His Teen Consort Ch. 02



This is a pure fantasy series about the experiences of a middle-aged man schooling an EIGHTEEN year old girl in the ways of eros. Any similarities between the characters portrayed here and real people is purely coincidental. Hope you enjoy!

His Teen Consort – Chapter 2

With his wife again out of the house, this time for an overnight with family, Jack took great care in his preparation for the evening’s second ‘session’ with Leslie. He had suggested that they try the mutual oral thing in a sixty-nine position, which she had found interesting in the book. He layed out a double-wide mat, covered with a silk sheet and complete with pillows. From their library of porn videos came one which focused on sixty-nine activities, showing explicit details he hoped Leslie would want to experience for herself. Now, fresh from his shower, Jack sipped a bourbon on the rocks and waited…

Leslie had been excited the whole day, her body tingling each time she thought about what had happened during their first session and again when she thought about what Jack had suggested for this evening. She showered thoroughly and was ready when their friend Linda arrived to give her a ride to Jack and Susanne’s. The drive seemed to take hours though in reality it was only fifteen minutes. She thanked Linda and remembered to tell her that Jack would be taking her home later. She walked to the front door and rang the bell, smiling when Jack opened the door. She could smell the freshly clean scent of him, and it brought back the tingles…

He waved her in, eager to watch that sweet backside as she led him into the living room. He wasn’t disappointed, the snug jeans fitting her form like a second skin. She was just such a delicious young thing. And tonight he would be enjoying her body and cumming in her mouth again. Damn that is just so fucking hot he thought. He indicated she should have a seat on the couch and went to the kitchen to pour her a soda.

“Um… Jack?” Leslie called to him.

“Yeah Leslie?” he replied.

“Could I – um – have just a little – um – whiskey?” she asked him.

He thought about that for a few moments, realizing that it couldn’t really hurt anything to loosen her up a bit with a shot of bourbon. “Sure babe.” he responded, pouring a healthy ounce of his favorite into her glass. “Coming right up.”

Leslie took the glass when he handed it to her, passing it under her nose and making a face. “I’m so glad I don’t like that stuff.” she said, giggling before she took a sip. Again with the face.

“Well honey, I can get you another soda without the whiskey if you like.” Jack told her.

“No no. I mean I do kind of want the affect anyway.” Leslie replied, taking a much larger swallow.

“Am I that disgusting to you sweetie?” Jack asked with a chuckle.

“Oh my god noooo… Jack…. I…” Leslie stammered, already feeling the alcohol. “I just thought …”

“It will loosen up your inhibitions honey.” he told her, smiling warmly. “Go ahead.” He noticed her looking at the mat on the floor, then the graphic pictures on the video caught her eye. He reached over and grabbed the box, handing it to her. “We can watch this if you want to. It can show you some ideas about what we can do.” Jack said.

Leslie looked at the pictures – both sides of the box – and giggled, her face blushing. “Oh my god… um… okay… let’s watch!” she said excitedly, taking another long swallow of the alcohol-laced soda. “Looks like fun!” she added.

Jack turned on the TV and pressed play. The first scene came up with the man’s face between the woman’s legs, his tongue lapping at her pussy. Her exaggerated squeals were a bit much; but Leslie seemed to be mesmerized by the acts. He reached over to help her pull her t-shirt over her head, then quickly unsnapped her bra and took it from her. His fingers unfastened the waist of her jeans and unzipped the fly as she finished the glass of ‘soda’. She stood up without taking her eyes off the screen and he tugged the jeans down over her taut derriere. He leaned forward and planted a kiss on her panty-covered cheek as he slid the jeans down to her feet. She stepped out of them and sat back down, handing him her empty glass. “Another one sweetie?” he asked her. She nodded and he went for a refill, adding an ounce of bourbon again. This is starting out much better than expected he thought as he walked back to the living room, admiring the mostly-naked girl sitting on his couch. He sat next to her and handed her the drink.

She watched as the couple on the screen moved into that ‘sixty-nine’ position Jack had shown her. The camera angles first showed the woman sucking the man’s penis, taking the full length of his organ into her mouth. “God… how can she do that?” she asked, drinking more of the soda. Then the camera shot showed her other end, the man’s tongue flicking at her clit. Then she watched his finger pushing into the woman’s bottom, going deep into her rear as they both moaned. “Oh… geez… Jack… are you going to…” she stammered.

