I Dominus: Power


“Please, Gil? Pretty please? Say yes. She’s one of the most respected Dominatrices in the scene. It’ll be fun.” Ophelia begged as she slid off the couch and placed her head on my naked lap. I had just emerged from the shower and wore only a towel wrapped around my waist. Ophelia had asked if I would accompany her to a Fetish Night event. Mistress Nikita, a respected practitioner and bdsm educator, would be the guest speaker. Nikita was also the author of a well-regarded book called “The Art of Feminine Domination.” “Who’d believe that I’m a sub? Look at me,” I teased, “I’m always the top, at work and at play. The only time I’m on my knees is when I’ve lost a sock.” Ophelia huffed, “Please? I want to pretend I’m a Domme. Besides, you’re ten times hotter than Mistress Nikita’s husband. You’ll make all the other slaves and subs jealous. And I’ll be the envy of the Ball.” She tossed her hair playfully. I gave her a stern look. “Is that why you want to go, to make all the other women jealous?” I shook my head in mock disappointment. “That is a very unattractive trait, Ophelia.” Ophelia propped herself on her knees and rubbed my muscular thighs. “Unattractive and shallow, I agree, but also extremely fun and satisfying.” She gave me her most submissive look even as she sought to be my “domme.” “Just so you know, there’s no way I’m dressing up in black leather chaps, I’ll wear a suit. And as for leading me around by a leash? Only in your dreams. Just promise me you won’t lay it on too thick. The experienced players will see right through you.” Ophelia clasped her hands together and bounced up and down on her knees. “Really? You’ll do this for me?” “Yes, really. But I expect you to be on your best behavior at all times.” Ophelia clutched her hands to her heart. “My absolute best, I promise. Gil, thank you!” “And now I’d like to show you my gratitude.” She slid between my knees and spread my legs. “I love the smell and taste of your cock right out of the shower. May I suck your gorgeous cock, Sir?” She grinned, anticipating my answer. I nodded, of course. Ophelia stroked my cock and licked the head till I was fully erect. Then she took me into her mouth and proceeded to glide her lips over its full length and thickness. I wanted to remind her who was in charge, so I grabbed her hair and pushed my cock as far as it would go, until I felt her gag. She looked at me with arousal and acceptance. It didn’t take me long to blow a load into her mouth. Ophelia swallowed each powerful spurt as it hit the back of her throat. When she had emptied my balls, she gripped my cock at its base and squeezed as she glided her hand upwards. She showed an admirable diligence as she sucked the little remaining sperm in my cock into her mouth. She stood up and headed for the shower. Just as Ophelia reached the bathroom door, she looked at me and said, with as much authority as she could muster, “You’ll wear your steel gray suit.” She then broke into mischievous giggles. “Sorry Gil, just practicing for tomorrow night. Although I do like that suit.” ~ Ophelia looked almanbahis absolutely stunning in her fetish ensemble. She twirled and grinned when she saw the look of approval in my eyes. I could hear the irony in her voice when she asked, “Too slutty?” “No,” I replied. “It’s perfect. I can’t wait to get you alone while you’re still wearing it. Only you’ll be on your knees.” When I said the one-piece cat suit was perfect, I wasn’t kidding. Her body was made for latex. Ophelia has rounded hips, a slim, tight waist, and perfect, full breasts. The shiny black rubber gleamed as it hugged her body. To add height and authority, she wore a pair of black, peep-toe Christian Louboutin stilettos. Her delicate, porcelain ankles were a stark and sexy contrast against the all-black outfit. From the waist down, her ankles and the cleavage of her toes were the only skin visible. Parts of the dress were almost demure. Her back was covered, and there were cap sleeves concealing her deltoids. But most of the outfit reeked of sex. The garment plunged. The zipper only went as high as her belly button, and the latex barely covered her breasts. The deep v-neck accentuated her bust, revealing the tops, sides and even a bit of the underside of her pert breasts. The rubber held everything securely in place, like a second skin. My cock stirred and twitched when she walked towards me, with the exposed parts of her breasts jiggling alongside the shiny rubber. Ophelia looked me up and down. “I approve. You look really handsome in that suit.” Then she looked pensive. “But maybe you look too good. I am taking you to a place full of aggressive, horny and predatory women.” I was flattered and amused. “Don’t worry; I can take care of myself. Besides, everyone will be on their best behavior showing off their pets, subs and slaves.” ~ We arrived at the Oasis Kink Club a few minutes past eight pm. A section of the underground parking lot was reserved for the guests attending Mistress Nikita’s lecture and the ensuing “Meet and Mingle.” I parked the car, and we made our way to the top floor of the twelve story building. As soon as we exited the elevator, we were greeted by a young man wearing a stripper’s tuxedo: cuffs, bow-tie, leather shorts. The formalities began immediately. He lowered his head to Ophelia and said, “Welcome, Mistress. Enjoy your evening.” Ophelia, stood a little taller as she said, “Thank you.” She didn’t even look at him as we followed the signs to the auditorium I admired her commitment to the role. As we were nearing the lecture, however, she stopped and turned to face me. I saw a familiar panic in her eyes. “What if I can’t do this, Gil?” Ophelia seemed unsteady as she hugged me. I thought her nervousness charming but unmerited. The bravery she’d shown when submitting to me would surely guide her through the evening. Her ass had known and loved my lash. Her cunt had taken my fist, much to her pleasure. I grabbed her by both arms and gently pushed her away from me. In a low voice, I said, “Look at me.” Ophelia, as always, complied. “You almanbahis yeni giriş can do this. Just be yourself and do more listening than talking. I assure