Subject: Heated Flower – Chapter 2: Jack The Superhero ***The following story includes subjects intended for adults over the legal age. It’s a complete fantasy If graphic, sexual scenes involving consenting males engaging in sex acts are offensive to you, or if you are under legal age, STOP HERE! Names, characters, locations and incidents are either the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales, or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. The story is pure fantasy. ***This story is planned may involve raunchy acts between youngsters at some point. ***Although the first chapters A Boy’s heat are quite sweet and vanilla you may expect to encounter graphic scenes involving anal stretching, fisting, watersports and prolapse kinks. There’s no scat kink or action in this story. In this first chapter we have some mentions of poo but from the point of view of a character learning anal simtulation and anal cleaning. ***Before enjoying the story consider donating to Nifty. There aren’t many sites that allow us to upload and enjoy these erotica. Nifty is the best and most secure of them. If you have some spare coins lying around throw them at Nifty, it’s worth the cause! ***You can contact me at ail for criticism, suggestions, corrections! My reader’s messages make me really happy! ——————————– Heated Flower – Chapter 2: Jack The Superhero Main characters that already appeared in the story: –Ian: a twelves years old who is almost thirteen boy with strong anal fixation. He’s a little small being 4’7 feet tall. Ian has black straight hair that his mom keeps the sides shaved but the top a little longer so she, and the boy himself, can style it to look `cool’. He’s pale white with a hairless body, except his crotch which already has soft thin light pubes in it. Ian’s cock is small being an inch limp and three inches hard. He has a nice plump round butt. His body isn’t thin or fat, he’s average with some good thighs and a nice chest which gives the impression that he’s going to be muscly when he grows up. Ian’s eyes are brown hazel and his nipples, anus and cock are on the pink side while his lips are reddish. The boy had a lot of curiosity coming in contact with porn very early. He started dreaming about breaking his own hole to be as anally skilled as fisting porn stars. “Ian, what is taking you so long?” My mom knocked on the bathroom door. We had three bathrooms with showers in the house. One was in our parent’s room, the other one in the second-floor hallway and the third one downstairs. I picked the one downstairs because it had this hose with a nosel that I could screw down leaving the soft tip of it free. The water would come out of the tip when I plugged it into the faucet on the sink. This was the only way I could get water inside my hole to clean it up. It was also the first time I was doing it because I couldn’t handle having fingers come out dirty anymore. What was taking me so long is that I was learning how all of this worked. I let the water go inside myself and then I pushed it out on the toilet. It came out so dirty at first. It smelled bad. Then, I did it more times trying to make myself feel cleaner. When it was coming out clean I let so much water inside myself that my belly was a little bulged. This was so uncomfortable. It made me feel a little bit sick. I pushed it out on the shower’s floor but it came out a bit dirty again. Luckily no poo, just a bit brown. It smelled bad but I managed to do it more times until it was clean. When it was all clean I fingered myself. The time was running with my mom knocking on the door but I needed to check it out. So, not three fingers but two were enough for now. I felt more water run out. Some seemed to be trapped inside my body until I relaxed and pushed out hard. After that, I was clean! I could put my fingers in my butthole and lick them! They didn’t smell bad, just like water and a bit of soap. I licked them just to see if I could taste anything different. It was just a bit salty. “For the love of god, Ian I’m going to break this door right now!” My mom was shouting but I had to clean the bathroom and hide the hose and nozzle on the back of the door where it was. I didn’t want her to know I was cleaning my butthole for… What did those men say? Yeah, for anal sex! Anal sex or butt sex? I don’t even know. I had to hurry and put up my light blue speedos. They were becoming a bit tight on the back. Then it was my blue shorts and a white sleeveless t-shirt before combing my hair to the side to jump out of the bathroom. “Sorry, mom. My tummy was a bit full. I had to do a lot…” I gave her an excuse. “Thank god you already ate. Don’t you already take baths in the swimming class? You can’t be late for them or you’ll lose your