Icing Nancy’s Nipples


Thank you again, Mrs. A, for sharing you wonderful experiences with me!

This story is the sequel to your other story, The Wonderful Magic of a Web Camera

Nancy returned to her office after a very long business meeting and noticed her cell phone indicating four voice messages. The first two were matter-of-fact office calls (nothing major); the third was her husband reminding her they had dinner reservations and theater tickets that evening. The fourth message left her cold and shivering.

“Listen, bimbo slut. Don’t try to hide from me. I know where you are. I traced your cell number. I checked into the hotel down the street from your office. Meet me here at 4 pm sharp. And don’t even think of being cute with me. If you are not here at 4 pm, by 4:15 pm I will march into your office with your pictures and videos. Room 415. Bye.”

Nancy needed no explanations. For weeks she had been having the most marvelous phone sex with Fred. He had forced her to masturbate over the phone. He had forced her to leave her laptop on and have intercourse with her husband while Fred watched them on the web camera. He would call her late at night, while her husband was sleeping, and make her masturbate again for him, directing her exactly what he wanted her to do. And he would order her to pose nude for him over the weekends, sending him pictures in the poses and lingerie he told her to wear. Now she was trapped.

A few minutes before 4 she bravely marched into the hotel, made her way to the elevator, wished for the best, and walked on very wobbly legs down the hall to room 415. The door was slightly ajar. She let herself in. She had never met Fred before and her first glimpse of him was that he was much taller, stronger, younger and powerful than he had seemed over the phone.

Trembling like a leaf, unsure what to say or do, the first words that stumbled out of her mouth were, “What would you like me to do?”

“Strip, slut.”

That was a real shock! Not even a hello, not you-are-pretty, not thank-you-for-coming, not even a nice-to-finally-meet-you, he just told her to strip naked.

Fumbling with her buttons, she finally got off her blouse and skirt.

“Everything, slut.”

This was the first time Nancy was undressing for another man besides her husband. She was too self-conscious of her thin body, her 32-A breasts, and her almost total lack of pubic hair. But she undressed as told.

“Fold everything neatly, slut.”

Obeying, she started to look around the room. It was the usual hotel suite, large closet, flat-screen TV, plush carpet and fluffy pillows, and in the middle, the usual king-size bed. Except that Fred had placed some things on it already. And on the dresser, Fred had a huge pitcher of iced tea, a tall glass and a straw.

Nancy stood totally naked in the middle of the room, the epitome of a bumbling novice, arms hanging loosely at her side, thighs closed.

“So?” she asked.

Fred did not bother getting out of the chair. “So? So, that only a whore goes to a hotel room with a total stranger. That is so.”

Nancy blushed and shook with fear.

He motioned to the bathroom. Nancy looked. It was the usual, large hotel suite bathroom. He motioned she should look again. It seemed that Fred had attached some sort of shower curtain bar or something across the top of the door.

He stood up. Taking her by the hand, he led her to the door of the bathroom. “Wait here, slut.”

Going back to the bedroom, he picked up her pantyhose, returned, and without saying a word, he tied her wrists up on the bar, arms spread apart. And once he had her tied up, he went back, picked up her pile of neatly folded clothes, and put them at her feet. The last trip to the bedroom was when Fred returned with a blindfold. Putting it over her eyes, he suddenly mellowed. “Nancy, love of my life, wetness of my dreams, and throbbing of my days, I love you so much, darling!”

Nancy felt herself blushing from head to toe. “I love you, too” she lied.

Fred slapped her ass. It stung. It felt terribly good. He slapped her again, “Nancy, I know you are lying. But I still love you!”

She quivered.

He continued in his soft, velvet voice. “Here is what I am going to do. I am going to explore you. Every time I touch a part of your body, you will tell me what it is. If you answer correctly, I will kiss it and give you a sip of tea. If not, well your lovely derrière can surely take a lot more spanking. And you cannot say anything unless I ask you.”

He touched her lightly on her neck. Goose bumps kilis escort covered her body. “What is this, my love?”

“My neck.”

