Intense cuckold training


Intense cuckold trainingI have been married to my wife now for almost five years. We’ve had very kinky sex right from the time we started dating, things like role playing, being tied up, gentle smacking and fun stuff like that. At first, we took turns being dominant and submissive, but over time, and of course once we got hitched, I became more interested with being continually submissive. My wife was more than happy to oblige, and loved to rule over me. I have made it my daily routine to fawn over her and to see to her every need. For the last year or so, we have pretended to be involved in cuckolding and more hardcore slave activities. She pretends to cheat on me, and has started to call me more derogatory names, as well as almost never fucking me. I have to earn that after hours of oral and pleasuring her. A few weeks ago, we were watching femdom porn together, as she said she wanted to get a few new ideas. We watched a scene where a man was beaten and ridiculed by a dominant woman focusing on modifying his behavior. “That’s what you need I think.” “What’s that Mistress?” “Behavior modification of course silly”, she said with a giggle. “We play all these games where you’re a cuckold and I tease you about cheating, but we only play because I don’t think you can handle it.” She looked at me and said with a gentle nurturing voice, “I need you to handle it, I want you to be wimpy little slave forever.” I nervously responded, “Whatever your heart desires my love.” She became giddy with excitement. “Wonderful!” my wife squealed. “However, I think you need some outside training to get you where you need to be…don’t you?” “I guess so Mistress.” “Oh, I’m so excited…I’ll find the perfect Dominatrix to train you you and get it all set up.” Two weeks later my wife called me at work and told me that she had just had the best conversation with a professional dominatrix who offered her services to train me. Her name was Madam Elizabeth, and she was free tonight, so after work, I was to come home, shower, and then go to her studio which was a few towns over. “She told me that she is very strict, so watch yourself with her and do precisely what you are told, otherwise punishment is severe.” “Of course Mistress, I promise”. I hurried home and showered, and got ready to leave. My wife met me at the door, wearing almost nothing and looking very sexy, it was then I realized she would not be coming with me. She put her arms around my neck and told me how proud she was of me for doing this for her. “Just so you know, I told Madam Elizabeth that I wanted you to stop being a cuckold in fantasy only, but in real life too.” I nodded with fearful approval. “Oh, and I asked her to work on your behavior too. No more play games…just full time service and worship of me.” She gave me a hug and said while giggling, “Hurry or you’ll be late for class”. She then closed the door on me, and I was on my way.I arrived at the address, parked and walked up to the door. I buzzed the bell as instructed ahead of time, and walked into the building and found my way to Madam Elizabeth’s door which was slightly ajar for me to enter. I walked in and closed the door behind me. Madam Elizabeth was standing in front of me. She was striking looking. Tall with brown hair and eyes. Full figured, but more in shape than out of. She was wearing a pink blouse that showed her impressive cleavage, and a tight black leather skirt that went down below her knees. She looked to be in her mid 40’s, and was beautiful…and scary.“Hello loser,” she said calmly. “Hello Mistress” I said. “You are to refer to me as Madam. You’re wife is your Mistress, and she tells me you need a shitload of work.” “Yes Madam.” I barely had time to adjust to my new situation before she jumpedright into the session. “Let’s get started she said calmly but coldly. Remove all your clothes and put them neatly on that rack there.” I began to undress taking care not to be sloppy, however my pace seemed to annoy her. “Don’t take too long, this isn’t a striptease for my benefit”. Her gaze became a bit icier. I quickly removed all clothes, and stood before her naked, still with a lowered head.