you, you know more about the Dominant role that you realize.” She shook her head and replied, “I’m a sub. I love being in your service. This makes me very nervous. I’ll go through with it if you order me to, but I think it’s best we skip this. Gil, I might have bitten off more than I can chew.” She was so earnest; I couldn’t help but smile, “We are not in a session, Ophelia. I won’t order you to do anything. It’s a night out for us. Same as if we were going for dinner and a movie.” I leaned in, and continued. “Besides, you look too good not to go in and inspire lust and envy.” Ophelia’s confidence started to return. “Thank you. How do I answer questions, if anyone asks?” “Just pretend that you’re me. It’ll all come to you when you need it. I promise.” Ophelia took a deep breath as she nodded her head. “I can do this.” We took our seats just as Mistress Nikita appeared on stage. Her husband followed her, crawling on his hands and knees a few paces behind her. The seventy people in the audience all applauded when she took the podium. Mistress Nikita oozed polish and confidence as she spoke to us. She was in her mid-thirties and at the peak of her personal appeal. She was tall, at least five foot seven, with a tight and toned body. She wore black stilettos, skimpy panties and a garter belt holding up back-seamed stockings with the ultimate Cuban heels. The bustier she wore was skimpy and sheer. Mistress Nikita was a stunning woman with presence. The pace of her lecture was perfect. While she stressed the importance of safety, her warmth and humor kept everyone engaged. She shared some real life experiences that were rewarding and had gone as planned. But she was candid about those times when a scene had gone sideways. Ophelia got over her nervousness and settled in quickly. We were both mesmerized by Mistress Nikita. When Mistress Nikita ended her lecture, she announced that she would be available for the “Meet and Mingle” in a few minutes. There would be non-alcoholic refreshments and food ready in the hall next to the auditorium. On the way to the Mingle, we encountered other couples and exchanged small talk. Ophelia was the center of attention, as everyone commented on how ravishing she looked in her latex outfit. An older woman who had her husband on a leash offered her services to Ophelia, “Your pet looks like he’s a handful. How about a play date. We can watch our pets frolic.” Ophelia chuckled, “He’s a pussy cat. He only bites if I order him to.” The woman looked at me and wagged her finger, “You be a good boy for your mistress,” and then she gave me a broad smile, “Or else.” Ophelia preened as the pair walked away. “This is fun, Gil. Are you enjoying yourself, Puppy-bear?” “Puppy-bear?” The name was so ridiculous; I had to shake my head. “Yes, I’m going to tell everyone that’s your name,” she slapped my ass. “You have a problem with that, Puppy-bear?” almanbahis giriş Before I could answer, Mistress Nikita approached Ophelia and complimented Ophelia on her attire. “Not everyone can wear latex with such confidence. You really own it. You are stunning. What’s your name, darling?” Ophelia was taken aback to be in the presence of the woman of the evening. She stammered a bit as she replied, “Thank you Mistress. At this moment, I don’t feel that stunning because you are spectacular. I’m Ophelia, by the way.” Mistress Nikita replied, “You are very sweet, Ophelia, thank you.” She pointed to me as she spoke to Ophelia, “No leash and collar? You must have trained him well. I commend you on your skills. Do you have any tricks you’d like to share? I’m always looking for new techniques.” Ophelia blushed. She was at a loss for words. She wasn’t sure what the right answer was to the Mistress’ question. My words came back to her, Pretend that you are me. It’ll all come to you when you need it. I promise. “You have no idea. He is a troublesome one. Stubborn, always horny, always trying to top from the bottom and he pouts if he doesn’t get his way. I’ve lost count of how many times I have had to paddle his ass for acting up. He exhausts me,” Ophelia replied and added the perfect facial expressions as she spoke. I stifled a smile as I thought of all the paddling I’ve given Ophelia’s tight ass for mimicking what I say to her when she acts up. I was confident that she would get through the night and have a very entertaining time. Mistress Nikita nodded and rolled her eyes, “I share your pain, Ophelia. They never appreciate what we do for them. Some days I want to throw my arms up in the air and run away. But, I love my husband, and boys will be boys.” She turned around and looked down at her husband who was kneeling behind her. “This is Dog, my hubby.” Nikita patted him on his head and gave him a scratch behind his ears. “Say hello to the nice lady, Dog.” He looked up at Ophelia and said, “Hello Mistress. Thank you for attending my Goddess’s event.” Ophelia looked down at him and replied, “Hello Dog.” She thought it proper protocol not to engage in too much conversation with him. Mistress Nikita looked me over and said to Ophelia, “He’s a big boy.” Ophelia smiled and replied, “He’s big everywhere.” The Mistress laughed, “Have you considered caging him? It helps focus the mind. And besides, it would be rude for him to walk around with a full erection.” She gazed around the gathering, looking at the beautiful women, all dressed provocatively in fetish gear. “In a place like this, he’s surrounded by what arouses him most.” Ophelia grinned, “A good hard squeeze of his balls would correct that immediately.” “So effective, Ophelia.” Mistress Nikita half growled. “Of course, I prefer to squeeze the head of their cock; I find it’s much quicker.” In a showy move, Ophelia placed her hand on the front of my pants, as if she might give my cock a squeeze at any moment. “I’ll keep that in mind. I so admire your expertise. If you have any advice, I’d love to learn from you.” Ophelia practically dared me to say something, but I kept quiet as I enjoyed watching her gain confidence. Mistress Nikita gave Ophelia’s breasts a prolonged look before she shifted her gaze up to Ophelia’s eyes.

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