I Shouldn’t


It had been hard lately. We were drifting apart. Things had been stressful and we were tired and stressed out. We hadn’t been intimate in weeks. I wanted to, but I feared that my advances would be met with rejection or disdain.

So now I stand over her watching her sleep. She’s so beautiful when she sleeps. Her cute little whines and whispers. The way her immaculate face contorts to little half smiles as she dreams of being somewhere pleasant. The way her gorgeous dark hair dangles on her face, dancing a little dance on her forehead.

I watch as her slow, perfectly timed breaths slowly raise her smooth, round, breasts up and down. Rhythmically like a sensual metronome. Up….. Down….. Up……. Down….up…

As she exhaled her next breath, her loose fitting, green half-shirt (which was a favorite of mine) slipped off her right breast. As it gently fell to the side I was greeted with the sight of a most delicious looking pink nipple. I love her nipples. Absolute perfection in my eyes.

I looked away, but my eyes betrayed me and traveled back to her glorious breast, still softly heaving up and down, revealing tiny extensions of the supple exposed view I had previously been lucky to receive.

I wanted her. I craved her. I yearned to touch her, to caress her, to kiss her and of course, to fuck her. But after our recent marital problems, I didn’t know how any more.

I sat down next to her on the bed. The closer I got to her, the more my body quaked and trembled. I could feel her breaths on the mattress. Her whole breast was exposed now. Moving slowly up and down.

I just kept watching her sleep. She smiled and even let out a little giggle. I wondered what she was dreaming. Was it about me? My heart fluttered. And….. did my cock just twitch? It hasn’t moved in days. Maybe it’s just in my head.

I look to the bottom of the bed and see her gorgeous legs leading down to her sexy little feet. Those toes, so suckable. Those soles so smooth and fuckable. Just then she stretches and spreads her toes wide, allowing me to see each and every cute little piggy… Ok, that time I think it definitely moved!

I bring my gaze back up to her face, pausing briefly on the breast present I could have asked for right now. She is still sleeping like an angel. Still smiling and mumbling incoherently. I can’t usually make out what she’s say–

“Mmmm, I want you Daddy” she mumbled, still sleeping.

This time there was no question. My cock jumped to attention! The blood rushing into my dick, growing it, filling it. I leaned in closer so I could smell her sweet skin. Without realizing it I found my face just an inch from her breast.. The smell was intoxicating. Sweet like cotton candy. My eyes still fixated on that pink, perky nipple.

I felt my tension rising and relaxing at the same time. I wanted to touch. And “Daddy” was her nickname altındağ escort for me. So she was already thinking about me…What if she wakes up? What will she say?

I decided to throw caution to the wind. I opened my mouth and slowly extended my tongue until it finally touched down on her firm nipple. It felt so warm and silky. My tongue. Her nipple. Tip to tip. My dick throbbing with want. My heart pounding with fears. My brain crashiing with uncertainty.

I begin to slowly trace my tongue around her erect nipple. Making a tight circle around and around, never breaking contact, as if my tongue were magnetized to it. Her nipple rising and hardening with each non consensual lap around.

She begins to respond, while still in sleepland, with gentle moans and little smirks. Suddenly she rolls over onto her back. I quickly stop licking that beautiful little lollipop. Is she awake?!


Phew! Still asleep. I resume licking her nipple, this time giving it a firm but gentle little pinch first to increase sensitivity. As I turn my head for a better angle I see that when she rolled over, her other breast had become exposed as well! I stopped licking. I had to just admire the full set in all their glory. Perfection. No other way to put it.

As I lean back in to continue playing “ring around the rosie little nipple” I reach over with my free hand and begin to play with the other one. Pinching, caressing, twisting. Tickling. It soon grows as hard as the one I’m now sucking on.

Her sleepy moans become more frequent and more…. Pleasure filled? Her nipple tastes like candy. Each lick like a sugar rush. As I continue to lick away at my treat, my hand moves slowly away from her nipple, down over her breast and down to her stomach. My hand slides back and forth across her stomach with just the slightest of touch.

She keeps responding with moans of pleasure intermittent with occasional snores that reassure me she is still in an unconscious state. I can help her find pleasure in her dream. Do I dare go further? As if she unconsciously read my mind and responded aloud still in dreamland:

“please baby, don’t stop”

I guess that’s the go ahead.

I slide my hand lower across her stomach. It slides down, meets the edge of her panties, then just traces the top rim of them against her skin. With each trip back and forth across the band of her purple thong, my fingers slip more and more into the shelter of her lacy hideaway.

She has shaved recently! It’s so smooth. I admire how soft and smooth it is while also sliding my hand further down until my middle finger slides into a crevasse. It’s warm. Thrilling. Inviting. Letting my fingers take control, I start to slide my middle finger and forefinger up and down her pussy lips. Accelerating up one side, pulling a couple donuts around her clit, and ankara anal yapan escort then coasting down the other side. Repeating this trip on cruise control.

