Subject: Me & James O (Jaden Gives In (15) This is a supplement tale In the ‘Me and James O’ story I have on here. I have chatted with his hot guy a few times after inadvertently finding his page on Twitter. Although we have not hooked up. And the more I do chat with him. The more I want James. James is a bicurious,. average guy with average body and a nice bearded face. But it’s his cock and balls that make me crazy. Perfect size. About 7 or so inches long and with a nice curve. And a set of balls I could eat for days. This take is from the betraying roommates view point. And how after the fact he too wants James. And seduces the hairy hunk. Enjoy. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Me & James O (Jaden Gives In (15) … Well much to Jadens delight, James could not control his feverish appetite for sex. For any chance that he could get at James and that cock, Jaden took it. And always came out with a mouthful or ass full of James sweet and creamy elixir. And my God was James cum delicious. Richer, creamer tasting than any other man. And when he busted in his face or ass it as almost always a big load. But always this could only happen in secret. Janes still cared more for his roommate. Treating Jaden with an almost disdain every time he death with him. But it was his lot. Am T least until he could make James see that he was the one he should be with. Not Oscar. “He will be mine one day” he kept saying to himself “All fucking mine” And again their rendezvous were only in the am bursa escort after Oscar went to work. Each time Jaden coming in to Oscar’s room as James lay there after his roommate left. One morning James came in to Jadens room. He was getting dressed to leave. Then he just stepped into Jadens room as he lay there in bed. Jaden sighed as he turned to see the hot hairy guy standing there. “Yeah” he thought to his self. “He totally wants me now” “Soon he will dump Oscar and be all mine” Karen reasoned in his head that this would crush Oscar that the guy he was obviously in love with would dump him. Just like every other guy that had broken his heart. Many do to their desire for Jaden himself. But with the other guys Jaden respected Oscar’s broken heart and did not go after them. But not this time. Not with James. This time Jaden was not concerned for his friends broken heart “James is mine” his head said again “He was always supposed to be mine.” “Oscar will live” “He should be used to this disappointment” Yes Jaden used this reasoning to go after James. His believed ownership of the man that he desired and Oscar adored. James stood there and looked at him. A horny need in his eyes. The guy fully naked and looking delicious as ever. Delicious cock and low hanging balls out for Jaden to behold again.he liked at his very hungry mouth. Jaden then lifted his sheets to urge James in with him. James moved over to the bed and crawled in with him. Then the hot man crawled up in top of him and started to make out with Jaden. There bursa escort bayan were no words. Just action. And when Jaden tried to say something. And when Jaden tried to speak and say how great this was, he was told to ‘shut up’. So he did. Anything for James. He felt James’s dick rake against his thigh. Still making out with him Jaden reached back and grabbed at the guys lovely ass. It felt great and he sighed. “Gotta suck me off” James then said pulling from his mouth Then James moved up and stood up over Jaden. Telling him to sit up on the bed. He was gonna feed him dick. So jaden did as the stud said. Sitting up to the head board. Then James stood up and stepped over him. His legs at each aide of Jadens body. Jaden looked at the hot man man standing there before him. That hot chest, that sexy face, the bug hard dick aimed at him and those heavy balls that dangled low under the stud. James leaned forward against the wall and offered his big dick to Jaden. Jaden opened his mouth and the man pushed his cock into his face. Jaden tasted the hard dick and felt as it slid over his hot tongue. Jaden wrapped his lips over that hard dick and licked at it. Slurping on James dick as it was fed to him. “Yeah man. Suck it!” James moaned “Suck my fucking cock”. “Awe fuckk. Soo good!” Jaden smiled inside as he slobbered more on that cock he was being fed. Knowing that his skills on dick made James moan deeply. And James did moan as he fucked it. His ass humping at the wonderful mouth wrapped around his dick. It was escort bursa one of the best cock suckers he had ever known. Almost as good as Oscar was. But it wasn’t about Oscar at the moment. Right now all he was here for was to get off and fuck this hot whore. “Suck it man. Suck that dick” he crowed Jaden felt as James dick was pushed in harder into his face. The hot guy speeding up as he went on with the skull fucking. The Super hot James moaning more as the head fucking went on. Jaden slurped and slobbered hungrily on James. His hand holding those heavy balls as his face was fucked. Kneading at them, coaxing them to make up that heavy cream that James had. He would have it soon enough. But he also feared that James may blow too soon. He didn’t want the cum in his mouth just yet. No he wanted to be bred by James again. He wanted to feel James’s dick slamming his happy hole again. That is what he desired most from James. A hard deep breeding. Just so he knew that James was master and he was his servant. Because he belonged to the man. “Gotta fuck me James” he stated as he pulled from that cock He pulled away from the hot James. Then crawled over to the other side of the bed. He grabbed the pillows and then proceeded to stuff them under his midsection. This lifting his ass up in the air. A great offertory to his stud. “There. Prefect for fucking” he then said “Now get on my back James” “Get in my back and wreck me stud” James looked down at the guy and the luscious ass waiting for him to crawl up on him. He knew once the man decided that ues he was gonna fuck him how great and filling it would be. All of James big hard dick. “Fuck me James. Fuck me!” He cooed… ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ More to cum

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