Subject: I Woke Up 128 I Woke Up 128 by M.P. Arsent Copyright to this story remain strictly that of the author. No other publication or use of this story is allowed without the consent of the author. This story contains male on male sexual content both implied and explicit. If this offends you please do not continue. All characters and implied situations are strictly those of the author and are not based on any real life events or characters. If you are under 18 years of age please exit this story now. I welcome all responses to my stories. Please make sure that you list the name of the story in the email line. If your email is to alert me of misspelled words or improper punctuation or grammar save your time because it will be deleted. I hope you enjoy my vivid imagination. Please let me know what you think at ail and don’t forget to donate to Nifty as they do an amazing job. Two strong hands grabbed me and I tried to get away. “Dennis! Take it easy!” I looked and it was Pete. “I thought….” “Well think again. Some jerk stole your car while I was in the bank. Guess I know where that money is going now.” “Screw the money and the car as long as you’re safe!” “As safe as can be Den.” Now that I knew Pete was safe, the practicalities started to sink in. “Officer, where was the wreck taken, so I can inform the insurance company?” “Smithsons Auto Wrecking, here’s the address. I would suggest you get over there tomorrow to retrieve any personal belongings.” “Thank you officer.” I got my phone out and called the insurance company and made arrangements to meet them tomorrow at the wrecking yard. “Now I need to get some new wheels. I doubt like hell the Benz is going to be salvageable this time.” “We can look after we do the wrecking yard Den.” “Not without me you won’t. I was responsible for your car Den.” “Pete, did you take the keys with you? “Of course I did.” “Did you lock her up?” “Yeah.” “Then you did everything I would have done. This isn’t your fault and you bear no responsibility. Clear?” “Yeah.” “Good. Now what the hell are we doing for supper?” “Ron’s. My treat for a change.” “Don’t let it go to your head Pete.” “What are you talking about Den?” “Your story you tell them.” “Long and short of it, I just inherited 50K.” “How the hell did that happen?” “Turns out that my dad had a brother Karl. He passed and they finally tracked me down I guess.” “Well one thing is for damn sure. We ain’t riding in Dens car tonight. We can all pile into my car though.” “Thanks Aiden. That is just about our only option right now.” erdemli escort “Yeah and I suppose we can keep our eyes open when we pass the dealerships.” “Den? You aren’t going to wait until we get home and see Dirk?” “Are you kidding? After the speech I gave him about people showing up and expecting a deal? That would make me one hell of a hypocrite.” “Yeah I guess it would. Plus how the hell would we get Pete home?” “Yeah that too.” We all trooped down to Aidens car and soon enough were out to Rons. Gladys was soon there to take our orders. We had gotten our food when I saw Paul walk in. It was pretty obvious that he was in a foul mood but he did stop to talk to us. “Hey Dennis, I didn’t see your car out front.” “It was stolen earlier today and the guy totaled it.” Pauls head snapped up at that. “Is they guy in serious condition at Mercy?” “That’s what the officer told me. What gives Paul?” “I just came from Mercy. Jess died about half an hour ago. He was one of my best friends.” “Damn! Comeon and sit down Paul. Anything I can do to help you out?” “I….. no I don’t think so.” “Did the police give you any details? They didn’t tell me anything.” “It was stupid. Somebody ran a red light and pushed Jess into a car making a right hand turn and the guy was going so fast that they pushed the second car right into the utility pole. They had to cut the door off to even get Jess out.” “You got anybody meeting you here?” “Some of the guys almost always show up here. Don’t see anybody yet though.” I looked around at the guys and they all kind of nodded as it was pretty clear what I was thinking. Paul wouldn’t be left alone tonight as long as I had anything to say about it. “Any idea why he did it?” “He has been hanging with a different gang of guys lately. If I had to guess he was trying to make his chops with them. From what other guys have said they usually just make the guy take it a few blocks and then just leave the car to be found.” “So frigging senseless.” “Yeah….I…” That was when the dam broke and Paul started crying. I slipped an arm around his shoulders. “Let it out Paul, you’ll feel better.” Paul was resting agaisnt my shoulder bawling like a 3 year old. Natually that was when his friends decided to show up. They were a pretty sober bunch at this point as well. They just stood by our booth and waited for Paul to get himself together. When Paul finally stopped crying his firends got him up and started to take him to another booth. “Do us all a favor guys and don’t let him drive tarsus escort home alone tonight.” “Got it covered.” They moved to the other end of the place and we finished our supper and headed out. There was