Harem Ch. 04

Big Dicks

Gerig was in his study, adding up the totals from the previous night’s show. There was a light tap on the office door.

“Come in” he said, not looking up from his papers. The door opened and he looked up. There were his two most beautiful wives, Jelena and Gill. His cock was instantly erect. Both girls stood up against the door frame, stark naked … except for their wedding chains, daintily strung between each clit and belly button. Gill was tall and blonde, likely having some sort of Nordic heritage. Jelena was darker, so petite and slender … it was hard to believe that only a few days ago she could hardly waddle through a door frame.

The girls walked across the room, Gill swept the desk clean of his papers and lay across it. Jelena climbed on top of her and began to suck on her nipples. Gerig sat back and watched the show, slowly stroking his cock inside his pants. Gill began to moan and Jelena slipped her fingers inside of her.

“Do you want to make your husband proud of you,” she whispered.

“Yes sister” Gill moaned back.

“Are you going to stop being such a lazy slut and start producing male heirs?”

“I’ll try” Jelena wiped her fingers out of her pussy and slapped her across the face. “Yes, yes I will!”

Gerig moaned audibly. He stood up and took his pants and shirt off. He came up behind Jelena and flipped her over so that both girls were laying on top of one another. He pulled their legs closer to them, bringing their bottoms to the end of the table, and then rammed his dick into Gill, and began to finger Jelana. Gill screamed out and clutched the breasts of the woman on top of her, tweaking her nipples and twisting them. Then he switched, sticking his thick dick inside of Jelena, slapping Gill’s thighs. Jelena could feel his balls tightening, and just the idea of having his seed inside of her, being full and pregnant again, forced a rolling orgasm like she had never felt before. The rippling of her internal muscles triggered Gerig and he began to thrust hard, spilling himself inside … but before he finished, he slipped his dick out and back into Gill, giving her the fair share of his prize semen.

“Work your magic ladies,” he said, as he zipped up his pants and sat down at his desk. He watched them for about a minute, still laying atop one another, panting and dazed. “Okay now get the fuck out, I’ve got work to do”

Jelena and Gill got up and walked out of the room, closing the door behind them. On their way back to the annex, they passed by a door they hadn’t seen before, it was cracked slightly open and there was a cooing sound coming from within. They stopped and peered through the crack.

Inside the room were two women, the first was the woman Jelena remember from Gerig’s office a week ago, Fini, the one who had the bastard son named Ivan, she was still soft and flabby from her pregnancy. She had her shirt off, and two babies were latched to her nipples, her breasts swollen with milk for them. And the second woman, was Jessica! She was still pregnant, but her ample breasts were supplying milk to the two other babies … the babies looked familiar … and then it hit Jelena like a brick, they were her babies! She was about to bust into the room when Gill made a whimper from behind her. Jelena turn around, and Gill was clutching her belly in pain. Jelena grabbed her by the wrist and towed her back to the annex.

As soon as they stumbled through the door way both of their bellies began to quiver. The other wives came into the room from the commotion and watched. Gill fell to the ground, clutching her belly in pain. Suddenly, with an audible ‘pop’ her belly button flicked from an innie to an outie, and her belly and breasts bulged, as if they were slowly filling like water balloons, until her belly reached full watermelon size, giresun escort and her breasts draped over them like two papayas. Then Jelena slumped over, feeling the familiar growth from within. She lay her hands over her flat belly, and watched it transition from smooth to round in under a minute. The two of them truly looked to be 9 months pregnant, they sat on the ground cross legged, stroking their new growths.

“This.feels.fucking.amazing” said Gill, laying back in extacy. “It’s like, I don’t need to suffer through 9 long months just to get to what I want to look like.”

“You think this feels good,” said Jelena, rubbing her tits against her roundness. “Think about having a belly 2,3,4 times this size. It’s absolutely unreal, you’ll feel like a goddess and …”

She stopped, her belly below her quivered again. She lay her hands on her growth, and felt it slowly stretching more.

“This isn’t right,” she said, clutching her belly as if to keep it from expanding. Despite her efforts her hands slid slowly further and further away from one another. “Nonono, why is this happening, he only came once in me!”

Then the thought came to her, she had taken a second pill shortly after Jill had taken the first. Why had she done that? Sani came over and lay her hands on Jelena’s growing mass, prodding and feeling within.

“Yes,” she said, sitting back after a few seconds. “You have a second baby in there. Did he maybe fuck you twice and you’ve forgotten?”

