It Doesn’t End There Pt. 09


This story is a work of fiction. No one in this story who is portrayed as being engaged in sexual activity is under the age of 18. They are all consenting adults.

There were no close neighbors on either side of the cabin so there was a great deal of privacy. They decided to wear display suits. Instead of swimwear, the men wore rings around the base of their cocks. They would give themselves a hardon (or have one of the girls do it, and the ring would restrict the blood flow back out of the cock so it helped maintain an erection for a longer period of time. They also wore rings that extended under their ball sack but over the top of the base of their cock so that it lifted their equipment up and out. It looked very sexy to see the men lifted up and out and swinging in the breeze when they walked.

The girls also wore display suits. At first glance they might have looked like one piece string micro bikinis, but upon closer inspection, the triangles that should have covered their nipples and areolas only framed them. No cloth covered them. The same was true of their pussies. Their outer lips, inner lips and clits were completely exposed, only outlined by the straps of the display suit. In addition, Rags wore long dangling earrings with matching nipple jewelry, navel jewelry and jewelry attached to rings in her inner labia. Until they actually played volleyball the girls also wore three inch wedge sandals.

At 1:25 the flotilla started to arrive — three boats in all, five guys and five girls. “Let’s give them a proper welcome,” Rags said to Pat. They went out to the waterline to greet the guys and both Pat and Rags welcomed each guy with a hug, a kiss, and by caressing their packages.

The girls in the flotilla understood that Phil and Matt would be hesitant to greet them the same way for fear of being accused of inappropriate sexual behavior. But one of the group said, “What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.” and she went up to Matt, pressed against him, gave him a kiss and fondled him before moving to Phil. The rest of the girls followed.

The men tightened up the net. Rags took off her jewelry. Both Rags and Pat took off their sandals. They chose up sides and began to play. Rags and Pat set the pattern for everyone as they eagerly gave hugs to people who made a good play or playfully patted someone on the ass as they gave encouragement. Soon it became part of the game to try to use the word fuck as much as they could: “I sure fucked up that one;” or “What the fuck was I thinking?” or “I was distracted by her fuckin’ big tits;” or “I was looking at the fucking mushroom head of his fucking cock through his fucking tight and tiny swimsuit.”

They talked about body parts: “No, Sue, don’t pull your suit out of the crack of your ass; it was just beginning to look good;” or “Barb’s camel toe looks really good in that suit;” or “Seeing so many cocks you’re making my nipples hard.” “They’re making my cunt wet.” “My clit wants to come out to play.”

A guy complained, “I’m getting a hard on from seeing Rags’ and Pat’s tits.”

The rest of the guys responded, “Aren’t we all!”

“But it’s not all fitting in this tiny swimsuit,” he complained.

“Then pull it up and out over the top of your suit,” shouted one of the girls.

He was aware of Phil and Matt wearing their display rings. He would not be as exposed as them, so he replied, “I will if you show me your tits.”

She pulled the triangles covering her tits to the side exposing them and he pulled his cock out over the top of his suit. Later, as his excitement wore off and he began to shrink he put it back inside his suit. The girl covered up her tits when the strings under her tits became uncomfortable. And this became the pattern for the afternoon: guys would pull their cocks out of their suits when they got a hard on, and tuck them back in when they got soft. Girls would expose and cover up their tits usually in response to something one of the guys said or did.

Matt had placed a cooler near where they were playing, but as the drinks were consumed people needed to use the washroom. Pat explained where the downstairs washrooms were and at the end of every game a few people left to use the facilities. Sometimes a person would even duck out during a game.

It was after one particular game that a guy named Jimmy went to use the facilities. Rags made her move. She followed him in. Both bathrooms were being used, so Jimmy waited patiently for a door to open sitting on a chair by a dining room table. Rags sat next to him. She had sized Jimmy up. Jimmy was both an outsider and an insider. He was small for his age. Rags, from her medical training and experience figured that even though it was late, he had at least one, maybe two growth spurts left in him. But right now he was relatively small compared to the rest of the guys.

