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Chapter 59 Billy was out of breath as ran up to the nurse’s station in the emergency room. “I’m looking for Richard Michael Barton.” The nurse looked annoyed at the young man but pulled up Rick’s information on the computer before her. Trevor and the little boys came up as the nurse told Billy which exam area Rick was in. Billy hastily sent both Will and Ry messages letting them know what was going on, as they moved from curtained cubical to curtained cubical. “Dad!” Billy said, as he rushed to his father’s bed. Rick was pale and covered in blood. He was laid back and hooked up to several machines. Two cops were in the area, along with a nurse. “Billy,” Rick said, taking his son by the hand. “Brenda was shot.” “What?!” Charlie barked. “You were with that cunt, again!” He didn’t back down from his father’s admonishments nor from the sour look on either cops’ face. “Come on, you two,” Trevor said, trying to lead Charlie and Joey out to the waiting room. “No,” Charlie said, throwing off Trevor’s guiding hand. “Where is the Bitch now?” One of the officers looked sternly at Charlie and said, “Ms. Swanson is in surgery fighting for her life.” “Good,” Charlie snarled. “I hope she loses.” Before anyone could say another word, Charlie made his way to the waiting room. Billy stayed with Rick, while Trevor and Joey met up with Charlie. “What the hell is your problem?” Joey asked bitterly at his friend’s attitude. “He was with HER!” Charlie spat. “After everything the Bitch has done to destroy my family, he still went back to her!” “Don’t you think you’re being just a little unfair, Charlie?” Trevor said. “The least you could do is find out if your dad is okay before having a fit.” Charlie crossed his arms and pouted. He liked Trevor, but he didn’t think Billy’s boyfriend was in any kind of position to be lecturing him, regardless of how valid his points were. A few minutes later, Charlie saw the cops leave, and Trevor sent a text asking if everything was alright. Another ten minutes passed before Billy came out to join them. Billy explained that Brenda was shot several times and lost a lot of blood. Rick was fine but in shock. “He should be able to go home in a couple of hours, I think,” he said, lacing his fingers with Trevor’s. “What about the baby?” Trevor asked. “Nobody seemed to know anything about it,” Billy replied with a shrug. Like his brother, he hoped Brenda lost it, but he had a lot more tact to not say it aloud. “What the fuck?!” Billy said, his eyes wide. He jumped to his feet and ran towards the door, as everyone else turned their heads. “RY!” Charlie cried out, as he ran to the incoming gurney, tears already falling. Billy was shoved out of the way by a nurse, as many more moved to the still body. One of the EMTs spouted off a bunch of medical terms and jargon that none of them recognized. All four boys made desperate pleads to the staff, but they were ignored. “Dad!” Billy shouted for the second time that evening, as he saw Will enter through the doors that Ry had just passed through. Will was talking to istanbul travesti a cop and seemed to not have heard his son’s shout. Everyone moved towards Will, who held up a hand to stop their movements, while he finished his conversation. Once finished, he made his way over to the boys. “We have a lot to discuss, I think,” Will said, motioning for the boys to follow him. He led the boys to a private waiting room on the floor above. He closed the door and asked the boys to sit. “First off, Ry will live. He was run down by Amanda’s father.” All the boys gasped. “Apparently, Ry thought he was meeting up with Justin; instead, Mr. Tangetti set up the meeting and tried running Ry over. I guess he never got over Ry breaking up with his daughter. “As for your father and Brenda…they were mugged, and Brenda was shot several times, including in the abdomen. She lost a lot of blood and wasn’t responding when the EMTs arrived. She’s in critical condition and in surgery.” “What about the baby?” Billy asked before Charlie could make another rude remark. “I don’t have that information at the moment, but I’ve been checking.” Charlie felt his phone vibrate. He almost didn’t reply, thinking it was Justin; however, he needed a distraction. He received several frantic texts from David, all in caps, along with a lot of dark and blurry pics. “SOMEONE SHOT A GUN HERE! “POLICE AT JUSTIN’S! “AMBULENCE JUST SHOWED UP! “DAD LEFT TO SEE WHAT’S HAPPENING! “DAD SAID JUSTIN IS DEAD!!!!” The last picture was of a gurney like the one Ry was brought in on. It was hard to see, but it looked like a body under a white sheet. “Justin’s dead,” Charlie said flatly and distant. “What?” Joey said, a look of disbelief on his face. Charlie handed him the phone, and Joey read and reread every message and took in every picture. Charlie watched the others. Apparently, they hadn’t heard what he said. He didn’t feel like repeating himself, so he got up and left the room. Is it all finally over? He asked himself. Justin was dead and Brenda was dying somewhere in