and Peyton enjoys every second of making Jaiden squirm and moan. When Jaiden shot his rifle, Jaiden joined him in his release. Afterward, Peyton collapsed on top of Jaiden, and they both went fast asleep. After a couple of hours, they awoke, showered, and got ready for dinner. They were going to Tony’s tonight with Dale and Charley to celebrate their decision on their residencies at St. Jude’s. The extracurricular activities that resulted from Peyton’s kiss for Jaiden left the two extremely relaxed for the rest of the evening. When the Amigos got home from dinner, Dale made a pot of coffee, and they sat on the deck and talked for quite a while. Dale and Charley would do their internships with a firm in Erie, so they will stay in the house while Jaiden and Peyton are in Memphis for five years. The extra two years will be for their surgical training. For Peyton and Jaiden, St. Jude’s will cover the expense for their residency program. When they complete the program, they will be one of the best trained medical teams in the country, and that training will serve them well in establishing the practice and program they want in Erie. Peyton’s Dad called him after dinner, and they talked for over an hour about his and Jaiden’s medical training plans. Dad Riley said he thought they had made the wisest choice, and he was very proud of their decision. When they had finished their discussions and ended their call, Peyton was on top of the world and couldn’t be happier with what his Dad had to say. He respects his Dad immensely and greatly values his opinions. It is no different for Jaiden, but he still runs everything by his Mom. It keeps him out of trouble with her and makes his life more peaceful. At about 9 pm, Peyton got a call from Jennifer. She had been to the doctor at four, and the doctor said the babies were growing well and were extremely healthy in the womb. Based on the babies’ size and the time of the IVF procedure, the babies should arrive by March first. Based on that projection, she would be in Erie on February first. It would not be safe to fly the distance from Oregon to Erie after that. Peyton was excited now because that meant that Jennifer would be in Erie in two months. Shortly after Jennifer called, Jaiden got a call from Jenny. She likewise said the babies were growing and were extremely healthy. Since she is carrying triplets, the doctor wants her in Erie no later than January fifteenth, given that triplets usually come a few weeks earlier than a single baby. Angie and Marty called and would be arriving together on February first. Jaiden, Peyton, Dale, and Charley made it through the holiday season and Jenny would be arriving within a week and Jennifer would be arriving with her as support. Jenny would certainly make the Riley-Reynolds home extremely more interesting given her personality and penchant for being a practical joker. Jenny and Jennifer arrived at 5 pm Erie time on January first. Ginny arrived bright and early the next morning and was like a giddy child opening a new present. She was so excited that the time for the babies arrivals was drawing near. The guys were beside themselves that Jenny and Jennifer were back at the house. They had missed the ladies more than anyone would ever know. When Jaiden and Peyton picked up the ladies at the airport, they headed to the wharf for dinner at the seafood restaurant the ladies had enjoyed so much before they returned home in July. Dale and Charley joined them at the restaurant and they had an awesome reunion celebration. After dinner, they went to the beach, left their shoes in the back of the Lincoln, and took a long stroll on the beach. You have never seen six people happier than the Amigos and the ladies. It is doubtful they could be any happier. They were in one big line, walking hand-in-hand down the beach. Everybody in Erie knew or knew of the Amigos, and everyone they passed and who passed them waved and spoke. And nobody tried to rob them this time. As they usually do in the early evening, Dale made a pot of coffee, decaf because of the pregnant ladies. When the coffee was ready, Dale took it to the deck and poured a cup for everybody and let them choose their sweetener and cream, that is, everybody except Jaiden. Dale fixed Jaiden’s coffee with two Stevia and light cream and handed it to Jaiden with a smile. He knew that as soon as Jaiden tasted the coffee, he would know it was decaf and would give Dale a disapproving look. When it happened, Dale started laughing, and Jaiden smiled. Jaiden understood the decaf reason and would live with it out of respect for Jennifer and Jenny. They sat on the deck and talked for several hours, drinking several pots of