I Just Love My Car


My jazzy red sports coupe emerged from the car wash gleaming in the mid day sun. Thousands of water beads pooled and rolled off the automobile’s slick polished surface like frenzied marbles in a bath tub. Five men set upon the vehicle with fluffy white towels, drying off the exterior the way they towel off sweaty prize fighters. I squeezed my thighs together, envious of all the attention my car was getting from these muscular, suntanned men. When one of the attendants took a long black nozzle from a nearby vacuum cleaner and thrust it about the interior, my knees nearly buckled. My car was a wanton whore, its doors spread wide, giving itself to these men like a four wheeled slut.

I dropped a few dollars in the “TIPS” container and sashayed by gorgeous rump over to my awaiting automobile. I was dressed in a white mini-dress and a shear white top with no bra. In fact, I was sans undies all together. A wispy jacket was draped over my bronzed shoulders. My heels clicked on the pavement as one of the handsome attendants held the driver’s side door open for me with a sparkling smile. I returned his smile with a dazzler of my own which was outlined by two kayseri escort red pouty lips. I spread my legs wide, making my hem climb up to my bald slit as I seated my fanny in the driver’s side black bucket.

This is all foreplay for me. My cunt is gushing right now. I really do love my car and I show my lust for it by actually fucking it to no end.

I usually go through this routine about once a week. I dress rather provocatively and take my roadster out for a long drive along the seashore or up into the mountains. I never wear panties, making sure I have easy access to my horny slit at all times. I slip a hot CD into the player and diddle my clitty while I drive. I usually cum about three times before pulling into the car wash. I get even more aroused, and envious, when all the men fuss over my baby. But inevitably the motorized chariot is mine to ride, and I do it in more ways than one.

After leaving the car wash I head directly home, open the automatic door, and pull into my one car garage. I roll up the windows and slide the air conditioner button to ON. “It’s going to get hot in here fucker” I announce.

I keçiören escort spread my lovely, well defined gams even further as I begin massaging my firm milk bags. I yank down my top and begin scissor snipping my long, pink nips with my index and middle fingers. With my left hand I start massaging my hole, making it nice and squishy. I stretch my gash wide, inserting three fingers, lubing my hand up so I can get my lover wet also.

When I am sufficiently juiced up, I take my hand, well oiled with my love lube, and begin “jacking off” the stick shift of my sports car. I get the hard, black gear knob primed for my throbbing cunt.

I pull off my white mini-dress and naked, except for my white heels, straddle the six inch stick. The shaft is pointed forward a bit and the indentations where my fingers would normally clutch it feels so yummy on my clit as I move up and down. I then slowly impale myself on it, lowering my bulbous, suntanned tush while spreading my pussy lips, accepting my car’s fuck stick with reckless abandon.

“Ahhhh,” I moan like a sex starved slut. I take it all in and lean forward, placing ankara kendi evi olan escort my hands on the dashboard and begin undulating on the hard tranny’s shaft. Up and down I move, faster and faster, like the red hot pistons pumping inside my car’s motor.

I imagine another car, it’s own stick shift shiny and wet, going up my ass. I relish the double car penetration fantasy as I reach down and grab the steering wheel lock. I place it, rubber end up, to my mouth and begin sucking on it as if it were a rigid sex tool. I’m riding my car faster now, the stick buried deep in my own gear box, shifting me headlong into a higher orgasmic gear. I buck and throw my hair back, pounding the stick and howling like a spooked filly.

Soon I’m speeding down the highway to cum-land, ready to crash and burn in a billowing wreck of orgasmic fury. “Yesss!” I hiss like an overheated radiator.

When I’m done, I steady myself and lift my twat off the slick gear shift. My chest is heaving and sweat beads on it like those which rolled down my car earlier at the car wash. My skin glistens as if freshly waxed. I then remove the steering wheel lock from my sore jawed mouth and crumble across the bucket seats like Feta Cheese. I drift off to sleep nude in my car, resting on the moistened leather buckets with the scent of sex and air freshener in the air. I dream about getting fucked by three cars, each with a bigger stick shift than the other. Vroom!

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