“First lesson you need to learn is that you must appreciate the discipline given to you. You need to not only accept it as your reality, but feel thankful for receiving it, no matter the amount of pain you endure. Understand?” “Yes Madam” I said with a subservient tone. She put her hand under my chin and raised it up so our eyes met. “No, you do not. You can’t, because you are stupid, worthless and not properly trained. How could you possibly assume that you know what I’m talking about?” She was direct and stern, and I realized that I made my first mistake of the session. “I’m sorry Madam “Being sorry is irrelevant. Your emotions, your feelings, your identity is irrelevant. Your behavior needs to be trained to react differently than it currently does. That takes time and dedication so do not assume that you have any idea what I’m talking about.” She was serious and not smiling. I stood there looking blank, but I was trembling on the inside. “Let me give you an example. Close your eyes.” I closed them as ordered. Two seconds later I felt a smack on my left cheek. While it wasn’t so hard as to really hurt, the surprise shocked me. My eyes popped open as did my mouth. I’m sure I looked wounded. “You see?” She folded her arms in judgment. “Your reaction to receiving discipline is entirely wrong. From now on, every time I slap your face, or punish you in anyway, you are to smile as if you are enjoying yourself. You need to show your appreciation to me, and smiling is the best way to do that. Do you understand?” She meant business with that last comment, so I responded quickly that I understood. “Hmm…let’s see.” With that, she hit me again on the same cheek. I know that I mustered a smile afterwards, but I also stupidly flinched as she was hitting me. That really angered her. “YOU DO NOT DARE MOVE AWAY FROM ME”. She grabbed both my shoulders and brought her knee up into my groin with a thud. I let a groan and went to the floor. “I’m sorry Madam”. She knelt down over me and with a much quieter voice, talked into my ear, “You are a piece of garbage. You suck at everything and you are a shitty submissive. However, you are here to learn to be better. To be the submissive your wife requires you to be. Do your part, soak up what I have to teach you, and do not flinch again.” She moved away, and gestured for me to stand up. I did so, ignoring my discomfort. Now, let’s try again. She stared hard at me, raising her hand slowly to see if I would react, and when I didn’t, she then laid another firm smack on my left cheek again. This time, I did not flinch. I smiled as quickly as the sting wore off. “Smile quicker!” kaçak iddaa she snarled, and hit again…same cheek. I almost flinched, but held my ground. My face started to hurt, but I smiled none the less. “That’s better. Now, let me see those pearly whites”. I grinned wide for her. “Hmm”, she seemed amused. You are stupid aren’t you?” I smiled and nodded. She smacked me again, this time on my other cheek, I kept my happy face up. “You are not worthy of your wife’s attention and love are you? The question caught me by surprise, but I nodded and smiled. She grabbed the top of my head and forcibly nodded for me. “That’s right you pathetic loser. You don’t deserve her and you must be broken down to nothing so you can beg her again for a lifetime of service.” The face slaps were becoming regular now, spaced out in between degrading questions and statements. With each slap, I was quick to show my appreciation. With each inquiry I nodded while doing my best to grin. “Your wife deserves better than you. She deserves someone who can fuck her properly doesn’t she?” SMACK .. I nodded and said “yes Madam.” Your dick is as useless as the rest of your body. It’s too small, and too….white, isn’t it?” She really purred with that last comment. And of course I responded affirmatively. “Yes, your wife told me how you desire her to fuck only black men. What a lowly…SMACK….worthless…SMACK…wimp you are.” I agreed by nodding and smiling just as she instructed. “Well, this is an area we are going to have to explore aren’t we?” “Yes Madam I said right before another stinging slap to my face. This went on for several more minutes. Insult after insult, hitting me on both cheeks until they both were stinging, and both very red.She sat down in her chair. “Sit.” I took the seat in front of her. Her chair was one of those large comfortable brown leather chairs that looked more like a throne than a chair. What I was sitting on was hard wood, cold and not very big. Almost like a schoolroom chair for someone younger and small than I. I was forced to sit erect, struggling for proper room and comfort. “All right, I need to dig into your brain a bit to see where and what we can manipulate. I want to hear your masturbation secrets. All losers like you jerk off constantly, but never experience what you fantasize about. The