It was about three in the morning when I wandered in. I’d agreed to drive a friend’s car cross-country to his parents’ house, and I was determined to pull it off in record time. After a few hours of sleep to take the edge off, pancakes sounded like just the thing to get me going for another leg of the journey.The empty restaurant matched the empty streets I’d encountered. The Midwest was nothing like the west coast, where the world didn’t stop just because it was after midnight. The only person I saw as I entered was a brightly smiling, pretty blonde, which was hardly a bad thing.“Can I show you to a table?” she asked.“Please,” I answered, smiling back.I didn’t think much of it when she led me over to a corner farthest away from the front of the restaurant. She gestured toward a seat in a booth, and as I moved to sit down, I realized I wasn’t the only customer.“Be right back,” my pretty blonde server said.I glanced over at the woman seated in the booth directly across the aisle from me. She looked to be in her mid to late thirties, and she was hot. A black and gray, business-like dress showed off her curves to good effect. She was wearing black heels, black stockings, and had long dark hair to match it all. She seemed to be absorbed in her phone as she absently brought bits of pancake to her red-glossed lips, so I took advantage of it to get a good look.My smiling server returned with a menu, flatware, and a coffee cup. As she was sitting it down, etimesgut escort I said, “I’ll have a double stack of blueberry pancakes, and coffee.”“Coming right up,” she said as she returned to the front.I pulled out my own phone, but I honestly spent about as much time checking out the woman across the way as anything. There was something about the way she moved that was inherently, gracefully sexy. The subtle kick of her crossed leg under the table. The fluid motion of her hand lifting the fork. The dainty way she put every perfectly cut bite of pancake between her lips.She had me mesmerized.Even as I was eating, I found it hard to keep my eyes from wandering back to her. Though her skirt reached below the knee, I could still tell she had incredible legs. Her nails were perfectly manicured and painted a red that was slightly darker than her lipstick. She wore a silver ring on her right thumb and a gold, braided chain around her neck. Long, sparkling earrings dangled from perfectly formed lobes.I was admiring her long, luscious eyelashes when her eyes suddenly cut toward me. She turned her head and lifted her eyebrows in a silent question that hinted at irritation. I quickly looked away and focused all my attention on the last few bites of blueberry pancakes.I made sure to keep my eyes where they belonged after that. Despite that, I noticed her waving toward our server in my peripheral vision. The blonde approached eryaman escort her seat and then leaned in. As best as I could tell, the older woman was whispering something to her.Fuck. Probably reporting me as some kind of a creepy pervert, I thought. I picked up my coffee cup to drain it as the blonde returned to the front. Time to go.To my surprise, I heard the woman next to me say, “Hello.”I turned toward her and said, “Hey,” so as not to appear rude on top of perverted.“Late night, or early morning?” she asked.Taken aback by her friendly tone and the smile that had sprouted on her lips, I stammered, “Uhm… Early morning, I guess.”“You guess?” she chuckled.I shrugged. “Maybe a bit of both. Just got a few hours of sleep. How about you?”“Hmm… Bit of both.”She slid across the bench, toward the back of the booth, and then nodded toward the spot she’d just vacated.My brow furrowed, outwardly displaying my confusion. Only a couple of minutes earlier, she looked as if she was going to burn me alive with her stare. Then all of a sudden, she’s inviting me over.When I didn’t move immediately, she waved her hand in a beckoning gesture and said, “Come on now. Don’t be shy.”I slid out of my own booth, still not sure whether I was going to sit down, or head up front to pay my check, and then run for the hills. She got me by tilting her head in a flirtatious gesture and biting her bottom lip.I sat down next to her.“So, sincan escort you like what you see?” she asked in a quiet, sultry voice while leaning in close.Damn, I thought. I don’t know what I expected, but it certainly wasn’t that.“Because I know I do,” she added before I could answer.I stiffened and grunted when she reached out and grasped the denim near the button of my jeans.“Are you crazy?” I whispered in disbelief.“Maybe,” she said, and punctuated it with a chuckle.I have no idea how she managed to pop that button open with one hand and those long nails, but she did it.“What’s life without a little excitement?” she asked while tugging at my zipper.“You’re gonna get us arrested.”“There’s nobody else here,” she scoffed while slipping her fingers into the V she’d just created to caress my cock.It responded predictably.“Except the waitress, and anybody who’s in the back…” I argued.“Live a little. You’re too young to be so cautious,” she said, and then moaned as she felt me swelling beneath her fingers.My conscience and common sense were both screaming at me to run. Unfortunately, my dick was louder, so I sat there, hardening under her touch, with my eyes darting everywhere.She let out a quiet, excited moan, “Mmmhmm.”The next thing I know, she’s pushing my underwear down, and fishing my cock out. The bottom of the zipper was biting into my balls when she finished, but her fingers curling around my cock made me forget about it in short order.“Good?” she asked as she stroked me in her soft hand.“Yeah,” I breathed, still on the lookout for anyone beyond the window across the way, or approaching from the front of the place.“Such a hard young cock. I love it.”“God,” I quietly groaned.She chuckled and stroked me a little faster.

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