Is This My Life? Ch. 02


The morning went on, several cups of coffee and countless phone calls. I closed my office door to get a short break, pausing in my busy schedule to ponder life. Watching the people below on the street, each with their own agenda. Some in a hurry as they weaved through the slower casual walkers, others standing as if they had nothing to do in their life.

I heard the noises of the office behind me and the traffic outside as I looked off into the clear blue sky. My feet warm and comfy in their leather covering, my face feeling the warmth of the soft sunlight through the window. Walking back and forth by the window I could feel my buttocks and genitals sliding effortlessly in the satin panties. Feeling this brought back the morning’s view of her panty covered ass in the kitchen.

My mind showing me a slide show of her beauty, her smooth legs, rounded buttocks, and her breasts with their erect nipples. The dull ache in my crotch brought me back to the present as my cock strains in the metal cage. The morning coffee working its way through my body as I feel the urge. In the bathroom I close the stall door to lower my pants and take a seat to drain my full bladder. I shake the cage a pat the tip with a fold of toilet paper before pulling up my pants and adjusting my attire.

Thoughts of my business and tasks take a secondary path in my mind as I go through the day yearning for her touch. More phone calls, papers to sign, interviews and meeting make the day go by. The staff begins departing as the sun lowers in the sky, casting shadows across my office. Slipping on my jacket as I peer down at her picture on my desk, I smile and head for home.

The garage door closes as get out of kocaeli escort the car, unbuttoning my jacket as I step through the doorway into the kitchen. I see her walking toward me with a smile, the bounce in her step making her hair brush across her shoulders. Wrapping my arms around her as we hug I moan softly feeling content, safe, and loved. My hands slide down her back to grip her buttocks firmly, pulling her tightly against me.

“Someone is frisky.” she says with a smile. She takes my hand and walks with me to the bedroom. I slip off my jacket and remove my tie as I hear her in the bathroom. Lifting my head after removing my shoes I see her emerge through the doorway. My body stops, motionless I watch as her naked form move closer and closer. The twinkle of the light reflecting off her necklace and the key, in contrast to her tan smooth skin.

I soon find myself licking up her inner thigh as she lay back on the edge of the bed. Still dressed in my shirt and slacks, my hands caressing her outer thighs as my lips kiss closer to the goal. The scent and feel of her body fueling my desire to pleasure her more and better than I ever have. Her soft moans turning to short groans as her body shifts and twitches. Her breathing deepens as her skin comes alive with heat and beads of sweat.

I look up her body, peering across her pubic mound. Her nipples standing up like beacons atop her rounded breasts. Her mouth open, her tongue licking across her lips and hands tightly gripping the thick blanket beneath her. The violent thrusts of her body pounds her pubic mound against my face and her wetness making my purpose nearly complete. Her body calms and lick slowly across kolej escort the sacred skin I live for.

My head is pushed back by her hands as she sits up, her breasts swaying before my eyes. Our lips meet and our minds meld as our tongues wrestle inside our mouths. I feel her fingers undoing the buttons of my shirt as we kiss. I stand to remove what clothing I have left on, leaving me naked except the cage as she peers up at me. It seems everything is in slow motion as she presses the key into the little pink heart.

A cold chill runs through my body as I feel the blood rushing to fill my freed penis. Her soft hands massaging my aching balls as my cock twitches with each beat of my heart. I look down at the top of her head while she massages my aching balls, watching the veins on my cock expand and contract as the blood pumps through them.

Like a dream or a fairy tale I watch as she lays back on the bed, her knees parting, her hands reaching out to me. Our bodies meet as I lay on top of her, my hands near her shoulders as we kiss again. I lift my upper body and peer into her eyes as her hand reaches for engorged cock. Another chill shivers up my spine as I feel the tip rubbing against her hot wet lips.

I thrust forward gently watching as her eyes slowly close, a calm moan escapes her lips. My mind turns it focus to the heat now surrounding my rock hard cock. I hear myself moan as out pubic areas meet, holding my body motionless, wishing for a brief moment I could remain here forever. Thoughts of thrusting hard and fast, driving my cock deep in her run through my mind as I slowly pull back.

The intense feeling of my cock buried deep inside her konak escort awakens the ache in my balls I have had for the last week. I wrap my arms under her knees and lift her legs as I place my hand on the bed beside her. My hips lifting and lowering as I watch her expressions. Her body gripping and releasing my cock with each thrust. There is no way to describe the intense pleasure of that first shot of semen as it rushes to escape.

My body stops, my mind stops, I think my heart stops too as I feel the muscle inside my body tense. From deep within I feel an emotional sense of udder joy as the semen begins its path. I feel nothing at this moment but the sudden filling of my cock from the inside and burst of power in my body as my hips make a short hard thrust. The semen tickling the head of my cock as it escapes like the burst of a gun.

This short but powerful feeling of pleasure is repeated four or five times in a very brief span of time. The waves of earth shuttering pleasure begin to calm as I open my eyes. Seeing her mouth open and hearing her deep moans make me realize. Watching her chest rise and fall with each deep breath make me understand. I lower my body to hers as I release her legs, holding her head as our lips meet.

We lay there holding each other, feeling our bodies as one. I feel her tap my bare buttock, wanting me to move. I stand beside the bed and help her up, holding her hand as she gains her balance. I am soon watching as she is placing the metal cage back in place and giving the little pink heart as short but needed tug. I pull her up and wrap my arms around her hot naked body.

My hands caressing the soft smooth skin of her back and ass, her breasts pressed against me, as I truly realize and understand.

SHE is my reason for life, SHE is the drive in my life, and SHE is everything to me. I will never feel this nor desire to feel this with any other person in my life.

And YES …. This Is MY Life.

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