Subject: I Woke Up 225 I Woke Up 225 by M.P. Arsent Copyright to this story remain strictly that of the author. No other publication or use of this story is allowed without the consent of the author. This story contains male on male sexual content both implied and explicit. If this offends you please do not continue. All characters and implied situations are strictly those of the author and are not based on any real life events or characters. If you are under 18 years of age please exit this story now. I welcome all responses to my stories. Please make sure that you list the name of the story in the email line. If your email is to alert me of misspelled words or improper punctuation or grammar save your time because it will be deleted. I hope you enjoy my vivid imagination. Please let me know what you think at ail and don’t forget to donate to Nifty as they do an amazing job. “So where do we go from here?” “That is now in my hands Mr Sawyer. You concentrate on your studies. You will be informed, along with everyone else, when results are had.” It was fairly late when everything was taken care of and instead of hitting the rec center as planned I headed home. I did text Karl that I had headed home so he didn’t get concerned when I wasn’t at the rec center. He got home shortly after I did. “What happened that you passed up the workout love?” “I got jumped after class. I’m fine but the other guys didn’t fair so well.” “Did they get away?” “Nope security got them and then I’m guessing so did Dean Evans. He said their names were on the list of arrestees from the club fight.” “You think the Dean is going to go to town with that info?” “If I were a betting man I’d go all in on it lover.” “Think it will bring an end to things?” “I suppose that depends on how big a deal the Dean makes of these guys. It could well backfire and enflame things even more. Regardless, I’m not going to be any less vigilant about the whole thing.” “I wouldn’t expect you to be Den.” We had something for supper and hit the books for a bit before we crashed out for the night. Friday morning and we started all over again. When I got back to the campus for classes there was a lot of discussion going on. Seems the Dean had sent the two guys packing last night. His editorial had been published the day before in the campus paper as well. I just hoped to hell that this put the redneck squad on notice and they calmed down. Of course it was just as likely to get them really pissed off, which could lead to even bigger attacks. I stuck to crowded corridors today erdemli escort and didn’t even go over to the student union for lunch. When classes were over I headed straight for the car, checked it over, and went straight home. Karl was about an hour behind me. “What have you heard today Karl?” “The majority of the comments I heard they hoped this put an end to the whole thing. I did hear a little bit of the administration is bias in favor of gays, but nothing hateful.” “No I’m sure THAT is going to be saved for behind closed doors.” “And there’s not a damn thing we can do about it lover.” We had our supper and settled in for a little schoolwork. Before I shut down for the night I checked my email. The was a note from Mr Jacobs. Brown found guilty of multiple charges. Sentenced to no less than 3 years and no more than 7. Jacobs. “Looks like Mr Brown is going away for at least 3 years and maybe up to 7.” “Toss up then who is going to get out first. Mr Brown or Joey.” “I’m hoping at least that Joey will get straightened out.” “I’m betting that Mr Brown will be seeing somebody while he is inside as well.” “Always a possibility Karl. Let’s crash.” We did and were fairly quickly asleep. Saturday and it was again off to campus for our jogging and instead of heading home, we grabbed breakfast at the cafeteria and then Karl and I headed over to the rec center. Karl stayed right with me all through my workout and then we hit the pool. I did notice that we were still being shadowed by a couple of team members. When Karl and I were all showered and changed I did head back into the apparatus room to see Dana. “Dana I appreciate that the guys want to keep an eye on me and if it is something they’re doing on their own that’s fine. But if you put them up to it, I’d like it to stop. You’re just calling attention to me and Karl.” “I did ask them to keep an eye on you Dennis. You were already a target before that happened. When you didn’t show up Thursday as usual, I put out feelers trying to find out why not. I heard about you being jumped in pretty short order. The guys are taking this as part of their team responsibility. I can try and call them off, but I don’t know how much good it will do.” “Think it would make a difference if I asked them?” “It might, but I’m doubting it Den.” “I’ll talk to them first thing Tuesday seeing as just about everybody is gone already.” “Ok Dennis. I’ll mention it to the guys I see between now and then.” Karl and I headed home at that point, and luckily we didn’t tarsus escort have any problems. Construction had however started on the security enclosure for the Castanza property. We got to our parking