His Problem Solved Ch. 05


This story contains explicit descriptions of various sexual acts between a man and wife. If you are underage or if it is illegal for you to read such material, please exit now.


Is this final chapter the beginning of the end of this story, or only the end of the beginning? Only time will tell.

If you are offended by stories containing piss play (including ingestion), oral/anal play (including ingestion of feces), anal dilation and penetration of the urethra by devices, then this story is not for you. If you continue on, rest assured that it is all fiction, well, maybe part of it and the characters are not intended to portray any person, living or deceased.


As I lay still, listening to the sounds of paradise, I was saddened when I realized that this was our last full day here. That mood passed almost immediately as I began thinking of all the things that we had done since arriving and then a line from one of my favorite movies came to mind. In “Hollywood Knights”, the owner of the garage remarked to the young man preparing to leave for military service, “Remember, everything changes, nothing stays the same.”

That was certainly an apt description of our situation now. In a little over a week our lives had been forever altered. Never again would I judge anything we did by others standards of what might or might not be acceptable sexual practices. As far as I was concerned, we were free to set our own standards and they were no one else’s business.

The silly notion that as long as I stayed in bed, the last day hadn’t officially begun was soon disrupted by the inevitable call of nature. I slipped out of bed and as I padded to the bathroom I wondered why having a full bladder in the morning resulted in a hard cock when it didn’t cause that to happen any other time.

The act of pissing through my foreskin was still new enough to me to make it erotic in it’s own right and as the last few drops exited, it made me wish that I could take it in my own mouth. Since we had crashed last night without showering, I turned on the hot water, then sat on the throne so I could make my grumbling bowels happy.

As I relaxed my sphincter and felt a big log spreading it open, the thought occurred to me that since I hadn’t eaten anything since early yesterday, what was coming out of me was the very same that I had consumed from Pam’s ass. I still couldn’t believe that it had actually happened and while it didn’t sound all that appealing now, it certainly had last night!

The shower felt so good that I had to finally make myself turn the water off. A shave top and bottom and a visit from the toothbrush and I felt like a new man. As soon as I opened the door and stepped out I was greeted with a hug and a peck on the cheek and the announcement, “It’s my turn now, and breakfast is on the way.”

No sooner had the bathroom door closed than there was a knock on the front door. Since I was wearing only a towel I debated on whether to run for my shorts or answer it the way I was. What the hell, the towel covered more than my shorts, so to the door I went and to my surprise the same young girl that had delivered my coffee to the upper deck was carrying the tray.

“Sorry about the towel, just got out of the shower.”

“No problem sir, but I did like the shorts better.”

Now I knew my face was red, but before I could think of a reply to that, she said, “I apologize if I embarrassed you, it’s just that I have never seen one before.”

“You have never seen a man before,” I asked, thinking it was rather strange since she appeared to be in her early twenties.

“Of course, and my boyfriend is also shaved, but I have never seen an uncircumcised one before.”

I finally woke up and realized that she was still standing in the door holding the breakfast tray so I stepped back and asked her to put it on the coffee table. I could hear the shower still running as I told her that I would get her a tip. I was dumfounded when she looked me in the eyes and said, “To tell the truth, I was actually hoping for the same tip as before.”

“What happened last time was totally unintentional, I didn’t even realize that I was exposed until my wife pointed it out later when she came upstairs, but if you are asking to see it again my towel might accidentally slip.”

Even while I was speaking I could tell that my cock was having the predictable response and she noticed as well. She looked back up and nodded her head, then sat down on the couch. I stepped up right in front of her, spread my legs a little, then put my hands on either side of the towel and pulled it open.

By this time I was fully erect and she just stared straight at it for several seconds. Then her hand came up as if she was going to take hold of it but stopped before touching me as if she suddenly realized what she was doing. She glanced up and it was my turn to nod my head.

Her fingers touched me so lightly that ısparta escort I hardly felt it as she rubbed over the head then gently pinched the part of my foreskin that was hanging loose past it. In a voice barely above a whisper she asked if it always stayed that way, meaning was the head always covered, and I answered her question by taking my fingers and retracting my foreskin, leaving the head exposed.