Jack was watching too. “Only if you üsküdar escort want me too sweetie.” he replied. He knew for sure he wanted to slip a finger into Leslie’s asshole; but it would only happen if she was ready. The key would be getting her very excited and relaxed, and he knew just how to do that. The girl watched the video, sipping her second bourbon and coke as her free hand rested in his lap. The actors on the screen worked each other’s genitals like robots, her lips and tongue slurping loudly on his dick as he pushed two fingers into her, one in her cunt, the other in her ass. He wasn’t really doing much ‘orally’ at this point. His own cock twitched as her fingers drifted over the shaft through his robe.

Leslie didn’t realize what her own hand was doing, slipping beneath his robe to touch his penis while she watched the lewd acts on the screen. “Mmmm…” she moaned softly, wrapping her fingers around his meat. The alcohol was definitely warming her up, and she could feel the moisture between her legs. Then she felt Jack’s hand gently kneading her thigh. Her legs parted and his fingers met the dampness of her panties. “Mmmmm… Jack…” she moaned, stroking her fingers up and down his dick as it grew in her hand. Without another word she leaned over his lap, opening his robe to free his organ as her lips found his cockhead.

“Ohhhhhh baby… that’s so nice….” Jack groaned, pulling at her limber form so he could resume his manipulation of her genitals while she sucked him. He looked down, watching as she took nearly five inches of his manhood into her young mouth, suckling gently as she began moving her lips up and down. Soft, muffled mewls came from her insides when he slipped the tip of one finger between her wet lips. After several exquisite minutes of fellatio he stopped her, gently lifting her head from his lap. She looked at him and smiled. “Let’s go down on the floor sweetie. I want to taste you too.” he told her. They stood as one and Jack laid down on his back, motioning for her to straddle his face.

“Sixty-nine!” she exclaimed, taking his lead. In seconds she felt his lips and tongue on her pussy, and she immediately took his cock back into her mouth and resumed her blow job. The simultaneous sensations of his dick between her lips and his tongue on her labia were amazing. She wanted it to last forever.

Jack found himself staring at her perfect little puckered ring, his fingers gently holding her buttocks apart as his tongue worked her vulva and clit. He deliberately ran his oral digit up the wetness of her vaginal lips, teasing for several long moments at the sensitive border between her pussy and anus, then worked it at the tight wrinkle. Her muffled moans told him she was enjoying it, and he continued the analingus until her tight hole relaxed enough for his tongue to slip inside a few millimeters. Her body shuddered and he felt the head of his cock push against the back of her throat briefly. He moved his tongue back down to again attack her hard little nubbin, sucking on the sensitive bud as he stared at her moist asshole. He let a fingertip brush the tender opening, felt her go over the edge for orgasm number one, and held on to her hips to ride it out. That fingertip never left her anal entrance, and didn’t pursue any further entry. She was enjoying the contact, and he left it at that.

Leslie felt his wet tongue working at her back door. It seemed nasty to her; but it felt incredible. Her own lips and tongue worked at his thick penis, then his mouth was back on her pussy, pushing her closer to the edge. Then she felt a finger at her rearend and couldn’t hold back. She wolfed down the cock until she gagged, sucking hard as her body trembled and shook in another orgasm – her third of her young life. Each had been more intense than the last. Her breathing returned to normal and she realized that Jack had not ejaculated. She lifted her mouth from his dick, licking her lips. “J-Jack?” she queried.

“Yes baby?” Jack responded.

“I want you to cum.” she told him, giving his balls a gentle squeeze and kissing the head of his penis.

“Okay sweetie. Just keep doing what you were doing and I’ll get there.” he told her, swiping his tongue from her clit all the way up to her butthole.

“Ohhhh… and I want you to try putting a finger up my butt.” she told him. Without waiting for his response to that suggestion she engulfed his organ with her mouth and resumed her suckling. She felt his fingertip at her nasty bottomhole again and let out a muffled squeal, pushing her backside up toward his finger.

Jack was surprised; but willing to do as she asked. He locked his lips around her clit, holding her hips as his finger began working at her anal ring. He slipped the digit an inch into her wet cunt, bringing it back out to deposit the slippery natural lube at her nether port, repeating this process until her bottomhole was thoroughly prepared. She was learning her oral skills quickly, and his cock was enjoying the fruits of that effort as he sucked at her tasty pussy. Her sphincter relaxed slightly, göztepe escort accepting the tip of his index finger. Another muffled squeal escaped around his meat and her hips pushed back as if to welcome the intruder. He maintained a gentle pressure, and his finger slipped into her asshole a millimeter at a time until it was inside just past the first knuckle. He loved the view, her tiny orifice stretching around his finger as her body began to shudder once again.