stretching exercises!” She was smiling though. Maybe mom was a little soft on me. Dad went to work already. “Seems like he’s becoming a little man. Gonna have to buy jizz socks for him, mom!” Bryan was always so loud. He was sixteen and my older brother. He had brown hair like my father. It was straight like mine. He looked like me. A little bit, not a lot. “Bryan! I’ll talk to him later. You go to your room.” My mom seemed like she was a bit angry. “Sure sure… I’ll teach him to beat a mad one so his nut come out good and he won’t be spending so much time in the bathroom.” She looked at him with mad eyes now. I didn’t know exactly what he was talking about but I did know he was talking about my cock and sperm that came out of it. Mom had already taught me about that but she wasn’t so rude. “Come on. Hop on the car. We need to go to the swimming class. I’ll go to a dance class of mine too and I’ll have to pick up lunch so I’ll be late to pick you up. It’s good though. I talked to Francis and he’ll be cleaning out the pool so he’ll be around. It seems like another boy’s parents are always late too. His name is Jack, erzincan escort do you know him? Maybe you two could play while waiting for me.” We were in the car on the way to the swimming classes. “It’s ok mom. He’s a little older. I don’t know if he’ll want to play with me.” My heart jumped when she mentioned Jack. Jack was fourteen and in the eighth grade. I was on the sixth so we were two years apart. Jack is like… You know… When you’re a boy who likes other boys often we can’t talk about it. I was so afraid because in school they said that boys can’t like boys. God would send us to hell for that. My mom said that they were wrong. God doesn’t send anyone to hell because they love other people. Mom told me that I shouldn’t tell anyone in the school about our talks. She said that if I discovered I liked girls or boys I should report it to her instead. People at the school would be mad, she wouldn’t. She also said it was all right if I liked boys but I didn’t need to decide yet. She sad I was too young… But I knew what I liked. Girls are pretty and cool but they don’t do to me what boys do. And Jack… Jack always made me feel warm when I saw him in the school corridors. He’s blond and tall. Jack already had hairs on his legs and armpits and he shaved his little facial hair too. His hair was cut short like a soldier. What attracted me to him was that he was tall, had nice arms and had a really big butt. It was probably the biggest boy butt in school. He was also kind. Jack can beat anyone. He’s strong and muscly because he swims, does karate classes with Bryan and runs in the running team! But he didn’t beat anyone. Jack only fought people if someone tried to bully or to make them feel bad. He was like a superhero to me! Jack bought me lunch when I forgot it at home. He also gave me a gift last year when it was Halloween. It was a chocolate bar. He is peaceful too, even when people called him a faggot and queer he wasn’t mad at them. Those were words they used to hurt him because it seemed like Jack refused all the girls that approached him. One day he kissed a girl in front of everybody to prove that he doesn’t like boys. Jack always makes me feel so warm. He’s my superhero! Did I already say that? He fought with boys the other day because they made fun of my cock size. Jack is so nice! I wish I could touch his butt so bad but I would never be able to do that! “Here you are. You’re big enough to go to the building on your own. I trust you, Ian.” It was a bit weird. Last year mom still went inside with me. I hugged her leaving the car to go to my swimming classes. I think I was lucky. I wasn’t going to be shunned or something. My mom had experienced that so she didn’t want that to happen to me. The swimming class was fun. I always remained in the pool for a bit. Reason number one was that the boys had made fun of my small penis. They called me names but Jack fought with them. He also didn’t like to take baths in the lockers. It was because they made fun of his very big cock. I never looked at his cock to see if it was too big. I did look at his butt and it had some blond transparent hairs in it and it was as big as I expected. Looked so nice it made me blush. I ran and hid at a bathroom stall that day. Massaging my cock to the thought of his butt made me push sperm out of it. It felt good. Today I was floating in the pool after the boys left. Jack remained on a bench by the pool. How could he be so big when he was fourteen? Was his size what made people treat him like an adult? Anyways, I floated and floated staring at him at times. He had sad eyes today. Someone must have called him a faggot again. It made me a bit sad. When the boys were leaving