Jack In The Box Ch. 4


Kit woke early and admired Jack’s naked athletic body as he slept soundly in her bed. Last night, while Logan and Sylvia were having sex, they quietly snuck off.She and Jack talked late into the night and discussed her desire for rough sex. It wasn’t a pretty story, and she was lucky to have survived the ordeal that marked her psyche for life. Then, Jack shared his personal turmoil, and the two of them hugged and kissed after their revelations.The night ended with them having mutual oral sex, and Jack insisted that she be on top so Kit could control the depth of his massive cock. Kit appreciated him giving up control; it was a big step for Jack. She hoped that last night had not been a one-off, and Jack meant what he said about wanting to continue seeing her and being her Master.Kit loved his gorgeous cock. Even though Jack was only eighteen, he had the deftness of a seasoned lover. His intuition belied his age, and he instinctively knew how to satisfy her unique sexual needs.The clock indicated it was nearing six am, and Jack needed to return to his room before Coach Bruce did his morning rounds. With a smile on her face, Kit woke him up with his cock in her mouth.Jack’s dream seemed real; his cock was being sucked very gently by a very soft mouth. Soft purring moans woke him up.”Hmm, good morning, Kitten,” Jack yawned, “I could get used to this.”Kit came up for air and smiled at Jack. “Me too; I love having you in my bed. Do you want to come in my mouth?”Jack saw Kit was eager to please him. “Come kiss me good morning first.”After what Jack disclosed last night, Kit knew asking for a kiss was a giant step. Jack never kissed any of the girls he fucked. She crawled up his body, kissing along the way until her lips hovered over his, letting him change his mind if he wanted to. Kit’s heart filled with optimism when Jack pulled her down; today was a new beginning for both of them.The kiss lasted for only a few moments, but it was a start. “You need to get back to your room before Bruce comes looking for you,” Kit chided as she crawled back down his body. “But first, I need my morning protein!”Jack enjoyed Kit’s mouth and the attention she gave his cock. He never expected her to be so complicated and so original. The revelations she shared with him last night amazed him, and it made his home troubles seem insignificant in comparison. He relaxed with his hand gently stroking her hair; there was no rush to come.”Fuck!” He was thrown off guard when his cock suddenly erupted in her mouth. Maybe it was her softness or gentleness that made him come so quickly; whatever it was, she greedily swallowed all his cum.Kit was startled when Jack’s cum shot out but silently pleased. His stamina was incredible, and she was proud of herself for his quick ejaculation.”Hmm, thank you! Did I tell you I love the taste of your cum?””Every time,” kaçak iddaa laughed Jack. “Do you want to go downstairs and get some breakfast to go with your protein shake?””I would love to!” Kit said, “I think we should check in on Logan and Sylvia too.””Good idea; I hope Sylvia’s ass isn’t too sore this morning.” Jack snickered. “By the way, how is yours?””Always available for you!” Kit challenged as she gave his cock one last lick before jumping up and heading for the bathroom.Jack looked around for his underwear before remembering he didn’t bring any and headed to the bathroom.”Here’s your toothbrush,” Kit said as she enjoyed his stunned look.”You had a toothbrush ready for me?””I bought it yesterday in the lobby store. I was hoping you would wake up in my hotel bed!””Oh my god! My teacher seduced me!” Jack called out in mock dismay with both hands holding his cheeks.”Does that make me bad?” Kit laughed.Jack loved this intimate moment, “Kit; you are so bad it puts you on a different level!”Good!” she laughed, “because I expect you to take care of my twisted side tonight!They finished the morning ritual of brushing teeth and emptying bladders. After dressing, Jack stopped her at the door.”Before we go back into the ordinary world, I want you to know I can’t imagine not being with you,” Jack announced.Kit couldn’t have been more shocked. She wanted to say I’m too old for you or I’m your teacher, but she didn’t.”I feel the same way,” Kit said as her eyes teared up.With one last kiss, they headed for the hall door.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Kit and Jack found Logan and Sylvia asleep in each other’s arms. They looked so peaceful, and Jack didn’t want to disturb them.”Good morning, lovebirds!” Jack said as he shook Logan. “Time to get up; we have a track meet to go to!”Sylvia was the first to open her eyes and panicked when she sat up and saw it was morning. “Fuck did we sleep in?””Not quite,” Kit answered, “but you need to go to your room.”Sylvia yawned as she searched the floor, looking for her clothes. “I don’t see my panties,” she said sleepily.”Um, I may have borrowed them last night,” Kit admitted, “Jack chased me down the hallway topless!””Really?” Logan quizzed as he joined in. Jack casually had his arm over Coach Moore. “Are you two a couple now?”Kit looked up at Jack and waited for him to answer.”Yes,” Jack said, “but don’t tell anyone; I don’t want Kit to get in trouble with the school.” Jack gave both Logan and Sylvia one of his patented stares. “And of course, no one will ever know what went on here last night. Right?”Logan and Sylvia shook their heads in agreement, and even Kit nodded. “Good, now group hug!”The awkwardness passed when Kit tugged on Logan’s cock. Not to be outdone, Jack pushed his fingers up Sylvia’s cunt.”You know we’re going to fuck both of you again, don’t you?” Kit said as she looked kaçak bahis from Logan to Sylvia. “Jack and I talked about this last night.””We were