Leslie was beyond any ability to resist what was happening. She was loving Jack’s hard cock with her mouth, and although the finger in her butt felt – different – it was driving her wild with lust. She wanted that finger deeeeper. Her second climax of the evening overwhelmed her, and she began fucking her own mouth with her partner’s dick as her hips bounced on his face. With a quick lunge, she impaled her backside on that finger just as she tumbled over passion’s peak.

He was taken by surprise once again, unable to respond to the sudden lurch of her body. His finger was now inside her anal chute past the second knuckle and her rectal muscles were keeping it there! Her juices were gushing from her cunt, covering his mouth with her sweetness. His cockhead bounced off the back of her throat as she fellated him to a violent climax, continuing to suck until his balls were dry. She collapsed atop his body, her lips still engulfing his penis, her asshole still clenching around his finger. He gently wriggled the finger, bringing a muffled moan from his young friend. Her mouth slowly let go of his dick and he felt her butt muscles pushing at the digit. “Ohhhhh god Jack that feels soooooo good.” she whispered hoarsely. He let her clenching ring push his finger out, then gently held her cheeks apart so he could watch her anus. It took the snug ring several seconds to close, her juices oozing from the tight hole as it did so. “Ahhhhhhhhmmmm…. thirsty…” she moaned, swinging a leg over his head and getting up. He watched her sweet tush as she walked to the kitchen to refill their drinks, feeling his dick twitch with the memory of her receptive browneye taking his finger while she sucked.

The two of them returned to the sofa, Leslie back to watching the porn video as she sipped her spiked soda. “Jack… I want to try… um… other things… with my butt…” she stammered. When he didn’t respond immediately, she went on. “I mean… I liked what you did just then… you know… with your tongue and then your finger.”

Jack gave her knee a squeeze. Just then the video ended, the screening going ‘blue’.

“What other sexy videos do you have Jack?” Leslie asked, jumping up to go to the ‘library’ shelf. She found one titled ‘Anal Training’ and pulled it out. “Can I see this one?” she asked, handing it to him.

“Sure sweetie.” he replied, smiling to himself. He pulled out the one they had watched and inserted the one she had selected, which started playing automatically. The ‘trailer’ scenes were graphic, showing everything from small, slender toys to huge cocks being pushed into the assholes of the girls in the video.

“Oh my god. That probably hurts, huh?” she said as a particularly large penis was forced into the bottom of a petite young woman.

Jack chuckled, taking another sip of bourbon. “Well honey, those girls do that every day and are accustomed to it.” he told her. “We can try it; but we will start out very slowly.” he added. The video ‘story’ began, a young looking girl making out with a middle-aged man, his hands groping at her body as they kissed. It didn’t take long and he was kissing her derriere, spreading her cheeks to push his tongue at her receptive anus.

“Mmm… that feels good…” Leslie said as she watched, her hips squirming on the sofa. “I really liked that Jack.” The scene changed quickly, with the man pushing first his finger, then a slender dildo up into the girl’s butt. He fucked her bottom with the dildo for a few minutes, then she sucked his cock making it nice and hard and wet. The camera view was very close as the man’s cock penetrated the girl’s bottomhole, her squeals going from mild discomfort to outright pain as the penis pushed deep into her rectum and began stroking in and out. The buttfucking went on for several minutes, and Leslie’s hand wandered over to capture Jack’s penis while she watched the lewd act. The girl’s screams turned into moans of passion, and she begged the man to fuck her in the ass. “I-I just don’t… .know…” Leslie stammered, her hand moving up and down on Jack’s dick.

“One step at a time sweetie.” Jack said softly. “You know babe, there’s one thing you definitely want to avoid when you have sexual relations.”

“Um.. what’s that?” she asked, her eyes still riveted on the screen as the man yanked his dick from the girl’s butthole, spraying his semen all over her cheeks before ramming it back inside to finish in her bowels.

“Babies.” Jack said. “You don’t want to get pregnant. While birth control pills and condoms can help with that, there are two ways you can keep your boyfriends happy without istanbul pendik escort any risk of babies.” he told her.

“Um…” Leslie began. She giggled and added “blow jobs and buttfucking?”

“That’s right!” Jack told her, patting her thigh. His penis twitched in her hand at those ideas.

