In You or On You


One o’clock, on a Saturday afternoon, I was pulling into the gas station to get a couple of gallons of gas for the lawn mower. Nothing extraordinary. pull up to the pump and on the other side is a nice looking small convertible BMW two seater, with the top down. I like cars. The woman filling the tank is about mid thirties, 5′-8″ short blonde haired nurse who is slightly overweight. As I go to the trunk to get the gas can out, there is a clank and bang, followed by some, not so pretty words. I jump over the island and see this nurse lying on the ground, clutching her ankle.

“Can I be of some help?” I asked, trying to stifle the urge to laugh out loud. She says ” I think I’m OK, I took a mis-step trying to hang up the nozzle and twisted my ankle” I reached over and took the nozzle which was tangled around her other leg and hung it up. She rolled over on her knees and tried to get up, and found out that she couldn’t put a lot of weight on her left leg. ” Here, let me help you” I announced as I grabbed her left arm and helped her to her feet. “Thanks, you are so kind, I feel like a total fool. ” I glance in the car and noticed it was a stick shift. Thinking that she may have trouble with the clutch pedal, she announced, ” Shit, I don’t think that I can use the clutch. “

“I was thinking the same thing, can I call somebody for you on my cell?” I added. “Nobody to call… I live alone” She muttered as she limped to the drivers side of the car.

“Do you live close?” I said. ” Just a couple of miles down the road, I have a house on Deer Lake. ” She replied. “Hmmmmm… Deer Lake, expensive sports car, nobody home, nurses outfit, damn, a nurse can’t afford to live on Deer Lake, I have to check this out” I thought. “Hey I was only getting some gas to cut my grass, I have time. How about if I park my car over on the side and drive you home in yours. I can walk back and get mine, and you can start icing that ankle down. ” I said with as much authority as I could.

She thought for a moment, looked around and agreed. She said that would be very nice of me and since she paid at the pump whenever I was ready, she was. I quickly parked my car and helped her around to the passenger side. As she opened the door there was a large bag of carry out food on the seat, I grabbed it and set her in it, after she buckled up she put the bag in her lap. Some quick introductions, her name was Denise, She blabbed the entire five-minute trip to her house. She was a part time substitute nurse, divorced for two years from her doctor husband. She worked a few days a week to keep herself busy. She got to keep the house on the lake; a couple of cars and pretty much kept to herself. She was crushed after the divorce and just about became a recluse, and went back to working part time to try and start her life again.

I didn’t think that it was possible to learn so much about a person in so short a time. It was a joy to drive the car. I was a little rough on the start, and jerked us around pretty well. When we reached her house it was fantastic. On a sloping couple of acres, with a dock, small boat and walkout basement. Large widows lined the wall facing the lake. As I shut off the car she spun to get out and gingerly got up. I ran around and grabbed the bag of food and noticed that some of it was leaking. Probably from my clutch work. She looked down in her lap and saw the stain. “Damn, they never pack that stuff good, I must look like a pig” Now I got a chance to really check her out. She had a very pretty face, could look to lose about twenty five-pound, she had a small gut, slightly protruding, and virtually no breasts. Her legs were somewhat shapely in the white nursing pantyhose. She had the classic look of a former looker who let herself go a little. “No one will see, lets get you in the house and get some ice on that ankle. ” I said. I held the food, and let her grab my arm as we got into the house and over to the kitchen. She directed me to get a bucket, fill it with ice and water, kırklareli escort after which she shed her shoe stuck her pantyhose clad foot in it. What a kitchen. Large, slate tiled floor, a double door, almost commercial looking refrigerator decorated in an abundance of white cupboards and had a glass table in the eating area.

She offered to have some lunch with her. She worked the midnight shift, twelve hours and picked up some Chinese for lunch and dinner so she had plenty. I found out that she is not much of a cook, they used to have one before the divorce and that she ordered out a lot. I figured why not. The stain on her outfit was right in the crotch area, of course, and now turned an oily dark spot on the white nurse’s outfit which was a one piece white cotton polyester which buttoned in the front. As she placed her pantyhose clad foot into the cold bucket her nipples sprang to attention. Although only about a 34B at best they showed through clearly, in the tight material. My guess is this was an older outfit from when she was a little smaller. “Ahhhh… that is cold… but it already feels better,” she cried.

