I jizzed all over my bride’s mom face – pt. 2


I jizzed all over my bride’s mom face – pt. 2I never spoke to Ms. Applegate about that episode in the bathroom, much less told my girlfriend anything. Since then, I have never been to their house, preferring to meet with my girlfriend at my home or somewhere else. Everything seemed to be forgotten. Well, after all, it was just an innocent handjob. I mean, yes, I jizzed all over my gf mom’s face, but I didn’t even fuck her! Anyway, everything seemed to be working out. We were doing well with my gf and even were planning on getting married.So, we had this pre-wedding event like this called “engagement party” or who the fuck knows. Quite a lot of people gathered: parents, friends, relatives. It all took place at Ms. Applegate’s house and I really couldn’t do much about it.My girlfriend Cindy and I were on the second floor in her room, discussing something, drinking wine (there was a lot of wine that day), izmir escort bayan then she went downstairs to her friends.I was left alone. I stood by a large window overlooking the backyard. The door opened and Ms. Applegate entered the room. She held a glass of wine in her hand. She silently approached me and stood beside me, leaning her shoulder against mine. Her breath definitely smelled like wine. Seems like she’d been drinking quite a lot this afternoon.Still silent, she reached out her free hand to my groin and squeezed my cock. I felt my dick was hardening on. At some point, I thought that it might be worthwhile to immediately escape from that room. But it was hard to resist, because of the wine I had drunk.Still holding her hand on my groin, Ms. Applegate took a leisurely sip of wine from her glass.“ You know Jake, I keep remembering that episode in the bathroom. I liked it, did izmir escort bayan you?”Words stuck in my throat. I just felt her hand on my hardening cock. Ms. Applegate grinned in satisfaction as she felt my cock rise. Then she continued:“And I just can’t remember the taste of your cum. Will you remind me?”“Ms. Applegate…” I started, but in the blink of an eye she was on her knees, pulled my already rock hard penis right through the fly and stuffed it into her mouth. Then I could not resist.Ms. Applegate sucked long and hard. And passionately. It was as if she had only been drinking wine all day, and now she was very hungry and was trying to satisfy her hunger with my cock. Then I held her head with both hands and fucked her in the throat with all my might, as if I taking out anger on her for the fact that once again I could not resist this cougar. Through the window I saw my bride-to-be Cindy, her friends, relatives…A few more crazy minutes passed. Miss Applegate worked her tongue over my glans as if she wanted to polish it to a shine. I already felt like I was about to cum……And the next second:Cindy walked into the room right in time to see I jizzing all over her mother’s face. The semen poured out of me with thick heavy ropes, and there was a LOT OF IT – a half-hour blowjob from Ms. Applegate did its job. Rest of the cum ended up on a wedding dress that was hanging right behind Cindy’s mother.It was terrible. Scandal. My girlfriend started screaming furiously, ran up to me and pushed me, then pounced on her mother, it almost came to a fight. Cindy tried to bunch up her mother’s face, which was completely covered with my cum. For a few seconds I stood still. Then, with my pants down and my cock still erect, I grabbed Cindy by the shoulders, trying to drag my crazed gf away from her mother.“GET THIS THING OFF ME!!!” Cindy screamed hysterically when my cock poked her somewhere just above the buttocks. Pushing me away, she ran out of the room…End of Part 2

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