the lockers I went in there. It was my time to shower but I wanted to test something! I wanted to check if my butt was still clean so I could finger myself up. For how long would my hole be clean? How would I check it out? There are so many questions and things that I know nothing about. I just left the pool because Coach Francis asked me to. Adults aren’t allowed in the locker room. The teachers didn’t allow kids more than fifteen to be with smaller kids too. The adults just cleaned the place but they didn’t want big boys to see small boys naked. I felt safe because the boys went home, Coach Francis was cleaning the pool with his assistant and Jack was out there just hanging out. No This left the lockers to me so I could take my speedos off and feel free! It was so amazing! There was something that made me feel something when playing with myself alone at the lockers. It was different from home but I didn’t know what it was. I soaped my body. There was no choice to make my hole feel more slippery other than a bit of hair conditioner that my mom put in my backpack. I went for it after turning the shower off. With my fingers covered with the hair conditioner, I started putting them inside my hole. It was one and two. I could make it stretch out without it being harsh if it was only two. But the third one was always making me feel sore. I’ve tried it though. I really wanted my hole to be big but it wasn’t giving up. To check the size of it I went into the bathroom stalls where there are mirrors. I brought my little bottle of hair conditioner with me to make my fingers slippery again. I put my three fingers in there. After sliding them out of my hole I spread my butthole. It was still small. The hole in the center was a little open but it was small. I was disappointed again. Why wouldn’t it open up? —— “Who’s there?” My heart was racing. I heard a noise. Was there a boy inside the stalls? Who could it be? Did he see what I was doing? “I… I…” I heard a voice breaking up. Letting go of my butt cheeks my hand came to my front. I was trying to hide my penis. “I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t be here.” The boy that came out of the stall was Jack. He had his whole face red. Inside his red speedos, I could see a erzurum escort big bulge. One so big that it was almost jumping out of it. It was also dripping with some of his penis transparent thing seeping through the fabrics holding it. I wanted to die. Jack had seen me naked… He saw me playing with my butthole! I… “I’m so sorry Ian. I really shouldn’t have watched it. I should’ve said I was here.” He was… He was almost crying? Jack was shaking. I saw that he was as scared of it as I was. “No… I shouldn’t be doing these things at school.” I said letting go of my cock to grab the hair conditioner bottle. I wanted to run away from there but Jack didn’t do anything bad. “Ian… I’m so sorry…” He didn’t move either. His penis was really big, much bigger than I imagined. It even looked like the guys in the movies I was watching yesterday. “Jack… Jack… Did you…” I loudly gulped. “Did you like what you saw?” I wasn’t shaking, I was trembling. Why was I asking a boy if he liked watching me spreading my butthole? “Ian… You can’t talk about this with anyone. They’ll hurt you and they’ll hurt me too if they find out about us. People don’t like boys who like boys. But… I liked it a lot…” He was shaking too. I didn’t know what to do. Jack just moved. I didn’t know what he was doing but he picked me up to make me sit down at the marble sink supports that were in front of the stalls. I sat in between one of the faucets. He pushed himself I’m between my legs. Jack was so truly beautiful. He had blond transparent hairs down his navel. You know those hairs a peach has? Something like when you get a peach and it has little hairs in it. His blond ones were like that. His chest was much more like an adult’s chest than a flat kid like mine. They weren’t as big as those muscular men in the movies but they were big. He also had abs and his arms were bigger than mine. My superhero was all big everywhere. My hands explored his body. He bit his lips when I rubbed his nipples making his cock jump in between my legs. “You’re so beautiful Jack…” I hugged him. “Ian, can I spread your butt?” He asked. “You can Jack…” This boy must have been at least 5’5 or 5’6. His hands were big too. When he spread me out it felt a bit rougher. My asshole winked but I calmed it down. “Ian, your butt so sexy. Can I finger it?” He asked. My hands went to his butt. I really wanted to touch it so I let them slip under his speedo. It was so big and soft. It didn’t only look like a peach, it felt like a peach on my hands too. The little thin hairs of his were lifting up. Was he