But he was smart, had a great sense of humor and a winning personality. All these friends liked him — a lot. That’s why he was always invited along with this group. But Jimmy was unaware of süpertotobet yeni giriş how much he was liked. He had a poor self image — probably related to his small size — maybe his better qualities were not seen or appreciated at home, either. The diminutive name, Jimmy, didn’t help. Rags could tell that some of the girls were interested in him — because except for his size, he was a great guy. But Jimmy seemed unaware — probably because of his poor self image. He couldn’t imagine a girl liking him – not when it seemed that every other guy was a hunk compared to him.

“I like your suit,” Rags said to begin a conversation.

“Yeah, a number of girls have told me that,” he replied. “Guys, too.”

“Where’d you get it?” she asked.

“It was my sisters,” he replied. “Can you keep a secret?” he asked.

“If I have to,” she replied.

He thought about it. “That’s an honest answer,” he replied. “Actually it’s no big deal. When people ask me where I got the suit I tell them from my sister. If they ask more I tell them I sneaked it out of her drawer. But the actual answer is that at the beginning of summer my sister tried this suit on which she wore all last year. She grew enough over the winter that she thought it was too small. I thought it was getting to be just right. But be that as it may, with mom’s permission she threw it out, but I retrieved it from the garbage to use in the privacy of my own room to wear as a skimpy suit like the bodybuilders wear, you know?”

“Yeah, cool! A great jack-off suit. I get it,” said Rags. “You think about girls seeing you in that suit and admiring your cock and balls and wanting to play with them. And wanting you to play with their tits and pussies. Is that about right?”

“Spot on,” he said. “I’ve even modified it. It covered a lot more of her abdomen, but I rolled it down over the elastic waistband and then tacked it in place so that now it is only about 3/4 of and inch wide at the hips as you can see. But then my junk doesn’t fit into the front of the suit, so I was about to take out the tacking and unroll the waistband to give myself more room when you said yesterday, ‘Wear a girl’s suit backwards.’ It works as good as any of the suits out there,” he said.

“It sure does,” said Rags, “and if you ever want to give your virginity to a big titted MILF give me a call.” Rags got up, got a piece of paper and wrote “Rags” on it and then her phone number. Then she said — maybe that won’t work because you’ll be walking through the water to get back to your boat and might get the slip of paper wet. So give me your phone number and I’ll call you and that way you’ll have my number and, like I say, if you want to lose your virginity to a big tit MILF, just give me a call.”

“I’m not a . . ,” he started to say but he realized that somehow Rags knew. “Why would you want to do that?” he finally said.

Somebody came out of the bathroom and just as Jimmy was about to excuse himself to use the facilities a girl came rushing in and seeing the door open said, “Thank goodness,” and rushed into the bathroom right by Jimmy and Rags.

“Truth be told,” said Rags, “you’re kind of small in size (but don’t let it worry you. I’m a nurse and I’d bet my license that you have one maybe eve two good growth spurts still waiting to happen. You’re just late, not finished.) But, to get back to what I was saying, you have a relatively small body but a bigger than average cock with a gorgeous mushroom head. I can see that head through your suit. It’s beautiful. It makes me wet just to see you.

It is one of my fantasies to fuck a young stud whose body has not yet fully developed but whose cock has matured to its full manhood. And you fit the bill perfectly. That cock would feel wonderful when it first entered my pussy and as it fucked me. When you discovered how to get the ridge of that head to rub against my G-spot it would drive me crazy and could probably stimulate an orgasm if you took it all the way out of my cunt and then plunged back in quickly a few times in a row. If that wasn’t good enough, it would feel even more sensational entering, fucking and leaving my ass. So the pleasure of taking your cherry would be all mine. But my husband says that I’m a good fuck, so you’d get some pleasure out of it, too.”

“But what about your husband? Won’t he object?” he asked.

“Oh, Baby, this will be so perfect. You see, for lack of a better term, my husband and I are swingers. He’s got a girl about your age, maybe a little older who loves to fuck him. She loves to role play with him — that he’s her sugar daddy and she’s his sugar baby. She loves using the term “Daddy” with him every time they are in some kind of crowd and goes back and forth between thinking it is more sexy to have people think he is her sugar daddy or maybe it is more sexy for people to think that he is her real daddy and they have an incestuous relationship. So while I’m fucking you, he’ll be fucking her. It’s a win — win.”

