Subject: Intoxicated INTOXICATED “I’m home!” Jason slurred as he closed the door to his house behind him. Stumbling towards the stairs, he made his way up towards his bedroom, the third room on the right. As he rested on the wall for a moment, to gather his balance, he continued down the long hallway before swinging open a door to his right and entering. Having no awareness of his surroundings, Jason began to throw off his clothes as he stood at the foot of the bed, looking down on the perky, smooth ass which revealed itself from beneath the covers. The room was pitch black, nothing else was visible, only the light skinned ass. As Jason slowly climbed onto the bed, he perched his drunken body behind the body in the bed, before using both hands to spread open the ass cheeks to reveal a tight, pink hole which his tongue would take comfort in. It twitched with the force against it as Jasons tongue penetrated deep. His muscled hands were running up and down the smooth legs şişli travesti and caressing the ass cheeks as his face was compacted inbetween the ass cheeks, his tongue working in circles as he enjoyed the taste of the pink hole. Sweat started to drip from Jasons forehead, causing the smooth ass cheek to become wet. With a swift movement, Jason got to his knees, his thick, 10″ cock standing rock solid as he leaned over the body below, arms at either side of the darkened body shape. His cock positioned itself in the asscrack as the precum coated the area around the hole, gently teasing him. With a hard thrust forward, his cock was wrapped in the tight muscles of the smooth, pink hole as it slid into the walls of the ass. “AAAARGH” screamed the body below. The wet rimming relaxed the muscles, but not enough for the girthy 10″ to go unnoticed. Jason halted as the face which turned to look at him in the bed was not the one he had expected, it was not his wife, beylikdüzü travesti Jessie. It was his son, Brody. “Dad! What are you doing!?” Brody yelled as he tried to break free from his dads embrace. Jason was silent. His head was spinning with the surprise and his judgement was being over ruled by his craving to fuck. In a swift motion, Jason grabbed a pillow from beside Brody, and placed it over his head as he pushed it into the mattress below before pulling his cock from the tight, virgin hole and thrusting it back in deeper, his balls slapping against Brodys ass. Brody continued to shout from below the pillow as his ass was torn open by his dads monster cock. The slapping noise filled the room as Brody’s body lay limp as his dads cock stretched his ass open wide. The headboard of the bed slammed against the wall as Jason’s grunts became louder, his cock threw thicker before he gave one last, deep thrust into Brody’s ass unloading a long anticipated istanbul travesti load inside his son. Giving a couple extra thrusts to push his load in further, Jason peeled his sweaty body from his son below, before getting out from the bed and stumbled from Brody’s bedroom in search of his own. Brody shot up from the bed as soon as he could, sitting on the side as he watched his intoxicated dad leave the room, unaware of what just happened and the effects it will have on their relationship. Brody sat, thinking for a while about the aggression that went on, and how it related to his hard, leaking 8″ cock in between his legs. The only explanation was, he liked it. Rolling over to lie back in bed, Brody lay on his back as he began stroking his sweaty, precum soaked cock. One had was coated in the precum as it worked the long shaft as his other hand worked its way to his ass, two fingers slid into his soaked ass as his dads cum began to drip from inside, creaming as Brody fingered himself with it. Moments passed before Brody unleashed ropes of cum over his body as his ass clenched around his cum covered fingers before he rested in bed, gaining back his breath as he came to terms with the last half hours events.

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