“That is so cool,” she remarked as we heard the shower being turned off. Immediately she was on her feet and as I wrapped the towel back around me she said, “thank you very much,” and was out the door.

I was still standing in the same spot and wondering if that had really happened when I was grabbed from the back in a bear hug, only there was no fur on the bear. Her hands dropped to my waist, then down and encountered by still hard cock. “Boy, you must be glad to see me,” she whispered in my ear as she pulled the towel open and let it fall.

“I am now!” I replied, then related what had just happened.

“I wish I could have seen the look on her face and on YOURS too.”

I said that her expression had been priceless and that I hoped what I had done was ok.

“Of course, you should have seen the ladies at the beach when I played with your balls and then stuck my finger in your ass… now come in the bedroom and help me dry off those hard to reach places.”

For the second time since our adventure began in Dr. Williams’ office, I was able to make sweet love to my wife, filling her pussy to overflowing without a hint of the previous difficulties.

As we basked in the afterglow of our union, having retired to the deck with the breakfast tray, I remarked to Pam that while all the kinky stuff we had done was great fun, it was nothing compared to what we had just shared. She agreed and added to it that we needed to be careful the kinky stuff didn’t become more important than the reason for it.

I was looking out at the ocean as I, in turn, agreed with her… then I was smacked up side the head with a chunk of sweetroll. When I whipped my head around to look at Pam, she grinned real big and said, “Buster, if it does THAT to you, then maybe you should drop your towel more often.”

“Now just who would you want me to drop my towel in front of?”

“No one in particular that I can think of at the moment, but you never know.”

“Besides, I know that you get a kick out of it when I expose myself and tease other guys, but what you don’t know is that I find it highly arousing when I think about you exposing yourself.”

“Well, as you found out, I enjoyed it myself, but the problem is that if a woman exposes herself to a guy, they call it a blessing… but if a man exposes himself to a woman, they call it a felony.”

“Oh, I know that, but I do get hot thinking about it, maybe I should call for some more coffee!”

I told her that it probably wouldn’t be a good idea as I felt that I had probably played that one for all it was worth, but if a safe opportunity came my way, something like that just might happen again.

We had been there for probably a half an hour or more, just enjoying the peace and quiet and the sea breeze when we heard someone knocking on the door. I yelled out that we were on the deck and as we heard someone coming up the steps we both scrambled to make ourselves as presentable as the little robes would allow.

The face that presented itself at the top of the stairs was none other than that of my little friend from earlier. I could see the hesitation as she noticed Pam there with me but I waved her on up and then introduced Pam and learned that her name was Kim.

I could tell that she was uncomfortable as she explained the reason for her visit. It seems that the hotel manager was aware that this was our last full day and had sent her to ask if there was anything that the hotel and the staff could do to make it a memorable one.

Although I had not yet broached Pam with the idea, I asked if the hotel could arrange a helicopter tour of the islands. She said that she could go check and that she knew that the hotel had done that in the past for guests. I looked over at Pam and she nodded her approval and Kim had a look of relief as she started back down the steps.

Within minutes she was back, calling to us from the ground, so we invited her back up again. She was carrying some pamphlets about the tour and advised us that it had been arranged and that a car would pick us up at noon and that we would have to go by boat to another island first and that we would be returning at about five.

That gave us about two hours to get ready and just as I was going to relay our thanks for arranging things I heard Pam clear her throat. I glanced over at her and saw that Cheshire cat grin and before I could say anything Pam said, “You know, the hotel should do something about their towels, they need to find some that don’t fall off.”

Instantly Kim had that ‘deer caught in the headlights’ expression istanbul escort on her face and I actually thought she was going to start running down the stairs before Pam could explain that she knew all about the towel episode and that had been nothing compared to what we had done at the nude beach.