Just then both bathrooms opened up. Jimmy took the süpertotobet giriş near one and Rags the far one saying, “I’ll meet you back at this same spot when I’m done.”

When Rags got out of the washroom Jimmy was waiting for her. “Let’s go to the fridge and get a few more drinks to take back to the cooler,” she said.

But as they were walking to the kitchen, with some excitement in his voice, Jimmy asked, “Do you ever watch any porn?”

“Sure do,” she replied.

“What’s your favorite subject,” he asked.

“Well right now Phil and I are kinda into interracial, why?” she asked.

Jimmy was a little disappointed. “Well I thought we might be into the same type of thing,” he said, “once you described your husband’s role play.”

“Why? What is your current favorite fantasy?” she asked.

“MILF and son or stepson incest,” he replied. “Not that I have any interest in that in real life. I could not picture my mom as a MILF for all the gold in Fort Knox, but the fantasies are really hot because the MILFs are really hot — just like you. I fantasize either about MILF and son/stepson or the MILF and one of her son’s friends. It’s very sexy to think that he’s been wanting her for years and then she comes on to him fulfilling his wildest dream. It’s so hot. I’d love to have a hot mom want to teach me all there is to know about fucking. I think at some point that’s every guy’s fantasy.”

“So you’d like to do a little role playing with me where I’m the hot MILF and you’re the motherfucker?” asked Rags.

“Exactly,” said Jimmy.

“That sounds hot. I’d love to do it with you. I’ll give you a call, what’s a good time?” she asked.

He gave her a time and she promised to call. Then she said, “We need to do something to seal this deal.” She thought for a moment. “We don’t have much time, and I don’t want people to catch us, but what say I quickly take out your cock and lick it and you quickly lick my pussy.” That’s what they did and then they rejoined the group, refilling the drink chest.

Eventually, even with all the sexual talk and exhibitionism, the enthusiasm for the game of volleyball waned. If Rags and Phil would have wanted to, they could have easily moved the action to the next step, sexually, and they could have played games resulting in clothing coming off and people kissing, and fondling one another — maybe leading to oral sex or even fucking. But neither Phil nor Rags wanted to be responsible for that. Besides, the four adults had plans for the afternoon and evening.

The first order of business was to do a little clean up. The second order of business was to take their lover to bed for some afternoon delight. All the exhibitionism and sex talk kept everyone pretty horny. Both Friday night and again this afternoon Phil and Rags filled a double role as both lovers and teachers. That is what Pat and Matt wanted and Phil and Rags did not let them down. Matt and Pat had read the books Rags had loaned to them and had watched the videos. Now they would turn those theories they had read about into practice and Phil and Rags gave them ample opportunity to try to put into practice what they had read and seen. And then Phil and Rags would help them refine their techniques.

When the afternoon was done it was time for a discussion that all parties were aware was coming. Rags had given Pat books and videos on the subject and had told Pat that it would be Pat and Matt’s choice as to whether they wanted to try anal or not.

Without hesitation Pat said that they wanted to go for it. They all agreed that the best way to do it would be to keep their pairing with their lover. That way the inexperienced Matt would be guided by the experienced Rags, and the inexperienced Pat would be introduced to anal by the experienced Phil.

Rags had brought along her anal cleansing kit and had purchased one for Pat. Now it was time to show her how to use it. After that they lubed up and started dilating their assholes by using butt plugs. Again, Rags brought her set of five plugs, each one increasing in size, and purchased a new set for Pat.

They would lube up a plug and then insert it in the other girl’s ass, and then gently move it in and out slowly and repeatedly to get the anus used to being opened from the outside. Then they went to the next size. When it got to the third size they lay on their stomachs on a bed with their upper torso resting on a couple of pillows so that they could watch a TV. Now they inserted and withdrew the plug repeatedly while watching a porn video on anal sex. The guys sat on the outside of the bed, watching with them, and Phil and Rags used the videos to point out the good and the bad, the do’s and the don’ts.

After the first video the girls walked around with the plugs in their asses and even did a little fast dancing before inserting the fourth plug. It was back to the bed, plenty of lube, and moving the butt plug in and out during the next video. The butt plug that was entering them now was about the same diameter as the diameter süpertotobet güvenilirmi of the men’s cocks. After the video, they went for the fifth butt plug. If Pat could handle this, she could take Phil’s cock for sure. Again they used a lot of lube both on the plug and in and around the girls’ anuses. The plugs went in without much discomfort. This bode well for what was coming later on that night.