time has come for you to admit them. First, do you try to jerk off every day? “Yes Madam”. “You masturbate to the thought of your wife getting fucked by black men yes?” “Yes Madam.” “Do you imagine her laughing at you while you’re watching her?” Her question made me think for a moment and I started to consider it for what she thought was too long. She grabbed the riding crop that was next to her chair, leaned up towards me and snapped me across my bare chest. “Ugh…” I moaned backwards. I couldn’t hide the pain it caused. “Oh…I’m sorry” she said sarcastically. “But you see, when I ask you a question, I expect an immediate answer. If I want you to think about it, I’ll tell you to think about it. Do you fucking understand?” “Yes Madam” “Do you get it why I had to hurt you just now?” “Yes Madam”. “THEN WHY DID YOU NOT SMILE SHITHEAD? She slapped me hard against my face. WHAP! The pain was electric, but I managed to put a grin on my face and did my very best to show my appreciation. She looked at me hard for a bit, and seemed satisfied that I finally got it, so she sat back in her chair and looked calmer though visibly disgusted with me. “Now…Do you imagine your wife laughing at you while you watch her fucking black men?” “No Madam… I simply never imagined that possibility.” I hoped that was the right way to answer, and that I wouldn’t get beaten. “Well” she said with a sly knowledgably smile. “Rest assured she does laugh at you. When I spoke to her on the phone yesterday, she laughed hard at the thought of you cleaning up her lover’s cum from her pussy. We both giggled at the thought of you preferring sex this way, and what it says about the type of man you are, or more importantly, the one you are not.” My head lowered and my heart sunk a tiny bit…but boy was I getting aroused. “She wonders if you’re gay you know?” I looked up with inquisitive eyes while hoping to hide my arousal in that thought. “Oh yes…I told her it’s a possibility that you always wanted to be gay, and probably fantasize about it all the time.” I didn’t react, but I did smile for her. She smiled back and raised her eyebrow knowingly and uttered with confidence. “Tell me…when you masturbate to the thought of being a faggot…what is your exact favorite fantasy?” This time I didn’t hesitate. The pain from my first cropping was still lingering, so I answered her question calmly and right away. “I like to imagine that I’m being forced by a woman to suck and play with another male slave she has in her possession.” “I see. Tell me more about that exact scene”, she demanded. Who is the man? How many are there? What do they look like?” I got ready to let out a personal admission for the very first time. “They’re never anyone I know, usually just one person, but sometimes more of a stable of men.” I felt my dick getting stimulated and that made me nervous. I wondered how she would react if I got hard in front of her. “The slave I’m forced to suck is white and mature, older than 60. Fully shaven, smelling clean. He’s tied up and blindfolded.” “Hmm..interesting.” She got up and started slowly walking around the room, and circling my chair. She had the crop in hand gently smacking the inside of her palm. “Does he cum in your mouth?” “Yes Madam.” Do you lick his balls?” “Yes Madam.” “Do you..” She didn’t go any further when she noticed my little dick starting to grow, not to mention producing a tiny dollop of glistening precum. “Well well well” she said in the most judgmental way. Look what happens when you talk about sucking cock.” I was tensing up, assuming that any moment she would beat me for getting an erection. “Do you think you’re allowed to get hard without my say so?” “No Madam…I am so sorry”. I bowed my head in full shame, which I could tell she sort of liked by her gentle laughing. “Remember, being sorry doesn’t matter. Right shithead?” “Yes Madam” “Look up.” I raised my head and was welcomed by slap after slap across both cheeks of my face. She must have hit me 20 times. My smiles hid the sharp pain I felt, and I did everything not to wince. When she finished, she said, “This is day one of your training. On day one all anyone can expect out of you is to be the dumb piece of shit you are. However our goal here is to get you to the point where you will never get hard without say so, never hesitate when questioned, and look forward and truly love the humiliation bestowed on you. It does not happen over time, I get that…but get started realizing kaçak bahis that this is who you will become if you expect to hold