He kissed her neck and approached the glass with the straw to her mouth. “Sip, Nancy, take a sip.”

Her throat was parched with fear. She gulped down more than a few sips.

He touched her lightly on her shoulders. Goose bumps again covered her body. “What is this, my love?” His voice was smooth, even, velvety soft. Just as soft as when he would call her and make her masturbate for him over the phone.

“My shoulders.”

Again, Fred gave her a soft kiss and more tea.

On he moved, stopping at her arms, her hands, her armpits, and her elbows. Every touch, a kiss and more tea, Fred so affectionate and so caring with Nancy.

His hands moved up he spine, over her shoulders, and rested on her flat chest. “And this, Nancy?”

“My breasts.”

Fred slapped her derrière with such force that Nancy let out a scream and struggled to free her hands to protect herself.

“Let’s try again. What are these?”

Nancy was totally confused. She knew where his hands were. She simply did not know that Fred was expecting for an answer. She finally blurted out, “I do not have breasts. That is my flat chest.”

“Yes,” he softly replied in his velvet voice. He kissed her breasts lightly, giving her more tea to sip.

Omitting her nipples, he worked his way down her tummy, then to her hips. Every part, he touched, she gave the right answer, and he gave her a soft kiss, and more tea.

He touched her nipples. It was ever so light, just the barest of touches. But her nipples are the epicenter of Nancy’s sensuality. She moaned and writhed with anticipation. “My nipples!” she called out.

Fred slapped her, harder than he had slapped her before. “Listen, slut, you only talk when I ask you.”

Nancy was shaking with terror. Fred moved in front of her. Taking each nipple in one hand, he started to squeeze them, to roll them in his fingers, to pull them apart and away, harder and harder until Nancy felt he was going to tear them off her body. His grip was harsh and unrelenting. Nancy felt her nipples getting raw, their nerve endings exposed. “Describe them, lusty slut.”

Nancy quivered, “Those are my nipples. They are raw and tender. They are tiny and hard like cherry pits. They are…”

Her voice trailed off. He picked up where she had left. “They are the center of my attention.”

Kissing them lightly in turn, he gave Nancy even more tea to sip.

By now she had gulped down two full glasses. And she felt it. She started to squirm. He stood behind her, kneading her bloated tummy. “Don’t worry, Nancy darling, you can take more.”

He moved down to her thighs, legs, calves, knees, toes, and ankles. Every part of her that he touched, she correctly [duh] called it by its proper name. Each got a soft kiss and another sip of tea.

The moment she had been dreading finally arrived. Fred’s hands slowly made their way up her thighs and stopped atop her femininity. “Now, Nancy my darling, what is this?”

Bravely, she answered, “My pussy.”

He slapped her incredibly hard. “Try again, Nancy.”

She tried to vocalize the obscene, filthy names he had used when he talked to her, “My cunt.”

Again, he slapped her very hard.

Nancy was a total loss.

What did he want?

Suddenly, she blurted out, “OUR cunt!”

He kissed her softly on the mouth, “Yes, my darling Nancy. It is ours and ours forever! I love you so much!”

Nancy was practically dancing desperately on her feet. Fred kneaded her bloated, distended tummy. “Would you like to tell me anything, dear?”

“Fred, please, I need to pee.”

“Yes, sweetie, of course. Go ahead.”

“Fred, please. I mean in the bathroom.”

He laughed, “Sweetie, you ARE in the bathroom. Go ahead and pee.”

“Fred, please, on the toilet.”

He slapped her hard, again and again. “You will pee. You will pee where you are. You will pee standing up. Now, get started!”

“Fred, but my clothes are at my feet. I will wet them. Please?”

Fred laughed, “That’s OK, darling, that is perfectly OK. It is OK with me if you pee on your clothes and then have to walk out of the hotel in peed-on clothes. It is OK with me if you have to meet your husband later, and your clothes are still damp. I can wait.”

He slapped her again and again, and resumed tweaking her nipples with all his might.