I recognized that this was one of those times that I should just keep my mouth shut as Pam related the incidents at the beach and explained that while we weren’t nudists, that neither of us was ashamed of our bodies. She even went into detail about showing me off to the group of ladies.

Kim seemed to relax considerably but still attempted to apologize for this morning. Pam cut her off and insisted that no apology was necessary, then said, “I understand that you had never seen an uncut cock before, if you have any questions we would be happy to answer them as best we can.”

You could tell that Kim wanted to ask something but just couldn’t quite make herself do it, so Pam told her that nothing she could ask would embarrass either of us and that this might be her only opportunity to have her questions answered in this kind of setting.

Gathering her nerve, Kim began with a statement. “When I first saw him, on the deck, I couldn’t help but look but couldn’t quite figure out what I was seeing. I thought at first that his penis didn’t have a head but then I could see the bulge and that it was covered with skin and even had some hanging loose past the bulge but I had never seen anything like it and just couldn’t tear my eyes away.”

She continued, “I told my boyfriend about it and he encouraged me to inquire about it if I wanted to, I just didn’t know how to approach your husband so I just dropped a hint this morning and the rest you know.”

Then Pam asked if she had gotten her questions answered and Kim replied that she had had time to ask only one when she heard the shower stop. It didn’t take many smarts to see where this was leading and I am sure that I would have been totally erect if Pam and I hadn’t just made love an hour before. As it was, I could feel Mr. Happy making his presence known.

“So what questions to you still have?”

Another period of silence, then, “When I saw him this morning, he was hard and the skin was still covering all of it, then he pulled it back and it looked normal… does he leave it covered when he is, uh, inside you, and does it feel better?”

“Truthfully, when he is in my pussy I cannot tell whether it is covered or not, but when I take him in my mouth it is a lot more fun to play with if his foreskin is covering the head entirely, at least at first.”

Then Pam continued, describing clearly how the foreskin enabled her to take my cock all the way into her throat and also how it made anal penetration much easier in the same way. I could tell that the conversation was arousing Kim and she wasn’t alone.

Kim’s next question was if Pam actually enjoyed having me stick my penis in her ass. “Oh yes, honey, it feels divine… granted sometimes there is a little pain at first but it doesn’t last long and the feeling of him sliding in and out and probing deep inside me makes me cum so hard!”

“My boyfriend has been wanting to do that to me but I have been afraid that it would hurt too much and that it would be so dirty.”

Pam explained how important it was to go slow and have him loosen up her asshole with a finger at first, then two or three, and always use plenty of lube. Then she added that if she was concerned about cleanliness that she could take an enema first, and that sometimes we did that and sometimes not.

I was glad that Pam did not delve any farther into that subject because I doubt that Kim would have been ready for that.

Next Kim asked if it was necessary for me to retract the foreskin in order to cum.

“Not at all,” Pam answered, “Sometimes I like to just suck on his foreskin and slip my tongue inside of it, especially if I happen to be massaging his prostate, and when he cums I draw it all out through his foreskin like sucking a malt through a straw… once in a while I will even drink his pee the same way.”

Kim’s eyes flew wide open at that statement. “Of course I do,” Pam answered the unasked question, “the doctor assured us that as long as neither has an infection it is quite harmless and if you drink lots of water and pee several times beforehand there is very little taste.”

“But WHY?”

“Just because it feels good, like when he cums in my mouth only there is a lot more of it.”

Kim nodded, then asked, “You said something about massaging his, uh, prostate… I don’t understand what you meant.”

Pam did a very good job of explaining what the prostate was and how it worked and how much it could increase the pleasure for a man if it was manipulated while paying attention to his cock in some manner. Kim’s eyebrows raised again as Pam went over how to go about massaging the prostate, that it could be done either with some fingers or a izmir escort toy inserted into the rectum until the prostate was encountered.

Kim said that she had rubbed her finger over her boyfriend’s asshole once and he made her stop, saying that he wasn’t gay. Pam countered, saying, “You like it when he licks your pussy don’t you?” When Kim nodded yes, “Well, that is what lesbians do, you playing with his ass no more makes him gay than him licking your pussy makes you a lesbian.”