After about a dozen round trips, conditions began to get slippery. Her clit was also starting to grow, getting more and more sensitive with every touch. That’s when I noticed that I had an erection so big I thought my shorts might split.

I was enjoying myself. And I think she was too. It’s time to get bold. I was ready to try something more intense. I was still nervous but she was still sleeping. She seemed to be consenting. And I was so worked up at this point, I almost didn’t care if it was consensual. I had decided that I was gonna get what I wanted.

I slid my body down to the foot of the bed in between her slightly spread legs, stopping once more to admire her sexy feet. They looked so sweet. So clean. So soft. I admit having a bit of a foot fetish.

I started kissing her ankle moving with each kiss to different spots on her foot eventually arriving at her adorable little toes. I gave her pinky toe a gentle little lick. Her foot twitched. That turned me on more. I gave it another lick. Another twitch. Accompanied by a moan. I give each toe a little lash of my tongue and start to kiss upward. Across her arch. The top of her foot. Her ankle. Her calf. Her thigh…

I was now staring at that purple thong. I loved when she wore thongs. It showcased her irresistible ass. As I continued licking and kissing her inner thigh, I saw her thong beginning to get moist. Just a tiny damp spot. This was a good sign. I began to kiss more firmly, lick more aggressively. Then I started to nibble and suck on her inner thigh. I wanted to leave a mark.

As soon as I began to suck on her supple thigh, the tiny damp spot on her panties got wetter and wetter eventually so wet that light from the TV was glistening on her now well moistened panties. I couldn’t hold back any longer. I needed to see it unobstructed. I needed to see her pussy throb and pulse and leak. I wanted to watch her drain her sex juices on our bed. I wanted to taste her.

After waiting for one more snore, to ensure she was still sleeping, I reached up and grabbed ahold of both sides of the thong. I slowly and carefully slid the thong down past her beautiful vagina, past her thighs… knees… ankles and finally off. They were indeed quite wet.

I started again with the same routine but on the other side this time. Licking my way back up. Toes. Calf. Thighs. And finally, my favorite place. I feel the heat radiating off her pussy. I watch as a couple droplets of her cum rolls down her lips. I quickly lick it up before it is lost to the mattress.

My cock now so hard, so thick and now leaking my own fluids. Making the tip sticky. The moment is here. I wedge my head between her welcoming ankara escort thighs and press my face against her warm pussy. lt smells like comfort and happiness. It smells like Her.

After a few beautiful moments of inhaling her sexual essence, I began by licking all around the rim of her opening. The inside of her lips. I trace every curve and crease with my tongue, pushing further into her pussy until my tongue is tickling the opening to her vagina.

She moans and squirms under my mouth. I was sure she was waking up. I paused briefly to check and see but she kept snoring only faster now. Her breathing was getting faster. I return to my task but with much more conviction this time. I lick and suck on her clit. I stab her cunt with my tongue over and over. She is really squirming now.

I pull back and sit up. Taking my index and middle finger I slowly insert them into her. They slide right in with how wet she has gotten. She moans as they enter. I curled my fingers upwards to press on her G-spot with a slight pressure. I start sliding them in and out.

I watch her whole body begin to react. Her breathing becoming very rapid, her nipples so hard, so pink, so perfect. Her face showing silent moans and signs of unknown ecstasy. Her legs slightly writhing, her toes begin to curl. I can feel her pussy filling, ready to explode. Begging to release with each pump of my fingers.

Now that she has reached her plateau, it’s time to finish the mission. As slowly as I can ( taking care not to wake her) I lift her legs to resting on my shoulders. I can’t believe that didn’t wake her up!! Lowering my shorts I reveal my stiff, hard cock throbbing and dripping with an aching need to be buried in her. To feel the hug of her warm pussy dressing my cock like a corset for my dick.

One leg at a time, I inch forward until the head is right up against her. I slowly slide my tip up and down on her clit. I see more droplets of her sex running down her lips. I keep sliding up and down until I hear what I was waiting for… one long moan.

With this cue I slid my hard cock inside. It was amazing! I almost came right away. But I couldn’t. This wasn’t about me. After taking a moment to control myself, I began to push myself in all the way until her pussy swallowed my whole cock. She moaned again, louder this time. Was she awake? Doesn’t matter. I’ve come this far.

Continuing to move in and out, watching her face. Watching her bite her lip. Watching her gasp at the thrust of me inside her. I pump and pump in and out harder each time and she, still unaware of her situation, starts to let go.

Suddenly with one big thrust, I feel an ocean of warmth rush out around my dick. It soaks me, her, the bed. I can’t hold back any longer. I lean in to her, take her breast in my right hand and her face in my left. I give her face a little shake and her eyes begin to open, so sleepy, so confused, so beautiful.

“Wake up,” I tell her “I’m coming.”

And with those words I slam my dick in as far and as hard as I can and fill her up with my cum. She screams out and cums right along with me.

I kiss her gently on the forehead and say “Good night, little one.”

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