shivering? “You can but not so hard Jack…” I felt him grabbing the hair conditioner bottle to make his fingers slippery. His were bigger than mine so he pushed one inside and I could feel it move. It was so weird when it was another boy and not me. It made me uncomfortable. When he pushed two inside felt like something bigger than my three fingers entered me. It was a little harsh making me sore. “Wow… You aren’t so tight. Do you finger yourself too often?” He was moving slowly though. After I got used to it, it wasn’t so uncomfortable but it was painful. Even though it was painful I kind of felt good? It was so confusing. “I do. It’s making me sore Jack.” He slipped his fingers out spreading my butt. I saw the little opening again. It wasn’t big like on tv. I couldn’t see inside myself but my hole had a little opening so I couldn’t see a lot. “Wow… You have a little gape!” Gape? What was that? “What’s it? Is it bad?” He let go off of my asscheeks to look at my face. Jack’s face was so handsome. He had nice lips and big squared jaws. His blond hair was very short. It felt soft when I touched it. “A gape is when your butthole opens up after stretching it out like that. Yours is small but you have a gape and you’re young so it’s impressive.” He explained. “I understand it.” I smiled. “Can I spread it to try and make it bigger? I promise I won’t hurt you. If it hurts too much we can stop.” He looked at me with his big blue eyes just begging me to let him do that. “Ok, but if it hurts too much we need to stop.” I felt it again. But now, instead of pushing his fingers inside me, he pushed the middle finger of each hand into my butthole. They looked like two hooks trying to spread it apart. I could feel my anus pulsing and burning. It was painful but when I looked back it also made my hole bigger. I could see some pink inside myself. Jack was going slow. He really didn’t want to hurt me but it was hurting. My cock jumped against his. It looked so good! I wanted my hole to be bigger though. I wanted it to be like the guys on the tv or even bigger. “It’s a bit much, can we rest?” I asked him. His fingers started stretching my hole too much. I still looked back watching my hole. I looked so good showing more of the pink inside me. It was a bigger gape but not too big. “You look really good. I never thought I’d find a little boy that was like me and looked this good. Do you want to open up your pink anus?” He asked. I was honest. “I do. I want to make it really big like the guys in those movies. I want to put a hand inside too. And I want to push my pink outside like the guy did to his red…” Jack’s eyes went wide open. I felt his cock pulsing really hard in between my legs. He smiled. “Can I help you? You should come to my home. I have access to the internet and we can search things up. I saw so much… I need to teach you the right names for that stuff and I need to show you my hole too…” He stopped talking and suddenly spread my butt. I felt his lips against mine. I didn’t know how to kiss so it was awkward. At first I sucked on his lips. He put his tongue inside my mouth and I sucked on it. He sucked mine too. I never felt so hot in my entire life. My body was warm and tingly all over. My hands grabbed his butt harder while he was really rough spreading my cheeks. After that we were taking deep breaths. esat escort “I want it. I want you to help me open up my butthole.” I said to him. He slipped his speedos down pressing his big cock against mine. It was just so huge and had veins all over it. I stared at it loving how it felt on my little penis too. “Do you like it? It’s eight inches now but I think it’ll grow much bigger when I’m a real grown up.” I moved my hand to feel it. It was so heavy and thick. Felt it was like thicker them my arm but I had a small arm. “It’s so big… I like it.” He was all proud of himself. “I’m 5’6 now too. It means that I’ll be really tall.” He looked down to see my little penis. “It’s very cute too. I love small boys too. So don’t worry. You know why I gave you chocolate last year? It was because I can’t give chocolates to boys on Valentine’s Day. I always thought you had the best most beautiful hair of the boys on our school. And you you have big lips too. They’re so cute and sexy. I never could even imagine I’d be kissing your lips but I dreamt about it…” His fingers caressed my lips. They were on my butthole but I didn’t care anymore. I was clean. I kissed them for him. “So, that’s why you were doing things for me?” I asked holding his penis. “I wanted to be like a big boy for you. Boys my age should be kissing and having fun with girls. I can’t, I like boys. I like the way you look a lot! I know you’re two years younger than me but that’s not a lot. I’ll be fifteen this week