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Chapter 51 Ry woke up to Charlie screaming next to him. His fear coursed in his vanes. He tried to call out but couldn’t. He tried reaching for the help button but couldn’t feel it. Fear slammed into panic: He couldn’t feel anything. He screamed in his head, “HELP! SOMEBODY HELP ME!” Nothing. Nothing came out. He could see a light in the hall and could hear monitors somewhere around him, and of course, he could hear the frightened 6-year-old boy next to him. Tears fell from his eyes, and then he felt hair–Charlie’s hair–as the little boy buried his face into the crook of Ry’s neck. He was lost. He acknowledged that he could at least feel something, but it brought him no solace. He was locked in his head and body. He struggled to speak but couldn’t even get out a soft groan. Eventually, nurses came in, pulled Charlie away and sedated the blubbering child. Ry internally begged them to leave his baby brother, that he didn’t mind, that he desperately wanted Charlie to stay, because it meant he wasn’t alone. A nurse wiped Ry’s face dry, and checked his monitors and vitals, before turning the lights off, closing the door behind him. Ry never admitted it, but he was terrified of the dark. When he was Charlie’s age, his dad would come into his room drunk or high and beat Ry. It only stopped when someone stayed the night, so when he had his gaming group over, his dad would leave him alone. Then he met Kyle, whom he could cling to like a life preserver. Even though he knew Charlie was only a few feet away and that his dad was in jail, he was scared more than ever before, because the next time his dad came, there would be nothing he could do to stop it. Ry woke up sometime after sunrise. istanbul travesti He heard Kyle’s voice talking to Charlie. He looked over and saw the bothers…his brothers…in Charlie’s bed. Charlie was cuddling Kyle, who absentmindedly stroked his baby brother’s arm. He couldn’t see either boy’s face, due to the angle and his still swollen, left eye. “Hey, Kiddo,” Ry heard Rick say to his right. Ry darted his eyes to the other side of the bed. He saw Rick stand from a chair next to the bed. He leaned over and started stroking Ry’s forehead. The sensation of human contact was water to a dying man in the desert. Ry closed his eyes, soaking in as much attention and affection as he could, while tears of joy and sorrow rolled down his face. Ry felt Rick lean down, before saying, “What’s wrong, Ry?” Ry tried to speak, to tell his new dad every horrific terror that refused to vacate his mind, but no sound escaped him. He felt Rick kiss his forehead and the warmth of his breath, as Rick promised that everything was okay. “It’s going to be okay, Baby,” Ry heard Kyle say from the other side of the bed. Ry looked over and saw his left hand being lifted to Kyle’s lips. Their fingers were intertwined, and Ry could tell that Kyle had been holding his hand the entire time, yet he never even knew it. “HELP…ME…SOMEBODY…PLEASE…HELP…ME!!!” “ADA Marshall managed to get Kyle’s testimony pushed back to next week, but she doesn’t think she can delay things any more,” Ry heard Will say. Ry knew it was Wednesday, only because Will had brought it up. It seemed like he had been in the hospital forever. He tried occupying his mind with happy memories with his friends, Kyle, and his new family, but his darker memories kept flooding back in. It didn’t help that Charlie always woke up screaming. He also couldn’t figure out why Charlie was there in the first place, and why everyone kept leaving him there. Ry knew he and Charlie were getting close, but why leave Charlie and not Kyle? Sometime that night, Charlie woke up screaming again. This time he was right in Ry’s ear. Ry snapped awake. He was exhausted. He had been conscious for 3 days, and Charlie had screamed at least two dozen times. Each time, it was from a nightmare that the boy couldn’t remember, but each time, he insisted on making sure that Ry was okay. Was Charlie that sensitive? Ry thought that the little boy was a rather tough, badass, so it didn’t make sense that Charlie was so concerned. “Charlie,” Ry said in his head, “I’m fine. Please stop worrying about me, and go to sleep–” “I fy,” Ry muttered, as if his mouth were full of food. “I fy,” Ry said again, just a little louder than kadıköy travesti before. He repeated himself till he was nearly screaming. “Ry!” Charlie bellowed. “Ry, you’re talking! I can hear you! Can you hear me? Ry? Can you hear me?” Nurses came in, as usual, they started the usual routine, but Charlie managed to convince them to listen to Ry, who kept repeating the same words: I’m fine. Ry and Charlie were awake when others came in. Ry was even happy to see Will. The second they walked in, Rick came over, kissed Ry and said they were updated by the doctor. “I’m so proud of you!” Rick beamed. “You’re doing great, Kiddo.” “What’s