the hospital. The last couple of years, particularly the last six months, had been hell. Brenda manipulated her way into his family’s lives and did her best to tear them apart, yet they were all alive. Amanda’s father tried killing his brother, yet Ry survived. And then, there was Justin… Justin, who had been the person who cared most about him during the torment that was Brenda… Justin, who had been so loving and caring…the boy who made Charlie feel normal and loved… Justin, who had turned so mean…so cruel… Justin…who had raped him…. “Are you lost, honey?” Charlie shook his head a little, coming out of his dark thoughts. A nurse was looking at him from behind her monitor. “I’m looking for my brother,” Charlie said, thinking fast. “Ryland Barton. He just came in.” The nurse typed in Ry’s information. “He’s in Exam Room 25. Just around the corner there, fourth curtain on the left.” “Thanks,” Charlie said. He pulled back the curtain to the Ry’s examination area. Ry was sitting up with his eyes closed. Like their father, Ry was hooked up to heart monitors and other devices. Charlie quietly closed the curtain and walked to the bed. He reached a hand out and felt Ry’s hand. It was warm, though scratched up. His brother’s clothes were in tatters and covered in blood and dirt. It was clear that the nurses did their best to clean him up. “Hey,” Ry said, grabbing Charlie’s hand with his own shaking hand. Charlie gave the hand a gentle squeeze. “They’re with Uncle Will.” “Good.” Ry looked down at the state of himself and added, “Dad’s gonna be pissed that I fucked up my jeans.” “I think Dad is more concerned about Brenda, at the moment.” Charlie did his best to hide the bitterness in his voice. “Why would he be worried about that whore?” Charlie looked at his brother confused. “Because she was shot.” “What?!” Ry said, sitting up a bit too fast, hurting his ribs in the process. Charlie explained what he knew about Brenda kadıköy travesti and the shooting. Like the others, Ry was shocked and wanted to know if she was okay. Ry also didn’t find Charlie’s apathy helpful. “And there’s no word on if the baby survived or not?” “Nope,” Charlie said, shrugging. “Poor Dad,” Ry said, squeezing Charlie’s hand. “Can you imagine what it must have been like?” Ry realized his mistake the second the words fell out of his mouth. “Wow,” Charlie said, letting go of Ry’s hand. “Did Amanda’s dad run over your head too?” “Charlie, I didn’t mean it like that, I swear.” Despite Charlie never speaking of the incident, it had been clear to him for years that Charlie witnessed Ry’s birth-father’s suicide. “Please don’t be mad at me.” Charlie took a deep, steadying breath and grabbed Ry’s hand once more. He leaned in and kissed the back of Ry’s hand. “I’m not mad at you. Justin’s dead, by the way.” “WHAT?!” Ry said so loudly it made Charlie jump. Charlie explained the texts he got from David. He had forgotten that he handed Joey his phone, but promised to show them to Ry later. “Holy shit! What a fucking day, right? Are you okay?” Charlie only shrugged. He honestly didn’t know how else to feel. It was less than six hours since he was being questioned about Justin raping him, yet it felt like a lifetime ago. Too much had happened, and Charlie was struggling to process it all. All he knew was that he needed his big brother and everyone else could fuck themselves. They sat in silence for a long time, each lost in the impacts of the day’s events. Occasionally, the silence was broken by announcements over the PA system or the frequent check up from a nurse. Charlie moved a chair next to Ry’s bed and laid his head next to his brother, who softly stroked Charlie’s hair. “There you are!” Trevor said, poking his head into the curtain. “We’ve been looking all over the place.” “You could’ve asked a nurse, you know,” Ry said. “I was talking to Charlie,” Trevor clarified. “He disappeared over an hour ago.” “Sorry,” Charlie said, rubbing his eyes. Trevor sent Billy a text and waited for the small family to come. Billy was very irritated but kept his opinions to himself. Meanwhile, Will updated everyone on Rick’s condition. The doctors were going to keep Rick and Ry overnight to make sure that everything was alright, as Rick was still in shock and the doctors were still waiting to take x-rays of Ry’s leg to make sure the attack hadn’t ruined the recent surgery. “Can I stay with Ry tonight, Uncle Will?” Charlie asked. “I don’t know, Charlie. Ry will have a lot of tests tonight and there’s no guarantee that he’ll be going to a room anytime soon; plus, I don’t know how the doctors would feel about you being here without an adult.” “Dad will be here,” Charlie offered. Will chuckled at Charlie’s bravado. “Your father will be in a room upstairs…however…I’ll ask but don’t get your hopes up, alright?” “Okay.” Once Will was out of the room, Billy began questioning Ry about what happened. He was pissed that Ry had taken off and not responded to his texts, but he was also scared that he had nearly lost his brother again. Ry explained that he didn’t remember much about the incident