How I met Shari


This is a true story of how I met and had a hot sexual relationship with Sharon;

First some prelude: I was stationed in Germany with the U.S.Army when I met Sharon, She was a transfer from state side to our company and subsequently my section. My section was the Operations section for the Company and had 5 positions one of which was a administrative assistant that was vacant till she arrived. A little about her; She was about 5′ 6″ tall, Beautiful Blond hair (both top and as I later found out to my pleasure down also), what really caught my attention was her breasts, they were big compared to the rest of her body, they were very pronounced even in her uniform., She had a nice ass that capped off her figure, When she sat down I could see a very nice camel toe as her pants road up her legs. I watched this hot minx stroll around the area and grew more infatuated with her. About two weeks later I was ordered to attend a mission briefing at the Brigade HQ that required me to travel and as Sharon was my admin asst she was also my driver so she she went with me. We made small talk on the way up and I got to know her a little better, she was single, joined the Army fresh out of high school. We were put up in a Hotel for the conference. After two days of long meetings we were getting ready to head back to our unit that evening Sharon asked if I would be offended if she ask me out for a drink or two, Now to put perspective on this I was an E7 and she was an E3. I told her it was probably not wise to be seen together in the club drinking, But I had a bottle in my room we could share. After dinner I had one more meeting that did not require Sharon’s attendance, izmit escort bayan I gave her the key to my room and told her where the drink was and she could enjoy some while waiting for me, a couple of hours later all meetings were done and I went to my room. Sharon was sitting in a chair her she had changed into her sleeping attire, a skimpy almost see through top and a pair of loose fitting silky shorts. This site stopped me in my tracks and she could see the surprise look on my face and grinned and told be “Before you ask, I just needed out of that damned uniform and decided to get comfy as I figured that the meeting would be a long one,” then she pointed to a glass that was filled with my favorite liqure Bourbon, I quickly closed the door and drank about half the glass, then sat on the bed staring at her, I could make out her nipples and large dark areola through her top and when I looked down to her waist I could see her sweet pussy through the open leg of her shorts.

After a few drinks she ask if I had ever made it with a lower enlisted soldier. I told no I had not, she said she liked the way I have treated her like she was my own daughter, she liked the way I had eyed her as she performed her duties, She came over and ask If I liked what I see, Ohh yes I did, I reached up and caressed those big beauties through her shirt and felt her nipples grow to my massage, We kissed and our tongues danced as I caressed her tits, I removed her top a feasted my eyes on the most beautiful pair of 38DDs I have ever seen, She reached down and caressed my growing cock as I suckled and caressed her tits and nipples, I picked her up and laid her on the bed and slowly izmit eve gelen escort slid her shorts off, I was greeted with a smooth shaven pussy except for a small tuft of blond hair just above the lips, I kissed my way down her flat tummy to her pussy, I licked along the outer edges then slid my tongue up the slit, tasting her sweet pussy, As my tongue slid up the hot wet slit I encountered her clit, this not so little pleasure button it was very pronounced about the size of a pencil eraser, I suckled this little knob into my lips and she began to groan in pleasure, I slid two fingers into her tight hole and ate and finger fucked her till she was moaning loudly, this girl was a loud moaner and her thighs wrapped against my head and she held me there kissing and licking her pussy, her tasty juices flowed like a small stream, her whole body quivered as she has her 1st orgasm of the night. Then as she came down she told me she had never been eaten out before and she had never had such a hard climax before , she said it was her turn to show me some much needed pleasure, I quickly undressed and took my cock into her mouth and caressed my cum loaded balls as she gave me a world class blow job, I was close to cumming and told her so, She stopped long enough to tell me she wouldn’t mind if I was to cum in her mouth,she kind of liked the taste of cum then proceeded to deep throat me I exploded into her mouth, I have not cum so much for a long time, She could not keep up and some dripped out and down onto her beautiful breasts, I did not soften up after I came, Usually I need a few minutes to recover, but this little vixen brought out the a****l izmit otele gelen escort in me, I slide from her mouth and rammed my cock balls deep into her pussy, it was a tight fit at first but soon loosened up with my pounding, I felt my balls contract again as I was about to cum, her body shook as she had another orgasm, I had the good mind to pull out before I came and shot my load onto her belly and tits, We collapsed together and after awhile we came to our senses. I told her that if we were to continue this relationship that we had to be extremely cautious when around the main company. As I was a senior NCO and technically her boss and she was a PFC it was not proper for us to be seen together in a affectionate or romantic way. I also asked her about birth control, should I were a condom as we did not want an unexpected pregnancy. She informed me that her Grandmother had put her on birth control when she turned 16.

Over the next year we continued to play together as often as we could find privacy to do so, once we made passionate love in the back of a truck on a pile of tents we loaded after a field exercise, another time we fucked our brains out in her room when her room mate was out on leave, but one of our interludes was almost interrupted by the commander and the XO when we fucked behind the oil drums in the Motor Pool, we heard them coming and quickly dressed she went off in one direction, I met the CO and XO around the corner and delayed them long enough for Sharon to disappear.

Soon after this I was transferred to Korea for a tour and Sharon was transferred back to the States after her two year tour in Germany came to a close. We did not see one another for about a year and and a half when fate again brought us together.

This was the first of a long ongoing relationship that has lasted for over 20 years, But that another story, Hope you enjoyed

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