Halloween In Palm Springs


It was an exhausting almost ten-hour drive to Palm Springs but as I pulled into the parking of the gay resort I was shaking with anticipation. The day before I had purchased black thigh highs, a cock ring, stopped by Goodwill for a pair of heels, and slipped a pair of my wife’s panties into my suitcase. Having shaved most of my body hair I was ready to be a gurl.The place was crowded with the usual patrons, some young, some old, some fit, some fat, and all of them naked. I bought a day pass along with a towel and a small locker. I couldn’t get my clothes off fast enough; I love being naked in the company of men. Daytime activities centered around the pool and hot tub along with the more interesting and carnal pursuits in the play area. Finding a chaise I isvecbahis settled in, lit a small cigar, and took in the sexually charged atmosphere of the place. After a few puffs, I was ready for a stroll to the play area.With Covid and a few other personal problems, it had been about a year since I had any sexual contact with another man. I was burning with desire. Slipping on my cock ring I walked the short distance to where the action was. There were three rooms and a sandy area made out to resemble a beach. One room had a couple of benches to accommodate anal activity, another had slings and a massage table and the third had a set up where you could give head while standing up. Everywhere were passive spectators.I first noticed him when I arrived. isveçbahis giriş He was sitting on a plastic chair smoking a cigarette, about fifty, a little overweight he also had a wonderful-looking cock. Long, thick, and circumcised… my favorite. A quick tour brought me back to where he was sitting and we engaged in small talk while we checked out each other’s private parts. Asking permission I reached down and began playing with his dick. As he slightly firmed up I got on my knees and took him in my mouth, it was dreamy.I always get complimented on my cocksucking and he was soon moaning with the pleasure I was providing. Slow and steady is my MO, I like it to last for both of us. While an appreciative audience looked on I was rewarded with a isveçbahis yeni giriş generous mouthful of warm, salty cum which I swallowed with gusto. Standing up I was hoping he’d reciprocate but he said he wasn’t into doing it in public. Slightly disappointed I returned to my chaise and my half-smoked cigar.In my absence a rather effeminate young guy had situated himself on a nearby chaise, we soon began chatting. He had seen me coming from the play area and asked about the action. I informed him of my activity and of my dismay at not getting reciprocation. He eagerly told me he was also an exhibitionist and if he had met me back there I wouldn’t be disappointed. I then kissed him. Sexual activity is verboten by the pool so we rushed to the back and continued our making out. Still charged I got on my knees and sucked his cock until I got my second cum appetizer. He was only too happy to respond in kind. It was quick work for him as I came almost immediately. The release was extraordinary.

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