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Author’s note: This is a fanciful, ribald tale of mother-son-aunt incest that speculates on Nude Day origins. It features two lusty, older women attempting to recruit and prepare their younger male relative to model nude for a life drawing class. The plot builds with voyeuristic, detailed descriptions of their training program and the life drawing class modeling sessions. Everyone has a fun and exciting time, but the story’s not one of incest wrapped in romance. If you’re looking for a traditional romance with an incest kicker, it would be best to look elsewhere. The story is long, but we’ve broken it into seven chapters to help keep track. Enjoy, read among the other Nude Day entries, and please vote and comment.


Part 1. Asking my nephew to model nude for a drawing class.

“We have ten minutes left on our final pose.” Dr. Doris Carter, Doris to most of us, announced while wandering among her students and making suggestions for their drawings.

I continued to apply detailed pencil strokes to my drawing. I imagined my finger, rather than my pencil, tracing the delicate curves of Michelle’s exposed vulva. She’s the most sensual of our models. The model stand is in the center of the studio. She deliberately arranged herself to give me an unobstructed view between her open legs. I’d spent forty-five minutes observing and drawing the intricate folds of her innermost core. I considered modifying my drawing to show her newly engorged clit.

The timer rang as I feverishly tried to erase and update the image. Michelle broke her pose, stretched, and reached for her robe. She’s a striking brunette, voluptuous, and an excellent life drawing model. I smiled and nodded in her direction as Michelle gathered her props and went to change. We’d dated a couple of times, but she’s a strict top while I was more a let’s share kind of woman.

Doris stood by the model stage to speak to the class. “Thank you for a wonderful beginning to our summer mini-session. I’m sorry for the Wednesday and Friday evening schedule, but this Sunday’s Fourth of July holiday left us no choice. We’ll have another class with Michelle on Friday and hope to have a male model for our two sessions next week. We’ll end the course with the complex challenge of a couple. I recognize some of you from my previous classes. Could I speak with you up here, please?”

I’ve enjoyed many of Dr. Carter’s classes. She’s a younger version of myself. Except for my six-inch height advantage, we look similar. I’m nearly sixty, and she, fifty, but we’re both full-figured women who never married. She pursued an art history career and painting in the studio while I approached the end of a long nursing career.

Valley Community College’s open enrollment policy made it an excellent place for older students like me to take personal enrichment classes. Introductory Life Drawing was one of my favorites. Out of nine students, I was one of four who’d taken the course before. We gathered at the front, near Doris.

“First, I want to tell you how glad I am you’re retaking this class. Experienced artists like you help demonstrate the proper approach to the most exciting drawing subject, the nude human form. Young, inexperienced students often have difficulty mastering their feelings when drawing nude models. You show how to channel those emotions onto paper.

“Second, I have a problem. Our male model had to cancel next week, and I haven’t found a replacement. Do any of you know of someone from your drawing experience who would be available next week, solo, and the week after for the couple’s sessions?”

We glanced from one to another, and I raised my hand. “How experienced must he be?”

“Well, Myrtle, the more experienced, the better, especially for males.” She flashed a knowing smile. “But I’m desperate.”

“My nephew graduated from Poly High two weeks ago. He’s over six feet tall, was on the swim team for three years, and is fit but not muscle-bound. His mother and I work the graveyard shift at Hollywood Hospital. I’ll talk with her tonight and will have an answer on Friday.”

“That’s such a relief, Myrtle. Thank you all, and see you Friday.”

We returned to our easels to finish packing up. I turned to leave when Doris stopped me.

“I didn’t want to ask in front of the class, but you did say your nephew, didn’t you?”

“Yes. Is it a problem?”

“No. Not at all. Well, at least for me. I was thinking of you?”

I couldn’t help myself. “My ‘Old-Maid Spinster’ disguise fooled you?”

“I’ve noticed you enjoy the male models more than most female students, but I want to ensure you’re okay drawing your nephew.”

“Drawing my nude nephew, you mean?”

“Well, nearly nude, yes.”

“I understand. I’ve known him all his life, and he’s a sweet kid who’s grown into a handsome young man. I won’t bullshit you; I’ll enjoy the drawing sessions, but remember, I’m a nurse and have seen it all before, thousands of times.”

“Thanks, I wanted to make sure.”

“I’ll see you Friday.”