Nancy felt she could not hold out much longer. Fred read her kıbrıs escort thoughts. He went over to the refrigerator, took out some ice cubes, and very gently rubbed them over her burning labia. The cold, the wetness, the soothing touch made her loosen up. She let out a few droplets of pee. Just a few came out, hoping that would alleviate her urge. Fred continued to rub the ice cube over her pee hole, gently coaxing her to let go, kneading her bloated tummy all along. Nancy could not hold off. She lost control of her bladder muscles and a torrent started to flow out, uncontrollably noisy, in all directions. Fred waited until she had finished, until the neatly folded clothes at her feet were drenched in her pee, kissed her mound lightly, and stood up. Kissing her again on the mouth, his velvety soft voice whispered, “You are very pretty, darling, really pretty.”

“But I wet my clothes!”

Fred slapped her very hard. Nancy felt her derrière aglow and on fire. “Slut, you will only talk when I ask you!”

Nancy cried softly to herself. Fred did not seem to care. He went over and picked up a few more ice cubes. “It looks like those tiny nipples are raw and sore and painfully tender, darling. Let me soothe them.”

He started to rub the ice cubes over her nipples. Nancy felt the welcome cold, then her nipples getting incredibly hard. She knew they must be erect and very dark, and very pointed.

But then something odd started to happen. Maybe Fred was applying TOO much ice. They were numb. She could not feel them any longer. She knew he was rubbing them with ice cubes: she could feel the pressure, she could feel the water tricking down her tummy. But she could not feel her nipples. And she was too scared to ask.

All of a sudden she realized she was peeing again. She must have been peeing for a long time. She was so focused on her nipples she had forgotten about the gallon of iced tea inside her. The cold water trickling down her tummy must have reached her mound and below. Her neatly folded clothes at her feet must have muffled the sound of her pee falling.

She felt so feminine and so totally whorish at the same time!

Fred untied her. All the while as he continued to ice her already frozen solid nipples, he led her by the hand over to the desk. He tied her ankles to the legs of the table, legs spread apart. Icing her nipples again, he motioned her to lean over and tied her wrists to the opposing ends of the table. Nancy, trapped and tied again, could feel her derrière up in the air, aglow with the fires of his spanking.

Fred started to run his fingers over her derrière. “What is this, my darling?

Nancy knew what he wanted to hear, “That is OUR ass.”

“Yes, my love, indeed it is!” He kissed it softly. His tongue made its lazy way down her crack. He stopped. Touching her hole, he asked, “And this, love, what is this?”

“That is OUR virgin ass.”

He kissed it.

“Yes, it is, darling. But not virgin for much longer.”

Nancy was shaking uncontrollably. Fred knew what was troubling her so much. Pressing his finger against her tight ass, “Nancy darling, you, your husband, your doctor, and I know you do not have a clit. So we can dispense with that part of your body. And you often said I cannot fuck your vagina, darling. So now your Moment of Truth is approaching. You are so beautiful, darling! Too bad you are a whore and a slut. Otherwise I would marry you right now!”

Nancy was shaking with rage.

Fred kissed her lightly and continued, “But we must awaken your tiny nipples to that they too can share in our joy, sweetie!”

Nancy heard him walk over to the bed and pick up something. He opened it and Nancy smelt that strong pungent smell of Icy Hot pain reliever. Fred rubbed it deep into her nipples. They were so numb form the cold that she could not feel a thing. All she could sense was his rubbing it on her nipples and smelling it wafting up.

He went back to her derrière, “And what did you say this was, my darling?

“It is OUR virgin ass.”

“Yes, Nancy, it is and virgin indeed! And what do you want me to do with it, sweetie?”

He slapped her hard, for no reason.

Nancy could not help it. She practically screamed, “Fred, please, I want you to fuck OUR virgin ass. Please!”

Fred laughed. “You seem in a hurry!”

Nancy could hear Fred undressing. Suddenly she had the stark realization that all along as he was tormenting her, he had been fully dressed. “Say it again, slut. Say it again and again.”

