Her Petite Possession Ch. 07

Big Tits

Kate woke up late the next morning, still dressed and lying on the sofa and now with a pounding headache. She lifted her dress to see Brad nestled into her as always.

“I’m sorry honey, what a night,” she croaked as she stroked the front of her underwear, “Hey, wake up!” she slapped him playfully.


“Who else would it be!” she exclaimed as she covered him up again, his brief glimpse of the world come and gone in only a few seconds.

Brad was exhausted. Emma had worn him for most of the night and she’d only put him back on Kate’s hips a couple of hours ago. Emma had played with him incessantly for hours, so much so that she’d had to wash him before slipping him back into place beneath Kate’s dress.

Brad didn’t know what to make of what Emma had told him. He’d completely submitted his life to Kate and so having complete trust in her was essential, but after what Emma had said, he was no longer sure.

“Is there any way to turn me back… if we had to?” Brad asked as Kate stroked him through the fabric of her dress.

“Of course not, you know I can’t remember the spell.”

“You didn’t write it down… or tell anyone?”

Kate sat up and pulled up her dress to look at him. “This is what we wanted. I hope you’re not having second thoughts because there’s no way out for you.”

“No, we agreed.”

“Good, you’re staying as my beautiful lingerie.”

Kate stood up, smoothed her dress down and walked up the stairs to her bedroom.

“That’s the problem with short dresses,” she continued, “seeing too much of the real world makes you forget what you really want. After I shower, the jeans go back on and you will focus only on me. Understood?”

Brad watched her boots climb the wooden stairs, knowing that that was all he was going to see of the real world today.


It was a short shower and less than fifteen minutes later Kate was sitting in the kitchen sipping coffee. She was wearing a grey woollen top, blue jeans and boots and for once her underwear was still and silent.

“Are you still sulking about the jeans?” Kate asked as she wiggled her butt on the wooden seat as if to spur him into action.


“Good, so what shall we do today?”

Brad stayed silent before finally asking, “Does anyone else know about us?”

“Of course not, you’re my lovely little secret,” Kate reached her hand down between her legs and sighed with pleasure from her own touch.

“Well Emma knows,” Brad replied, “She even has a copy of the spell to turn me back.”

Kate froze and looked down at her crotch, even though neither could see the other through the closely fitting denim.

“I told her for safety,” Kate stuttered, “In case there was an emergency.”

“So you can turn me back?” Brad asked indignantly, “I thought we’d both committed to this.”

“We have, there is no way I’m ever going to turn you back!”

“So now you can, but you’re refusing to?”

“I don’t believe this, do you want me to or not!”

Brad was committed to stay as Kate’s underwear, but now he knew that there was a way back, he couldn’t help the other thoughts that were starting to run through his mind.

“I just wish you’d told me, rather than me finding out from Emma.”

“Look! Emma has the spell written down on a piece of paper, but now I’m going to destroy it,” Kate said defiantly.

“Are you sure you don’t want to keep it for ’emergencies’?”

“No, I don’t! I want to be one hundred percentage certain that you’ll be spending your life down there.”

Kate was surprised by how cross she felt. She’d only left a copy of the spell with Emma in case Brad’s life depended on it. She loved him and couldn’t bear for something bad to happen to him. She was never going to turn him back, life was so much better with her constant companion. Why the hell had she given Emma the magic spell? Why the hell had Emma told Brad?

Brad’s mind was playing games with him, “Maybe we should keep a copy.”

“No, I’m burning it.”

“Katie, you can’t keep me here against my will!”

“You were happy enough before Emma opened her big mouth and you will be happy again.”

Kate was now striding purposefully up the stairs and into Emma’s bedroom. Brad didn’t need to see her face, he could read her mood by the heat and hatay escort the smell inside her jeans.

“Em, I want the paper with the magic spell,” Kate ordered as she pulled back Emma’s duvet to reveal a vibrator between her friend’s legs.

“My underwear doesn’t do what yours does,” Emma smiled coyly as she slowly climbed out of her warm bed and tiptoed to the safe in only her underwear.

“Do you have him on now?” Emma asked jealously.

Kate didn’t answer but just waited for the blonde to open the safe; first she couldn’t find her keys and then she took several attempts to remember the code.

“Fucking hell Em, how many blondes does it take to open a safe?”

“Are you going to turn him back?” Emma asked, ignoring the comment and handing over the paper.

Kate didn’t answer as she stormed out and back to her room where she locked the door behind her. She unbelted and unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them down to knees. Brad looked up in concern as Kate held the paper in one hand and a match in the other.

“I know Emma wore you last night,” Kate hissed as she brought her hands closer together, her silver bangles rattling, “So why didn’t you tell me that?”

“I’m sorry.”

Brad started tighten and twitch to massage Kate’s clit in a desperate attempt to please the pissed brunette with the matches, as thoughts of returning to his old life now played vividly in his mind.