onto your wife,” she snarled. “I promise I will work hard at it Madam.” Really?” she said with little confidence in me. “Let’s see then if you can get to that next level then. Excuse me for a moment while I get my slave from the other room. He’s white, a little older than you and he has a huge cock that you will suck dry. Hope you’re ready.”I was horrified, and my face showed it. I had never done anything remotely gay, and even though it was part of my fantasies, I was terrified to do any real act. Madam Elizabeth saw the real fear in my eyes and was walking out the door when she abruptly turned around and started laughing at my reaction. “Oh you should see your face you little maggot. If you were wearing pants right now, you’d be peeing in them.” She squatted down where I was sitting and brought her eyes to mine and said, “I was just k**ding. I don’t have any slave in the next room.” My heart came back out of my stomach, and I let out a sigh of relief. SMACK! “Today is your first session, no real cock to suck. Next session however…” Her voice trailed and my thoughts went over the probability that I would soon be performing oral sex on a man for her pleasure. She arose and walked to a large closet in the corner of the room. I could see that it contained a vast collection of whips, restraints, dildos and everything else you could think of. It took her only a second to find what she was looking for. She brought it out, closed the door and walked by me to the wall a few feet away. Then, with a firm thrust, she stuck a large suction cupped dildo to a vertical metal beam on the wall. “Get over her loser.” I got off the chair, and crawled over to the wall, knowing that I was not worthy enough to stand. I positioned myself right in front of the erect toy. It was large, about 8 inches, and thick, thicker than most real penises I assumed. It also had balls at the base that actually dangled a bit. I could see that there was fake hair sticking out of the balls, kind of like doll’s hair. “It’s time to practice shithead. Get on this thing and show me how you suck cock.” I inched closer on my knees and calmly put my lips around the top of the dildo, then almost immediately, started sucking. It was so different then my wife’s dildos that were made of hard plastic. It was hard, but the outer layer had a more malleable rubber surface that was softer, and slid with the shaft. Pretty realistic actually. “Suck that cock loser. Do it well”. She started walking slowly around me while I performed. Her heeled shoes echoed on the hard wood floor. After about 30 seconds, she let me know what she thought of my technique. WHAP! “Ummph” the crop swat on my ass stung right away. “Suck it better! You need to get into it make me believe you like the taste.” I began to get lost in it, using my tongue, gyrating my hips while I more passionately sucked on the fake dick. “And don’t ignore the balls!” WHAP! Another stinging swat. “Uggh..” I got lower and went to work on the fake balls that felt strange in my mouth. The fake hair really tickled, and gagged me a bit, but I didn’t dare stop though. I wanted to show Madam Elizabeth I was capable of learning, and of course, I didn’t want to get hit too much. “That’s it, there you go…I can see how you like it.” She yanked my hair and pulled me off for a second, “You need to love it though right?” I nodded and remembered to smile. She shoved my face back on the dick. “Cmon…suck it like you need the cum from it to survive. Suck it to get it out of there”. I went crazy on it like she commanded. Sucking and licking up and down the shaft, working the balls, deep throating as best I could. For what seemed like an eternity, she watched me work the toy, walking around me and occasionally laughing. When she saw enough, she kicked me in the ass while saying, “Okay, back up and turn around on your hands and knees.” I did as she instructed. She walked over to a nearby table and picked up what looked like a tube of lubricant. I knew what was coming. In a few minutes, I’d have that huge dildo up my ass. I just hoped I could do it. Madam Elizabeth started humming to herself as she removed the dildo from where it was, to a lower position on the wall. She then slid two rubber gloves on that she had picked up with the lubricant. Squeezed out a generous portion of gel from the tube, and without any hesitation or mention, proceeded to lubricate my asshole region, both inside and out. She was aggressive and didn’t seem bothered about intruding me. She just hummed. And I just took it, trying