Thoughts kaçak iddaa of drawing John, my favorite nephew, swirled through my head as I walked to my car. I never wanted children but loved borrowing my nephews and nieces as traveling companions. A single woman camping alone could encounter problems solved by having a pack of kids along. John was the most adventurous of the group; we both learned to fly sailplanes when he turned fourteen.

The more I thought about seeing him nude, the more exciting I found the idea. I quickly set aside the twinge of guilty doubt for the chance to examine his tight, muscular body.

The drawing class ended at nine, which gave me plenty of time to go home, get something to eat, and drive over the hill to work. Ruth worked tonight, too, so we’d have an exciting talk. I called her in surgery to meet during our break. We almost collided at the cafeteria entrance but turned it into a warm hug and went in to get some coffee.

“The life drawing teacher at Valley has a problem. She needs, but can’t find, a male model for the next two weeks and asked if we knew someone who might be available on short notice. Maybe this is out of line, you tell me, but I thought of John.”

She smiled. “Is Doris still teaching the class?”

“Did you take life drawing with Doris? We took design together, and you’d mentioned your mosaics class, but I don’t remember life drawing.”

“Ernie died two weeks into the semester, and I had to drop it. John could be a great model, and it would help his self-confidence going off to college. He’s always been a showoff. Do you remember the time at your birthday party years ago, when he danced, well, more like twirled around, dressed in my scarves? It’s a great idea. Should I ask him, or will you?”

“We’ll ask together. I’ll come over tomorrow for dinner. I told Doris I’d have an answer on Friday.”

I could see Ruth thinking. “I remember the female models were nude, but the males had to wear jock straps. John hates jock straps. Could he wear his speedos?”

“It’s an odd rule from when Valley’s life drawing classes went co-ed in the fifties. They were deathly afraid the male models would get an erection and cause the women to faint or something worse. Their solution; wear jock straps. They wanted to see the ass muscles, but not their cocks, so shorts or underwear weren’t allowed.

“They’re changing the rules soon. It’s 1971, after all. Last year Doris allowed a few of the guys to wear a posing pouch. One of the models made his from sheer cloth, transparent, and seeing everything on display was exciting. The only disappointment was a distracting contrast between his white pouch and black public hair.”

Ruth chuckled. “John completely shaved his body for the swim finals two weeks ago. I helped him get started with his torso and legs before the meet. The day after the swim meet, I arrived home early and caught him lying on the sofa watching TV with a towel wrapped around his waist. He said he’d gone for an early swim, came home, took a shower, and didn’t expect me to arrive so early.

“I felt mischievous and sat near his feet on the love seat. We chatted and watched the early morning movie on TV. He looked so cute and embarrassed lying there. I innocently asked, ‘John, your legs still look smooth. Can I feel for stubble?’ I leaned forward and put my hand above the back of his knee. I startled him, and when he jumped up, the towel came loose. He stood a second in his nude glory, and his pubic hair was gone. He turned red, caught the towel, tried to cover his crotch, and ran off to his bedroom.”

I smiled, reached across the table, and put my hand on hers. “I’ve had interesting thoughts of John on the model stand while you’ve already seen the full package.”

“I have indeed. Later, John explained the water felt so good against his shaved skin that he wondered what it would feel like to shave his public area. He did it the night before the swim meet. He loves it, so his pubic hair won’t be a problem. I had my pubes shaved when he was born, hated it, and never did it again.”

“We’ll have to make a pouch to display his assets. You’re the better seamstress. Will you sew the pouch and fit him?”

Ruth laughed. “The pouch is easy; restraining the contents is hard.”

I looked at my watch. “Time for work. Eight o’clock tonight for dinner?”

“Great, see you tonight.” Her positive response buoyed my spirits after an exhausting shift.

I arrived a few minutes early for dinner and parked behind John’s old Pontiac. Before I could knock, the front door opened, and John filled the frame. He looked good, enflaming my fantasies.

“Hi, Aunt Myrtle!” He said with a warm hug. “Mom said you wanted to ask me something. You’re my favorite person in the whole world, next to Mom, so you don’t have to ask. Consider it done.”

“Whoa there, John. Let’s get inside, have dinner, and talk before making rash decisions.” I turned him around and gave a push toward the door.

Ruth was setting the table. kaçak bahis “John already volunteered for whatever I need. Do you think we should surprise him Wednesday?”