“No, no I think maybe I took two pills?” said Jelena. She cupped her naked breasts, watching them fill larger and larger, spilling over the sides of her palms. “I don’t know why I did it!”

The growing stopped. Jelena ran her hands along her taught skin, comparing her growth to that of Gill’s next to her. She was fully twice the size, but in a way that felt much much tighter than the last time she had two babies in her.

“It’s best that you eat dear, we’ve ordered in” said Sani, struggling to get up under her own weight, but extending an arm down for Gill and Jelena to get up as well. Gill staggered under her new centre of balance, and the family of wives waddled together to the kitchen.


The morning came to Jelena with a jarring scream.

She rolled out of bed, and rushed as quickly as she could to the hallway, following the moans. Just as quickly Gill, Sani, and Lacey were also in the hallway, looking for the source of panic. It was emanating from Baby’s room.

Jelena opened the door to find Baby, formerly only having a small 6 month swell of a belly, now staring in terror at the white looming growth that was akin to the belly of 4 babies Jelena had sported only a few days ago.

“Make it stop, MAKE IT STOP!” She screamed, clawing at her skin.

Jelena rushed to her side, laying her hands on her belly, the skin was tight, but still supple, and it was still growing.

“BABY. Look at me. Did you take my pills?”


“How many did you take??”

“I don’t know … I think 3?”

“3!” Jelena screamed! “WHY?! What’s wrong with you? Didn’t you see what happened to me yesterday? Did Gerig fuck you last night?”

“Yes. I just, owwwwww” she leaned forward clutching her belly. Her pyjama shirt had become too tight around her and she struggled to peel it off. Her big floppy breasts fell upon her still growing bulge with a tandem smack. “I just wanted to be special again.”

“You were special Baby.” said Jelena, stroking her hair. “You, you’re … you’re his only blonde wifey.”

“I wanted to be the centre of attention again.” she said with a little edge. “I wanted my Gerig back. And now I’m the special one.” She struggled out of bed, almost falling forward from her new growth, she was now not only carrying 3 gölbaşı escort new babies, but her original one as well.

Sani stepped forward. “Darling, it’s best that you take it easy and rest, we should feed you. I’ll make you my special cookie dough.”

“Fuck off Sani” said Baby, pushing past her. “I don’t need anything from you bitches.”

She walked almost to the door and then turned and looked right at Jelena. “Fuck you especially Jelena.” She strode toward her until they were belly to belly, she reached forward and placed her hands on the side of Jelena’s stomach, pushed it from side to side. “You think you’re sooo special because you can make yourself big instantaneously … well guess what, your secrets are out. I also know that you set up Jessica. She was my best friend, you cunt. She was a sweet girl, and you set her up. And now I need to step up and take her place as Gerig’s favorite.”

She tweaked Jelena’s nipple so hard that she screamed.

“Now GET OUT.” she yelled. “ALL OF YOU!”

The girls looked at one another, and then waddled out as ordered. The door slammed shut behind them, and then locked with a click. They went back to their own rooms to ready for the day. After dressing Jelena looked at her watch, she had 8 more hours to get fucked again. She met Gill in the foyer of the annex apartment, and they made their way up together to Gerig’s office.

“Now look at you two beauties,” he said, getting up from his desk as they entered. “I’d love to try something different today, are you up for a new experience?”

Jelena and Gill looked at one another, and nodded eagerly

“Good,” he said, and then muttering under his voice, but loud enough to hear he said, “Not like you had much of a choice.” He went to his closet and pulled out two black clothing bags. “There have been a few new girls who are into role play, and thought I’d try it out with you. They both still flat as boards, one I’m sure isn’t even knocked up yet but I really want to play the same game with my plump little wives.” He passed them the bags.

Inside were low cut rags. “You want us to wear this?”

“The scene is this… I’m a conquering warlord. I’ve captured you two, both daughters of a lord, and I’ve made you my sex slaves. Put the clothes on and I’ll tell you more.”

The wives stripped off their clothes and put on the rags. They barely covered their swaying breasts, and a tiny thong loin cloth left little to the imagination.

“Good,” he said, sitting down a his desk chair like it was a throne. “I’ve fucked you both continuously every day since I’ve had you, and you’re now both very pregnant … as we can obviously see. But as well as being my sex slaves, you are also my servants. So Jelena, start dusting the furniture, and Gill, go to the kitchens and fetch me a sandwich.”