coffee. Jaiden and Peyton could tell Jenny was tired carrying three babies and suggested that she may want to lie down in their bedroom since the twin beds would be too small for her. Their bed is a California King, so the ladies said they could stay in that bed together and were OK with the idea. Peyton and Jaiden agreed. Besides, they still knew how to make two beds into a queen the way Dale and Charley taught them at Wellstone. Everything was working out well, and everybody was happy with the arrangements. The next morning, everybody awoke to the smell of banana-macadamia nut waffles and fresh decaf coffee. When they got to the dining room, Ginny had cut up fresh fruit for the ladies and had sugar-free Hawaiian syrup. Jaiden tasted the syrup and made the mistake of asking Ginny if she had the real deal on hand. Ginny looked at Jaiden and told him his butt had gotten big enough, and if the sugar-free was good enough for the ladies, it was good enough for him. He looked at Peyton. They both laughed because they knew where they stood with Ginny when it came to ensuring her unborn grandbabies’ health. When they started laughing, Ginny looked at them and smiled. After they ate breakfast, they left for school. Ginny would make sure Jenny and Jennifer took it easy. She would also make them nap in the middle of the day, whether they wanted to or not. They knew better than to get on the bad side of Ginny. They were, after all, carrying her grandchildren. When Jaiden and Peyton got home from school, they reviewed the days’ notes, highlighted the important information, and then rested a bit before dinner. Jaiden made Ginny call Gampy and make him to come over for dinner because he disliked her cooking dinner at his and Peyton’s home and then going to her home and cooking dinner again. They didn’t see any sense in Ginny doing that. As long as Ginny was cooking dinner escort bayan for them and the ladies, she and Gampy would be eating at the house with them. After dinner, the Amigos cleaned the dining room and kitchen and put the dishes in the dishwasher. Dale made a pot of coffee they drank as they sat on the deck and recounted their day. Ginny had succeeded in making Jenny and Jennifer take it easy all day, and from the looks of the ladies, they appreciated Ginny doing that. They were tired, and there was no denying that. When the ladies went upstairs to go to bed early, Ginny talked to Peyton and Jaiden and told them that she thought the babies would arrive the second week of February from what she saw in the ladies, and they needed to be getting ready for that event to arrive. They agreed. Peyton and Jaiden were trying to wait for Marty and Angie to arrive before letting Jenny and Jennifer see the nurseries. But given what Ginny said, they would show the ladies the nurseries tomorrow morning since it would be Saturday and they didn’t have to go to school. When the Amigos awoke and were getting up to prepare breakfast, there was an unmistakable smell that told them Ginny beat them to the task. When they got to the kitchen, sure enough, there stood Ginny and Gampy preparing breakfast. The guys started to say something to Ginny about being there on her regular day off, and Gampy spoke up and told the young men to drop it, that he had tried to get Ginny to stay home and rest and that she had eaten him for breakfast and made him drive her to the house. Then he smiled at the Amigos. That was their cue to leave well enough alone. Ginny is the boss, and they know it! Peyton and Jaiden decided that they would take the ladies back to the beach to walk at the lake after lunch. It was mid-January, so it was cold outside, and walking barefoot was out of the question. Even so, it was still the most enjoyable place to walk. The cement floors at the mall would make Jenny’s and Jennifer’s feet and back hurt, so it wasn’t an exercise option. At the beach, there was soft sand and places to sit when the ladies got tired. There also are the trails near the boat tour area that they could walk on and see the wildlife. The trees would block some of the cold wind blowing in off the lake and make it a bit more comfortable. The young men told Ginny that they would be eating dinner at the wharf seafood restaurant and told her and Gampy to meet them there at six. Ginny and Gampy arrived promptly at six, and they went inside to a warm, comfortable place to eat. Jaiden and Peyton knew better than to order something for themselves that wouldn’t be healthy for Jennifer and Jenny. If they did, they would incur Ginny’s wrath, and they knew better than to take that chance. Ginny’s irritation could be as bad as Dr. Moms. Broiled, fresh seafood was the meal of the