Ruth laughed. “It would be interesting, but as resourceful as he is, he needs some practice first.” She pointed to the table. The sauerbraten and boiled potatoes smelled delicious.

I passed a dish to John. “We’ve visited the Art Museum many times. I remember one time, a few months after we returned from our New York trip, you asked me why there were paintings of naked people. Do you remember what I told you?”

“Sure, Aunt Myrtle, you gave several reasons. One was other cultures have different ideas concerning nudity, so when they created the art, it reflected those ideas. Sometimes a more modern painter would depict a scene from Roman or Greek times or myths and want to include the nude figures, attempting to depict those times accurately. Another point was artists sometimes depict nude figures to thrill or excite or shock people, something I’m beginning to understand.”

He glanced at Ruth and blushed before continuing. “The most important reason was that artists can learn everything important about drawing or painting by observing the human form. The highest form of art is to respond emotionally to those observations and accurately communicate them through their art.”

I didn’t expect so thorough a memory. “I can see why you’re going to Sonoma State this fall. I’m taking a life drawing class, and the instructor can’t find a male model for next week’s sessions. I thought of you, but I’ll need an answer by tomorrow evening.”

He looked startled, noticeably blushed, lowered his gaze to the table, and quietly asked, “Would I be nude?”

“It’s complicated. Technically, the male models must wear a jock strap. The department wants the musculature visible but hides the penis and testicles. It’s a stupid rule and will be changed soon. Is the nudity or jock strap a problem?” Ruth mentioned the jockstrap last night, but I wanted to see his reaction.

“I don’t want to disappoint you. Can I be honest, Aunt Myrtle?”

“I expect you to be. We can discuss anything at all, John.”

“I hate jock straps and won’t wear them. Junior high required them for gym class. They scrunched and bound in the wrong places and dug into my skin. When I got to Poly, I joined the swim team to get out of gym class and the need to wear those god damned jock straps. I love the speedo swimsuits. They feel like mom’s underwear….” He stopped mid-sentence and instantly turned deep red.

Both Ruth and I reached out and put a hand atop each of his. “I understand your reaction, John. You don’t need to be embarrassed because you enjoy the feeling of fine, soft, tight-fitting fabric against your skin. I’m glad you found a creative solution by joining the swim team. You can wear sexy, tight swimsuits and avoid the jock strap. That’s resourceful, young man.”

“I’m sorry, Aunt Myrtle. I hate jock straps but love the feel of Mom’s panties. Speedos feel the same.”

“If that’s the only problem, we have a solution. You’ll be able to wear something sheer and sexy, like your mom’s panties.” I glanced at Ruth, and she blushed. “But you haven’t said if you would model, nearly nude in front of nine people, one of whom is your aunt.”

“I’d love to!” He exclaimed, rather too eagerly, and blushed again when he realized he revealed more than intended.

I didn’t give his embarrassment a chance to fester. “Wonderful. I’ll talk with Professor Carter tomorrow. Let’s get together Saturday to practice some poses with your new posing pouch.”

“What’s a posing pouch?”

“Are you familiar with a G-string?”

“Yeah, I’ve seen pictures. It’s a small triangle of fabric strippers use to cover their pus—, private parts.” He blushed again.

“You’re quite the worldly young man,” I teased. “A posing pouch is a man’s G-string, a big pouch to hold his penis and testicles. Those words are too clinical; what do you call them?”

Looking down at the dinner plate, “Cock and balls?”

“The pouch is big enough to hold your cock and balls but small enough to cover them barely. A thin elastic waistband holds the triangular-shaped cloth in place. The bottom of the triangle is sewn to another elastic band. It goes up your butt crack and fastens to the waistband in the back. Acceptable?”

“I suppose, but it won’t hide much.” He smiled when he realized, “Which is the point, isn’t it?”

“Yes. Until the rules change, we’ll find a legal but creative solution. I’m sure Professor Carter will approve. Some students will be shocked, but that’s one of the purposes of drawing from life. I think we’ve covered the essentials. Any more questions?”

“No, I don’t think so. Oh yeah, when do we start?” He smiled.

“You’ll have two sessions next week, on Wednesday and Friday. I’ll drop by Saturday afternoon, and we’ll practice together. Isn’t this exciting, John. You’re opening a new chapter of life experience, and I’ll have an exciting illegal bahis young man to draw. We’ve solved the world’s problems none too soon since your mother and I need to get to work.”