and you’ll be thirteen soon. It’s not a problem.” His hands went to my hair. “You need to come to my house. I want to show you so many things.” He smiled again. “Boys… Hurry up. We’ll be cleaning the showers soon.” Coach Francis’ voice called for us. “Ok, I’ll be dressing up soon.” Jack thickened his voice. He didn’t talk as sweetly as he was talking to me. “I’m sorry Ian. You must understand that boys who like boys always end up bad. I don’t want to make you sad. So we must hide this at all costs. I’ll do my best ok?” He kissed my face. “We need to be fast. I need you to cum in my mouth.” He slid down to kiss my neck and down to my cock. With one hand he slid a finger on my butthole massaging my insides. The other was tickling my balls while he sucked me. The heat that his hands made my body feel was so strong. I looked down rubbing his hair. He had my whole cock in his mouth. I just bit my lips or I would shout out. It felt so good to have his warm tongue massaging my penis. He was sucking me so hard but I felt his hand on my balls go down to massage his own big penis. Jack also pressed something inside my butthole that was making me feel like my cock was tingling. After that, it didn’t take a lot of time for me to have my sperm dripping into his mouth. He drank it all which I thought was impressive. His finger left my butthole and he sucked on it too. There was something so cool about him doing that. He used the word sexy before so I guessed that what he wanted to say is that it was cool. So should I say it was sexy for him to drink my sperm? “Can I cum in your mouth too?” I jumped off of the marble counter to move my head down a bit. His cock smelled strange but good. The gooey thing on its tip was very salty and so was his skin. It made my tongue tickle when I licked it. He was shaking when when I pulled his foreskin back licking the tip. It was hard to fit in my mouth. I didn’t want to hurt his penis so I just suckled the tip. He caressed my hair shaking a lot more. Then he started giving me his sperm. His didn’t drip like mine. It came out shooting like in the movies and was so much whiter. “Give me a cum kiss…” Was this cum he was referring to sperm? I thought so. It smelled much stronger tasting so funky and weird. It was salty too. I don’t know how to put it but I don’t know if I liked or disliked it. I liked it because it was Jack’s sperm. I didn’t know if I would like it so much if it was other boys. I think I could get used to it because when he kissed me it suddenly felt so much hotter. It made it feel like it was delicious. But I think it was because he was holding me in his arms and sucking on my tongue. “Come. We need to take a bath. We need to clean this. Go take a bath.” He took some toilet paper and soap trying to scrub the mess we made. I went to the showers and cleaned myself. He took a shower too but it was when I was dressing up. It was almost lunch time so I knew my mom would be waiting for me. “We can’t be hugging too much in front of people or they’ll suspect. I wish I could hug everywhere but we can’t.” He gave me a hug in the locker room and a kiss on the face. I certainly wasn’t ready to tell my mom I had been with a boy like this either. “I’ll try to convince my mom to let me come to your house. Do you have game consoles?” I had to think quickly. “I do. I have a PlayStation console. I’ll tell my parents I want you to come to play ok?” I nodded and we went out of the locker room. He waved to me when I was going to my mom’s car and he to his father’s. ——- “How was it? Did you like Jack?” My mom asked starting to drive us home. “It was good. He plays video games you know? We played a bit at the pool. I wish I could go to his home to play video games. Did you know that Jack paid for my lunch when I forgot it at home?” She smiled when she heard me. I let myself sound too excited. “Sounds like you made a friend today.” Mom was happy because I didn’t have lots of friends. I was always studying or playing video games. I was friends with my classmate Kevin but he could be a douchebag to me at times, especially when I beat him in games. I was also friends with Kate from the neighbors but I just liked playing with her sometimes. I was friends with Liam from my class too but we didn’t play a lot together. We mostly talked about stuff we liked. To think of it, I think I was friendly towards pretty much everybody but only those three were really the ones I could call friends. Now I had a very special one, Jack. When we arrived at home I didn’t even believe what had happened. I went upstairs drawing a big heart on a notebook of mine. I wrote Jack inside of it and let the folded paper in my drawers hidden under my underwear.

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