Gill left the room, and Jelena began to dust. Now that they were alone, it was the perfect opportunity to tell Gerig about Baby.


“Use master … you are now my slave”

“Master, your wife Baby is not well”

“Hmm?” he inquired, looking up from stroking his cock.

“Master, Baby has taken 3 of the pregnancy pills. If you fuck her again she may get seriously injured, she’s already full term with four babies.”

“I see,” he said. standing up and coming up behind Jelena, cupping her breasts, and then running his hands down along her belly. “I see that you’re pregnant with twins. I’ve seen a LOT of pregnant women, so I can tell. Did we not just fuck last night? Or have you been whoring around on me, slave?”

“NEVER master!” she said, tying to turn and console him, but he held her belly firm and she was forced to face away. “I confess, I took two pills as well.”

“Anything else you’d like to confess to?” he göztepe escort said, rubbing her nipples, and then tweaking them. “Because I have a feeling you’ve been a naughty girl”

“No, no master.” He tweaked them harder. “NO master!”

“You’re lying you little slave slut.” he spread her legs with his knees, reached down and readied his cock between them. “And my little slave must be punished.”

He thrust himself inside of her, forcing her to brace against the walls with her hands. Her wedding chain clinked against the wall, tugging at her clit, causing the most unreal pleasurable sensations to run up her spine. Gerig used her belly as leverage to thrust against her, and her tits bounced easily out of their flimsy rags, rolling across the top her her round mass. He then forced her to her hands and knees, and continued to pound her from behind. She could feel both her breasts and her belly lightly grazing the cold floor – making her nipples perky and hard, further causing friction against the floor. The sensation was too much, and she began to moan out like a cow as wave after wave of orgasm coursed through her pussy. At last he came as well, with several final pushes, and went back to his desk. He wiped his face with a towel, and then threw the towel down to Jelena, still recovering on the floor.

“Get back to work slave, stay on your hands and knees and polish that floor.”

Jelena took the towel and began to wipe the floor, starting with the drops of cum that had dribbled from her punished pussy. Gill swayed in then, glowing under her newly ripened pregnant body. She carried a tray and gave it to Gerig. He grabbed a sandwich, and began to devour it while she looked on.

“Do you like it master?”

“Very much so,” he smirked. “What kind of reward would you like slave girl?”

Gill thought for a moment, then her eyes brightened. “I’d like another baby in me master. Fuck me on your desk again … and Jelena too!”

Jelena was about to protest, but Gerig shot her a look that said ‘come here now or else.”

Jelena struggled to a stand, and then waddled to the desk, but Gerig grabbed her arm and led her to the chaise lounge. Jelena lay on her back, her breasts falling away from one another and resting on her arms by her side, her belly looming above her, threatening at any minute to expand again. Gerig led Gill to kneel between Jelena’s legs.

“Now, you must be hungry too Gillian,” he said, grabbing a fistful of her hair and wrapping it gently around and around. He then tightened his hold and guided her down to Jelena’s parted legs. “Have something to eat.”

Gill bent down and began using her tongue to run up and down Jelena’s fat clit. The sensation coursed up Jelena’s body sending her into a realm of ecstasy. As Gill continued, Gerig whipped his cock out again, and began to take Gill from behind. His thrusts pushed Gill forward, causing her tongue to thrust into Jelena. She could feel the ripple of new growth begin to throb from within. Her breasts were the first to grow. She noticed because Gerig’s eyes began to widen with delight. She looked down to see her breasts ballooning up, back to their full size from last week. Gerig thrust harder, mashing Gill’s face into Jelena’s pussy. Jelena’s belly began to ripple, and then it too began to expand. This time, it didn’t hurt like the last time she was pregnant with 4 babies, it was if her body remembered it’s previous size. Soon enough it was large enough to conceal Gill’s whole body behind it, and all she could see was Gerig grinning from behind as he continued to thrust. Gerig’s face scrunched up as he began to blow his load into Gill.

When he stopped his thrusting. Gill sat up exhausted, and then surprised at the transformation that Jelena had made in mere minutes.

“I don’t think I have more in me for Jelena today,” Gerig said with exhaustion. “Stand up Gill”

Gill followed her orders and stood. Gerig reached between her legs and scooped some of the cum that was dripping down her thighs. He then knelt between Jelena’s legs, and thrust his fist inside.

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