In contrast, Kate looked calm and composed as she lit the paper and let the burning remnants fall into the fireplace. She then opened her wardrobe and sat down hard on top of the metal safe, making Brad cry out in both pain and fear.

“Please don’t lock me in there?” he begged, “I love you. I just want to pleasure you.”

“That’s good,” she replied, the cold from the safe seeping through Brad and into her butt, “because I’m never letting you out.”

Kate stood up and squeezed both Brad and her butt back into her jeans and secured them around her waist. Brad was still where she wanted him and in time he’d realise that that’s where he really wanted to be.

Kate massaged him through the material and despite his reluctance to do so, she brought him to climax. Still in shock from gaining and then losing his chance to escape, he tried to disappear between her cheeks, but she wouldn’t leave him alone and he was powerless to stop her arousing him again. He was still unsettled, but Kate’s fingers prevented him from thinking straight. An hour later, and still sealed tightly inside her jeans, Brad fell asleep exhausted. Kate went out for a walk, careful not to wake her beautiful secret from his much needed sleep.


Kate was quite the next morning, still preoccupied by the events of the previous day. She was still angry with both Brad and Emma, but was also feeling guilty because Brad may have actually wanted the chance to return to a normal life. She knew it was pointless to regret her actions, there was nothing she could now do, and so instead got back to enjoying what was the envy of every other woman in the world. Lost in her thoughts, her shower was longer and hotter than usual.

“You’ve got a red butt,” Brad smiled when she put him back on.

“What? Oh.”

“But you’re lovely and warm.”

The red was starting to fade by the time Kate redressed in tight white cotton trousers. They were tight around her butt and as a result would totally dominate Brad’s day. Yet Kate had chosen them without any debate or consensus.

“I guess it’s too late to suggest a dress?” Brad asked hopefully.

Kate ignored him again.

Kate was increasingly seeing Brad as an object as opposed to a person. It was only natural as that’s what he was. She still loved his company, his intellect and wit, but his physical presence was more and more something owned and used by her.

While they would talk like equals, when it came to his physical actions she expected him to obey her at all times. Whether she wanted a hug or to be brought to orgasm, Brad simply had to respond. If she was wearing tight trousers that would show a panty line as she was today then again he had to accommodate.

“Breath in,” she smiled as she watched her butt in the mirror.

Instantly the slight panty line was gone as she felt Brad bunch up between her cheeks. Again, no debate, hurma escort no discussion.


Kate wore him constantly both because she liked his company and she loved what he could do to between her legs. She also believed that it was dangerous to leave him anywhere else. She wouldn’t admit it, but she was becoming addicted and was starting to refuse any requests to be taken off.

“Football’s on tonight,” Brad smiled happily as they chilled on Kate’s bed one evening.

Kate would usually take him off and place him in front of the television so he could watch.

Kate thought for a moment, “Sorry honey, you’ll have to take yourself off tonight.”


“Rub me,” she replied without looking up from her phone.

It was moments like these when his denim cell felt even more confining. “OK, can I watch from between your legs?” he asked hopefully as he stroked.

“What from inside these jeans? Good luck with that.”

“You can change into that sexy blue dress?” Brad ventured, “I’ll kiss your clit all night.”

“You’ll do that anyway, sweetie.”

“Please Katie?”

Katie’s ultimate fantasy was to have Brad so completely obsessed with her that he would have no interest in anything other than her body and her company. In her dreams she would keep him completely sealed off from the outside world. If she wasn’t wearing jeans, then she’d wear a second pair of panties over the top so that he’d never see or smell anything other than her. She would tell him all he needed to know about the outside world. He certainly wouldn’t watch football.

“OK,” she said begrudgingly as she unbuttoned her jeans and slid them down her smooth legs.

She eased into the short blue flared summer dress as requested, sat on her small sofa and flicked on the television. She opened her legs the minimum amount required for Brad to see the screen, she had no intention of showing him more of the world than was absolutely necessary. His small window on the world now framed by two seemingly enormous thighs, the slightly movement of which would take even that away.

Brad had just settled in for the match when Kate’s legs closed so that her thighs were touching each other.


“You stopped kissing me.”

Brad rubbed against her immediately, but nothing happened.

“Hey aren’t you going to open up?”

“Yes, but I’m giving you a five minute penalty.”

Brad continued to massage her gently as he listened to his team score. He looked out at Kate’s beautiful thighs, still touching each other, still cutting off his sight. The feeling of helplessness, of being controlled was overpowering, as was the level of arousal coursing through them both.

“Can you cross your legs?” he panted.

“Good boy. My pleasure.”

Kate’s left leg started to lift, her inner thighs moved even closer together and then everything tightened up and crushed him. Kate straightened her dress and tucked it in around her.

“Just look inwards and not outwards,” she purred as she enjoyed his constant touch, “you’ll be much more fulfilled.”


