How It All Started #5


The ride back from Georgetown was quiet and uneventful.  Carol sat in the front seat with me.  She was a little wasted from the Mimosas and our adventure in the movie theater.  Eventually, she lay down on the front seat with her head in my lap her hands under her head.  John and I chatted about no particular subject.  About halfway home, Carol stirred and planted a silky kiss on my cock through my pants.  I looked down at her and she gave me a wicked smile. The next thing I knew, Carol was pulling down my zipper and fishing my semi-hard cock out.Carol started licking my cock from my balls to the purple sensitive head.  I got hard fast from her sucking my prick.  Her mouth was like liquid velvet, her tongue lapping and poking.  I knew I should stop her, distracted driving is never a good idea, but god it felt great.  I hadn’t cum when we were at the movie theater and my balls were churning.  She pulled her top down and leaned bahis şirketleri in to tit-fuck me.  On the upstroke, she sucked on my cock head.  “Ouch!”  Carol bumped her head on the steering wheel.  She sat back up and looked disappointed.  I said, “When we get back home, you can have all the cock you want.”  Along the way, Carol kept her tits exposed and purposely flashed a few truckers and a van full of a men’s volleyball team.  She had fun.For the rest of the ride, we all chatted about our day in Georgetown.  Carol was a little embarrassed about our movie theater adventure, but John and I smiled at it.  After the short ride, we pulled into our apartment building and parked.  The three of us hustled up the stairs and rushed in the door.I pulled Carol into me for a hot passionate kiss.  She moaned into my mouth and we tongue wrestled.  John snuggled into Carol’s back and put his tenting erection between her ass cheeks.  bahis firmaları He untied her halter top and started kissing her neck and shoulders while running his hands along her hips and up to her side boobs.  The three of us stayed there swaying in a heated sexual embrace. I spun Carol around so that she was facing John and his pulsating cock.  I took my pants off and nestled my cock between Carol’s ass cheeks and leaked precum all over her exposed ass.  John and Carol were in a fiery kiss, tongues thrusting, hands caressing, hips undulating, moaning into each other’s mouths.  I started rubbing and kissing Carol’s shoulders, then moved down to her flushed ass.  I tugged at her skirt and it fell to her feet and she stepped out of it without missing a beat, still kissing John. She was naked and fully aroused now.  She was trapped between John and me.  I slid a finger between her cheeks and poked it into her rosebud. kaçak bahis siteleri She pushed her ass back wanting more.I started kissing her neck and shoulders.  She tasted wonderful, salty, sweaty and inflamed.  I ran my hands down her body, my fingers tingling with anticipation.  I bent over and kissed along her spine.  Her vertebrae guided my tongue.  Her skin was pale and soft.  I could smell her sex.  I worked my way slowly down her back, inhaling and licking every inch. I got on my knees and licked her ass,  my tongue between her ass cheeks.  I was getting more aroused by the minute. I said to John and Carol, “We need to take this to the bedroom.”   Carol hooked arms with both of us and me and we all pranced to the bedroom.  John quickly stripped and the three of us were naked. Carol lay down in the middle of the bed, legs slightly spread, nipples aflame, cunt dripping, arms opened and a shameless look on her face.  The three of us were amped up from all the sexual play all day and we were ready to fuck, suck, lick, poke, stroke, plunder each other.  Sex with Carol always involves lots of foreplay and when being fucked lots of dirty sex talk.

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