my hardest not to react. After about a minute, she took off the gloves, threw then a can near the wall, and said “Now. Get your ass on that cock. Move it.” I turned my body so that my back and ass were away from the wall and proceeded to back towards the dildo. I got to the tip and slowly but steadily let it enter by ass. It was large, and pretty painful, I started breathing heavily and groaned as it slowly stretched my ass. “Aww…does it hurt?” she said sarcastically. “Yes Madam.” “Well that’s too fucking bad. Now get it all the way in you.” I inhaled deeply, and relaxed all my muscles so it could slide in. Slowly but surely, my ass took it all, and my body was touching the wall flat with the base of the dildo. “Rock back and forth like you’re getting fucked.” I did as she commanded. At first slowly because it hurt too much, but after a minute I sped it up to a slow steady pace. Madam Elizabeth walked in front of me, lifted my and spit in my face. “You are a total gay fuck pig aren’t you?” “Yes Madam” I groaned. SLAP! “I’m sorry, what did you say?” She hit me because I wasn’t smiling I realized. “YES MADAM”, I said confidently with a good sized grin. “That’s better”. Now fuck that dick hard and fast. Show me how you like to get fucked.” I did just as she ordered, picking up the pace and acting like the whore she instructed me to be. I was starting to really get into it, and the large toy was going in and out, in and out, and my ass was slapping the wall with each thrust. My dick was painfully hard dripping with pre-cum. She saw that and let out a snicker. “Look how hard you are?” There was no denying it anymore. I was incredibly excited and loving the joyful pain my ass was enduring. “I knew it, you’re nothing more than a faggot slave bitch…ARENT YOU?” She yanked my head up to hers. “Yes Madam”, I said while shuddering and smiling. She walked over to the closet again, reached in, got something and walked back over. She leaned down to me and put a metal dog dish on the floor under my cock. “Jerk your cock into there now. You have 60 seconds to cum. MOVE IT!” I started jerking furiously. illegal bahis With my left hand, I pounded my dick, while I was keeping balance with my right hand on the floor. The dildo was deep inside me and felt bigger as I tensed up trying to cum quick. Madam Elizabeth towered over me throwing rapid insults. “Let’s go shit head, you cum when ordered. This is how you get to cum, with a dick in your ass you loser.” It didn’t take long to get close, I started to gasp and pant, and she know I would soon blow. “Your wife doesn’t need your pathetic dick anymore. She’ll have plenty of big black ones to choose from” You’re nothing.” Thewwth! Her saliva hit the top of my forehead and dribbled down to the top of my nose. “Thank you Madam” I said appreciating her spitting on me. I was getting ready to explode and I then uttered “Madam may I come?” I was really puffing and moaning through the question. “DO IT AND DON’T MISS THE FUCKING BOWL!” she growled. I let out a “AHHAAAGGH” and blew a huge load into the dog bowl. Tons more than I usually can jizz out. I couldn’t stop…for about 15 seconds I shot out small amounts with each orgasmic thrust. When I finished I looked with amazement at how much was there. Easily 3 tablespoons. “Done?” She sounded impatient. Come off that dildo and put your head in that bowl. I slid off the huge dick, and my asshole puckered close with a tinge of hurt. I crawled around 180 degrees, and put my head just above the bowl. “Now, you have 30 seconds to slurp that up. Get it all in your mouth and down your throat. I don’t want to see a drop unfinished, and don’t you dare spill any. You do and I’ll whip you 50 times.” I got my head in there and started lapping up my cum. It was still warm and very gooey. I ignored how gross it was though and slurped and sucked it all in my mouth. I was quick and careful not to let any get out. I wanted to show here I could do what she ordered without issue. In less than 30 seconds I had eaten all my semen up. I even licked all around the edges to be sure. “What a pathetic loser you are.” She laughed and seemed really amused now. “Standup!” I got up quickly. She got right in front of me, and starred with her cold brown eyes into mine. I cowered and lowered my head. “You are just what I expected you to be. A total subservient pussy.” I nodded but kept my head bowed. “You are a wimp, a piece of shit, and not a real man are you?” “No Madam, I’m not.” She snickered and seemed pleased by my embarrassment. “Your