hoping so!” Logan said, “we talked too and want to do it again.”Jack leaned into Sylvia and kissed her; he felt her cunt get wet. The look of surprise at being kissed by him said it all. “Tonight, you’re going to have a cock in your cunt and one in your ass at the same time.” What he didn’t say is Kit would be using one of her dildos on Sylvia.”Oh god! Yes! I want to do that!” Sylvia exclaimed as she squirmed on Jack’s fingers.Kit knelt and gave Logan’s cock a quick suck. “Hmm, I taste Sylvia on you,” she said. Kit stood and looked at Sylvia. “Tonight, your mouth is going to suck my cunt until I come all over your face,” she said as she forced a finger in Sylvia’s mouth. “This sweet little mouth is going to please me in so many ways!””Fuck!” Logan exclaimed, “that’s so hot!”Kit kissed Sylvia on the lips. The kiss was gentle and sexy. “Hmm, I might have to suck your cunt too. Would you like that?”Sylvia was so turned on she would have fucked them all right now. “I can’t wait!” she exclaimed.Jack pulled his fingers out of Sylvia’s cunt and rubbed her lips, “open up and taste yourself.”Kit knew this was going to be an exciting arrangement. Jack and she were very alike, and they planned to take advantage of Sylvia and Logan’s naivete.”We need to get going,” Kit said, “Jack and I will meet you downstairs for breakfast.”Jack nodded in agreement. “Logan, you are one lucky guy to have such a sexy girlfriend!””I know!” he responded.Jack and Kit left the room and walked to the stairwell. “That went well, I think,” Jack mused. “Good move going first with Logan’s cock. It made him feel like he was part of the group.””Do you think they will do all the things we want them to?” Kit asked.”One hundred percent!” Jack enthused, “Logan and Sylvia are going to be our live sex toys.””Even Logan?””I had my cock in his ass last night,” Jack laughed, “I know he will do what I say.””My cunt is dripping just thinking about it!””You say the sweetest things to me!” Jack laughed.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The breakfast room overflowed with teenagers and coaches from competing schools. Kit spotted Bruce and went over to him as Jack got in line for some carbs.”Bruce, I am so sorry!” Kit said as she got right into his personal space, “I feel like a bitch for abandoning you!”When Kit touched his arm, Bruce forgot all about her breach, “It was a little hectic, but I managed.””You’ve been working out!” Kit gushed as she squeezed his muscle.Jack laughed as Coach Buchanan pumped out his chest to something Kit said to him.”I rode down in the elevator with Jack,” Kit said, trying hard to keep a straight face. “He said Logan is a little sore this morning and to ask you about it. Did something happen to Logan? illegal bahis I hope it won’t affect his performance today.”Bruce turned white, unable to look Kit in the eye. Unfortunately, he looked right at Jack, who waved at him. “Um, no, I don’t know what Jack is talking about. I checked on them last night, and everything was fine.””That’s strange? Oh, well, I hope everyone does well today! See you on the bus.”Bruce watched Kit walk away with a sexy wiggle and once more thought how exciting it would be to fuck her. Jack was no longer looking his way, and he considered himself fortunate that Jack didn’t reveal more to Kit.The room’s noise was over the top, but for Kit, it seemed dead quiet. Her thoughts were on Jack. He had brought her so much pleasure it was unbelievable. Their new collaboration was exciting to think about, and as he said, when they tired of Logan and Sylvia, he would have access to plenty of girls at college.Once breakfast was over, everyone rushed out to their respective buses for the short drive to the stadium. Team colors blazoned across the jerseys of all the athletes and coaches. The sky was overcast, perfect for track events, and the humidity was low.Jack sat in the stands cheering his teammates on at each event; his race was the second last one of the day. Coach Buchanan mentioned to him that two of the prominent colleges had scouts here today and that he had passed on his praise of Jack to them. Jack laughed as Coach Buchanan awkwardly walked away from the tight hug Jack gave him in thanks.Logan did well in the high jump, coming in the top three. He watched Sylvia in the relay and laughed as her form seemed a little off. Jack was sure her ass was killing her.Jack was stretching when Kit came over. “Keep an eye on the guy in red; I heard he likes to elbow competitors to get by.””I don’t care about winning,” Jack said, “I’ve decided I’m going to accept the scholarship to the local college and stay close to you.””Listen, Mister!” Kit burst out with force. “I appreciate you want to stay near me, but don’t you ever fucking tell me you don’t care if you win or not! I wouldn’t be alive today if I gave up on myself! I believe in you, and you better fucking do the same!”Jack was in shock as he watched Kit storm away. He forgot athletics was her second passion, and she was very competitive.He lined up with the other competitors and took off at the sound of the horn. Like always, he hung back until the race was halfway over. Jack liked to gauge his competitors, read their body language, look for any weaknesses in their stride. Kit was right about the kid in red; he bullied his way forward to intimidate his opponents.Jack quickly moved up through the group until he was beside the bully. “Hey! Nice day for a stroll!” Jack said as he looked over. “How about you and me make a race of this?””Fuck off!””Catch me if you can!”Jack knew it was too early to go for a finishing kick, but the guy was so arrogant it would be worth it to see him collapse. Plus, he knew this jerk’s ego wouldn’t let him get too far ahead.

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