itself. He was under the impression that it was Justin texting him, so he went to kick Justin’s ass. As he got to the park, he barely had time to register Mr. Tangetti’s car jumping the curb and plowing into him. “The rest was a blur till just before Charlie came in.” “Did they arrest him?” Joey asked. “Yeah,” Ry said. “A cop happened to turn a corner and saw everything. Mr. Tangetti was really drunk.” “You’re lucky you didn’t die,” Trevor said. “Oh, I’ve been through worse,” Ry offered dismissively. “Haven’t we, Charlie?” “Yeah,” Charlie said. “I’m just glad Justin’s dead, you know?” Charlie was getting sick of the word “What,” as Billy and Trevor echoed the question in unison. He got up, took his phone back from Joey and handed it to Billy. Charlie refused to answer any questions, bakırköy travesti having grown tired of the topic. It, however, didn’t stop the older boys from wondering if Justin killed himself as a way to get out of going to prison. Joey, for his part, sat next to Charlie and held his friend’s hand, absentmindedly stroking the back of Charlie’s hand with his thumb. He, like Charlie, didn’t know what to make of Justin’s death. Joey had mixed feelings for Justin. He didn’t like the teen but couldn’t bring himself to tell Justin or anyone else that. Joey blamed Justin for Brian’s death, since his dad caught Justin and Brian having sex with him. As he got older, he knew that Justin had been manipulating he and Brian into having sex. Their mothers had been best friends, so the three boys spent most of their time together. Justin was the one who initiated the sex every time. It started off innocently enough. Justin would insist that they all sleep naked, even playing strip poker. Brian often accused Justin of cheating but couldn’t prove it. In the end, they all ended up naked. At first, Justin only messed with Brian. Justin would touch Brian’s dick, even after Brian asked him to stop. Justin would get mad and threaten to kick Brian out of the room, naked, so he’d get in trouble if Brian didn’t let Justin do what he wanted. It didn’t help that Joey always did what Justin asked. Joey knew he liked boys, so he didn’t have a problem with Justin touching him; however, he was too young to realize that Justin was using him to make Brian jealous, so the eldest Bell boy would comply. Once Brian got “comfortable” with Justin touching him, Justin moved onto other forms of sexual contact, like grinding, dry humping and eventually, oral sex. Joey liked doing oral, but Brian hated it. One night, Brian demanded that Justin give him a blow job, since Brian was always the one doing it, so Justin had Brian lay on his back and close his eyes. Brian liked how good the blow job felt and reached down out of instinct. Justin had talked Joey into giving Brian the blow job, while Justin did his best to fuck Joey. Unfortunately, at the same time, Mr. Bell walked into the room. Mr. Bell lost his mind in anger. He grabbed Justin and flung him bodily across the room. Justin slammed into a wall, knocking the wind out of him. As he tried to get his breath back, he watched as Mr. Bell slapped and punched Brian, calling him a faggot and a piece of shit. Joey tried to break up the brawl, but Mr. Bell turned his anger on his youngest boy, too. Brian tried denied being gay, but nothing he said seemed to make a difference. He then changed tactics and told his father whatever he thought the man wanted to hear, even if it wasn’t true. Joey’s mom came into the room to break up the brawl, but she was beaten so badly for allowing everything to happen under her nose she left and never came back. The next day, Mr. Bell went to Justin’s house and confronted Justin’s dad, who had just gotten out of prison. Joey didn’t know what happened to Justin, but Justin’s mom left and never came home, too. A few days later, Brian was sent to Gay Camp and never came home. Joey wasn’t allowed to talk to Justin and hadn’t until that day in Charlie’s drive way. He heard that Justin had messed around with other boys in the trailer park, but none of the boys he talked to would admit it. And now Justin’s dead…Joey felt relief but also sadness. He never felt abused by Justin, but he knew Justin hurt Charlie. He heard Charlie tell some of what happened to him to the police, and he knew that it hurt Charlie the way it hurt Brian. Why couldn’t he just do it to me instead of hurting my brother and Charlie? Joey thought, as he hugged Charlie. Will came back and said that Charlie was allowed to stay with Ry, but he had to behave himself and not wander around. Charlie agreed and gave everyone hugs before they left. It was after midnight when Ry was given a room. Charlie did the best he could to lay in bed with Ry without hurting his brother. Charlie laid his head on Ry’s chest, and Ry wrapped his arm around his baby brother. Finally alone and out of earshot, both brothers cried, unable to mask their pain from the world any further, while also feeling the love they shared for each other. ***Coming Soon, Chapter 60***

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