A new scene came up on the video with the same petite young woman lying on the floor with two pillows under her hips. Her firm round derriere was prominently displayed in this position, and another middle-aged man entered the picture carrying several toys and a bottle of anal lube. The girl looked back at him and smiled sweetly. “Teach my ass.” she said, reaching back to pull her cheeks wide. The camera zoomed in to show her anal port, the man pushing the nozzle of the lube bottle into her hole. He squeezed the bottle until the clear fluid oozed out around the nozzle, then put the tip of a slender toy with beads along it’s length against her wrinkle. Again the girl said “Teach my ass”, and the toy was worked slowly into her butt until there was a good seven inches of plastic up the girl’s ass. The camera zoomed out as the man knelt next to the girl’s head. She took his cock into her mouth and sucked as he screwed her butthole with the beaded toy.

“Oooo, that looks like it could be fun.” Leslie giggled. She turned to look at Jack. “Can we try something like that?” she asked, giving his dick a squeeze. Without waiting for his response she moved down to the floor and arranged the pillows as they had been on the video, then lay across them with her perfect derriere propped up for his inspection. She laughed and reached back, tugging her buttocks apart. “Jack… um… teach my ass.” she said.

Again Jack was in disbelief, gazing down at his delicious young consort holding her backside open for his attention. He got up and went to the cabinet by the bar, opening a drawer to withdraw a similar tube of anal lube, a slender vibrator, and a set of plastic beads. He knelt next to her and showed her the selection, then moved lower to hover over her proferred backside. Her hands still held her cheeks apart exposing her sensitive little pink-and-tan wrinkled hole. He bent his head down to plant a wet kiss on each cheek, then gently parted her legs so he could kneel between them. He ran a finger up her pink slit, drawing her juices from inside, then teased her clit for a few moments. Soft mewls escaped her from deep within, her body warming quickly as he dipped his head to lap at the plane of her cunt. When his tongue made contact with her anus she jumped and squealed; but retained her grip holding her bottom open for him. He used his thumbs to spread the cheeks further and wormed his oral probe inside her asshole a good half inch.

“Ohhhhhgodddd… feels sooooogoooooooodd…. teachmyASSSSSSSS..” Leslie groaned, her loins on fire as her personal coach worked his tongue deeper into her most private opening. She could feel her sphincter relaxing for his wet probe, and hoped he would keep doing what he was doing back there. She wanted to feel it all.

Leslie’s pussy was gushing her fluids, soaking the pillowcase beneath her hips. Jack finally withdrew his tongue, holding her butt open for his leering eyes. Then he reached for the lube, flipping open the nozzle and inserting it into her nasty hole. This was the ‘warm and tingly’ lube, and he squeezed the bottle until it oozed out alongside the nozzle. Her cheeks quivered as the viscous liquid coated her insides, moaning softly as he slowly pulled the nozzle free. Now he could see the tender pink flesh inside her butthole, and his cock twitched with anticipation. “Okay baby, just relax now. I’m going to use my fingers first.” he told her.

“O-okay Jack. Go ahead.” she replied, still holding her backside open. “I’m ready.”

Jack coated his pinky with the lubricant and pressed the tip against her rubbery little orifice. He applied a gentle pressure and was rewarded with an easy entry past the outer ring of muscle. He slowly began to saw the digit in and out of her ass, moving a little further inside with each stroke until his entire finger was buried in her bottom. “Still feel good sweetie?” he asked, giving the finger a little wriggle.

“Mmmm… yesss…” Leslie replied.

“Alright then babe, I’m going to use my middle finger now.” he told her, slowly withdrawing his smallest digit. He coated his thick middle finger with the lube and pushed the tip inside her. Her sphincter clenched, her cheeks quivering with the intrusion. Jack reached down to tease her clit as he applied pressure, and her anal ring relaxed to allow his thickest digit its entry.

“Ohhhhhhhh… eeeeasyyyyy… oh Jack… it feels… weird…” she stammered.

He doubled his efforts on her pussy without easing up on her behind. “Relax now baby. Just let it happen..” he said softly. Within a few minutes his finger had penetrated past the first knuckle. Leslie moaned, her hips writhing as her bottom relaxed to accomodate the intrusion. A few more minutes and he had the finger past the second knuckle and began slowly fingerfucking her asshole. He kept up his ministrations on her pussy, and she began climbing passion’s peak once again. Now her rectal chute welcomed his finger, and Jack watched intently as the hole relaxed for his skewering digit. It was going all the way in now, her muscles spasming around it as she climaxed.

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