Now they were going to go out to eat. They were going to go to a BBQ restaurant. Being this was a Saturday evening, the restaurant would be crowded. There were no reservations. One simply came and stood in line — an exhibitionist’s dream. The place was extremely informal, catering to a weekend crowd of people who came up to the lakes in the area for recreation. The sign said, “No shirt, no shoes, no service,” and that was pretty much the dress code. Rags had a daring surprise.

She brought out two fox tails attached to butt plugs. She was going to wear a shelf bra for her tits. Over that would be a very pink tight lycra/spandex shirt with a very wide and low cut U neckline, showing off the top of her tits. Then around her hips she wore a pink plaid pleated micro miniskirt. On her feet and up her legs she wore a pair of white spike heeled thigh high boots. And to top it all off she had inserted a butt plug into her ass that was connected to a thick black fox tail. She would take the plug out when they got into the car and sit on a towel, but insert it as soon as they got out of the car.

Pat was going to dress similar to Rags: but in light blue shirt and skirt instead of pink. Rags handed her the fox tail and said, “Your choice. Just because I’m going to do it doesn’t mean you have to.” Pat took the tail and inserted it in her ass.

For shorts, the men wore square cut swim trunks. Matt’s were a shiny black, Phil’s were a light blue. Phil wore a stretchy tank top, Matt, a lycra spandex T shirt. Phil wore a black vest to hold his wallet and keys. Matt wore running shoes, Phil wore black lace up work boots.

When they got there the line was long but moved rather quickly. People could eat at tables indoors, but the tables were crowded. There were also tall circular tables with four stools around them. There were some of these in an outdoor patio as well. Also in the outdoor patio there were other high round tables with no stools where people could stand and eat. The exhibitionism in Phil and Rags caused them to choose the standing tables and the growing exhibitionism in Matt and Pat caused them to readily agree. They chose a table that was easily seen by new people coming to the restaurant and standing in line waiting to get in. They got lots of looks and could hear many comments. Whether good or bad, they fueled the excitement that an exhibitionist gets when he or she is being noticed for being outrageously sexy.

When they were done eating, they went back to the cabin. The girls made final preparations for anal sex. The men would wear condoms at the time of the actual penetration, so had them get ready together with plenty of lube. When the girls were ready, they came out to their lover and went to bed with them. There they engaged in foreplay — many of the techniques and skills Matt and Pat had only learned on Friday night or Saturday morning or afternoon. Then, when a girl was ready, the man put on the condom and lubed it up generously. The girl took out her butt plug (the number 5 she had put in during her final preparation) and the man lubed her up inside and out.

The first penetration for each of the girls was with the man on his back and the woman on her knees over him, totally in control of the speed at which he entered her, and totally in control of their first fucking. As she got used to this both couples had a chance to also try doggy style entry, and a modified missionary entry. Each couple would try to conclude with the woman’s favorite. They were not trying to make this last too long. They did not want to outlast the lube and cause either girl any pain. Both girls wanted to end on their back. In that position they were able to play with their clits and both of the girls had an orgasm. So did Matt, and Phil had to push himself. Usually he disciplined himself to last a fairly long time to give his partner multiple orgasms. So it was somewhat unusual to try to erupt early, but he managed too, aided by the fact that Pat had some serious contractions of her anus as she had her orgasm.

The pair of lovers went into their showers together to get cleaned up. The men had removed their condoms, but still, even with the condoms protecting them, they washed their cocks thoroughly and repeatedly. When the couples came out of the showers the women put on one of their lover’s Tee shirts. The men were wearing a pair of their lover’s stretch panties.

They sat around the kitchen table to talk about the possibilities for the rest of the night. They could go on and try to let each one of the girls experience a double penetration. It did not take too long to realize that that would probably be too much of a good thing. Neither of the women were hurting from their anal penetration, but a second time of doing that in the same evening could very well be too much. On the other hand, experiencing a double penetration might be a great reason for getting together at the cabin some other time.

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