wife sent me sent me her servant husband, after a few more sessions, she will get back a cuckold faggot husband who sucks cock and cum and will do anything she commands for the rest of her life. Isn’t that so?” “Yes Madam” I said remembering to smile. “All right, get that dildo off the wall and take it in the bathroom there. Clean it completely with soap. Clean yourself up too, get dressed and be out here in a few minutes.” “Yes Madam” I released the dildo from the wall and hurried into the bathroom. While in there cleaning the toy and myself, and took a quick moment to myself. Looking in the mirror I whispered “wow”. I couldn’t believe the session I just endured. It was incredible and was nothing like anything I ever experienced. I crossed a threshold, and was both scared and excited to tell my wife and take it to the next level, though all the gay activities were not going to be easy to admit to.After 5 minutes or so, I came out of the bathroom to see Madam Elizabeth on the phone and smiling in her conversation. She motioned to me and to my clothes which I took to go get dressed. I was halfway through when I realized that she was talking to my wife on the phone. My heart raced wondering what she had already heard about. “Oh my god yeah”, Madam Elizabeth responded. “He took it in the ass like a seasoned fag. Told me how much he loved it even. Hmm? If you tell him to of course. No No…you don’t need to ever ask him again, anything you desire or want to embarrass him with, will forever be entirely up to you.” I could only imagine what my wife was thinking of me and I soon found out. Madam Elizabeth walked to me with the phone extended out to me. “Your wife wants to speak to you”, she said. “Thank you Madam”, I took the phone. “Hello Mistress”, I said to my wife. “Hello my little slave” she said in the familiar sweet voice my wife had while sexually teasing me. “I heard all about your session, and what a nasty cuckold cum eater you are becoming. I’m so happy you are taking your training seriously.” “Thank you Mistress”. “Do you really fantasize about being gay? With OLD MEN”, she asked while slightly laughing. My stomach turned a bit, but there was no looking back anymore. “I do Mistress”. “Wow” she said. “For how long now?” I looked up and saw Madame Elizabeth glaring at me, so like a trained pet, I stood up straighter and gave her a more complete answer. “For several years Mistress. It’s been a continuing fantasy of mine…. to be humiliated that way, and.” My wife cut me off, “You never wanted to act on it in all that time?” “No Mistress, it was just a fantasy.” I smiled slightly towards the Madam with my head pointed down…”I always use to fantasize that you were in control of my bisexuality and had me partake it when it pleased you.” Madam Elizabeth let out a laugh, my wife heard it and laughed loudly and said..”Yep! Well my love…that fantasy is going to become a reality. I hear your next session will inolve you sucking off another slave. Madam says she has the perfect slave to for your first gay experience.” I gulped…so excited. I looked up slowly towards Madam Elizabeth and mustered a wimpy “Yes Mistress.” “Hmmmmm” she purred. “Maybe I’ll come with you and watch. Or…maybe I’ll do that on your 3rd or 4th session…make sure you’re REALLY trained before I visit, you know?” “Yes Mistress, of course.” “I figure after the 4th session you’ll be perfectly ready to clean out my pussy after I get fucked by a black guy right?” “Yes Mistress” I said eagerly suprising myself. “Wonderful honey! I have an idea…How about you come home, make me a nice dinner, bathe me, give me one of those special back rubs of yours…while I can surf the sites looking for my new black boyfriend.” “Sound like a good idea?” “A perfect idea Mistress.” “Ooo goody! Hurry home then”, she then hung up. I hung up the phone, bowed my head low and said quietly..”She told me to hurry home Madam.” Madam Elizabeth walked slowly over to me, picked up my head with her index finer until I was gazing directly into her disapproving stare and whispered, “Then get the fuck out of here.” “Yes Madam.” As I headed towards the door, she said..” Be on time next week, I know my other slave will be.” “Yes Madam.” I left. My mind was spinning, is this really happening? Is this what I really want? I’m going to be bi, gay or worse now. This is my life…I got in my car and drove home, scared, proud, terrified, excited, but mostly nervous. But one thing for sure…I wanted more.

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