Helen, my Wife and Cuckoldress


She stood before me, eyeing me up and down shaking her head. “So this is what really turns you on, hey?” she said mockingly as she slowly ran her fingernails over my cock through the lacy panties she had told me to wear. “Look at you getting all excited but your dicky is so small it can’t even escape from those panties!” She laughed as she turned on her heels and sat down at the computer. I stayed where i was, completely humiliated but so turned on. I looked down at the red stilettos i had brought online, up my stocking clad legs to the panties and garter belt. I was wearing nothing else.

It had only been a week since i confessed my crossdressing to Helen my wife of three years. She was upset at first then angry, she said i had been lying to her all these years, i thought divorce was next but then this morning she said that maybe we could work things out and encouraged me to dress up for a little chat.

On the computer screen Helen had pictures of big muscular black men. “Look at these hunks sissy, Real Men, now this is what turns me on! What i would give to put my lips around his huge Black cock, don’t you think i deserve a Real Man little boy? Especially now I know your little secret.” i was shocked at this but weakly admitted she did and added that noone would blame her because i was such a wimp. She turned and looked at me “yes, your right, why shouldn’t I and in fact, I think I will, I need to be satisfied and we both know you can’t manage that! There’s a new fella Darl just started at work, tall, broad, handsome, Black and I bet he has a big cock. Would you like to see me being fucked long and hard by some hot Black stud? You’d love to hear me scream in ecstasy as my Black lover pumped his seed into me wouldn’t you sissy?” i nodded as i came in my panties. “You pathetic loser, go clean yourself up and then we’re going shopping.”

She told me to shave every hair off my body and as i got out of the shower she threw some clean underwear at me.. More stockings, garter belt and panties all black. “I thought we we’re going shopping?” i uttered weakly.

“We are” she replied “and you will wear those under your clothes, we’re going to buy some new outfits for me to seduce Darl, get your credit card this ankara grup escort is going to cost you but if your good and only speak when your spoken to i might treat you to a sissy treat!”

We arrived at the mall and i was shaking with a mix of embarrassment and excited. i could feel the nylon of my stockings underneath my jeans and the lacy panties tight around my little cock. “Come on sissy!” she said loud enough for everyone to hear as i got out of the car and i felt my cheeks go red. First we went to a lingerie shop where infront of the salesgirl my wife asked me “would you like me to get a matching set for you?”, “do you think this will turn him on?” and constantly referred to me as sissy, much to the salesgirl’s amusement and my embarrassment. We left that shop a couple of hundred dollars lighter and with enough new sexy things for my wife to last a year and of course i was paying for it all. My treat was a complete maid’s outfit, black with white lace. In the next shop she sat me down while she tried on countless outfits, all very expensive and very revealing. At one point an assistant commented that i was a very lucky man as my wife tried a very short black dress on, Helen laughed and said “These clothes are for me to wear for a Black stud not for my husband, isn’t that right sis?” Reluctantly i said “yes honey”. Finally we went to a shoes shop where Helen brought seven new pairs of very high heels. Then she made me take off my shoes and expose my stockinged feet, i could hear the sales assistants laughing as Helen made me try on various woman’s shoes and walk up and down the isle in them. i have never felt so embarrassed but again i couldn’t help but be turned on and comply.

Back home Helen was full of ideas for seducing Darl. She’s in her early 30s and is a fantastic looking woman. I knew she would get her man and then i would be her cuckold. She made me wear my new maids outfit and do chores as she sat on the computer looking at interracial porn on the computer. Occasional she would call out “sissy, get me a drink” or she would call me to show me pictures of some white girl getting getting fucked by two or three well hung Black men and tell me how much she wished that was her.

The gümüşhane escort next day she looked absolutely stunning as she left for work. Wearing very high heels, a short skirt that barely covered her stocking tops and a blouse that gave a great view of her breasts. i knew that very soon i could really become her cuckold, that Darl would soon be making my wife his woman and i would be a sexless sissy cuckold.

This was the pattern for the next two weeks. Helen dressing very provocatively to work and then coming home to me and telling me how she was flirting with Darl at every opportunity. She would let her skirt ride up so he could see she was wearing stockings and they had started to email each other. She told me that she had told him that she was married to effeminate male and was in need of some adventure. He had invited her out to his local bar for a drink or two and she had excepted.

The night she was going on a date with Darl i will never forget. I had to dress up, now with full make-up and wig which she had told me to buy and help her prepare for her date. Yes, i had to run her bath, paint her nails, help her dress, help her get ready to go on a date! She even phoned her best friend Ratchel and told her that she was going to meet a Black guy at a bar. I had to sit and listen as she told Ratchel what a small dick i had and how useless i was in bed and how she had had enough. i heard Ratchel laughing and telling Helen that its was good for her and if Darl had any hunky friends maybe she’d come next time!

As she was about to leave i tried to persuade her not to go, that i could change and all this was a mistake. She laughed as i started to cry and told me that it was too late and that i was a sissy wimp and that i’d never change. She told me that after tonight i would also be a cuckold and that i had better get used to it. i asked if i could have a kiss before she went, she said yes but on her cheek, she didn’t want me spoiling her make-up. I have never seen her look so confident and sexy as she walked to her car. My underwear was the same as hers, she said it would be fun to be wearing the same on her first date with another man. We both wore a black lacy garter belt, halkalı escort fishnet stockings and no panties.

That night seemed to last for days until finally i heard her car turn into the driveway. She opened the front door where i greeted her as i was told to by curtseying and then passing her a drink. She looked like she’d been to Mars and back, her make-up all smudged and her stockings laddered. i knew beyond a doubt that Darl had fucked her, my wife had had a Black man’s cock in her mouth and in her pussy. She sat on the couch and spread her legs, “get licking CUCKOLD while i tell you about the new man in my life!” the way she shouted cuckold sent shivers down my spine, i couldn’t help but be excited despite the humiliation. i did as commanded and started to lick her pussy..

“He was fantastic cucky, a Real Man, he’s so sexy, and boy what a cock! Its huge! It must be at least three times as long and so much thicker than yours! I don’t think i’d even feel your little thing inside me now that he has stretched me so much, not that i plan to ever let you fuck me again. He couldn’t keep his hands of me as soon as we meet and when we sat down he put his hand up my skirt, i started to rub his cock through his pants as we kissed. He told me he wanted to fuck me right there and then but we drove to his apartment, sissy he fucked me for hours, in so many different positions, you couldn’t compete, he’s better than you in every way! It’s true what they say “once you go Black you never go back!”

That was almost a year ago now and Helen is still fucking Darl and i have not had sex with her at all. She’s even got Ratchel into the lifestyle. She continues to humiliate and tease me at every chance. All her work colleges know about her affair and i had to endure a humiliating night at her yearly staff outing when she completely ignored me and danced and flirted with Darl all night long, i had to watch as he ran his Black hands all over her infront of me and everyone else who was there.

She made me attend a beauticians course so that i could learn how to put on make-up properly and i work all the time now to pay for her to buy new clothes and go out. i am saving up now to pay for her and Ratchel to go on holiday to Jamaica while of course i stay at home. i am feminized now all the time at home and have to wear women’s clothing underneath my suit for work. She’s even talked about getting pregnant and having me castrated. i will do whatever she wants as i am and deserve to be her little sissy cuckold.

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