I was unpacking the bag and placing the containers in front of her. Denise grabbed the soup, egg drop, and was instructing me to get a bowl and heat it in the microwave when all of a sudden she let loose with another “SSSSSSHHHHHHIIIIIITTTTT” I spun around to see that she yanked at the plastic top and whatever happened it ended up all over her chest. I couldn’t hold back now, I was laughing hysterically. She was stunned. In self-pity, she momentarily looked like she was going to cry, and then in reaction to me, her pity turned to a steely anger.

“So you think this is so funny huh? Well Fuck You!” and with that she flung what was left at me. She was as bad at throwing as she was clumsy. She missed and it splattered on the white cupboards. Her outfit was now becoming transparent on the top. Her lacy white bra showing a hint of those erect dark brown nipples. This was starting to get me excited. She quickly reached over to get the next container, some sort of chicken, bean sprout whatever, which was gloupy. Denise reached in and scooped out a handful and flung it at me. A little more accurate this time. I had a red tee shirt and blue gym shorts; I was on my way home from a workout at the gym. My shirt took the brunt of the attack. Now I stared down in disbelief. Denise started to laugh, with a hearty guttural tone. “That’ll teach you to make fun of me” she chortled. I was pissed.

I went out of my way to help this bitch and this is what I get. Fighting to control myself, I smiled and walked over to her, flicking the various sprouts and noodles off my shirt, and said ” I’m sorry for laughing, but you are a sight. ” She looked down and noticed that she did in fact look a little funny. While she was doing this I took another container of food, opened it, it was some sort of pork thing in red sweet and sour sauce, I stood over her and spilled the contents over her back. She didn’t know what it was, but quickly retaliated with another handful of the chicken stuff reached up and smashed it right in my face. As I stood there stunned, she reached in for egg rolls and grabbed one, opened the elastic band of my shorts and dropped it in, then crushed it into my crotch from the outside. She couldn’t help but notice my growing unit. I leaped back with disbelief and a growing hard on. So this is how its going to be I thought. I have nothing to lose. This isn’t my house, I don’t have to worry about cleaning it up…

Denise was now smiling to beat all, maybe as a reaction to my hardening dick. She blushed and looked at the floor “Truce, please, I think we’re even now” she sputtered. Then she directed me to some towels. I threw some to her, still trying to conjure up a plan. I calmly walked over to the large refrigerator and opened it taking in full account of its contents. She was right, she ordered out a lot. I found a container kırşehir escort of spaghetti. Just right. I walked over, opened it, grabbed the front of her outfit, pulled it away from her body as much as I could and poured it down. She really didn’t resist.

“You son of a bitch” she blurted. However, at this point she realized I was getting really turned on. Her tone became playful. Her chest was now becoming tomato red. My dick was responding. Although I am not packing a roto rooter, I am about 6 1/2″of average meat on my six foot 235 lb. Frame. As it was springing to attention the egg roll was falling out of the bottom of my shorts. “You are really getting turned on by this aren’t you?” I couldn’t hide my reaction. I’d never had a food fight. But this was definitely a good time.

“Hey you stuck it in my shorts first, you went for my tool” I responded. With that she started to unbutton her once white nurse outfit. It seems that most of the spaghetti got stuck around her tits. As she reached in to scoop out the mess “Hell it improves my breast size… What an easy way to get tits,” she laughingly announced. I spun for the frig again and I found some mashed potatoes from Kentucky Fried Chicken. I came up from behind took a handful and pulled her small bra and rubbed it into her left tit, then quickly followed to her right. Again she did not show any signs of resistance. Her red stained outfit was now opened to her navel.

“There you go, now I made you a 36D… no charge” I said proudly. With that she reached over with some of the loose spaghetti, and pushed it into the top of my shorts and the grabbed at my cock on the outside and rubbed it all around. What a feeling!! I jumped back, I was over reacting to her touch while she almost welcomed mine. I turned to the frig and took out the egg storage container. Looked to be about two dozen in there. I placed it on the table, took two and opened them over her clean blond hair. They quickly slid off and onto her potat o-engorged tits. I grabbed two more and this time gently crushed them on her head and worked it in. Now yolk was streaming down her face. Denise reached in and took one and smashed it on my chest. The she took another placed it in my right sweat sock and broke it from the ourside. Put two in my left one and broke them. I reached down and pulled her to her feet. I gingerly pulled her damaged ankle out of the bucket of water, turned her and picked her up and onto the glass table.