“That makes sense, I just don’t think he would ever let me, and if he did, I wouldn’t know just what to do.”

Mind you, I had not uttered so much as one word, and I was curious as to just how Pam was going to respond now. Then it was my turn to raise my eyebrows when Pam asked her if she would like for us to show her.

“Well I, uh, I don’t know, uh, I don’t think that would be right.”

“It’s not a big deal, really, you have already seen Jim naked and with a hardon, and it’s not like you would be having sex and cheating on your boyfriend,” Pam offered, “it would just be us showing you how please him in a way you never have.”

Both of them looked at me and I shrugged my shoulders and said, “I have no problem with it if she wants to.”

“Ok, if you are sure it’s alright with you, I mean, you’re married and…”

“Trust me,” Pam interrupted, “it’s really ok, but only if you want to.”

Who would have thought that I would find myself on my back with my ass at the edge of the bed and holding myself wide open so my wife could show a young lady how to finger my ass? But there I was with a hard cock dripping precum while Pam explained the necessity of wearing a surgical glove to prevent injury and of using plenty of lube.

She had Kim kneel at my ass and she just stared for several seconds at my cock as precum bubbled out of the foreskin before I heard the click of the KY cap and saw her squeezing a generous portion onto Kim’s gloved finger.

I decided that it would be best if I didn’t watch so I laid my head back and closed my eyes as I felt Kim’s finger rubbing lightly over my asshole.

Then at Pam’s instruction the finger centered on my asshole and began to slip slowly in. I couldn’t suppress a little moan and instantly Kim asked if she was hurting me. “Not at all,” I replied, “it just feels so good that I can’t help it.”

Pam then described what my prostate would feel like and that I would tell her when she was at the right spot.

At Pam’s encouragement she pushed all the way in and as her knuckles bottomed out against my hole I moaned again and said, “right there!” as the pad of her finger slid across my prostate.

“I can feel it, like a lump inside him, now what do I do?”

“Just rub gently back and forth over it, then push into it, right in the center, and watch his cock.”

I didn’t look, but I could feel precum pouring out of my foreskin in response to her pumping action and heard Pam explain that the cowper’s gland, that secretes precum, was located in the same area.

“Now, can you feel how much his asshole has relaxed around your finger?”

I had been making a conscious effort to relax it and when Kim said that she could tell a lot of difference Pam suggested that she slip her finger out and then replace it with two. Then Pam told her about putting one finger on top of the other, making a little wedge shape and holding a steady, gentle pressure until the asshole loosened and accepted them.

Kim was a fast learner and shortly there were two fingers buried deep inside me and Pam was instructing her to position a fingertip on either side of my prostate and squeeze them together, trapping it between them, and then to stroke it gently.

Pam was in the process of telling her that it was possible to make a man cum just massaging his prostate when Kim’s pager sounded off. “I’m sorry but I have to go, but I want to thank you for doing this for me… I don’t know if I will ever get to put it to use but I am sure going to try.”

In what seemed like seconds she had peeled the glove off and was out the door. I looked at Pam with my best silent beg in an effort to get her to pick up where Kim had left off but she just patted me on the balls and said, “Sorry babe, but we don’t have time now but I promise I will make it up to you later.”

I had completely forgotten about the tour and as soon as Pam had finished wiping up the excess lube I headed for the shower. By the time we were dressed, we had to hurry to make our connection. I wish I could say that we joined the mile-high club but since there were two pilots and another couple there was absolutely no opportunity for any hanky-panky.

I had to admit that the tour was worthwhile though, I had seen shows about Hawaii but none of them could do any justice to the real thing. The scenes were so beautiful and I spent so much time trying to capture them with the camera that sex didn’t even enter my thoughts for the entire time we were in the air.

It had been a long time since the breakfast tray this morning so we headed straight for the buffet when we were dropped at the lobby. During the meal Pam said that she wanted to visit the toy store one more time before we left so we went to the bungalow and changed clothes.

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