After a warm goodbye hug with John, Ruth and I went to her car.

We took the Hollywood Freeway to work. “He seemed eager and didn’t hesitate. Did you mention it?”

“No, but I was certain he’d do it. I knew of his panty fetish and took it as a compliment. John’s always been special to me. I’ve enjoyed his company and encouraged his more eccentric side, like twirling around in scarves and skinny dipping. We’re best friends.”

“You two are close, especially since Ernie’s death.”

“Yes, we are. Myrtle, I need to be completely honest with you. We’ll be teaching John nude modeling together, and there’s more to tell you about the body shaving session. I’ll trust your judgment if you think I have inappropriate feelings. We can call it off before he’s too disappointed.”

“Ruth, I love you like my sister, not only a sister-in-law.”

“A few weeks ago, the swim coach told the seniors they could get their best times for the swimming finals if they shaved off their body hair. John asked me how to do it. He doesn’t have to shave his face, let alone his body, and I didn’t think. I told him I’d do it like I would a patient and had him put on his speedos so I could shave around them.

“It was awkward at first, but we settled into it. I started on the back of John’s legs, and when he turned around to let me shave the front, he was sexually excited. His erection pushed against his speedos, and I realized how sexualized the situation was for him. I tried to think of him professionally, like any other patient.

“Realizing my effect on him, I got excited too. It’s been so long since I’ve had those thoughts or been near a man sexually. Try as I might, I couldn’t keep him or his pulsing erection from my mind. I managed to finish shaving his body, but it turned me on and seeing him nude the day after the swim meet was an accidental bonus. I’ve kept my impure thoughts strictly fantasy, but we’re preparing him to model nude. I’m not sure I should continue.”

“If you’re looking for someone to validate your guilt, you’re talking to the wrong person, Ruth. I’m looking forward to drawing him in class. I hope we’ll have some provocative poses for our practice session. I’m not interested in physically seducing him, but I have thoughts on preparing him properly for art modeling.”

“From my experience with shaving him, he’ll be hard the entire time he’s on the model stand. How will you get around that?”

“I’m looking forward to it. My approach would be to contain and channel his excitement, not forbid it. I think Doris won’t care too much and doesn’t have any choice. She’s out of alternatives. I’m less worried over an erection than John ejaculating.”

“Me too. He oozed precum the entire time I shaved and would have exploded had I touched him. I was tempted but didn’t.”

“Your restraint is admirable.

“You told John about next week, but didn’t you say earlier there might be another week of sessions?”

“Doris wants a couple the final week, and she hopes John will continue to the end. I want to see how he does before springing it on him. You can imagine the difficulties.”

“I can and agree we should wait to tell him,” Ruth said as we pulled into the parking garage.

Our shift flew by, and we were driving home when Ruth asked, “Any doubts?”

“Not at all. You’re comfortable making the pouch for Saturday?”

“Comfortable might not be the right word, but we’ll get through it. After the shaving and towel incidents, everything’s been as normal as possible. John’s careful around me but is exploring his exhibitionist streak. I’ve seen him naked in the backyard a few times.”

“I’d sensed his exhibitionism over the years. It’s part of why I thought he would be a good model. You can’t be shy and stand naked for a group of strangers, can you?”

She blushed. “No, I suppose not. He’s going to do this, isn’t he?”

“I hope so.”

“The more I think about it; I’d like to see him in front of the class, too. Is there space for another student?”

“I don’t know the official limit. There are only nine students, and Doris’s classes usually have twenty.”

“I’ll call Valley this afternoon and find out.”

“I hope you can. It’ll be fun taking a class with you again. We should keep John being your son to ourselves. Wednesday, Doris asked if I had a problem drawing my nephew nude. She accepted my reassurances, but I’m not sure his aunt and mother could get away with drawing his naked, erect cock.”

“I thought the same thing. You told Doris you work with John’s mother. Let’s say we met when we took the design class together. It’s true, and we’ll just ignore the work connection. I’ll drive separately tonight.”

I arrived early for class, and Dr. Carter was preparing the model stage for Michelle. “Hello Doris, good news.”

“Great. Your nephew will model for us?”

“Yes, I’ll spare you the details, but he refuses to wear a jock strap. Last year we had a male model who used a sheer pouch. I assumed you allowed it and suggested it. John said yes.”

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