Again and again, Nancy pleaded, kırıkkale escort “Fred, please, I want you to fuck OUR virgin ass. Please!” “Fred, please, I want you to fuck OUR virgin ass. Please!” “Fred, please, I want you to fuck OUR virgin ass. Please!” PLEASE!!!

“Yes, slut, I will. Now!”

Nancy panicked. “Fred, don’t you think you should be using a condom?”

Fred stopped and laughed. “Listen, slut. You only fuck your husband. I only masturbate. No chance of disease! But if you feel better, I can wrap your panties around my cock for protection!”

Nancy was terrified at what she was about to feel.

Fred lubricated her ass with huge amounts of anal gel he got from the bed.

Nancy had no idea what to expect. But Fred had often told her his cock was bigger than her husband’s and she knew her husband was large enough as it was. So Fred must have an enormous cock. And she had never had anal intercourse before. She tensed up.

Except that at that very moment, her breasts and her nipples started coming back to life. The iced numbness was wearing off, rapidly. In its place, the Icy Hot pain reliever was taking effect.


She started to scream!

At that same moment, Fred stood smack behind her, grabbed her hips in his huge, strong hands.

With one massive thrust, his huge cock, covered in her panties, tore open her virgin ass and plunged right into her!

His huge cock plunged deep into her bowels!

His cock was so huge and so hard that Nancy felt it was going to go right through her digestive system and out her mouth!

He was huge!

He was deep inside her ass!

Her nipples were on fire!

Her nipples were on fire!

He was deep inside her ass!

He was huge!

Nancy gave a massive lurch.

She practically lifted the entire desk off the ground just with her powerful arching of her back.

Nancy was going wild!

Fred thrust in and out of her until she knew the world as she knew it was coming to an end.

Nancy was screaming.

She had never ever felt such a powerful orgasm in her entire life!

She had never climaxed for so long, without cease!

Fred screamed something and thrust all the way in.

The earth stopped rotating on its axis.

For a single, interminable moment

And then Fred ejaculated.

Again and again, gallons of ejaculate flooded Nancy’s ass. She stopped for a moment, realized what was happening, and then her orgasms came back with a vengeance.

Fred waited until she was tapering off.

Gently, he extricated his huge cock from her ass. Leaning over to her neck, he whispered in his velvety soft voice, “That was nice, darling. Thank you.”

Feebly, she whispered back, “No, sweetie, thank YOU.”

Nancy’s cell phone rang.


Fred walked away, over to her purse, pulled it out, opened it, and put it to Nancy’s ear. It was her husband. Nancy hoarsely said something. He asked her something. She replied, “Well, the thing is that I am a bit tied up here. At work. Doing something. Yes, I would love to go to the theater. No, not for dinner. I am a bit full from a late lunch. Yes, I’ll go home and change. No, don’t pick me up. I’ll go straight home, change, and meet you there.”

Fred hung up her cell phone.

Gently, he untied her.

She was too wobbly to move.

He helped her to the bed, and led her gently to lie down.

With a warm, wet towel, he bathed her while she lay in bed. Too tired to move, she smiled weakly at him. Fred was so kind, so tender to her.

He was especially attentive to the soreness of her nipples and derrière, knowing both were still very raw and tender.

She finally recovered the strength to get up and started to get dressed. Yes, her clothes were still drenched with her pee. But that she already knew: she would go home to change in time for the theater that night with her husband.

Fred remained seated at bedside, admiring her beauty, her perfectly tight figure and taut muscle tone.

True, she was only a 32-A, she did not have any body fat, her labia were mere pencil-lines, and she lacked a clitoris.

But she was Nancy, and Fred loved her with all his heart.

Nervously, Nancy looked around. “Fred, where are my panties?”

He laughed, “Darling, they must have stayed inside your tight and lovely ass when I pulled out and your husband called!”

Nancy blushed, and rushed over. She laughed with him, hugged him, smothered him with kisses, and kissed and laughed and hugged again.

Fred was so wonderful!

She would never see him again.

She would never hear from him again.

But she would never forget that Fred had made her a woman.

Forever, he had changed her life.

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