a cluster of car dealerships on the way back to campus, mostly imports. The dealerships themselves were closed but their lot lights were on. We started to cruise the lots to see just what might catch my eye. We were pulled up at the Mercedes dealership when a black and white rolled up to us. “Evening gentlemen, what’s going on here?” “Good evening officers. Long and short of it,my car got stolen and wrecked today and I’m just looking to replacing it.” The officer looked at Aidens car and obviously saw the campus parking sticker. “Little out of your comfort zone aren’t you boys?” “An assumption on your part officer. I can assure you that I can well afford this neighborhood. I intend to check out the other dealerships while we’re here. You are of course free to pursue your duties or follow us if you like.” “Count on it junior.” That kind of rubbed me the wrong way so I decided to take my time and look at a good many of the different models and then we moved on to the next dealership,which was the BMW lot. We went through the whole place and hit several more of the dealerships and the cruiser was right behind us. When we finally pulled out of the complex I made it a point to wave good night to the officers. They however were not going to give up and they followed us all of the way back to campus. When we turned in they just drove on by. “Well that was interesting.” “Well look at it from their point of view Aiden. 5 guys rolling around expensive cars at night? College sticker on your car from a college not really known for attracting money families. It had to look pretty suspicious to them.” “Yeah I suppose so. Well we’re heading in for the night.” “I’ll catch up to you in a few.” Karl and I moved off into the shadows for our good night kiss. “I was waiting for you to tell those cops to piss off.” “Which would only have served to get us on their really bad side lover. Hell they were just doing their job. Could they have been a little nicer about it? Sure. Hey everybody isn’t Dana Pembrose.” “Yeah I suppose not. Well I suppose we ought to head in. Almost text time so I guess we can do without it tonight.” We had our kiss and went to our own rooms. 5:45 rolled around and the morning routine was completed and we were off to class. Marco Economics and then finally Historical Effects. Now akdeniz escort I just had to wait for Karl and then it would be off to the wrecking yard to collect my stuff from the Benz and to see just how much the insurance company was going to give me for what was left. Karl came around the corner of the dorm and we were soon off to the wrecking yard. It turned out it was down the road from Rons a few miles. We pulled in and were a bit early. We went to find the office and just where the Benz was. “That’s going to be a $25 overnight storage fee before I can let you guys into the car, and that’s only after you can prove to me it’s your car.” “Well I assume you’ve run the registration and have my name?” “Yeah.” I pulled out my license and showed it to him. “Ok so it’s your car. Now what about the $25?” “It’s a shakedown Den.” “Karl it would cost me more than that to replace the garage door opener.” I handed over the money and he showed us to the car. I collected all of my stuff out of the car, which was really torn up so I knew there was no saving it this time. Soon enough another car pulled in and I recognized Alex Caine as the insurance adjuster from earlier this year. “Mr Sawyer. You seem to be having a hell of a year.” “So it would seem Mr Caine. I don’t think there’s any saving her this time.” “It certainly doesn’t look like it. You had the repairs done from last time?” “I did and it just so happens the reciept was in the glove box.” I handed it to him as proof that the repairs had been done. “Very good. Just let me get this all punched into the machine and see what we come up with.” It took a couple of minutes but the answer finally came up. “The machine says I ‘m authorized to give you $3750.” “It’s gone down what $400 in just a couple of months?” “That’s a combination of the depreciation and the fact that the car was involved in an accident. Good thing you had it done as the dealership of it would be even less.” “Fine, where do I sign?” “Right here Mr Sawyer. Do you want the check sent to your home or your campus address?” “Campus address.” “You should have it within 5 business days. Will you be replacing the car anytime soon?” “Probably within a few days.” “Please keep us in mind for yur insurance needs. Just call this number and they can get you covered and drop a temporary card to the dealership as long as they have either a fax or a net connection.” “Thank you Mr Caine I’ll keep that in mind.” Soon enough we were out of the wrecking yard and on our way back to campus. “Swing by more of the dealerships?” “Yeah might as well to late to hit the apparatus room. Let’s go back to that cluster of dealerships where we were last night.” We were soon enough back and we pulled into the BMW dealership. We got out to look around again. We were soon approached by a suit. “Just looking are we gentlemen?”

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