space and headed straight inside to be out of everybodies way. From what was already up, It looked to be an 8 foot fence, but nicely done. “I hope this does the trick.” “It sure as hell should, but you remember what my dad used to say Karl. A lock just keeps an honest man honest.” “I suppose there is some truth to that lover, but we’ll just wait and see.” We got something organized for lunch and did some book work. Supper was had later and then crashed in front of the tv for the night and then headed for the bedroom. Karl was behind me and his arms came around me. I turned toward Karl and I knew what he wanted. I leaned in and kissed him and it wasn’t very long before we were both naked and still in each others arms. “I want you in me tonight Den.” We were soon stretched out on our bed and Karls legs were in the air. I moved into him and sunk myself all of the way into him. “Damn you feel good Den.” I gave Karl one hell of a kiss before I started moving in him. I was going slow tonight and feeding every bit of me into Karl. Eventually the need to finish took hold of me and I picked up my speed. When I did Karl grabbed himself and started working his cock. “OOOOOOOOOOh god almost there lover! Breed my ass!” It was only a few more thrusts before I started to unload into Karl and I could feel his body jerking with his own release. When I was finished I lowered myself to Karl and we kissed for quite sometime before we finally surrendered to sleep. Sunday morning and we decided it would be a quick shower before we went running this morning. We were soon enough over to campus and met up with the guys. Thankfully there were no fresh bruises. “How has it been the last couple of days in the dorms?” “Feels like people are afraid to even talk to each other. I think everybody is waiting for the next attack.” “This isn’t good at all, and I’m thinking there isn’t a damn thing we can do about it Karl.” “Probably not lover. Whatever happens is probably going to be bad all the way around.” “I just had a strange thought.” “Never a good thing, but what is it?” “The team wants to help. I’m thinking that maybe the best way that they can is to share how it is being on the same team with a gay guy, or just plain have an open forum.” “It might bring a few things to light lover, but I’m betting that’s akdeniz escort going to be a hard sell to the team let alone the coach.” “I’d probably have to run it by Dean Evans as well.” “I suppose it’s worth a shot Den. But for it to be a true forum,you’re going to have to be willing to let the haters have their voice as well. We hanging around and hitting the apparatus room after?” “Only way I know of to find out if the guys are willing and maybe get it done in time for next weeks campus paper.” “Selling the Dean I don’t think is going to be a big problem. Getting the team to stand up might be. People will claim they’re going soft.” “More than likely, but I’m betting those are the people who have already got their minds made up that being gay is a bad thing. The ones we’d be aiming at are the ones who don’t know enough about it to make and informed decision. If we convince others than that’s just the icing on the cake.” “You going to want some others to stand up with you Den?” “I’m not going to ask Gordon, but I’ll sure as hell take volunteers. Just keep in mind though that you could well be making yourself a target.” “Like we aren’t already after jogging with you every morning?” “Point taken. I still need to see if the team is up for this.” We had just about completed our laps by this point. When we were done we all trooped over to get some breakfast and then Karl and I headed for the rec center. It was early yet and there weren’t many people around, so we headed for the weight room for a while and worked out there. Ten oclock finally rolled around and I figured the apparatus room would be open by now. We made our way over there and found a few of the guys working out, Dana among them. I wasn’t going to go breaking his rythmn and when he noticed that I wasn’t working out he came over to us. “Ok Dennis, what’s going on?” “I had a really strange idea this morning.” I then proceeded to explain what I had in mind. “I know the team wants to help, but if they’re against it I’ll drop the idea.” “I think they might go for it Dennis, but I won’t ask them to participate against their will.” “I wouldn’t dream of forcing them Dana. I’ve already got a couple of other gay volunteers to be there and I might just go to the frat and ask for volunteers there, but not before I get the teams and coach Warrens approval.” “You hang for a while. I think most if not all of them will be here before too long. In the mean time I just saw the coach duck into his office.” “No time like the present then.” I made my way to the office and coach looked up. “I’ve been around long enough to know when you’ve got something on your mind Dennis. Why do I have the feeling it is going to be something that I’m not going to like?” “Because more than likely you’re not.” I quickly laid out my idea for the coach and waited for his reaction.

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