That night Kate lay in bed smiling, Brad was starting to obey ‘Katie’s law’. It was strict and involved total dedication to her. He hadn’t stopped touching her for hours and had even asked if she would wear her silk pyjamas to bed. Kate had happily agreed and the temperature inside them right now was at fever pitch as her lithe body strained and flexed under the covers as his touch brought her to orgasm.

Her movement in turn, was arousing Brad and he lay in his private sauna in a constant state of near climax. This continued for hours until Kate’s breathing slowed and her movement stopped.


There was no answer, she was asleep.


Kate and Emma had been spending more and more time together and as far as Brad could tell, they were getting more and more intimate. A few times when the girls had been playing around, tickling each other, Emma’s hand had brushed briefly against Brad and therefore by definition had also touched Kate’s pussy.

Kate was now dressing up whenever she was with Emma, which meant that Brad would often be tucked away under a short skirt and would sometimes be sprayed with perfume. Although Kate’s skirts prevented him from seeing ığdır escort anything, Brad was sure they were kissing , something confirmed by the corresponding rise in temperature between Kate’s legs.

On a long walk one day, Emma finally told Brad what he already knew.

“Me and Em,” Kate started, “well, it’s kind of getting a more serious.”

“I kinda guessed.”

“It doesn’t change anything between us. You’re not going anywhere.”

Brad had suspected that Kate might be ‘bi’ and while she her promise to stay single had been a big part of him agreeing to transform, maybe this was a reasonable compromise. However, he still felt cheated out of his male body by a woman who maybe didn’t appreciate it as much as she should.

“Is this why you transformed me?” he asked, “To make me more…, feminine.”

Kate’s silence told him the answer. What better way for her to keep his company without the accompanying male form. He’d made a huge sacrifice in giving up his body, something that clearly wasn’t a sacrifice for her. She’d also carefully chosen this moment to tell him, wearing jeans in public made the conversation easier for her as there was no way for him to see her face.

“Will Emma be wearing me?” Brad asked.

“No way! I’ve promised you a life incarcerated on ‘my’ body.”

Her words were starting to arouse him. He may have been her possession, but he also felt that her pussy belonged to him.


That night, with Kate made up, in her short blue dress and suspenders, the formal introductions were made. Kate sat on the edge of the sofa with her legs open, while Emma kneeled on the floor in front of her. Emma spent the first few minutes kissing and teasing Kate’s inner thighs, before she lifted Kate’s dress and tucked her head inside.

“Good evening Brad,” Emma breathed, her lips brushing across Brad as she spoke, “Guess you know about Katie and me.”

“Your head between Kate’s legs is a bit of a giveaway,” Brad replied, his voice only being audible in Kate’s head, with Kate then repeating the words out loud.

“Guess it is!” Emma giggled, “But then you’ve lived inside here for a long time now, so it’s only fair that I see what the fuss is all about.”

“Let me watch you massage Katie,” Emma said.

While looking into Emma’s enormous blue eyes and with her full red lips touching him, Brad started.

“Brad!” Kate scolded from up above.

“Let him do it,” Emma replied from under the dress.

Outnumbered two to one, Kate had no choice but to sit and take it as both her ex-boyfriend and her new girlfriend played with her clit. The feeling was getting stronger and Kate’s cries were making her feel self conscious and she was half tempted to close her legs and crush them both.

“Stop Brad!” Kate moaned.

“Keep going!” Emma replied, as her lips pushed into him and her lipstick started to rub off.

With tears in her eyes, Kate reached orgasm with them both still under her dress and she leaned back panting.

Emma was still scheming. “OK, now tickle her,” she whispered to Brad.

Brad gave Kate the gentlest of tickles around her panty line and Kate’s legs instinctively snapped closed, catching Emma’s head in between.

“Oh sorry Em. Brad stop it!”

Emma giggled as she pulled her head back out from under the thin blue fabric. She took Kate’s slender hand and led her back to the bedroom where she removed Kate’s dress and eased her backwards on to the bed.

“Let’s leave your undies on,” Emma purred as she also removed her own dress.

With Kate lying on her back with her legs open, Brad had the perfect view of Emma, who was now completely naked. She knelt astride Kate’s waist and looked down at Kate’s pink panties.

“Like the view?” Emma asked, “What about now?”

With that, Emma dropped down so that she was sitting on Brad and then relaxed so that her butt settled down and molded around him.

“Good view now?” Kate asked, as her fingers explored how Emma’s body was pinning them both helplessly to the bed.

Emma released Kate from her weight and they lay down side by side, with Emma’s top leg thrust between Kate’s thighs. Their pussies were now touching, with Brad pinned in between.

“Now,” Kate breathed quietly as she pulled her lips clear of Emma’s for the briefest moment.

Brad was surrounded on all sides by desperate female arousal with both girls stretching, pushing and fighting to get as close as possible. Brad knew better than to ignore Kate’s requests and started to vibrate between them, listening to their combined cries.

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