night. The guys deviated from their normal water and got unsweet tea. They brought their Stevia since most restaurants didn’t serve that sweetener due to its cost. After dinner, they rode up to the overlook and gazed at the harbor lights. With snow on the ground, everything was more beautiful than usual. Jaiden took pictures for the ladies to send to their children to see how beautiful everything was. While they were at the overlook, they got to see a large ship come into the harbor. It was lit up beautifully with the lights around the deck of the vessel. There were beautiful rings around the moon due to the air’s moisture, but the skies were transparent, with the stars shining brightly. It couldn’t have been a more beautiful evening, even as cold as it was. When the four got home, Peyton and Jaiden decided to go ahead and let them see the nurseries. When the ladies walked into the rooms, tears poured from their eyes. The rooms were so large and so beautiful. The babies couldn’t have a better place to which they could come home. The ladies were amazed at the gigantic open bathrooms and showers. Why would babies need showers was their first question. Peyton said they wouldn’t need showers as babies, but when they become toddlers, they could let the boys run naked in the showers while their brothers were getting bathed two at a time. Peyton and Jaiden would get a bath when the children get bathed. And the caveat of that: they wouldn’t have to chase the children down to bathe them. The next thing to show Jennifer and Jenny was the new bedrooms downstairs. They would each have individual rooms while they are in Erie, and tonight would be the first night for them to have that comfort. Each room had a king-sized bed, 50-inch television with cable, and large bathrooms shared between each room. Charley’s Dad had the architect design the rooms that way to make them more private. The existing bathroom was modified and enlarged to match the new bathroom. The ladies will be extremely comfortable during their stay. In one week, Marty and Angie will join the ladies and Amigos. In two weeks, more likely than not, the triplets would arrive. That means Jaiden and Dale would have the first of 6 babies at home by the end of March unless the babies needed to be in NICU, and from what the doctors were saying, NICU didn’t look like it was going to be necessary. The best-case scenario is that all ten babies would be arriving and be home no later than the end of the first week in March. The ladies would probably stay in Erie for at least a month after the births to give themselves some time to heal before heading home. There would also be the emotional detachment to deal with among the ladies and the Amigos. Then there would be the worries the Amigos would do everything the babies would need. The ladies being there for a month or so after the births would ensure they got off on the right foot, and if something went amiss, Ginny and Granny would be there after that. The chances are excellent that Peyton’s, Jaiden’s, Dale’s, and Charley’s Moms would also be in Erie for the births or be in Erie shortly after that. There will be at least nine female bosses there for at least two weeks to a month to tell them what, when, where, and how to do everything. Thankfully, Jaiden and Peyton had saved the twin beds since it looks like they are going to need them. Four Moms in the house looking after their new grandchildren, especially one of them being a stubborn doctor, was somewhat frightening to the Amigos. But they knew that everything would work out for the best for all concerned. And quite frankly, the Amigos were glad their Moms would be there to share in their joy. Hopefully that next weekend, Dale’s and Charley’s dads would fly into Erie for the week. That is support they knew they could use, especially with nine women bossing them around. The Amigos had chosen the little boys’ names and had discussed it between themselves but not with the ladies or their parents. Jaiden and Peyton had chosen Ethan Robert, Abraham Dovid, Mark Anthony, Jason Robert, and Elijah James. For Dale and Charley, the little girl would be named Alaina Joelle, and the boys would be named Benjamin Dale, Jason Alexander, Charles Logan, and David Peter. All the Dads names are covered, and the little girl’s name will be after Dale’s Mom. The Amigos have decided not to let the names out until the babies are born and named. Then they will tell their parents together. Eight days after the births, the Rabbis would be busy with the bris ceremonies for the boys. Rabbis Kravitz, Belson, Schlottman, and Eichmann would be sharing the bris duties.

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