wrong with you?” Kyle asked Charlie, who looked very grumpy. “He won’t shut up!” Charlie moaned. “He only stopped talking an hour ago. I’m so tired.” “Brat,” Ry mumbled. His tongue felt swollen and his jaw was incredibly stiff and sore, which made him difficult to understand, so he stuck to easy, single-syllable words. “Yes, he is a brat,” Rick chuckled, “but he’s been very worried about you. We all have been.” “Mom? Dad?” Ry asked. Even with his limited speech, he couldn’t hide the anxiety in the question. “Ry, I–” Rick stammered. “They’re dead, Ry,” Will said. There was no emotion to his tone. “Boaf?” “Yes, both.” “How? When?” “I think we should talk about this later,” Rick said, trying to gain control of the conversation. However, Will pressed on, “The night you came in. I convinced a judge to give Rick custody of you. Do you remember that?” “Yeah,” Ry said. He did remember the conversation, though it seemed like a lifetime ago. “How?” “How isn’t important right now,” Rick said firmly, more to Will than Ry. “What is important is you getting better, so we can take you home, okay?” Rick saw the look of pain on his new son’s face and added, “I promise to tell you everything, but right now, I need you to focus on getting better.” “‘kay,” Ry conceded. Rick pointedly asked Will for a minute in the hall, and the adults left. Kyle climbed between Ry and Charlie. He leaned over and kissed Ry on the lips, which elicited a whine of complaint from Charlie. “I’m so happy you can talk,” Kyle whispered in Ry’s ear, as he hugged him. “I love you so much.” Ry was struck speechless, though for different reasons. Kyle loved him. Dread filled him, because Ry didn’t love Kyle, at least not in the way he thought Kyle loved him. He was afraid that they were getting too close, which is why Ry didn’t want to kiss to begin with. Kissing was too personal, too intimate. He only wanted to experiment, to see if he liked having sex with boys, which he did; however, the last thing he wanted was bakırköy travesti for Kyle to fall in love with him. The adults came back in with Ry’s doctor. “Good morning, Ry,” Dr. Bower said. “I heard you’re speaking.” “Yeah,” Ry said, glad for interruption. “That’s fantastic.” Dr. Bower had Ry go through the letters of the alphabet, which Ry struggled through, especially letters that made him move his jaw. Once he did that, she asked him to count from one to ten, with the same results. “There’s nothing to worry about, Ry. You still have some swelling around your jaw, so I’m sure that’s a big cause.” To Rick and Will, as well, she added, “I’ve ordered some more tests, along with a consultation with neurology and a speech therapist. Now that Ry is talking, I want to see what other improvements we can get.” Two nurses came in and set up a screen over Ry’s chest. “Okay, Ry, we’re going to do some simple tests to see if you’ve regained any feeling in your limbs.” “‘kay,” He mumbled. Dr. Bower moved the blankets around Ry’s feet and removed his socks. “Can you wiggle your toes for me?” Ry concentrated. He felt nothing, but Dr. Bower assured him that, even if he didn’t feel his toes, he still might be able to move them; however, there was no movement on either foot. She then pulled a pen from her pocket, and ran it over the sole of his left foot. Ry said he didn’t feel it. Dr. Bower did it again to his right foot. He felt nothing. She put the pen away and wiggled each toe with the same result. After putting Ry’s socks back on him and covering his feet, Dr. Bower moved to the left side of Ry’s bed. “Can you wiggle your fingers for me?” Ry concentrated, and again, there was no movement. This time, Dr. Bower removed a needle and poked Ry lightly in the palm of his hand, this time there was a little movement. Dr. Bower kept her poker face as she moved to the right side of the bed. She and Ry did the test once more, but there was no movement in his right hand. “I fail?” Ry asked, frustration fueled his tone. “Actually,” Dr. Bower said, “You did a lot better than I thought. Given your injuries, you’re improving much faster than we hoped for. These things will take time, but you’re already way ahead of most patients I’ve had in your condition.” Once Dr. Bower left the room, everyone was excited, except Ry. Depression was setting in. He only tried moving his toes and fingers, because the others were there. Dr. Bower was a nice woman, but he felt that her tests were just for show. A means to make the others feel better, but they didn’t make him feel any better. His parents were dead, nobody would tell him how, he was in the hospital, and nobody would tell him exactly why. He was paralyzed from the neck down, though he couldn’t move his neck. His brain worked fine from what he could tell, but his body had just given up. Maybe it’s a sign, Ry thought bitterly. ***Coming Soon, Chapter 52***

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