This was no longer a get even, quick hitting food fight. It was taking on a sensual air. We both realized we were not trying to hurt each other. We were both obviously enjoying it. I reached down and pulled open the rest of her nurse’s outfit. The buttons popped. Her white pantyhose were slightly speckled with food debris, but basically clean. I rolled the outfit off of her shoulders and she quickly responded and we had it off her. I stared at her food stained bra. Some of the egg and spaghetti landed and remained on her ample midriff. I was never really attracted to heavier women, but dammit there was something about her. She wasn’t what I would call fat, but she was thick, especially in the middle. She leaned back on her hands and smiled broadly. “I let myself go after the divorce, I really got into food. I eat a lot, but I think I like it better this way. ” She said with a dry husky voice.

I saw some pantry doors and check it out; I found brand new chocolate syrup, for ice cream. I opened it walked over, pulled the waistband of her pantyhose and shot a load into it. I rubbed it in from the outside. She looked to have a full hairy pussy area, which was getting darker by the second. Denise then lay back on the table and continued to rub the syrup on the outside of her crotch. I grabbed two more eggs and opened them over her stomach and rubbed them in. I then got some scissors from the towel drawer, and cut off her bulging bra. Opening it from the front I pushed off the mashed potatoes onto the glass kızılay escort table. I got some vegetable cooking oil and poured it over her small tits. I rubbed it in, slowly in circles. Denise started to moan. She was still working on her crotch. She had spectacular nipples. What she lacked in tit size, she made up for in those incredibly erect, inch long dark brown nipples. I spent about a minute on these. Then I stepped back to observe my masterpiece. Her blond hair was matted and drying with egg, her chest was glistening with cooking oil and some residue of the mashed potatoes. Her stomach had some dregs of spaghetti and egg and her crotch was blackened with chocolate syrup and oozing with raw egg. The table was now a mess; her back had the sweet and sour sauce, now smearing onto the glass.

I stripped off my shorts and shirt, walked over to the table and started to stroke my dick. Denise saw this and skittered to the end of the table with her head and motioned me over there. She grabbed the chocolate syrup, sprayed it on my dick and started stroking it. That was all I could handle. I shot my load while she directed it into her hair. She pushed my dick into her hair; it was quite a feeling. The cool crusty egg mess, chocolate and sperm. I was weakened by the release. I stumbled into a chair and collapsed. Her hair was truly a mess now.

Denise returned her fingers to her crotch. She began rubbing on the outside again. I caught my breath and wanted to thank her for getting me off. I went to the other end of the table and pulled her pantyhose off, carefully handling her bad ankle. I pulled her back down the table and spread those ample legs and dove in with my tongue. I lapped at her hairy lips, taking in the sweet chocolate. She responded by bucking her hips and moaning loudly. I stuck a couple of fingers in her hot sticky pussy and stroked madly while sucking her lips, freeing them from the food. In one heaving moan she pushed her pussy into my face and kept it there. I tasted a spray of hot, very hot, liquid being release. Bonus points, this is the first woman that I ever had that was a squirter! I had only heard about these things before. I let the hot liquid release into my face but I was afraid to swallow it. My dick was now beginning to respond. I was already getting hard. Hell I’d never had such a quick turn around. Denise was now spent and lay back with her eyes closed, panting.

“I haven’t had an orgasm like that… ever,” Denise said in a low hoarse voice. “Good lord, that was something, my husband wasn’t big on oral sex for me… you sure do have some talent there, Doug, I haven’t had sex in about seven months, and then it wasn’t very good” she continued. “This food thing is something new, I never, ever did anything like that before. What about you?”

“Me too, I was never even in a food fight before. By the way I never experienced a squirting woman either, that was something. ” I responded. Denise looked at me with a puzzled expression. “What do you mean, squirter? Is that what happened?”

“Sure enough, you were a geyser, right square in my face. ” I replied. ” hells bells!” was all that she could mutter.

I looked at the table and figured out that it was a very strong one. I stood up and got on the table and parted her legs, reached over and grabbed the cooking oil. I poured it over my cock and gently entered her. She smiled and responded with a genuine heart felt smile. As I pumped slowly in and out I took her nipples in my mouth and sucked away. This was even better. My chest and gut were being merged with the remnants of the food, and was it enjoyable. After about five minutes I came. I couldn’t tell if she did again or not because her pussy was twitching wildly after about two minutes. I collapsed on her gently kissing her on the lips for the first time, for what seemed like a half hour. It was very sensual.

Eventually we both looked around the room, and decided to go outside and clean ourselves off with a garden hose. Denise’s ankle was quite a bit better and she only had a slight limp. As we were drying off on the deck, naked in the sunlight I took stock of what just happened. And we both agreed the food was better on you than in you. This was going to be a new beginning, for both of us.

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