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Not long after and I was ready to go. “Somebodies going on the prowl tonight.” “Peter! Don’t tease Dennis. I think he looks very nice.” “Thank you Mrs Pershing.” Aaron would pick that moment to pull up in front of the house in his car. I was out the door and into the passengers seat and we were off. The name of the place was simply “Club Mann”. We stood in line with the rest and I was a little surprised to see a fair number of females in the mix. That did surprise me a bit as the way Aaron had told it this was a gay club. There was every possibility that I was wrong in that assumption. We finally got inside and claimed a small erdemli escort booth fairly close to the stage. The show started fairly soon. The first act was a thin as a rail dancer who looked like he couldn’t possibly have been more than 16. What muscle there was on his body was tight and defined and if appearances were to be believed his package was pretty impressive on that slim frame. He would come down off the stage and start to dance among the tables. “Hey Aaron,back again I see. Who’s your good looking friend?” He danced as he spoke and the temptation was there to stroke his package just to find out if it were real or not,but I had seen the hands off policy posted at the main door. “Evening Jason,this is Dennis.” Jason would twirl around and shake his ass in my face. “Well I don’t think I’d mind seeing you after work Dennis.” “Oh if I weren’t engaged….” Jason got a bit of a pouty face “The good ones are always taken.” Jason moved off to other tables and would have a waist band full of money by the time he made it back to the stage. “This the way the whole night is going to go Aaron? I suppose you know them all by name?” “Yeah and a couple more intimately,Jason being one of them.” This went on for a little over an hour before there was a break between shows. “So are you trying to get us laid or what Aaron?” “Well…the thought did occur to me. If you had your choice of those you’ve already seen who would it be?” “Are you serious?” “Sure I am. You should know better by now.” “Well that last guy was really built,but…..Jason was tarsus escort cuter.” “I’ve got a room on hold at a very discreet hotel Den. Just say the word.” “Aaron….damn you! Ok,but just this once.” Aaron called someone over and gave them a hastily scribbled note. The second set soon started and opened with a couple of guys we hadn’t seen before,doing a fake wrestling scene where muscles bulged in all the right places. About halfway through the show Jason came out again and did a really slow strip tease and would once again come down into the audience. He danced rather quickly to our table and grabbed my hands and pulled me up. He started to rub his body against mine and my hands would move as if they had a mind of their own and I slowly ran my fingers up along his body. “Oh yeah baby. Can’t wait until later.” He turned to me and gave me a kiss and then moved on around the audience and again would have a waistband full of cash by the time he made it back to the stage. I sat back down and watched as he finished his act and he winked at me before he left the stage. “Tell me he doesn’t do this alot,please.” “As far as I know he has only done it for me,and now you.” We watched the rest of the show and meant Jason and one of the other performers at the stage door afterwards. Jason came out of the door and sliped a hand around my waist and gave me a real kiss. “I want you to know Dennis,I don’t do this for just anybody,matter of fact Aaron is the only other one.” “I don’t either. My fiance is the only one I’ve been with in I don’t know how long,but akdeniz escort he is away at college and I do have his permission.” “Now why would you tell me that?” “I don’t know just felt like it needed saying.” “Well well well,what do we have here? 4 fags heading home are we?” “I don’t know about you 5 but we are heading out and I strongly suggest you let us go without any further unplesantness.” “Oh you do do you? Well I got news for you tinkerbell the unplesantness hasn’t even started yet.” “Yes I was afriad that would be your position.” Jason and his friend moved to the side as Aaron and I stood in the center. Aaron and I took similar defensive stances and I knew that Aaron was be able to hold up his end of things. I checked Jason to my left and he seemed ready for trouble as well. There were voices behind us now and I thought we were in the deep stuff for sure,until I saw some of the other performers step into line with us. The loud mouth leader of the bunch looked at us for a second. “Comeon guys they’re just a bunch of faggots.” “9 to 5 just ain’t good odds Moose faggots or not.” They started to back away from us. The biggest and burliest of the performers raised his arms and roared and charged the guys and they scattered like so many mice. “Thank you gentlemen. I think we may be safe now.” “Hey we performers have to stick together right Jace?” “Right Dave. See you tomorrow night.” The four of us proceeded to the place where Aaron had a room,what was actually a 2 room suite. Aaron and his friend dissappeared into the bed room leaving Jason and I in the living room part of the suite. Jason slinked over to me and slipped his hands around my neck and pulled me into a long passionate kiss. My hands went around his waist and slipped down to his round firm ass. He backed away from me and his hands moved to unbutton his shirt. “No, let me please?”

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